Manmarziyan-The Lines of Fate (Prologue)


Hi fellow mmzians my name is Gianna,i’ve had this plot in my head for a long time n wanted to write something on my favorite show characters but was scared that it wont turn out good. But i guess a gutsy bug bit me today n so here i am. I also want to read other ffs but there r so many please do suggest which one should i start with n do give ur precious feedback if i should go on with this or not. Thanks.
Prologue-That Fateful Night
15th Jan 2014, 9:30pm
A College in Delhi-Girls Dorm
Two girls were studying when a phone rang.Girl”Hello… Papa? Everything ok?” The obvious worry in the girl’s voice grab the attention of her roommate.
Man”choti… If anything happens to me promise me one thing dear”
Girl”what r u saying papa? What is going on? What will happen to u? Are u in danger?” Radhika spoke in a single breath.The word danger and the panic expression on her face made her roommate Neha to come close to her, she signal her to put the phone on speaker
Man”promise me u will take care of ur mom and grandpa. .. Promise me dear” the man spoke in fear filled voice. Radhika was in tears now, she didn’t know what to say or what to do n what can she do this far away.
Man “promise me u will complete ur studies n make me proud…. I love u so much my dear don’t forget that”
Everyone used to tell her that she had magic with her words but those words seem to have failed her today. She opened her mouth to say something but nothing came out,what only she could manage btn her sobbing was a weak “papa”
Three gunshots n everything went silent, all the two girls could hear was some fainted footsteps n the phone got disconnected. Radhika collapsed on the floor holding her knees to her chest sobbing and chanting “he’s dead… he’s dead” her roommate n friend Neha was shocked to the core, she stood in the middle of their room with Radhika’s phone in her hands contemplating what to do next, whom to call. Then it struck her Radhika’s uncle was a cop, he will sure know what to do. She opened the phone contacts and dialed a no. saved “Bade Papa” she explained to him all that has transpired mins ago and the man assured her that he will take care of things and asked her to look after his choti till he gets there.

Next Day
Khanna Textiles-Mumbai
Man”what news do u have Aditya? “Aditya took a long sigh then said “he’s dead… he was shot last night… three shots all to the chest at point blank” after a few mins of silence the man spoke again
Man”i need to go there… I’ve to go to Hrishikesh. Aditya panicked
Aditya” No Sir u can’t do that”
Man”Dilip is my friend.. was my friend. I have to be there with his family”
Aditya”what about ur family, u know why he was killed. If his murderer suspects u… we both know what the outcome would be. If not for urself then think about ur wife and kids”
Man”what about his wife n kid wont they be in danger also? What about Brijesh Uncle? With Dilip gone they are my respobility now”
Aditya”as long as the whereabouts of that gold is unknown they will remain safe… and there are many other ways to help them, u dont have to go there” Aditya knew Samrat was not yet convinced but he cant take any risks. He spoke again this time a bit calm “Samrat sir do u trust? ”
Samrat”what kind of a qn is that u know i trust u”
Aditya”then listen to me… I promise u i’ll take care of everything ”
Samrat had no other choice he knew Aditya was right,if he wanted to keep everyone safe he had to be calm panicking wont help. They both know the enemy but had to find a way to defeat him first.
20 days later
Mishra Home-Hrishikesh
Radhika was packing her bag tomorrow she was going back to Delhi. She wanted to transfer and finish her studies here but her mother wont let her. She relentlessly agreed it was a matter of 2years n she will be back home fulfilling her father’s last wish. Holding her dad’s pic she couldn’t help but wonder how everything changed in such a short time. Papa was dead, no he was murdered, why n by whom it was still a mystery. Mom has changed, she has lost her smile that assuring smile she has always loved. N her grandpa who used to be the life of the family with his jokes n mischiefs now resembles a walking corpse. Tears trickled down her eyes, she had to be strong, yes for her mom n grandpa she will be strong. Besides Bade Papa had promise to bring her dad’s culprit to justice. With time all wounds will heal n her grandpa used to say “No wound is ever too deep to take a lifetime to heal”
But little did she know that time itself can be a burden and when a wound is inflicted time and time again then even a lifetime is not enough to ease the pain.
Some are born champions some are made. Everyone has there own fate but what if ur fate offers nothing but pain do you surrender to a lifelong of pain or do you fight and write ur own fate?

Credit to: Gianna

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  1. Hey… gianna I m Deeva…….. this is awesome……. just amazing….. this culprit is not arjun…………………… right…… but lets see waiting for next……….. ?tc

    1. Hey Deeva thanks for taking the time to comment.. Yeah lets see what happens next ?

  2. Omg poor girl yaar

    1. Thanks for commenting…. poor girl indeed but they do say what doesn’t kill u makes u stronger ?

  3. Awesome dear πŸ™‚ liked it much pls cont πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ ll wait for ur next ff πŸ™‚

    1. Thank u for ur lovely comment ?

  4. Gud start… Every ffs of mmz in TU is made with fresh ideas… Most writers have gud language and gr8 imagination…but u must read kfar’s DRAWN TOGETHER..she stopped updating it..don’t know why..CAN LOVE SPARKLE? Is an another ff which discontinued..dat was a gud one too..

    1. Thank you ?will sure read them

  5. Interesting story, I would like it if you could do a character sketch so I have an idea what each of the character role is. πŸ™‚

    1. Thank you ? sure will give the character sketch

  6. Its interesting honey ………….:-):-):-) waiting for u …..come soon …….:-):-):-)

    1. Thank you for commenting will try to come soon ?

  7. Giana its good……….I’m eagerly waiting to know abt the culprit……….so we is arjun and nesam gonna share the lime li8 ??????????

    here are some suggestions : Hope already told you 2 stories…..dont miss it………i ve added some ff’s other that those above…… here are my favs

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    well these are only some of my favorites….infact i love every ff and currently i’m also writig a ff ” enemies from childhood “

    1. Thank you Aastha…. Yes Arjun and Nesam are also there and thanks for the suggestions am dedicating my wkends into reading these ffs ?

  8. Nice start..continue soon dear..

    1. Thank you ?

  9. Gianna this an amazing start…pls do write an post soon πŸ™‚ All the best πŸ™‚

    1. Oh thank you so much, have both ur stories and there are great ? will try n post soon

  10. Nice one pls do continue….

    1. Thank you will sure continue ?

  11. Aastha’s ff is gud nd every ff she suggested is equally gud..
    Don’t miss Gouri’s ff..destiny passion..obsession..
    Hatred to love was a very dfrnt plot but now its discontinued… I just gave d names of 2 frm a very big list..lyk i said above mmz TU PAGE HAS THE MOST AMAZING STORIES..i only visit mmz nd swaragini TU ..COZ I Don’t watch many serials..nd i got addicted to d ff of both pages. Esply kfar’s nd thena’s ffs…in mmz…

    1. Thank you i have already started reading n u r right every ff here is too good. ?


    1. Thank you Natasha i hv already started reading?


  14. Awesome start…loved the plot….want to know who is the culprit…n why did this happen…keep it up. eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads…..all the ff’s mentioned above r very precious…I read all of them n more …go to mmz page-old finished serials star plus channel. …you’ll find more good ones kfar/blue, thena, natasha, ameena, shree, aastha, nisha, gauri, sathya, sv, rosie,amy, madhumita, supriya, …..n many many more very talented writers here…n each ff is very interesting n unique. …take care sweetie

    1. Thank u Roma…am now reading all these stories back to back….take care☺

  15. super yaar ……story interesting.update next one……tc

    1. Thanks for commenting, already updated the next one ?

  16. Gianna nice story I liked it very much yaar…please update regularly….pls I want aradhika story which is hate to love…..I want to see them fight….pls its my request…….and nesam also same thing….pls pls pls ….and update regularluly or else I will bang ur head….sorry I am just kidding…..loved it love u…..and this mysterious story is awesome…..our chashni is jasoos…..she will find it out…..I think I blabbered much… summary of my comment is to update fast and fulfil my request pls take care of ur self well because u should update naa…( selfishness)…..ha ha ha ha….

    1. Thanks for ur lovely comment i already updated the next one , you too take care dear ?

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