Manmarziyan-The Lines of Fate (Chapter 9)


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Chapter 9 – A Ray Of Sun

Aditya’s Apartment
Aditya had been staring at Radhika’s picture for hours. How could he miss such a detail, why couldn’t he put two and two together. And why is it that every time he finds a lead he gets more and more entangled into this mess, why are there no answers, why only questions. Like the questions he had been asking himself now. Why is Radhika here? There are thousands of Ad agencies in India why did she choose Birdsong? Could she be here on a mission or it’s just a coincidence? Phone records shows she was the last person to talk to Dilip, did he tell her about the gold, does she know who murdered him? His memory went back to when Dilip was killed, Samrat’s concern for Dilip’s family his fear for them, his sadness he saw it all. Could it all be a charade to threw himself off suspicion? Could this be why Radhika is here, is she here for revenge? “No, revenge would need a lot of planning… she doesn’t seem cunning from any angle… this is one terrible coincidence… but now she is in more danger than I thought” He took a shower and went to bed ready to face the new challenges that the sun will bring.

M & N Studio – Mumbai
The editorial shoot for fashion galore was being held and Sam was among the few models to grace the covers for their next issue. Sam was getting repramanded time and again for not focusing, she was physically at the shoot but her mind was drawn to Radhika’s words about her being jealous. She was indeed jealous that atleast she was sure about what bothered her was why.

Nadia the photographer who had worked with Sam before and apreciated her professionalism had had enough it was a tough shoot already and Sam was making it tougher than necessary ” Let’s take a 15min break everybody… and Sam I need u to focus”

Gazing herself through the vanity mirror as if trying to read her own eyes to find out what was in her heart Sam was startled by a hand on her shoulder.A young beautiful girl who was the stylist for the shoot asked her what was wrong. Sam sighed “how do u know that u are in love?” The girl laughed at her question “am serious Jeny, how do u know?… u have a boyfriend right… how did u know that u are in love with him?”

Jeny:”how said am in love with him?… He is the one who is crazy after me… am with him coz he makes good money… gives me everything I want… and he is a good lover too”

Sam turned to the plump woman in her mid-fifties she was assisting her daughter who was the make-up artist “u tell me aunty… how can I be sure that what I feel is love… I get jealous if he is with another girl… but does that mean I love him?”

The woman smiled and lovingly touched Sam’s head “dear, u are thinking too much into this… this is the matter of the heart not the mind… stop thinking… and let your heart feel what it wants to feel… your heart will lead the way” Sam thanked her with a smile, she was indeed thinking too much.

Neil also having Radhika’s words in his minds decided to apologize to Sam, he went to her shoot to make peace with a flower bouquet. Sam was both suprised and happy to see him, Neil handed her the bouquet “I am sorry Sammy… for scolding u and not listening to u… u were right about Anu… am sorry”

Sam smiled “am sorry too… I acted crazy… like a mad woman… so are we cool”

Neil chattered his teeth holding his collar like he was really cold “so cool that am freezing now” Sam laughed at his this antic. “how about dinner tonight… as a peace offering” Sam agreed for dinner and he waited for her shoot to wrap up.

Radhika and Arjun were visiting their second possible location the beautiful San Jacinto island. Radhika had her arms outstretched and eyes closed ravishing the feel of cool afternoon breeze touching her skin. The greeney and the historical beauty of the place amounted to nothing for Arjun, he had his own personal beauty to admire. The midnight black hair following the direction of the wind, the beautiful smile adorning the face and the peaceful look on Radhika was all that he was looking at. He took several pictures of hers without her knowledge, pieces to the memory that he will cherish forever.

They got back to the city and Arjun suggested they enjoy the rest of the day and so they went to a nearby famous Colva beach. Young girls running around in their bikinis, people laying down on their beach blankets sunbathing, cooling down the afternoon sun with cold drinks and adventurers taking pleasure in different water sports. Radhika looked on with excitement filled eyes at the young and old parasailing at a distance. Arjun noticed that and took her to experience the sport first hand. As they were waiting for their turn a man accidently bumped into Radhika causing her fall, he apologized and offered his arm to her but Arjun pushed him away instead “don’t u dare touch her”

But the guy wasn’t going to stay quiet he in turn pushed Arjun “what’s wrong with u man?… this is btn me and her don’t get involved”

Arjun cluthed the man’s collar “everything about her concerns me as well” Radhika looked at the two men looking at each other with murderous rage ready to kill each other. She came btn them and with so much pleading dragged Arjun aside to secluded spot.

Radhika:”come down please… he apologized didn’t he?… what was the need to react that way” She gave him a water bottle and mumbled to herself “such a hot-headed”

Arjun’s hand froze mid way ” what did u just call me?”

Radhika:”hot headed..short tempered… crabby… snappy… and there are many other names to call u and u can find them all in the dictionary”

Arjun threw the bottle away “what are u, huh?.. I tried to help u from that pervert… and what did u do.. acting all heroic out there… u are such a nautanki”

Radhika gasped “what did u just call me?”

Arjun:”nautanki… miss nautanki… drama queen… melodramatic… and many other names that u can find in the dictionary”

Radhika with narrowed eyes and both hands on her waist “if u dare call me that one more time…. ”

Arjun moved closer looming over her and spoke in an equally intimidating voice “then what…. what will u do Radhika?”

Radhika titled her head to meet his eyes “u don’t know me… am a black belt in martial arts… dare u mess with me… and the outcome won’t be good”

Arjun couldn’t believe his ears, this tiny little girl is trying to scare him, him? with her martial arts skills “I wouldn’t be scared of u even if u were a ninja”

Radhika very much annoyed pushed him, he held her hands for balance and landed both of them on the ground with Radhika on top of him. Her soft body was so close to his that he could feel her heartbeat, her hair on his face and her hands on his chest. Arjun looped his left around her waist pressing her more to himself, he tucked her hair with his right and sank his fingers in her tresses pulling her head into his. Radhika closed her eyes at his proximity, lips just millimetres apart “sir” spoke Radhika hesitantly who had suddenly opened her eyes. Arjun loosened his grip on her waist, she slid and sat next to him, they sat quietly for some time calming their racing hearts. “Sir… shouldn’t we get back to parasailing”

Arjun:”if u promise to not call me sir ever again…not say that word ever again in your life…. and erase it from head permenently”

Radhika chuckled at his words “only if u promise to not call me ‘nautanki’ ever again”

Khanna Mansion
Aditya went to Khanna’s in the late afternoon well knowing that there won’t be anybody at home. He lied to the servents that he was there to meet Piyali who was on her way and that he will wait for her in the home office. The large home office served as a library as well, a couple of shelves filled with books, a huge african mahogamy table with a king size chair, a three seater sofa, large window and a few paintings decorating the room. He saw some files on the table, he looked into them but found nothing suspicious.

He opened every drawer, studied every file that he could find and read every single piece of paper that he came into contact with but nothing was worth being considered foul. He started to doubt Karthik’s theory everything looked legit, he called him up “I haven’t found anything… there is nothing here Karthik”

Karthik:”did u check his bedroom?”

Aditya:”no, but there is always a nurse with, it will be difficult for me to get in”

Karthik:”OK, u come back… we will plan something else”

Aditya cut the call and opened the door to leave, he gave the room one last glance and something caught his attention. The Big Sleep a novel by Raymond Chandler laying on the shelf, it was his favorite mystery novel that he had lost long time ago, he thought of borrowing it. He picked the book and immediately the wall size Monalisa portrait behind the table started sliding away revealing to his utter shock a gigantic secret vault. He tried to open it but it needed four digit code to be inserted first, he tried to think of some numbers but his mind wasn’t working right, the shock plus the excitement wasn’t making him think straight. He heard some footsteps coming closer through the open door, he hurridly set everything as they were and came out of the office. It was one of the servents coming to ask him if he needed anything to drink while he waits, he refused the offer and lied again that Piyali had cancelled their meeting and took leave.

Saffron – Mumbai
Neil took Sam to her favorite restaurant for dinner, mouth watering cuisines and the ambiance of the place was perfect for anyone looking for a night of enjoyment. Sam was enjoying her food when Neil asked “I thought models only eat salads and here u are devouring that butter chicken like a maniac”

Sam smiled “if it was up to me… then I would not be modelling but designing instead”

Neil:”what do u mean if it was up to u… it’s your life so it is up to u”

Sam:”well I was never given that choice… mom was model… and everyone kept saying that I will fill my mom’s shoes… even mom has been grooming me to be a model since I was thirteen… this was the only path that chosen for me… I used to like modelling in the beggining… I enjoyed it alot… but now the excitement has faded”

Neil:”have u tried telling your mom about this?”

Sam:”what’s the need… It will only hurt her… She is so proud of me… u should see her talking to her friends about me”

Neil placed his hand on hers “what about your happiness Sammy… what about what makes u happy… I for one wants to see u happy… and am sure Piyali aunty will wish the same… just try talking to her once… someone recently told me that life is too short to be filled with regrets… promise me that u will talk to aunty about this”

Sam nodded staring lovingly at him, a sense of calmness filled her mind, she felt happy that he cared for her, cared for her happiness. They were deeply lost in each others eyes, Sam loved the feel of being lost in his eyes, the feel of falling deep in the abyss of his love and care towards her. Neil felt proud of her selflessness, felt proud for loving her and thought of bringing her the happiness she deserved.

Neil:”I think we should go dancing after this to burn all those calories u have eaten.

Taj Exotica – Goa
Arjun and Radhika came back to the hotel after a lavish dinner, Arjun walked her to her room but all the way he was thinking of excuses to spend more time with her. Radhika opened her bedroom door “goodnight sir”

Arjun:”goodnight miss nautanki”

Radhika frowned “but u promised… ” She then realised that she was the first one to break the promise “it’s hard for me not to call u sir… u are my boss afterall”

Arjun:”then think of me as your friend and not your boss… and get used to calling me by my name”

Radhika:”if u want to be my friend… u will have to pass my initiation ritual” Arjun’s eyebrows creased not sure what she was going to ask him to do. Radhika smiled “don’t be afraid… It’s simple… u will have to tell me a secret… something about u that no one else knows”

Arjun shook his head at her childish behaviour “let’s get in then… I can’t divulge a secret out here” Arjun set himself comfortable on her bed “Only Nandu knows about this… u are the second person to know… Am in love”

Radhika didn’t know why her heart skipped a beat at his confession “who is she?” He answered her immediately but to her it felt like an eternity, with every micro second her heart rate got higher and higher thinking what if he says her name.

Arjun:”that is two secrets and u asked me to tell only one” Seeing her disappointed face “I can tell u how she is… she is very beautiful… she has these big brown expressive eyes that I love so much… and the most beautiful smile I have ever seen… She has this aura that always brings happiness around… like… like sunshine…she is like sunshine…. and she always makes me laugh” Arjun said every sentence with so much love reflecting in his eyes, looking at her so adoringly that Radhika turned totally pink and felt herself getting lost in that deep sea of affection.

Khanna Mansion
It was past midnight when Neil and Sam got home, Sam carrying her shoes in her hands was hell tired from all the dancing she had done. They didn’t only burn the calories but everything else in her body also, dancing to almost every song but even in that state she could not stop smiling. This was one of the best nights of her life, best night she got after a long time. Standing at the door Neil was searching for the proper keys to open the door, Sam thought of giving him a peck on the cheek as a way of thanking him for such a wonderful night. She turned to her right and raised her head to reach his cheek but Neil had at the same moment turned towards her and his lips accidently touched hers sealing them their first kiss. Neil stared at a frozen Sam who by now had turned scarlet “mmh… the door is open” They wished each other for night and retired to their rooms.

Precap: am totally blank maybe this antiseptic smell has got into my head.

Credit to: Gianna

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