Manmarziyan-The Lines of Fate (Chapter 2)


Hello friends its me again just hoping am not boring u all n do tell if i do. So here is the second chapter pls do give ur precious views about this and thank u for ur support. Enjoy ???

Chapter 2 – Coincidence

Its been a week since Radhika had joined birdsong, she had already made friends with the entire office. Even the security guards who were to escort her out a week ago were now her friends. Her work station was right infront of Arjun’s cabin and she could always feel his gaze on her.

Arjun couldn’t help himself but stare at her, her long hair that always found its way to her face and make her frown, her funny expressions when thinking about ideas or the way she threw her hands up animatedly when chatting with her friends. It was all beautiful, everything about her was beautiful. Arjun smile at the thought he knew where all these was heading, he was falling for her, he was falling too fast but cant do anything about it coz his heart was no longer his it now belonged to the chirpy voice girl with the brightest smile and the most beautiful eyes.

It was friday and Radhika wanted to complete all her work so she could start afresh on monday. When she got off work it was around 9pm. She mentally scolded herself for getting this late, she was walking by the road talking to herself when a black tinted mercedes stopped infront of her, she halted and slowly put her right hand inside her handbag taking the pepper spray. The back window came down and Arjun’s face came into view, she sighed of relief “get in…. I will drop you” said Arjun smilingly

Radhika POV:he is never this friendly in the office, what happened to him all of a sudden “its ok sir….. I can manage…… I can go by myself”

Arjun POV: Does she always have to be this stubborn “i know Radhika u can go by yourself….. but if u go with me you will get there earlier”

Radhika was no mood to ride with Mr. Grumpy, she was thinking how to deny him when she suddenly started doing jumping jacks puzzling Arjun “see sir….. this is part of my daily workout routine……. I walk…… I jump…….. you should try it sometime”

Arjun got out of the car and took hold of her left wrist”GET IN. ” Radhika glared. He sighed “are you naturally this stubborn…… Or you just love to disobey me….? ”

She forcefully jerked her hand from his hold “and are you naturally this rude…….Or am i your special case”

He stared at her for a sec before bursting out into balls of laughter “Oh God…. You are such a piece you know… ” he somehow controlled his laugh and spoke in a determined voice ” now get in before i force you in”

Radhika huffed and got into car while Arjun shook his head in amusement. He got in and they drove off.

The Next Day

Khanna Mansion
Arjun was coming back from the gym when he saw an injured Sam on the living room couch. He dropped his gym bag at the door and rushed to her “what happened Sam… how did you hurt yourself…..? ”

Before Sam could answer came a rushing Radhika from the kitchen holding a first aid box “found it”

Arjun:”Radhika!?…… What are u doing here?”

“Oh….so u already know each other…. Good…. saves me the introduction. ” said Sam.

Radhika was attending to Sam’s injury on her right foot when Arjun asked again “how did this happen Sam? ”

Sam took a deep sigh “dont scold me ok…. I was bored alone here….. So i went to the mall without the bodyguard…. thought i could return before you….. But…. Well…. Dont be mad but some people tried to kidnap me at the mall and Radhika saved me”

Arjun closed his eyes to calm his anger “how can u be so irresponsible Sam…. ………What if something worse than this happened….do u want to die……? ”

Sam with tear filled eyes ” am sorry Arjun…. I promise will not do this again…. I just that…. we haven’t received any threats for sometime now and i thought the danger is over but….i was so scared…. ”

Arjun felt bad now, he hates to see her cry, he sat next to her comforting her. She must have been really scared with Jai’s murder, Samrat’s accident and now this “sorry for scolding u….but if anything happens to u….. I …… What will i tell Piyali aunty huh?”

Radhika was silently listening to their conversation while bandaging Sam’s wounds “its done….. just a few bruises but if u want u can see a doctor”

Arjun noticed that her voice had lost that chirpiness, she sounded different she must have been scared as well, he wanted to comfort her but didn’t want to make her uncomfortable at the same time. His thoughts were interrupted by a male voice

“Is everyone ok? ” asked a man rushing towards them, he had great physique and probably in his late thirties. Dressed in a formal white shirt and black.

Arjun:”Aditya… Thank God u are here…. It was a close call…. all thanks to Radhika”

Arjun was in Samrat’s home office working on his laptop, his workload had tremendously increased now that he was managing birdsong along with other Khanna’s businesses. He was so engrossed in his work that he failed to notice that Aditya had been sitting right infront of him for sometime.

Aditya coughed a little to get his attention “do u trust that girl…. Radhika…?

Arjun smiled “yes….. but why do u ask? ”

Aditya sighed “well dont u think its strange that a girl of her size can take on three kidnappers? ”

Arjun frowned, he knew what Aditya was hinting at and he didn’t liking it, not one bit “she already told u how it all went down….. there were people around….. and they helped”

“Exactly my point” screamed Aditya banging his right palm on the table “its 45min drive from here to the mall…. why would a kidnapper chose a crowded mall instead of the deserted road….. Why was she there at that moment….. Its too much of a coincidence…. ”

Arjun now a little angry “you sound as if u want Sam to be kidnapped”

Aditya:” i am just doing my job…. we have to be cautious……. If we didn’t take those death threats lightly Jai would be alive today…… and Samrat sir wouldn’t have been in a coma……. It will be a grave mistake if we ourselves welcomed danger”

Yes he was just doing his job and they had to be cautious but the mere thought that Radhika could be involved with the enemy did not sit well with Arjun”what are u suggesting then”

Aditya:”give me all her details… Am going to do a background check on her as well as keep an eye on her…….. Take care”

Khanna’s Guest House
Aditya had suggested that Radhika move into the Khanna’s house stating that her life could also be in danger. That the enemy was very dangerous and they can’t take any risks. And if they saw her they might harm her for revenge. But only Aditya knew the truth as to why he suggested that. But for Arjun it was like a blessing in disguise and he wouldn’t let this chance slip away. With Arjun and Sam’s insistence and the fact that she had been thrown out of the hostel for coming late and was now accomodating in a small hotel didnt help Radhika at all.And Sam gave her a long speech about how hard is it to find accomodation in Mumbai and if she wants she could pay rent. Radhika reluctuntly agreed to stay it was only for a while and atleast she wouldn’t be living in the big mansion though to her the guest house was no less than a mansion.

She had changed into her pajamas and was sitting on the bed looking around the room. It was a lavish room for a guest. The bathroom itself was the size of her bedroom in Hrishikesh. She took her phone and dialed Saral but he didn’t answer, she tried again and again still no answer. She started to worry, she was about to call her uncle when she received Saral’s SMS ‘YOUR MOM N GRANDPA ARE FINE STOP BUGGING I’M BUSY’

She sighed, she had no other choice but to believe him. She closed her eyes and went down the memory lane. To the time when her dad was still alive, when life was so easy, when she was happy. Her thoughts were interrupted by a knock on the door.

Arjun was standing infront of Radhika’s door for sometime trying to decide if he should knock or turn back and leave. He pinched the bridge of his nose to release the tension and knocked.And the view that greeted him was mesmirizing, he wondered how can someone look so breathtaking in pajamas too.”Do you need anything? ” asked Radhika

Arjun:”yeah…. No…. I mean…. mmhh do you need anything….? ” he mentally cursed himself for sounding so stupid.

Radhika puzzled,he sounded nervous but what would make a man like him nervous “no sir….. this is more than enough….. Thank you. ”

Arjun:”Thank you Radhika….thank you for saving Sam…… and if you need anything please dont hesitate to ask….. feel like home”

Radhika flinched at the word home, it pained in her chest, she smiled faintly “thank you sir…… Goodnight”

Arjun:”goodnight Radhika” His POV: this might not be a coincidence but i believe in fate. Fate brought you into my life and my heart knows you are not bad.

Arjun was the happiest man on earth, the past few day have been great beyond imagination. He gets to ride with Radhika everyday, home-office-home but everytime after a good amount arguing. He gets to see her anytime with work excuses and even though Aditya had suspicions about her, his heart knew she can trust her. On top of that after a whole week of convincing Radhika had agreed to dine with them today and all of a sudden all his clothes seemed unappealing. He laughed at himself looking at the pile of clothes on his bed. He put on a black t-shirt and black track pants, some cologne and headed downstairs to the dining area.

Sam and Radhika were chatting enthusiastically as if there were long lost sisters. Arjun smiled at the sight and took his place opposite to Radhika.

Sam scowled “where was u all this time….. am famished”

Arjun didnt answer and instead started serving Radhika. Radhika was a little taken aback at the action “so……do u two live here alone?

Sam:”Mom and Nandini Di are in Goa for a fashion show…… and Dad is upstairs sleeping…….. Still sleeping….. ”

Sam’s expression had suddenly changed at the mention of her father and Arjun had noticed that “well practise does make perfect…… this is the best food you have made so far Sam…….. infact its the best i have tasted in a long time”

Sam smiled “Radhika made it……. But she promised she will teach me too……. right Radhika? ”

Radhika just smiled and nodded in agreement and Arjun once again was lost in her thoughts. She lifted her head and met with Arjun’s gaze. Something unknown tugged at her heart, deep in her heart.

Sam was enjoying her dinner when she noticed her two companions lost in each others eyes. She mischievously smiled “Ahem…. Ahem…. are you two in a staring contest…… can i join…? ”

They both looked away blushing. Radhika kept her head down staring at her plate as if it was the most interesting thing she had ever seen. While Arjun glared at a smiling Sam.

So there it was hope u liked it, the third chap might be a lilttle late i am going to visit my future in laws for the first time. So nervous wish me luck guys.

Credit to: Gianna

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