Manmarziyan-The Lines Of Fate (Chapter 14)


Hello my dear lovely friends, pls forgive me for posting late got caught up with work and didn’t get the time to write. So here is the next chapter I wrote it in a hurry, I don’t know what I wrote actually but pls do tell how it was. Thank u all for ur support, I love u all ??? and Enjoy

Chapter 14 – A Bit Bitter Sweet

Mehra House
Arjun took a deep breath to gather strength before approaching Nandini who was instrusting the cook what to make for lunch. Nandini smiled seeing him “do u need something?… I asked Martha to make your favorites”

Arjun:”I need to talk to u” Martha excused herself from the kitchen leaving the brother sister alone “it about Radhika” Nandini’s features turned into a disinterest look hearing that name. “I love her… and she loves me too… Radhika and I are in a relationship” Nandini looked at him with disbelief, the Arjun she knows wouldn’t go against her even in his dreams. She walked passed him without a word leaving him behind. “Nandu please listen to me… I know I broke my promise am sorry… punish me if u want to but say something please” pleaded Arjun.

Nandini turned to face him, she was hurt “I am not your enemy Arjun… I just want what’s best for u…but it’s clear that u don’t trust me…what else do u want me to say then”

Arjun held her hands “Nandu please try and understand me… I can’t live without her” She could see his sincerity reflecting in his eyes but her ego got the better of her and trod to her room without a word more.

Nandini was not new to the feeling of love, she did understand him but she chose to let her dislike for Radhika come over her love for her brother.

Neil video chatting with her mom was showing her different saris that he had bought for her. Holding a yellow and white silk sari “this is my favorite… do u like it”

Prena sighed “Neil… I will like anything u buy for me so leave all that… besides u will be leaving behind the gift I want most”

Neil:”tell me what is it and I’ll buy it… I still have time”

Prena laughed “Sam.. ” Neil turned totally pink making Prena laugh more “the moment she called me and asked about your likes and dislikes I figured there is something going on btn u two… am happy for u son… and am happy u chose a right person… coz when u fall in love with the wrong person… then love itself feels wrong” A grieved expression covered face that disturbed Neil but it left as soon as it came and she soon ended the video chat to avoid more of Neil’s questions.

Mr. Vijay Chabra the marketing head of Tech World one of the antivirus and internet protection software companies along side his two colleagues had come to birdsong to see the final digital ad for their new mobile phone antivirus product. The meeting was long over but Mr. Chabra had not yet finished venting out his marital problems to the birdsong stuff. One by one started emptied the board room with one excuse or the other leaving behind Mr. Chabra and his two audience Arjun and Radhika who were either too polite or too patient.

“I have no problem with women” said Mr. Chabra while moving his head left to right “women are good as mothers… as sisters… as daughters… as friends as well… but once she becomes your wife or girlfriend… ” he leaned on the table “she becomes a virus… virus I tell u” he finished his sentence with widened eyes and nodding vigorously trying to make Arjun believe on his words. “15yrs… I hadn’t fallen sick in 15yrs… not even a headache… but ever since I have been married… ” waving his open palm to them he continued “I have been admitted five times” He kept talking on and on about how his wife in mean to him and that one should never marry or have a girlfriend and Arjun just went on agreeing with his each word hoping that will make him stop but he failed to notice the angry stare Radhika was giving him every time he did that. Mr. Chabra finally stood up to leave and Arjun sighed a relief.

Arjun and Radhika had a routine, when work hours were over Arjun would leave first and wait in his car, fews minutes later Radhika would leave and join him so they can leave together or rather spend time together. Arjun waited in his car for about half an hour but Radhika had showed no sign of coming down, he texted and then called her but she didn’t answer any of his queries. After almost an hour of sitting idly in the car Arjun decided to go check on her and found her alone in the office still working. “what are u doing Radhika… I have been waiting for u for an hour now”

Radhika turned her gaze on him for a second looking unaffected by his question and went back doing her work. Arjun glanced at her computer screen to see what’s had her glued all this time and found a not so work related and not so important article about wild flowers. Shaking his head in bewilderment “u stood me up for this?” He turned off her system much to Radhika’s annoyance “come on let’s go” and ordered her.

Radhika looked at him with narrowed angry eyes her chest moving up and down, she was mad angry. Crossing her arms acrossed her chest with a smug playing on her face “why… did u have your vaccination already… or maybe health insurance…?”

Arjun looked on confused at her sudden outburst, what did he do now to result in this reaction of hers “have u by any chance gone crazy all of the sudden?” he asked playfully angering her more.

Radhika:”oh… so apart from being a virus am also crazy?” she picked up her bag and started to leave with Arjun calling out to her from behind. He caught up to her at the elevator and tried to apologize but she was having none of it. “No… u are not sorry…. u were supporting that guy… and even called me a headache… so I think before I give u a heart attack… or some other deadly disease… u should stay away from me and just let me be”

Arjun smirked “can u really stay away from me?… stop kidding yourself Radhika… u won’t live a day without me… so now stop this craziness and let’s go”

Radhika:”and u can live without me?… fine then… I will not talk to u… not text and not even look at u… and let’s see who will be the first one to run behind the other”

Arjun:”FINE.. ”

Radhika:”FINE.. ”

Mehra House
Sam had left work early and came to help Neil with his packing for he was leaving later at night. More than packing she was interested in spending some quality time with her boyfriend. She went trying his every shirt before folding and putting it in the suitcase with the desire to keep one of them as a souvenir. Neil came in and saw her staring herself at the mirror wearing his shirt, he went near and hugged her from behind resting his head on her shoulder “looking great”

Sam smiled “am going to keep this one”

Neil:”and what would I get to take with me in return?”

Sam turned to face him and pecked his lips “this… ” and Neil protested stating that it was not enough and Sam kissed him again but he still said it was not enough to compensate leaving his shirt behind. “well then pack me… and take me with u”

Neil:”I have already packed u in my heart… I hope immigration won’t catch me”

Packing was done, Neil and Sam were enjoying each other’s company chatting about random things when Sam’s phone rang. Looking at the screen she turned to Neil “it’s mom” she answered the call “hello mom” her expression turned into a shock “what!?” she asked making Neil pay attention to her phone conversation. Tears started to roll down her eyes worrying Neil now “which hospital… yes… yes… I know that… am coming right now”

She ended the call and her tears kept on flowing, Neil cupped her face “what is it Sammy… what happened” he asked in a worry fiiled voice but Sam kept on crying not able to shape any word.

Neil asked Martha to bring a glass of water for Sam, having drank a half of the glass Sam now a bit composed “dad… it’s dad… he is out of the coma” said Sam while crying tears of happiness. “I have to go to the hospital” Arjun entered at the same moment and after hearing the news the three of them left together to the hospital.

St. Joseph Hospital – Mumbai
Arjun, Neil and Sam walked into the hospital reception and asked about Samrat Khanna’s room and they were directed to room 303 on the fifth floor. Sam felt the elevator was moving slowly she wanted to go and hug her dad and feel him hugging her back and talk to her. Sam literally ran out of the elevator to the designated room and found her mom and Nandini sitting around an empty bed. Piyali took her in her arms “it’s over Sam… the nightmare is over” They broke the hug and Piyali continued “they have taken him for some tests… u will see him soon”

Minutes later Samrat was brought back to the room, Sam looked at her father not believing her own eyes. Samrat opened his arms for her and she went burying her face in his chest crying. Samrat rubbed on her back in a soothing manner “hey bachu… don’t cry now… no more crying my princess” he coaxed her.

Sam:”I missed u dad… I missed u so much… u don’t know how many times I prayed for this day”

Samrat kissed her forehead to assure her of his love and protection. Piyali placed her hand on her head comforting her and said “that’s enough Sam… u will fall sick if u cry so much” Every word, every comforting word fell short to calm Sam down. All her fears, her anguish, her pain that she had hurried inside all this while kept flowing in form of tears that she now unleashed. She finally calmed down after some time and her smile returned. One by one they all met Samrat and expressed their joy in seeing him healthy again but no one dared to tell him about the recent happenings or all that has happened since he slipped into a coma.

A nurse came and asked them to leave the patient alone to rest but neither Sam nor Piyali was ready to do that.”look ma’am I know u are all excited to see him and talk to him… but he is not fully recovered… he needs to rest” spoke the nurse in a firm tone.

It was already dark around 7 in the night, Samrat was going to spend the night in the hospital under observation upon the doctor’s order and none of them was allowed to stay back with him since he needed to rest his weak body. Piyali and Sam drove off in Piyali’s car and Sam had to go see Neil off at the airport later. Arjun asked Neil to take Nandini’s car with him so that he can ride with Nandini and get to talk to her bcoz she was still miffed with him since he told her about his relationship status. He was waiting for Nandini at the parking lot when he realised that they haven’t informed Aditya nor Radhika about Samrat’s condition. He unlocked his phone and when he didn’t find any msg or missed call from Radhika he decided to be stubborn as well and not tell her anything.

Nandini on the pretext of going to the washroom went back to Samrat’s room, with everyone around she didn’t get the chance to meet Samrat the way she wanted to. She entered the room and sat on the bed next to a sleeping Samrat. She took his hand in hers, kissed on the back of his hand and laid her head on his chest “I missed u so much Samrat” she whispered.

Samrat stirred up in his sleep due to the mumbling and woke up soon after feeling something heavy on his chest “Nandini… what are u doing?”

Nandini sat up and wiped her tears “am sorry… am sorry Samrat… I was just… ”

Samrat:”what were u trying to do… what were u trying to prove… what if somebody saw u… what’s wrong with u Nandini…?”

Nandini:”I was not trying to prove anything… I just wanted to meet u… I missed u Samrat”

Samrat:”this is inappropriate… I don’t want any problems… u better leave”

Nandini stood up to leave, looking straight into his eyes “this does not the change the fact that I love u Samrat” while Samrat turned his face away from her. Nandini hurt at his action turned to leave but was shocked to the core seeing the figure standing infront of her “Arjun..!? ” Samrat turned hearing Nandini’s shocked voice and saw Arjun standing at the door frozen. Nandini wanted to say something but before that Arjun left quickly and she ran after him.

“Arjun… Arjun… Arjun listen to me…listen to me please… ” rushed Nandini behind him grabbing attention of the people around all the way to the parking lot. Arjun banged his hand on the car and Nandini winced at his act. “Arjun listen to me just once please” begged Nandini.

Arjun looked at her with anger filled eyes “I have seen and heard everything… what else is there to it?”

Nandini:”I love him Arjun… one can’t choose who they fall in love with”

Arjun:”he is a married man… he is married Nandu… how can u… ” Nandini had her head down not able to meet with Arjun’s accusing eyes. “Did u two cheat on Piyali aunty?” he asked hoping that she will deny his accusations. Nandini still didn’t look at him in the eyes nor answered him, he held her shoulders “answer me Nandu… did u and Samrat uncle… ” Arjun couldn’t even finish his own question knowing the weight of the accusation he was throwing at his dear Nandu but he still wanted answers.

Nandini looked up at him with tear filled eyes but before she could answer him Arjun’s phone rang. It was Aditya “yes Aditya tell me”

Aditya:”are u with Radhika?… she is not home yet”

Arjun perplexed “NO… I last saw her about 3 or 4 hours ago… did u try her phone?”

Aditya:”her phone is switched off… OK… u don’t worry… and call me if u hear anything”

Aditya ended the call leaving Arjun disturbed. Arjun now forgot about Nandini and Samrat and was worried for Radhika. He tried her number but also found her phone switched off, he called her office friends but they all didn’t know her whereabouts. Everyone of them stated to have left her at the office and it was true bcoz it was him and Radhika who were last to leave birdsong and since they had fought each went their own way. He called Neil and Sam but that didn’t help either.

Aditya’s Apartment
Aditya panicked, just two days ago they received information about Malik’s arrival in Mumbai and now Radhika went missing. He called Rachita the officer who was assuming Radhika’s identity and Rachita was fine and there was no sign whatsoever that she could be in any danger. He called Karthik and in a panic voice he said “Radhika is missing… her phone is switched off but try and find where it was active last time”

Karthik:”relax Adi… relax… and tell me clearly what happened”

Aditya:”Radhika is not home yet and her phone is switched off…. Arjun last saw her 4 hrs ago and there is no news of her till now… I just hope nothing happened to her”

Karthik:”OK… I will do what u asked but don’t panic… maybe she is stuck somewhere… or she is with some friends… don’t jump into any conclusion just yet”

Aditya took his car keys and went out to look for her, some time later Karthik called and told him that her cellphone was last active near birdsong and he informed Arjun who was calling him time and again the same. Aditya asked Arjun and Karthik to meet him at birdsong and they can start their search from there.

Credit to: Gianna

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