Manmarziyan-The Lines Of Fate (Chapter 19)


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Chapter 19 – True Faces and Facades

Suraj sitting in the hotel’s cafe near a giant glass window saw Vijay as he was getting out of his car and approaching the cafe slowly. His memory ran years back when Vijay was just a petty thief, he smirked looking at his creation, he was no God but he had a created the man wrapped in a three piece suit walking slowly towards him.

Suraj was a smart man, he was a cunning, calculating and a shrewd man. To the world he was a police inspector, a brave police inspector and hero to many. But behind that laid a smart devil. He picked up the then Vijay Kumar a local petty thief and turned him into a goon, a smuggler and a murderer. His used Vijay to conduct his criminal activities while he maintained a clean slate. They were a great team of a master and his student who turned partners in crime, one would commit crimes and the other will make sure they were out of the police radar.

When Vijay wanted to opt out of his criminal life Suraj started to search for ways to keep him grounded and he found that opportunity when his wife had heard his and Vijay’s conversation. Suraj was relieved that his wife found him out, he shot his wife dead and asked Vijay to do him one last favour by getting rid of his wife’s body, when Vijay was following his last order was arrested with the dead body and Vijay never knew that it was his partner Suraj who had ratted him out.

Even with Vijay in jail Suraj didn’t stop his planning, he figured Vijay would always have a soft spot for his family and he needed to get rid of that. But luck was on his side for Prena herself had taken the liberty to flee from her husband’s life, so Suraj hammered the last nail on the coffin by setting Vijay’s house on fire and lied to Vijay that his wife and unborn child died in the tragedy. Now Vijay had nothing to hold him back, there was no one to go back to so they faked Vijay’s death in the prison break and Vijay Kumar was officially reborn as Saba, a ruthless criminal.

By the time Suraj and Vijay aka Saba had conducted their biggest crime, by smuggling a ton of gold the police were hot on Saba’s trail. Like always Suraj hatched another escape plan, an unsuccessful police raid that ended in Saba’s ‘fake’ death and Suraj just like always came out as a hero.

Everything was going according to their plan, Vijay was in hiding and Suraj was awaiting his early retirement so he can enjoy all the luxury amenities he desired but his own brother who happened to be at a wrong place at a wrong time and saw what was supposed to be the unseen foiled his plan. Suraj had hid the loot in a warehouse in Rishikesh, it was an old abandon warehouse of the Mishras that no one was using until Dilip planned to use it as a second storage for his store supplies and came face to face for the first time with the glittering bricks. Dilip didn’t need to be told anything he knew from the very beginning that the gold belonged to his greedy of a brother who must have stole it. Dilip secretly transferred the gold to another place and contacted Samrat for further help, Suraj was posted in Delhi at that time and didn’t know what was going on back home and when he found out it was too late, the gold was gone and Dilip was adamant to not divulge anything to him. He knew he shouldn’t have killed Dilip before he found out the new gold location but the mere thought that his plan had a loophole, that he was not invincible as he thought and that his little brother outsmarted him drowned him in a sea of rage. His hand didn’t tremble, his eyes unblinking, he didn’t give it a second thought neither the fact that he was his own blood stopped him, he mercilessly pulled the trigger not once not twice but thrice without an ounce of remorse or mercy and took the life of his brother.

Since then it has been his mission to find his missing gold, when he doubted Samrat he planned the threats, the accident, Jai’s death and the kidnaps. It was his plan to use Malik and it was also his plan to use Vijay’s account for he is always thinking about keeping himself out of trouble. When Samrat went into a coma he planned infiltration and who was better than Radhika for that job. He played the marriage drama knowing very well Radhika, Mala and his father won’t agree, he intentionally pushed Radhika to birdsong and kept Mala and his father as guarantee so Radhika can report her every activity to him and look at the bastard’s luck Radhika didn’t just reach birdsong alone but also Khanna mansion. Radhika unknowingly gave him all the inside information while Vijay as a gardener kept track of everyone’s move.

He planned to kidnap Arjun when he was coming back from Goa but Saral who was trying to prove himself to his father by conducting the kidnapping had to abort the mission when he saw Radhika through the windshield. When Aditya spread the news of a fake Radhika he knew it was a plan so he sent Saral to investigate the matter and Saral came back with euphoric news when he revealed that Radhika was having an affair with Arjun that resulted in yet another plan, Radhika’s kidnap.

Vijay tapped Suraj’s shoulder bringing him out of his thoughts “why did u call me here when u know am supposed to be in hiding?”

Suraj smiled “someone is in a good mood” he remarked full of sarcasm “let’s get inside for privacy” Once inside the hotel room that Suraj had booked prior Suraj said “I have a plan”

Vijay irritatingly replied “to hell with your plans… none of your plans worked… u made a big blunder by killing Dilip before be spilled out about the gold… am sure by now that officer knows about me… I have already lost my gold bcoz of u and I swear if I go down u are going down with me”

Suraj smirked “let me correct u first,it’s our gold…. and don’t u worry I took care of things as always that officer can’t find any of your police records so relax”

Vijay shrugged and leaned on the leather sofa “so what’s the plan?”

Suraj:“that’s much better… looks like my dead brother loved treasure hunts… there is a parcel that he had sent for his daughter but through one of her friends before he died… I think our search is over and that parcel will tell us where is the gold”

Vijay approached the small private bar in the room , poured whiskey on two glasses and offered one to Suraj “who told u about that parcel”

Suraj:“Radhika…. well she called her mother to inform her about the parcel and as u know I have access to every call that is received in Mishra home” he took a few sips from the glass “the parcel will reach Mumbai tomorrow… we just need to get our hands on it before anyone else”

Radhika was sitting staring at her system biting her nails off, the parcel was arriving tomorrow and she was in a cluster of thoughts, her mind was running the endless possibilities of the things she will find in that parcel. She couldn’t concentrate due to her clouded mind and ended up working late to finish one of her projects but even now she was doing everything but work. Arjun who was also working late but mainly bcoz he was not taking another chance and leave her alone again saw her struggling to focus on her work “I see u are giving rabbits a good competition by munching all your nails off” joked Arjun

Radhika removed her finger from her mouth and shrugged tiredly “am so nervous” she screamed, she then went back doing her work while Arjun stared at her “stop staring at me I need to concentrate… u are making me more nervous” she said irritatingly.

Arjun:“I know how to take your nervousness away”

Radhika:”really… how…?”

Arjun asked her to stand up and she obeyed “now stretch your hands side ways and close your eyes” Radhika looked doubtfully at him “don’t u trust me?” he asked, Radhika nodded and did what he asked. “now take deep breaths while chanting I love u Arjun”

Radhika eyes flew open and he raised his eyebrow at her giving her the ‘don’t u dare doubt my methods’ look. She closed her eyes again with her arms outstretched she inhaled and then exhaled saying “I love u Arjun” She did that a couple of times and indeed as her mind travelled away from the parcel her nerves calmed down eventually.

Arjun stared lovingly at her as she chanted the I love u mantra pleasing him to infinity “that’s enough… now u should hug me” he said and Radhika again doubted his method “u are not supposed to question your teacher” he said bluntly and Radhika followed her teachers orders not to mention that she also enjoyed her teachers methods. Minutes passed like that in each others arms, Radhika felt tranquil in his arms. She broke the hug and thanked him for taking her nervousness away. “don’t thank me yet, there is one more thing u need to do”

“what is it?” she asked confused but soon caught on with his thoughts by the mischievous smile that played on his lips and turned completely pink but she decided to play dumb “what more do I need to do?” she asked acting clueless.

Arjun smiled and took two steps back “u will have to dine with me tonight and I have already informed Aditya” Radhika surprisingly was disappointment with the dinner statement “but if u have something else in mind am up for suggestions” teased Arjun and she realised he was just messing with her. Before she could say anything Arjun had his lips on hers “is this what u had in mind?” he whispered against her lips but Radhika was in no mood to waste time talking, she wrapped her hands around his neck and kissed him fervidly, Arjun pulled her closed as his lips melded with hers and the cold AC room warmed from the sparks they invoked.

It was day they had waited for nervously, the parcel arrived in Mumbai but fearing the courier delivery guy may be robbed on the way Aditya decided that it was best to go claim the parcel at the courier office itself. Aditya parked his car at the premises and entered the courier office with Radhika, Karthik was already present waiting for them. They got the parcel and where walking towards the car when two speeding motorcycles surrounded them and before they could react they were pushed onto the concrete ground and the parcel was snatched from them. Aditya stood up to fight back but it was too late, he could only see the smoke flying the in the air as the motorcycles dashed off. “are u two OK?” asked Aditya worriedly.

Radhika stood up brushing the dust off her clothes “am fine bhai”

Karthik who had scratches on his elbow from the fall “am good, and you? ” Aditya nodded and asked Karthik to get Radhika home while he sorts out the matter.

Aditya watched as Karhtik drove off with Radhika till the car disappeared from his sight, he took a taxi to a nearby restaurant scanned the parking lot for the car he was looking for. Once he had spotted it, he approached the car and knocked on the side window. Arjun unlocked the door, Aditya got in and sat next to him “u got the parcel?” Arjun took out a small box from the glove compartment and handed it to Aditya. Arjun then asked him if Radhika was okay “she is fine and on her way to the apartment with Karthik… we were mugged as expected”

Aditya knew Suraj Mishra had information about the parcel and will try to do something since he told Radhika to call home and inform them about it so he instructed Neha to send the parcel in Arjun’s name since he is not under Suraj’s and Vijay’s doubt anymore. Aditya started to remove the tapes on the box when Arjun held his hand stopping him “it’s not appropriate that u open that… that’s Radhika’s”

Aditya: “am opening it first bcoz I have her best interest” Arjun let him open the box. They found a small bracelet and a folded paper enclosed in it. Aditya took the paper and unfolded it, it was a letter, Arjun told him to read it aloud.

When u get this letter I might already be far away from u all, take this as my way of saying goodbye and wherever I may be am not worried bcoz I have faith that my strong little girl will make everything right. I found a huge amount of gold in our old abandon warehouse and I know for a fact that Suraj stole it from somewhere. I have done arrangements to handle over the gold to the authority with the help of my friend Samrat but if something happens to me before that then sadly but truthfully Suraj has a hand in it. Am sending u your old bracelet that will help you and only you to solve this problem and don’t hesitate or be afraid when you take a step towards justice.
Who loves you and proud of you,

Aditya took a deep breath, his suspicions were correct, how was he going to tell Radhika that her uncle’s killed her father “we can’t tell Radhika about this letter”

Arjun:”are u mad… it’s her letter”

Aditya:”her uncle killed her father, I don’t want her to find out like this… I will tell her when I find enough proof against Suraj” Arjun though didn’t like Aditya’s idea agreed for Radhika. Aditya kept the box aside and looked at Arjun “look, I know am not your favorite person… but at least we can try and get along for Radhika since we both love her” Arjun gave an unpleasant look and Aditya corrected himself “she is my sister, I love her like a sister”

Arjun:”will try… but only for Radhika” Aditya nodded and they drove off to Aditya’s apartment where Radhika and Karthik were waiting for them.

It’s been days since Neil found out the truth about his father, Neil couldn’t exactly pinpoint what he felt about it. He didn’t know if he should be sad, relieved or pity himself, he was a confused soul in amidst this confusion he neglected one person that made him happy, Sam. Sam didn’t know what happened but was sure something was wrong bcoz Neil had returned to his aloof self that ignored her. Neil sitting in his office received a message from Sam, she had sent a picture of herself wearing Neil’s shirt, Neil smiled at the photo and messaged her to come on Skype.

Neil’s eyes were treated to a tantalizing view, Sam wearing Neil’s shirt alone that barely covered her creamy thighs smilingly asked “how do I look?”

Neil who was frozen lost in the view in front of him was brought back by her question but even then couldn’t stop staring neither form a sentence until Sam asked again “burning… burning hot babe” he replied his eyes still glued on the screen.

Sam made a few poses and gave him flying kisses “only for u”

Neil opened two buttons of his shirt and drank some water to cool his burning senses “I stayed in your house for so long and u give me this view when am this far… this is so mean of u”

Sam blushed “I miss u Neil”

Neil:”miss u too babe”

Sam:”am not talking about the distance… I miss my Neil, the happy go lucky Neil… the Neil I love… what happened?”


Sam:”I know something is bothering u… it’s okey if u don’t want to share it with me but know that u can trust me”

Neil sighed, he saw love and concern in her eyes, concern for him “I found out about something very disturbing” he said and then took a deep breath and told her everything.

Sam was shocked, so shocked that she sat staring at her laptop speechless “am sorry Neil” was all that she came up with.

Neil chuckled “why are u sorry… It’s not like u did anything”

Sam:”am sorry am not close enough to hug u, to kiss u, to comfort u”

Neil:”I’ll be fine… as long as I get to see u like this everyday” Sam turned scarlet at his words, Neil was looking at her flushed face and his gaze turned hungrily at her “really babe… u make want to catch a flight right this minute and come to u”

Sam bashfully spoke “Neil… ” even that far Neil’s gaze could make her skin tingle in an unknown pleasurable sensation”

Neil:”it’s your fault.. I don’t think I can work now my mind is stuck to this s*xy view… I think u will run for the hills if u knew what am imagining now” Sam took a pillow and covered her legs but it was too late Neil was not going to stop now “tell me something… do u have anything else under that shirt… or…”

Sam gasped, she felt her blood was boiling hot and she could burn any second now. Her heart was on the verge of bursting from the involuntary racing it was doing. “I will talk to u later Neil” she said breathing heavily and closed her laptop laughing at herself.

Neil stared at his laptop and smiled, he felt light now that he talked to someone, he should have done that earlier he thought. He looked again at Sam’s pic that she had sent him and kissed it “love u Sammy” he said and got back to work.

Aditya’s Apartment
Aditya gave Radhika the opened box without the enclosed letter, he apologized for his bad manners but she didn’t mind. Radhika had tears looking at the bracelet, she clutched the bracelet to her heart crying, Arjun gave her a hug and rubbed her back till she was calm. “this used to be my bracelet… Papa gifted me this when I was 6 or 7yrs old… why would he send me this?”

Aditya:”that’s what I wanted to ask u… what can be the connection btwn the gold and that bracelet… don’t u remember anything,a place or a name”

Radhika:”no, nothing rings a bell”

Aditya held her shoulders “am not pressuring u but pls try to recall… this bracelet is our only hope now… there must be a connection, something only u and your dad know about… think about it”

Radhika tried but she couldn’t figure out the connection, she just remembered that her dad gave her that bracelet but never told her where he bought it or from whom “I can’t connect the dots… maybe it’s bcoz am stressed right now… I will tell u if I recall anything” Aditya wanted to speak more but Arjun stopped him and told him to not be so hard on her. Aditya and Karthik excused themselves and left Arjun and Radhika alone.

Karthik asked Aditya if the bracelet was the only thing and Aditya gave him the letter. Karthik read it, he knew it was still not enough evidence to convict Suraj “when Suraj and Vijay open that box they took from us they will be enraged”

Aditya:”that’s what we want… they have been acting smart all this time… keeping a cool head… but this will be a hit they didn’t expect and they will sure make a mistake… that one mistake will cost them for life”

Karthik read Dilip’s letter again and sighed “more mysteries”

Suraj was as red as a tomato in anger, he was fuming in rage, his plan failed, no he was fooled, he was fooled by the two officers that he considered worthless. Nobody outsmarts him and gets away with it, they will have to pay. If Suraj was mad then Vijay was devastated, they know about him, it was no longer a secret. Aditya and Karthik had send them a warning, a challenge. Suraj and Vijay opened the parcel they had stole triumphantly but it was all drained when they saw what was in the box. They found a message addressed to them both.

‘Forget the gold and worry about your asses, Suraj Mishra and Vijay Kumar aka Saba your days are numbered’

Vijay:”u told me u took care of things… how then did they know… how do they know am Saba”

Suraj:”calm down… we need to think of a new plan”

Vijay:”plan?… what plan?… can’t u see they played us?… they know everything it’s over Suraj… it’s over”

Suraj:”do u think if they had evidence we would be here talking… they have nothing at least not on me I can’t say the same for u”

Vijay:”am not taking the fall for the both of us”

Suraj smirked “do u really think u can threaten me?… u have got nothing on me partner… I personally made sure that I stay clean u are the criminal here”

Vijay clutched his collar “I will kill u before going to jail alone”

Suraj laughed “if I die then how will u know where your wife and child are” Vijay was shocked, Suraj took his hands off his collar “that’s right, I planned to kill them but your pregnant wife had already ran away… they never died in the fire bcoz there weren’t in it on the first place”

Vijay froze to the ground by the news, it struck him, Suraj and him were never partners, he was just a pawn in Suraj hands. All this time he thought Suraj took efforts to save him but now realised he was just saving himself. But two can play this game. Vijay stepped back and observed Suraj for a second “u are just mad bcoz u were outsmarted… u think of yourself as this criminal genius but those young officers striped u of your title” Vijay then laughed at him “first it was Dilip and now… BTW does your son know u killed his mother?”

Vijay left the hotel room leaving a boiling in rage Suraj behind. Vijay needed to find his family and Suraj needed to keep Saral away from his mother’s death truth. But now that the two partners were against each other, they were doomed to fail.

Credit to: Gianna

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  26. Wow Gia dear ……amazing …excellent yaar…..ardhika moments superb…..I loved it to d core ….waiting for next one… u lot….tc…

    1. Thank u Susi so much, thanks a lot. Will try and post the nxt one soon. Love u and tc ??

  27. awesome…suraj and saba fighting…lol..iam happy happy happy….mysteries being revieled…arjun and aditya fooled thm…and ardhika and nesam moments rocked….aahh…nesam moments…kya tha..god….so hot…lol…well…u r very bad that u didnt inform us abt ur marraige…hmmmm…..well…love…

    1. Thank u Feby, am glad u are all happy. Sorry for not informing u all about the wedding forgive ur sister here, am giving u my cute puppy face. Love u too and stay blessed ???

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