Manmarziyan-The Lines of Fate (Chapter 4)


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Chapter 4 – Fear

Khanna Mansion
Sam was twisting and turning on her bed, she could not sleep. Chic was launching their new collection and she was among the models to walk the ramp. Ever since her kidnap scare she couldn’t step out of her house fearing to be in danger, home is the only place she felt safe. But now she had no other choice. Everytime she was in rehearsals or fitting sessions she would doubt anyone who looks at her for more than minute. The fear was getting to her. What if they don’t fail this time, what if no one is there to save her or what if they kill her like Jai. She got off her bed and stepped out for some fresh air to calm her dancing nerves.

Neil didn’t know what woke him up in the middle of the night but for some reason couldn’t fall back asleep. He went to the kitchen for some water and saw Sam in the garden from the kitchen window. She looked worried and that worried him, he went to her “Sam….. everything OK?”

Sam swiftly wiped her tears and turned to Neil smiling fainty ” you are not sleepy too?”

She was crying he could see that, her eyes were red and puffed. She tried to smile but he could see the pain in her eyes it pained him to see her like that. He cupped her face and with a pained voice he spoke “Sam….. what’s wrong….. why are you crying….. tell me pls”

He was worried for her, she sensed that in his voice and without uttering a word she hugged him tight and cried out all her worries,all her pain. He hugged her back softly rubbing her back up and down to calm her. When he sensed she was a little calm he broke the hug and took both her hands in his “Sammy am here for u……. Pls tell me what’s bothering u”

And she told him about her fears and he assured her that nothing is going to happen to her,he promised to protect her and always be with her and she trusted his words,deep down she knew she will be safe with him.

Neil could see she still looked sad so he tried to cheer her up “Sammy u are worrying for nothing….. U are as heavy as sumo wrestler……that i think they will have to get a flash mob to kidnap u”

Sam punched on his shoulder and he acted as if his shoulder was broken and she laughed at antics. He smiled hearing her laugh “I know u are going through a lot….. and u have been strong so far…… and I am proud of u….. just hang in there….. soon it will all be over”

Sam:”do u really think am strong?”

Neil:”I don’t think so…. I know so…. U are so strong that I think instead of Sam….. we should call u Saminder Singh”

Sam softly chuckled “first Sammy and now this…… where do u come up with these names”

Neil just shrugged and they both laughed at that. They talked for a short while and retired to bed. Sam was happy that she was finally getting close to Neil and Neil was happy that he could make Sam happy.

CBI Office -Mumbai
Aditya had come to see his friend Karthik, he was helping him with the investigation. Five yrs ago these two were a team, they were a criminal’s worst nightmare.But sometimes fate make good deeds have bad consequences and so one day a criminal they had once captured took his revenge.His entire family was killed, mother, father, fifteen yrs old sister, pregnant wife and his two yrs old son. All they left him was a msg on the wall YOU REAP WHAT YOU SOW. Karthik was an orphan and so the wrath didn’t touch him. The man responsible was caught and hanged but Aditya still held himself responsible for their death and turned into a self destructive mode. He didn’t want to commit suiside he wanted to be killed,to be punished. He would drown himself in alcohol and start fights,he would be beaten black and blue but fate refused to give him death. One day under the influence of alcohol, he got into an accident,it was around 2 in the morning and there were no people around. When he was slowly loosing consciousness he was smiling that finally he is going to join his family but Alas fate had another trick to play. Samrat who was coming from a party than ran late than usual saw him. He took him to the hospital and took care of him. When he woke up from the hospital alive he laughed,it was the first time he laughed since his family massacre. He didn’t want to rejoin the force but provided his help whenever needed.

He was still lost in his thoughts when Karthik entered his office and greeted him.

Aditya:”u look terrible…. what did u find?”

Karthik:”the girl is clean….. there is nothing about her that pins her to your suspicions”

Aditya:”are u sure”

Karthik:”am sure….. coz we’ve found Sam’s kidnappers…… and it’s probable they are responsible for Jai’s death….. and those death threats…. It’s Saba’s brother….. apparently his has a brother who was in jail….. he got out 2yrs ago”

Aditya:”Saba that smuggler…..this changes everything then”

Karthik: “exactly…… all this while we were thinking about businesses rivalry….. but now that theory is flushed….. what I don’t understand is…..what can a smuggler have against a businessman…… what could be the motive”

Aditya was thinking about the same thing,what could be the motive. Then suddenly his eyes lightened up,it struck him.He found the motive he looked at Karthik and said “The Gold”

Arjun was happy for Neil and Radhika but he was jealous as well. It hurt him that she couldn’t be so open and friendly with him as with Neil. It took him a week to convince her for dinner and that too with Sam but she readily go out for coffee or lunch with Neil. Whenever he starts a conversation with her they end up arguing but she would chat for hours with Neil. He feared that their bond might develop into something deeper, into love. He tried many times to ask Neil if he has feelings for Radhika but would stop fearing he might say yes. And what if it’s Radhika who has feelings for Neil? He needed to find the truth yet he feared it’s answers.

It was evening Arjun and Radhika were in his car heading home. Radhika was surprised when they stopped at a restaurant. Arjun got out of the car and opened the door for her.

Radhika still surprised decided to ask “why are we here sir?”

Arjun:”to have dinner”

Radhika was annoyed by his audacity “well if u didn’t know…. people like to be asked first….. before they are dragged into a dinner”

Arjun:”then am sorry for my bad manners …… but I need to talk to u…. it’s important ”

Before she could ask more questions he took her inside, they were sitted and they ordered their dinner. Dinner was almost over and they hadn’t talked a word to each other. Radhika wondered if he had forgotten what he wanted to say.

Radhika:”u said u wanted to talk to me…… about something important….. well….. ”

Arjun:”yes….. the fashion show….. u are coming right?”

Radhika smiled “I have no work there….. I know little to nothing about fashion…… and I’ve seen it on TV…….. they dress fancy on those kind of events….. am afraid am too simple for such an event”

Arjun: “u are very beautiful Radhika….. u are beautiful in your own simple way….. and if u get dressed in those fashionable clothes…… u can give those models a run for their money”

Radhika was touched by his words she felt her eyes filling with emotions, it was getting hard to breath. Arjun noticed that she was about to cry and wondered if his words hurt her ” u are a very strange girl Radhika……I compliment u….. and u want to cry? ”

Radhika composed herself ” nothing like that….. u just reminded me my dad….. he also used to tell me that….. I am beautiful because I am simple”

Arjun:”i agree with your dad…… u miss your family?”

Radhika nodded and Arjun put his hand on hers and squized it a little conveying his support, care and love. Arjun then lifted his hand and wiped some sauce with his thumb near her mouth. He then showed his thumb to her explaining his touchy move. Radhika just smiled and he smiled back at her. She had never seen this his smile it had warmth that warmed her heart. They stayed like that for a moment lost in each others eyes until they were disturbed by a waiter.

Chic Fashion Show
It was the day of the new collection launch, it was an elegant affair from the venue to the guests. The backstage itself was an alluring scene, models, hairstylists, beautiful dresses, beautiful make-up. Piyali was on her toes looking after last minute arrangements. Arjun was also at the backstage wishing Sam luck and also to thank her for her help. He had bought a dress for Radhika but feared her refusal so his gifted her the dress through Sam. Neil was in the audience sitting on the front row so as not to miss a single glimpse of Sam. Radhika was also in the audience feeling awkward, it was all new to her. It was the first time in her life that she had worn a designer dress. It was beautiful blush pink sleeveless high waisted and lace spliced mini dress. When Arjun saw her in that dress he thought she looked like a delicate princess doll. Security was tight and Aditya himself was supervising, he didn’t want any mishaps at the event. The show was a success, the new collection featured modern ethnic clothes fit for anyone and any occasion. Sam as the show stopper walked in a light brown floral gown adorned with crystals and sequins, she took everyone’s breath away and everybody praised Piyali for her good work.

After the show Aditya gathered them all but Radhika to inform them about the progress of the investigation. They breathed a relief when they were told that their culprit has been identified.

Nandini:”Thank God….. the nightmare is over”

Aditya:”am afraid not….. we have identified him….. not apprehended him”

Sam:”but….. If u know who he is…. why can’t u just catch him”

Aditya:”we will….. but he is a dangerous man….. u all have got to be careful”

Piyali:”we have a success party next week…… should I cancel?”

Aditya:”no mam……we don’t want to alert him….. no need to cancel any of your plans….. now that we know him…. we have an advantage….. just keep everything as they are now”

Arjun:”what about Ra…. your suspicions?”

Aditya:”I was wrong….pls excuse me”

Arjun felt like a huge weight was lifted off his shoulder he knew that he could trust Radhika and now even Aditya confirmed it. Sam was still scared and Neil gave her his shoulder for support. Piyali didn’t know if she should be relieved or worried. Aditya reached the parking area were Radhika was waiting for the others to go home. He went near her and spoke “u look beautiful”

Radhika turned to face him and smiled “it’s a gift from Sam”

Aditya:”I’m sorry…..for thinking that u had a hand in Sam’s kidnap…… and thank you for saving her….. It was really brave of u”

Radhika:”is that why u asked me to stay back at her place….. so does it mean I can leave now”

Aditya:”stay a while longer” seeing her doubtful expression he continued “It’s the nature of my work to doubt….. nothing personal…… I just want to make sure everyone is safe….. If u leave now….. and something happens to u…… I won’t be able to forgive my self”

Aditya promised her that it’s only for her safety and he doesn’t doubt her anymore. The rest of them came and they left for home together. Aditya had vowed to close the case soon but he knew it will not be easy. If it was indeed about the gold then the Khanna’s enemy could be the same man who killed Dilip Mishra two years ago. But with the new lead they have found came only questions, too many questions that are yet to be answered.

Precap:Nandini plans Sam and Arjun wedding, Sam introduces Neil as her bf

Forgot to share with u all on the last update about my meeting with my in laws. Well we started off on the wrong foot but SRK saved the day. Found out my mother in law is a big SRK fan so took her out to see the movie Fan and bonded after that. The Dad is really cool though.

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  2. Thank you Gauri am trying to keep the suspense. No Aditya will not fall for Radz. Just started writing the next one will try and post soon. Love u TC ???

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