Manmarziyan-The Lines of Fate (Chapter 5)


Hellow beautiful people so here is the 5th chapter I personally want to thank you all for your love and support.Have a great, happy fun and laughter filled wkend everyone. Love you all lots?
Chapter 5 – New Bonds

Khanna Mansion
Arjun was working in the home office day by day it was getting difficult for him to keep up with the workload. He would be in birdsong during the day and oversee Samrat’s work during the night he hadn’t been able to spend some quality time with Neil since he came.

Neil entered the office and saw the pile of files that Arjun had to look at. He without a word pulled a chair besides him took a file and started studying it. Arjun gave him a “what are u doing look” but he went on about his work silently. Arjun pulled the file from his hand and asked “what’s going on?”

Neil took back the file from him “am working….. can’t u see?”

Arjun again took the file from him “dude, u are on vacation”

Neil once again took the file from Arjun “then lets go party….. or to the beach tomorrow”

Arjun sighed “i can’t…. got to finish all this work….. u go…. won’t stop u”

Neil:”that’s why am helping u…. u need a hand….. and am landing u one…. u are my brother….. and brothers shares each others burdens……. so stop staring at me and let me work.


Neil:”no need man…. I’m doing myself a favor….. am afraid if u keep on working like this….u will turn into a grandpa before u even turn 30… I’ll go get my laptop”

Arjun watched as Neil left for his laptop he thanked his fate to have brought Neil in his life. He Sam and Jai practically grew up together but he could never connect with Jai. Jai always thought that Arjun snatched his place in his parents lives he hated Arjun and they never bonded. Arjun got that brotherly bond with Neil, it’s hard to believe that they have known each other for only about six years, looking at their bond anybody could think that they were real brothers.

Chic Office
Nandini had noticed the way Arjun looks at Radhika and couldnt help but feel that there is something brewing btn them or atleast from Arjun’s side it was clear. She had always wished that Arjun marries Sam but with the way things were looking she doubted if her wish could ever come true. But she was not going to give up so easily, she could atleast try. She thought of asking Piyali first for Sam’s hand in marriage. She went into Piyali’s cabin and poked on the topic.

Nandini:”Piyali… I was thinking…. why don’t we make Sam and Arjun’s relationship official…. We could announce it at the party”

Piyali was baffled by the news “Sam and Arjun?”

Nandini:”yes… we’ve been friends for so many years…. and now will be family…. officially”

Piyali:”but as far as i know…. Sam and Arjun have a brother sister relation….. has Arjun said anything to u”

Nandini:”am his sister….. I know what’s best for him… and… ”

Piyali cut her off “look Nandini…. am not gonna force the children into anything…. if they wish for it it’s OK… and besides we are not gonna do anything without Samrat”

Nandini silently agreed but she was not happy, her first attempt had failed. But she thought of giving it another try, she decided to talk to Arjun directly.

Khanna Guest House
Sam and Radhika were in Radhika’s room busy on some girl talk while getting their nails done. The two girls had form a strong and a beautiful bond in such a short time. Sam had never thought that she could have a friend like Radhika. Most of her friends were her mom’s friends children, rich kids that she befriended for her mom’s sake. Radhika was a simple girl and she never imagined that she can enjoy so much being her friend. Radhika was getting her nails polished when her mom called, not wanting Radhika to put to waste the nail work she had just done Sam picked up Radhika’s phone and held it near her ear.

After the phonecall with her mom Radhika had turned a little gloomy, she was not conversing energetically like before. Though Sam didn’t hear what was said on the other side but she figured that all was not okey. To lighten up the mood Sam spoke “I was thinking….. we should go shopping tmr…. get something to wear for the party…..good idea right?”

Radhika:”no way Sam….. am not going to the party….. it’s all strange to me….. and I don’t know anybody there”

Sam:”u know us right…. and all of us are going….how are u going to stay home alone?”

Radhika with an eyebrow raised “I came to Mumbai from Rishikesh alone…. I think I can spend a night alone here”

Sam thought of using another tactic, blackmail. She brought across a sad face “and I thought we were friends….. but it’s clear u don’t consider me your girl pal” She wiped the invisible fake tears, turned her back to Radhika and crossed her arms over her chest.

Radhika put her hands on her waist “am not gonna fall for your tricks again…. am not a fool….. u did the same for the fashion show….. but am not going to attend the party”

Sam remained in the same position not budging, Radhika placed her hand on Sam’s shoulder but she shoved it away. Radhika tried it all, reasoning, puppy face and even begging but Sam remained adamant. Radhika gave up and spoke “okey” Sam jumped up from the bed grinning wide but Radhika continued with a straight face “but I have two conditions…. one I will buy my own dress….. and two….. u have to make me laugh….. now”

Sam first thought she was joking but when Radhika sat on the bed legs crossed with the same straight face on, she started juggling her mind for some nice jokes. “why do people in Iceland don’t get married….. because they have cold feet” She finished her joke laughing hard holding her tummy while Radhika looked on unaffected. Sam knew it was going to be hard but she wasn’t giving up, she tried a few more jokes, made funny faces and even tried to imitate her but Radhika didn’t laugh.

Sam sighed feeling defeated and sat down with a pouty expression. She then rose up as a bullet grinning at Radhika, she tied a scarf around her neck and played a song from her phone. It was a famous bhojpuri song lollipop lagelu by Pawan Singh. She started dancing enacting the lyrics of the song. She put her left hand on her waist, moving her waist left to right. It was when she added her amateur hip-hop moves into the dance that Radhika bursted out laughing. She too joined the dance, Sam took the scarf off her neck and put it around Radhika’s waist while holding onto it’s ends making her shake her waist. The two girls laughed their lungs out at their dance and ended up embracing each other capturing this moment deep in their hearts.

Chic’s Success Party
The party was held in one of the most prestigious five star hotels in Mumbai. Graced by models, fashion designers, film stars and many celebrities. Radhika dressed in a black off shoulder maxi was standing in a corner pondering on excuses that will help her ditch the place. Nandini had taken on extra work to keep Arjun away from Radhika by engaging him in conversation with the distinguished guests. Neil looking dashing in a white t-shirt, blue jeans and a navy blue blaizer was at the bar eyes glued at Sam who was mingling with her friends.

Sam in a blue skirt and white crop top was now standing alone with a male model thinking of ways to get rid of the guy who was getting over friendly with her. Neil noticed the guy trying to touch Sam every now and then, he also noticed the uncomfortable expression on Sam’s face and decided to join in. He went near them and placed his hand on her shoulder. Sam smiled wide and thanked him with her eyes for intervening. She turned to the guy who now had a scowl across his face and said “Vivek meet Neil…. my boyfriend” Neil flabbergasted, kept staring at Sam who was smiling wide at him. Vivek was still doubtful that was when Sam kissed Neil in his cheek shocking the two guys more. But Sam without caring entwined her left hand fingers with Neil’s right and said “where was u baby…… missed u so much”

Neil now a bit composed smiled at her then at Vivek “nice to me u Vivek….. could u please excuse us” looking at Sam “need some time with my lady love….. hope u understand” After Vivek’s undesirable departure Sam thanked Neil for playing along and disjoined their hands. Neil looped his hand on her waist pulling her close “not so soon honey…. u owe me” He pulled her to the dancefloor were a slow song was being played. Sam smiled and put both her hands on his shoulders while Neil’s were on her waist, slowly moving to music.

Sam:”what more do I owe u….. a dance and….. ”

Neil smiled wide “and a kiss”

Now it was Sam’s turn to be shocked, Neil just smiled more at her shocked face. He leaned down to her face in a torturous slow speed making Sam’s feet freeze and her heart race. With his cool breath fanning her face Sam closed her eyes in anticipation. Neil stared at her face for a second then kissed her on the cheek. Sam turned crimson and kept her eyes shut afraid to meet his gaze. Neil smiled at her flushed face and said “now we are even” and Sam opened her eyes at his words. He stepped back, looked at her for a sec then left the dancefloor leaving behind a bewildered all flushed up Sam.

Radhika concluded that it was the best time to flee from the party for people were now busy on the dancefloor. She had justed reached the door when Arjun called out to her. She turned to bid him goodbye but forgot her words looking at his smiling figure wrapped in an all black suit and before she could speak Arjun dragged her to the dancefloor. “Sir I want to leave”

Arjun:”u can’t leave….. I need to dance with my…… my favorite employee”

Radhika:”I can’t dance…. I don’t know this type of dance”

Arjun didn’t answer back instead he took her right hand placed it on his left shoulder, took her left in his and placed his left hand on her waist pulling her close to himself. He smiled at her and said “follow my lead” and started swaying her to the music.

Radhika had never danced like that before but she enjoyed it and to her astonishment she felt comfortable in his arms. But Radhika being Radhika had to say something and so she started a QnA session with him.
Q:”what if I step on your foot?”
A:”I don’t mind”
Q:”what if I fall?”
A:”I will catch u before u fall”
Q:”and if I drag u with me and we both fall?”
A:”first we will laugh on that, then I will stand up and pull u up with me”
Q:”what if u are hurt due that fall?”
A:”for u, I will bear any pain”

Touched by his words Radhika wrapped her arms around waist and rested her head on his chest. He held her too one hand on her waist and one on her back. She felt secured, peaceful and happy in his arms and wished for the moment to never end. The song had long ended but these two were still in each others arms, eyes closed slowly moving to the beats of their own hearts. Someone in the crowd coughed aloud to get them back to earth, realising their position and the place they were in Radhika stormed out of the party embarrassed while Arjun shyly smiled to the guests.

Credit to: Gianna

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