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Chapter 21 – A Glimpse of the Future

H. K. Hospital – Rishikesh
Vijay had been in the operating room for two hours and there was still no news about his progress. The nurses rushing in and out of the operating room were doing the work of executioners to the mother and son sitting in the waiting area, a ray of hope would twinkle in their eyes and then a grave fear would take over each time the door to the operating room opened and closed. Mala sat besides Prena giving her a shoulder of support, Arjun had his hand on Neil’s shoulder convenying his support, Sam and Radhika sat holding each others hands.

A middle aged female nurse came to them and told them that Mr. Brijesh was doing fine, his blood pressure had dropped but now he is normal and they can go see him, Radhika and Mala left others and went to see him. Minutes later doctors came out of the operating room, Vijay was already sent to the intensive care ward and said “we removed the bullet but he is still in danger… the coming hours are very critical… let’s just pray for the best”

Eight hours later when it was when he had gained conciousness Neil and Prena were allowed to go see him, Prena entered first, she was thankful that he had saved Neil, her reason to live and wanted to tell him the same. Vijay knew the battle was hard to fight and if his family can forgive him then he was ready to surrender to death. Prena asked how he was “am happy… am happy I got to see u before I die” he spoke in a drained voice “thank u Prena… thank u for running away… If u hadn’t done that then I wouldn’t have been blessed with this day” Prena just silently sobbed at his words. A tearful Vijay turned towards Neil and struggled to forward his hands to him, Neil caught his hand and held onto to it “what are u called… what is your name”

Neil who was finding it difficult to breath due to the ball of painful emotions stuck in his throat sobbingly answered “Neil… Neil Malhotra”

Vijay whispered asked “Neil…?” he faintly smiled “nice name… do u like sports?… I used to love cricket when I was young… do u like halwa?… whats your favorite food?” Neil just nodded to his every query. “I know I dont have the right to ask for your forgiveness… but can u find it in your heart to forgive me… can u forgive me pls”

Neil who also had tears now “I forgive u… I don’t hold anything against u” he felt like Vijay needed to hear that. Vijay smilingly closed his eyes and just like that he was gone. Prena’s sobs now had now gained voice and Neil just held her crying with her.

Suraj and Saral after being treated of their wounds were escorted by Aditya and Karthik and the police to a nearby police lock up. Aditya and Karthik after completing the formalities to transfer them as soon as possible walked out of the police station and Aditya couldn’t help but ask “didn’t u say u were going to shoot him in the butt… why didn’t u do it then?”

Karthik looked lazily at him “there was already too much tragedy… I didn’t think there was room for a butt tragedy that’s all” Aditya laughed hard holding his tummy and took him to a bar to congratulate themselves for a job well done.

Mishra House – One Month Later
Prena wanted to stay back in Rishikesh for she felt peaceful in that place and Neil stayed back with her, they wanted to stay in a hotel but Mala wouldn’t let them and after a month Neil was happy to see his mom back to her old usual self. Radhika, Arjun and Sam had to go back to Mumbai soon after due to work, Karthik and Aditya also had to go back for they were preparing the case against Suraj and Saral. It was not until a month later that they all met again in Rishikesh for the sole purpose of finding the gold.

Radhika had woke up late, she went to the kitchen and was surprised by the sight that greeted her, Mala and Arjun were in the kitchen happily making breakfast, they were talking and singing while cooking so friendly as if they were bffs. Radhika was admiring the view in front of her when Neil tapped on her shoulder “your boyfriend is trying to woo his mother-in-law… I think I should do the same with Piyali aunty… what say?”

Radhika answered “u should start by calling her mom not aunty” Neil thought for a while and then smiled praising her for her idea and Radhika gave an appreciation bow.

Sam and Prena who were out for an early morning walk came back and Neil was happy seeing the two women he loved the most together. Sam announced that they brought jalebis, hearing the word jalebi Radhika’s grandpa put his newspaper away “let me help hold that heavy packet my dear Sam”

Sam teasingly spoke “its not heavy at all grandpa” But the old man was not going to give up soon, he distracted Sam and snatched the packet from her, he was about to eat the jalebi when Mala snatched it from him making him frown. Sam on the pretext of keeping the jalebis safe took one secretly and passed it on to him. Having secured the sweet goods he excused himself to go pray causing them all to laugh.

Breakfast was set on the table when Karthik and Aditya arrived, Radhika went to kitchen to bring them plates. Radhika was on her toes trying to reach the top cabinet when Arjun came from behind looped his left hand around her while his right held hers, Radhika knew not only from the cologne but also from the way her body reacted that it was Arjun. Arjun started planting chaste kisses on her shoulder and she felt her heart picking up the pace, she turned to face and had her palms rested on his chest “Arjun, what are u doing… somebody might see us” she spoke in low voice.

Arjun pulled her more to himself “I dont care if somebody sees us… Arjun Mehra is not scared of anyone” he then kissed her cheek warmly.

Arjun was about to capture her lips “mom” screamed Radhika, Arjun who had his back facing the kitchen entry detached himself from her quickly and turned to explain the situation but found no one behind him. Radhika chuckled and imitated him “Arjun Mehra is not scared of anyone” and before Arjun could catch her again she asked him to bring the required plates and ran from the kitchen.

Sam as usual was the last one to get ready, she wasn’t able to find the appropriate outfit for the day, they were going to hunt the gold she had certainly taken the role seriously by wanting to dress the part. She heard the bedroom door being opened and assumed it was Radhika “chashni have u seen my belt?” she asked while ruffling her suitcase.

Neil came from behind and held her waist with both his hands “how about I hold onto to u like like this instead of your belt?”

Sam turned to face him and smiled showing him her choice of outfit “is this okay?”

Neil stepped back and observed her from top to bottom “u look nice… but u look better in my shirt” Sam blushed recalling their video chat, she started to move away but Neil caught her hand and crushed her to himself, he pecked her cheek and whispered in her ear “frankly speaking I don’t mind if u don’t wear anything” causing her to turn red she had just started to enjoy his closenes when Radhika barged in to check what was taking them this long totally spoiled the moment.

Mishra Warehouse
Radhika, Aditya and Karthik had made a list of the places that they thought Dilip could have hidden the gold but Radhika insisted that they start with the warehouse. The big rectangular building was covered in dust and cobwebs, Radhika reminisced all the moment she had share in that place, it was her favorite hide and seek spot. The six of them then started looking around the place, they checked every nook and corner of the place but apart from the empty wooden barrels and rats who were accomodating there they found a big fat nothing.

Karthik:“argh! I can’t take this mysteries any more… let’s get out of here” but Radhika was still reluctant to leave her gut feeling was telling her they were at the right place.

Sam:“chashni, we looked everywhere.. let’s go try some place else”

Neil:“come chashni”

Though unwillingly Radhika followed the others out of the warehouse, she stopped at the entrance and gave the place one last glance, something caught her eyes “wait…” she screamed and they all turned back.

Arjun:“what is it… what happened…?”

Radhika pointing with her finger “that wall… I remember to have drawn on that wall… It was sort of my canvas”

Arjun:“years have passed Radhika… It must have worn off”

Aditya observed the walls keenly “other walls still have the drawings then why that wall is particularly clean… there are not even traces”

Karthik walked up to the said wall and observed it first hand “this wall certain looks stronger than the others… It’s like it was redone or restored a few years ago” They all went and observed the four walls and agreed with Karthik words. A few minutes of silence later pondering on the discovery they had made Karthik spoke “do u think…?”

Aditya:“could he have really…?”

“there is only one way to find out” said Arjun and Neil unison. Moments later of chiseling on the wall and carefully removing the bricks, a glittering something peeped through the small hall they had made and that gave the four boys courage to break the wall down. As the few bricks of the wall fell down they were greeted with new shiny bricks of pure gold, they had found the missing gold. They were elated beyond compare and silently appreciated Dilip for his brilliance, burying the gold on the wall in the same warehouse where he had found it was a genius move that even Suraj couldnt decipher.

Tihar Jail – 9 months late
With the enormous amount of evidence against him and Saral’s testimony condemning him Suraj had no espace from the law this time, and after eight long months of trial he was incarcerated and sentenced to three consercative life imprisonments with no possibility of parole. Saral who had pleaded guilty and acted as the prosecution’s witness against his father had his sentence reduced to 10yrs in prison.

Brijesh Mishra sat in the prison visiting area waiting for Suraj, Suraj came and sat opposite to his father. He smirked at the old man “to what do I owe this honour” he said sarcastically.

Brijesh:“do u ever regret killing your own brother”

Suraj laughed “regret and me?… u have got to be kidding me?… do u know what I felt after killing him?… satisfaction… content… bliss… pure bliss”

Brijesh:“it would have pained to believe that am responsible for your this behaviour… but thank God I have got nothing to do with your madness… It’s your fault that u couldn’t see how much we loved u… It’s your fault that couldn’t value the people that cared for u… It’s your fault that u couldn’t be content with what u had… and it’s definitely your fault that u ended up in this place”

Suraj:“always my fault… always my fault… so typical of u”

Brijesh:“I know u dont regret anything but I hope u regret what u have done with your son… he was the only person u cared about and yet u destroyed his life too… I hope u are able to live with yourself knowing that u are a devil that couldn’t spare even his own son” The words hit Suraj like a hot lava in his stone heart, Brijesh stood up to leave and Suraj called out to him. Brijesh without turning answered “u are dead to me” and left.


Adityas Apartment
Aditya got back home after a long day of work, he had started his own private investigation office two years ago and though he had solved many cases but his favourite case would always be the missing gold case. It was his favourite not bcoz it involved gold or bcoz it challenged his logic but bcoz it had brought him immense happiness. After a quick shower he made himself a microwave dinner and as he was swallowing the tasteless macaroni he realised that he missed Radhika cooking. As if she knew what he was thinking Radhika sent him a text message reminding of the lunch the were going to have tomorrow. When he was retiring to his bedroom he stopped by the photo wall and smilingly looked at the pictures, Arjun and Radhika’s wedding picture, Neil and Sam’s wedding picture, their last vacation in Rishikesh with the whole family, his and Arjun fishing trip picture, Karthik’s promotion party picture and many other. The case didn’t just give him a sister in Radhika, it also gave him a mother, a grandpa, brothers and another young sister, he was happy at the way his fate had turned out.

Neil moved his hand on the bed and woke up feeling it empty, he glanced at his phone for time and saw it was 1 in the morning, he groaned tiredly not happy with his wife recent habits. With her fashion show around the corner Sam had developed a bad habit of working late, Neil found Sam in the next room which thanks to her it was now her home designing studio, Sam was struggling to thread a needle and she was struggling bcoz she was hell tired “not again Sammy u need to rest… let’s go to bed”

Sam:“am coming Neil, just need to finish this”

Neil:“u have been saying that for the past three hours… I even fell asleep waiting for u… no more of these u are just stressed” Sam wanted to protest but Neil carried her in his arms to their bedroom and dropped her on the bed, he locked the door and kept the key in his track pants pockets “now go to sleep before I come up with another punishment”

Sam frowned at his commands “u cant threaten me Neil” Neil crossed his arms across his chest and showed her that he was not affected. Sam huffed and laid on the bed still voicing her disagreement with his behaviour and just like that she dozed off few seconds later, Neil smiled, tucked a blanket over her and slept beside her.

Sam’s much needed peaceful sleep was disturbed by a phone call, it was about work and by the time she ended the call sleep had already left so she went to freshen up. She came out wrapped in a bathrobe and found Neil in the kitchen making food ready. She felt gleeful at the sight and kept staring at her man. “It’s impolite to stare” said Neil bringing her out of her thoughts.

Sam:”don’t tell me u grew eyes on your back”

Neil:”I don’t need eyes to see u, I can feel your stare on me” she walked up to him with a bashful smile and pecked his cheek wishing him a good morning. “It’s almost 12 my dear Sammy”

Sam glanced at the clock in the living room and gasped “how did I sleep this late… and why didn’t u wake me… aren’t going to work today…?”

Neil kissed her on the forehead “let’s eat” and set the food on the table. “we both are not working today… we will spend the whole day here… u need a break from work and I need my wife”

Sam knew there was no use going against him and besides she really needed a day off from all the work stress she has been through these past days so she helped him set the table. Once at the table eating she asked “so what are we going to do the whole day”

Neil smiled “there are so many things but I think we should spend the whole day in the bedroom” Sam felt her body temperature rising up and he continued “reading of course” looking at her flushed face he said “do u want to do something else?” and then laughed at her frowning. And they spent the whole day talking, watching series on TV, doing random things that made them happy.

Neil and Sam had planned to dine out, Prena was out of town for a few days and the couple wanted to spend some quality time together since they were unable to do so due to the rising work pressure. Neil had been sitting in the living room catching up on the news waiting for Sam who was taking forever to get ready. Having had enough he barged into to their bedroom “how long will u take woman?” Sam who was struggling with the zipper of her dress had her hair to the side giving him good view of her creamy back “wow” he remarked. They have been married for three years but everytime he lays his eyes on her he feels that he is falling more and more in love with his wife. Like under her spell his feet automatically moved towards her.

Sam’s lips turned upward into a smile when she saw him approaching through the mirror, Neil stared at hers and she stared at his image on the mirror. “help please” she said gesturing the halfway done zipper.

Neil had his fingers tenderly caress her bare back slowly moving upwards to the back of her neck making her close her eyes. He held her shoulders as delicately his lips made a trail of hot wet kisses on her back. Things were heating up btwn when suddenly Sam pulled away “dinner?” she ask still breathing heavily.

Neil turned her to face him, her eyes dazed with the passion that also reflected in his eyes “we will order, now am hungry for something else” Sam wanted to speak but her voice was muffled by his hungry lips, his sneaky hands travelled to her back and brought the rest of the zipper down. With her dress now dangling off her shoulders “love u wifey” he mumbled against her lower lip before lifting her in his arms and proceeded towards to the bed.

Mehra House
The sun rays falling on her face made her stir up in her sleep, Radhika turned showing her back to the window only to be disturbed with Arjun’s warm breath that was faning her face. She hazily opened her eyes and found him staring at her lovingly “good morning” he said while smiling at her sleepy face. She just smiled sleepily in return that made his smile broader, waking up to his wife’s beautiful face was his daily routine from the past three years and each morning he felt she looked more beautiful than the other.

“good morning” she finally replied snuggling closer to him and he liked the feel of her soft body against his. He lovingly moved his fingers across the contours of her face before cupping the back of her neck tugging her close but then felt her resistance “I haven’t brush yet” she announced but he said he didn’t care and wanted to kiss her again but she pulled away again “I care and am not kissing u until u brush” and got off the bed.

He later found her in the kitchen making breakfast, she was taking something from the fridge when he came and stood in front of her grinning widely “I brushed, I showered and am dressed… where is my kiss?”

Radhika smiled and was about to give him his morning kiss when her phone rang, he tried to stop her from answering it but she detached herself from him and took her phone “it’s the London client” she said showing him the name displayed before answering the call.

Their day was spent like that, everytime he tried to get close to his wife one thing or the other will get in the way, whether it be they were late for work, or she had a meeting to attend to, or Nandu called or she had to lunch with her Adi bhai, things kept coming btwn them and he hated it, it was a good thing that they were travelling to London for business the coming week atleast he will get some alone time with his wife.

He got home and found her in the kitchen working on her laptop, he sat next to her before planting a warm kiss on her cheek “what are u so engrossed at?”

Radhika sighed “grandpa’s list of things he wants from London” and slided the laptop to him so he could read and complained at the outrageous things he asked for. Arjun just laughed at the list. She closed her laptop “what would u like to eat… am going to make dinner”

Without taking a second he answered “chashni, I want to eat chashni today”

She blushed pink and answered “u will have chashni for desert”

Arjun:”if that’s the case then make something heavy for dinner” and she called him shameless for talking like that but he immediately gave back “am not shameless am romantic… but I can’t expect someone as unromantic as u to understand” he purposely provoked her for he knew his fiery wife didn’t like to be called that and will surely do something that he will like.

Arjun was waiting for his wife to come out of the washroom, she had been awfully quiet during dinner and he was just waiting for a chance to tease her. Radhika came out wearing nothing but his favourite shirt causing him to go gaga over her, he scanned her from top to bottom and felt his body heating up but he just had to tease her “if I didn’t know better I would say u are trying to seduce me” Instead of answering she just pushed him on the bed and came on top of him “am a man of great self control u have got to do a lot than this” he said which only sounded stupid for his hand was already sensuously massaging her thigh.

She opened the top two buttons of the shirt giving him a clear view of her cleavage and she smirked seeing his so called resolve break. He slipped his fingers into her hair titling her head up and smacked his hot lips on her luscious ones. He broke the kiss only to nuzzle on the side of her neck before nibbling and suckling on her collar bone causing her to throw her head back giving him full access.

He rolled her over and was hurriedly opening the shirt’s buttons when she held his hand stopping him “first admit am not unromantic”

“huh?” he asked completely in a trance and still sounding like he is in that trance “u are not unromantic” and got his hand back on the shirt but she stopped him again “now what” he asked now traces of frustration in his voice.

Radhika closed the buttons he had opened “say it like u mean it” and grinned devilishly at him and he caught on with her teasing.

“u little devil” he said before tearing the shirt open making her gasp and he closed her lips with his.

London – Two Weeks Later
Arjun and Radhika had decided to extend their stay in London so they could attend Sam’s fashion show, Sam was debuting her fashionable clothing line at the London fashion week and Piyali couldn’t be prouder. Both Piyali and Samrat were present at their daughter’s new milestone in life, though legally separated Piyali and Samrat had remained friends and were still living in the same house.

Sam and Radhika met after three years and the boys couldn’t separate them, Neil even remarked that they looked like a couple and Arjun and he were their bodyguards. Sam congratulated Radhika for winning best copywriter of the year award for the second time in a row. After the successful fashion show they all went out for dinner and later Prena, Piyali and Samrat left the couples alone and retired home.

The four went to a disc to enjoy the night, Radhika was sitting leaning on Arjun’s chest while Neil and Sam were setting the dancefloor on fire with their moves. In a short time they were together the four of them had formed a bond so strong that it was unbreakable, life had tested them all, they had all cursed their fate at one point in life, they all identified with pain. But together they got the patience when in pain, hope for happiness and and strength to keep that happiness in their lives. Though with great difficulty but the lines of fate had finally aligned in a path of a lifelong unconditional friendship that they will cherish forever.

Sam and Neil came back to the table tired from all the dancing, Arjun ordered them drinks. They were causally talking when “kar gayi chul” was played, Sam and Radhika screamed startling Arjun and Neil “that’s our song” they spoke in unison and ran to the dancefloor. Neil and Arjun laughed at their wives childish acts and joined them on the dancefloor.

Aditya P. I. Office
Aditya had recruited new people at his office since his private investigation business was blooming, Rose one of the new recruits who had been studying all of Aditya’s previous cases came to his cabin. Wearing a red shirt tucked in her blue skinny jeans, her hair tied in a neat ponytail and nerdy specs she stood in front of him and Aditya couldn’t help but think that she looked like a school girl. “sir…” she spoke bringing him out of his thoughts “I have been going over your cases this particular one caught my attention… It’s the missing gold case”

Aditya:“what about it” Rose gave him two files and expressed her discovery, Aditya studied the files and was shocked at the finding, he immediately picked his phone and called Karthik “please come fast to my office… we have a problem”

An hour later Karthik had reached and read the files, he put the files down and sighed “how can this be possible?”

Aditya:“apparently that’s the fact… the gold that was stolen and smuggled amounted to a tonne in weight and the gold that we had found was only 500kgs… we only found a half of it”

Karthik:“but we tore down the entire warehouse… then where is the other half?”

Aditya:“maybe there is another letter… another clue… another hunt” They both looked at each other for a while “are u thinking what am thinking?”

Karthik:“heck yeah… let’s do this” they left the office together, an unbeatable zeal twinkling in their eyes for the new adventures that they were going after.

************** THE END **************

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