Manmarziyan-The Lines Of Fate (Chapter 13)


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Chapter 13 – Before The Storm

Aditya’s Apartment
It’s been two weeks since Radhika left Sam’s place and moved to Aditya’s home. Arjun was for the first time dropping her home since Aditya was busy with work. Radhika opened the door of the apartment with the spare key that was given to her by Aditya and welcomed Arjun in. He looked around the place and was shocked to see Aditya’s photos in the house. Aditya had claimed of taking her to a safe but the place screamed that it was his own home. “Whose place is this?” asked Arjun

Radhika:”it’s Aditya’s”

Arjun had many things running in his head at that moment. First she didn’t add the sir in front of Aditya’s name like she used to and second all this while she had been living with Aditya under one roof and she didn’t tell him anything. “pack your bags u are coming with me to my place” said Arjun in a commanding tone.

Radhika was stunned at his reaction “am safe here Arjun… Aditya said it’s for my safety… and when all this is over I will stay at my own place not yours” Arjun tried reasoning with her that there is no more danger coz Aditya himself had said so but she didn’t agree “u all are safe but not me… I can’t come live with u and put u in danger… Aditya treats me like his sister”

Arjun now very angry “sister my foot… this is all his plan… first he tries to instigate me against u… when that didn’t work… he cooks up another story of u being in danger and brings u to his place… am not going to let him do this… am not going to let him snatch u from me”

Radhika rolled her eyes “there is nothing like that… and even if it is what does it matter?”

Arjun screamed “it matters damn it… I love u” Silence filled the room only three words echoed in Radhika’s mind. She knew he loved her but hearing the words from his mouth evoked a new feeling in her altogether. Arjun cupped her left cheek “do u doubt it… Radhika… I love u… I love u… I love u… I love your hair… I love your eyes… I love your nose… I love your lips… I love your skin… I love your… ” Radhika placed her palm on his lips to stop him from talking scared of what he would have said next. Lost in his eyes Radhika stood frozen until Arjun shook her back to reality. “isn’t it your turn to say something?”

As the grave of his words set in Radhika found herself in a dilemma. It’s one thing to fall in love and wish to be with someone but it’s whole another story to be in a relationship. Every relationship comes with it’s own set of limits and responsibilities and Radhika wasn’t sure if she was emotionally ready to step into a whole new phase in life. Unconsciously she stepped back creating a rift btn them worrying Arjun. With her head lowered “I don’t know what u want me to say”

Arjun thought she was pretending again but then thought she was hurt coz it was not a confession any girl would expect. He went to the dining table and came back with an apple. He went down on one knee and offered her the apple “Radhika Mishra… I Arjun Mehra love u so much… will u please accept this apple… as a token of my love… and make me the happiest man by becoming my girlfriend” Radhika couldn’t help but laugh at his proposal and he calls her dramatic, looks like he picked up her traits. She took the apple and asked him to get on his feet. Arjun smiled and asked it means a yes from her, Radhika hesitated and he read worry from her face. “am nervous too but I promise I won’t let u regret your decision”

Radhika was once again lost in his eyes that spoke to her and casted away all her fears, she knew she can trust him. She nodded giving him her consent. He cupped her face and kissed her forehead, eyes and cheeks, he came to her lips and saw that she was shivering. He kissed the corner of her lips and said “am not going to force u” Radhika opened her eyes and stared at his calm smiling face that made her calm as well. She placed both her hands on his shoulders, went on her toes shocking him and pecked his lips lightly. Taking that as the ‘go ahead’ he looped one hand around her waist and one on the back of her neck tugging her face close to his. He spoke huskily against her lips “I love u” and kissed her slowly and gently not wanting to scare her and she soon kissed him back mimicking his lips movement making him to deepen the kiss. He broke the kiss when her breathing had started to faint still with her eyes closed Radhika hugged him tightly. He kissed the top of her head “Neil has nicknamed u right… Chashni indeed” he could feel as her lips curled up into a smile against his chest making him smile as well and tighten his hold on her.

Mehra House
Things were going great for Sam apart from learning new things she had also decided to launch an entire collection in her name. She had figured out a theme and was halfway with the designs and her mom had promised to help her build a name in the fashion industry. Her career was on the right track but she was not getting much time to spend with Neil as before. Neil had shifted together with Arjun and Nandini back to their house since Aditya declared no more danger. She asked Neil to get ready and went to pick him up for a date she had planned. She got to Mehra house and messaged him to come out. Neil held his breath when he laid his eyes on her beautiful delicate form. Sam in tiara neck strap lbd, black heels, hair in a side fishtail braid and minimal make-up looked no less than a princess. Sam smiled seeing him and twirled infront of him asking if she was looking okey. Neil kissed her hand “flawless… u are dressed to kill Sammy… don’t know how am going to get through the night without staring at u”

Sam smilingly bowed her head and bent her knees “thank u… well u don’t look any less yourself”

Serene Hotel & Restaurant – Mumbai
As the name suggested it was a very calm and peaceful place. Sam had booked the romantic dinner under the night sky where a table for two was set in the garden under a beautifully decorated skydeck gazebo. Like a gentleman that he was Neil pulled a chair for her and seated next to her. Their private waiter for the night brought them drinks that Sam had ordered prior their arrival. When they were ready for dinner food was brought to their table. Neil was taken aback to see all his favorite food on the table when they went even given the menu and asked how did she know about his likes. “I called Prena aunty and asked her about your favorite food… I wanted to do all that makes u happy”

Neil smiled “this food won’t make me happy… but the effort u took makes me happy” Standing next to each under the star filled sky after dinner Sam had her head on his shoulder and he had his one hand around her waist, Sam kept on counting stars in the sky. Neil felt happy staring at her smiley face, he kissed her on the cheek and said “my vacation is almost over… I have to go back to London next week”

Sam sighed she knew this day would come but she never wanted to think about it. She was not selfish to harm his work while he was the first one to support her in her work. She gave him a faint smiled “I know work is important… that’s your home there and Prena aunty must be missing u… we will talk everyday and video chat… u won’t forget me right?”

Neil:”the day I forget u will be the day I die… I may forget everything but can never forget u… u are one of the most important women in my life” Sam raised an eyebrow in curiosity and asked him who were the other women. Neil smiled mischievously and started his list “well there’s my mom… and Chashni… Nandini di… my secretary Lucy… your friend Anushka… ”

Sam punched on his shoulder before he could finish and warned him “dare u even think about that girl… I will chop your legs and confine u to the bed”

Neil pulled her close with his hand around her waist “already want me in your bed… u know we can get a room here in the hotel” and winked at her. Sam gasped at his suggestive words and he took that chance and captured her lips by surprise in a hot sizzling kiss savouring every bit of her lips and more. He only released her for a second to catch breath and kissed her again this time with more vigour her hands into his hair his one hand on her back and one around her waist. Both now out of breath Neil smiled looking at her dazed eyes and swollen lips, he pecked her lips one last time before hugging her tightly inhaling her scent to the fullest.

Minutes passed holding each other in silence letting their hearts speak just feelings the moment. “I miss u already just thinking about u leaving… how am I going to get by after next week” muttered Sam.

Neil:”I don’t want to think about that right now… I just want to live in this moment” He played a song from his phone and held his hand out to her “may I have this dance” Sam took his hand and placed both her hands on his shoulders while his were on her waist. Slowly swaying to the music, lost in each others eyes they sealed the night with a kiss promising each other many more moments like this.

Radhika had asked Arjun to keep their relationship on the low in the office she didn’t want any gossip about them going around at workplace. She wanted to keep her personal and proffessional lives separate. Radhika was coming back from lunch with her office friends when Arjun called and asked her to go meet him near the parking lot. She made excuses to her friends and went to see him. Arjun wrapped his arm around her waist and kissed her cheek. She quickly detached herself from him and scolded him for his acts that may expose them. Arjun like a kid made a pouty face and turned his back on her waiting for Radhika to pacify him.

“Radhu” came a voice from behind her causing them both to turn. Arjun wanted to see to whom that voice belonged to but Radhika had turned pale knowing exactly there is only one person who calls her by that name. “what are u doing Saral?” asked Radhika worried by his sudden visit.

Saral:”won’t u ask me how I am?” Radhika then remembered her mother and grandfather and asked him if there were fine. “don’t worry Radhu everyone is fine… am personally taking care of them” Arjun coughed to remind them of his presence and Saral asked “won’t u introduce me to your friend Radhu?” He forwarded his hand to Arjun “am Saral… Radhu’s brother… well we are cousins but I treat her like my sister… ” turning his gaze back to Radhika “right Radhu?”

Arjun shook his hand “Arjun Mehra… Radhika’s… ”

“Boss” said Radhika “he is my boss” Arjun was shocked by her reaction but didn’t say anything, Radhika apologized to him through her eyes and asked for some alone time with her so called brother. After Arjun’s departure she turned to Saral “why are u here Saral and why didn’t u tell me that u were coming?”

Saral:”if I told u that I was coming then I would have missed that little display btn u and your boss” He smirked at her “well if u must know… I had work in Mumbai and so I thought I should pay u a visit… am not as bad as u think I am” Radhika not interested in entertaining him asked him what he wanted “I want to know how do u act so well?” Radhika didn’t understand what he was getting at and he further said “u always pass yourself as this righteous woman… and here u trapped your boss for his money… I often wonder how u got this job… but now I know… u do know how to put your curves into good use”

Radhika fisted her hand to calm her rising anger, she refused to think that he was in anyhow related to her but then again what can she expect from the likes of him. She opened her mouth to speak but he beat her to it “I know what u are going to say…” mimicking her voice “it’s not like that… we love each other” he gave a sarcastic laugh “u can’t fool me Radhu… u just like everybody else want the finer things in life… of all the people in your office u had to fall in love with your boss? … next time don’t talk to me about morals… coz u have none… u are no better than me”

Khanna Mansion
Arjun had gone to pick up a few files he had forgotten and found Sam sitting grimly in the garden. He patted her head and sat next to her “what’s wrong?”

Sam:”he is leaving… Neil is leaving soon”

Arjun gave her an arm hug “he is leaving only to come back… do u think he can live without u” Sam gave a small smile hearing those words “if u want we can get u two married so u can go to London together” Sam detached herself from that hug and stared at him in shock “what?… u don’t want to marry Neil?” she quickly answered back showing her interest, too much interest to be exact to become Mrs. Malhotra and Arjun chuckled at her reaction. “If u two love each other then u have to make it work… don’t let distance or time define the way u feel… haven’t u ever heard the saying that love conquers all… love is supposed to make u stronger and not weaken u”

Sam thanked him for his lovely words of advice, she felt light and strong at the same time.She grew up in a happy family atmosphere but when life snatched her brother, landed her father in a coma and subjected her to a page of pain and all without warning she couldn’t help but mistrust her fate. Neil has been the best thing that has happened to her amidst this chaos and she couldn’t just afford to lose him as well. “what’s going on with u and Chashni?”

Arjun sighed “it’s all good… the problem is with Nandu… I feel bad that I broke the promise I made to her… and now I can’t break the promise I made to Radhika… I feel like a loser”

Now it was Sam who gave him an arm hug “u are still keeping your relationship with Chashni a secret from Nandini di?” Arjun nodded “u are going to have to tell her one day… the sooner u tell her the better Arjun… and what if she finds out from someone else?” Arjun covered his face with his hands while Sam rubbed on her back gently “Arjun… she is your sister and she loves u more than anything… it will take time but am sure she will warm up to Radhika… she is Chashni afterall it’s hard not to love her” Arjun smiled relieved she was right, both the women are important to him and he has to make them come together no matter what.

Aditya’s Apartment
Sleep had left her long back all was left was Saral’s venomous words doing the rounds in her head. She knew it was not true not a single word of his should hold any importance to her but it did. There can’t be Saral alone who thinks like that there must be others too. What if his sister thinks the same way, what if she makes Arjun believe the same. Will he doubt her, will he leave her, will he judge her too. Nothing good ever comes out of Saral she should have known better than to expect anything else from him.

Aditya too hadn’t fallen asleep but he had other things in mind. The anticipation was killing him. Everything was set, fake Radhika Mishra was created along with fake documents, news had been spread about her knowing where the gold is. They made it look like Radhika Mishra was out to find justice for her father and that she knew why he was killed. Since they removed security from the Khanna no attack or threat was made and that was a good sign. It indicated that their prey had taken the bait what left was his reaction or as he thought the last mistake he would make in his criminal life. Aditya came out to drink some water and saw Radhika in the kitchen making tea. He asked for a cup he needed to calm his nerves. He noticed her lost in thoughts look and asked “did u fight with Arjun… did he hurt u… if so am going to break his bones” Radhika told him about Saral’s visit leaving out his hurtful words. “u are sad coz one of your family member came to visit u?… I don’t get it”

Radhika:”if he is family then one won’t need enemies”Aditya asked her to clarify she took a deep breath and narrated “after I finished college… I went back home only to find out that Bade Papa had fixed my marriage… he was a much older man… old enough to be my father he had three sons… when mom and grandpa found out they broke the marriage instantly… grandpa was really mad at Bade papa… that day everything changed… Bade papa said he can’t take on our responsibility anymore… that we mean nothing to him… he also asked that we pay him every single cent he spent on us since dad died… it was either we pay or I accept that marriage…we transferred dad’s store to his name but we still owe him a lot of money… mom and grandpa are with him as a guarantee that I won’t back out and pay him full”

Aditya closed his eyes to calm himself all he wanted to do at that time was fly to Rishikesh and killed that man. How can someone be so cruel to his own family. He wiped her tears “I have some money saved… how much do u need?… pay him and bring your mom and grandpa here” Radhika refused to his offer “don’t be stubborn Radhika… this is no time to show pride… if u are not comfortable then I will lend u the money… but get your family away from that monster” Radhika agreed to the loan idea but knew her mom would never agree to live anywhere else but Rishikesh. Aditya placed his hand on hers “promise me one thing… even after all these is over u will stay here… u can pay rent…but stay here”

Radhika smiled “may I ask u for another favor?” Aditya nodded “may I call u bhai” Aditya agreed, he took in a shaky breath and lying that something got into his eyes excused himself out.

In some unknown area, a dark filthy room with only one light bulb swinging from the ceiling due to the cool breeze coming from a small window was occupied by two men sitting opposite to each other. One man tied to his chair was drenched in his own blood, his face was unrecognizable. Multiple wounds and cuts covered his body, he didn’t even had the strength to raise his own head. He was sobbing, pleading to be killed, he yearned for death. But his persecutor hadn’t had enough “u want to die so soon… not fair… I have just began to enjoy this… and look u still have two fingers left… I am yet to chop your hands and that dared to collect evidence against me… then I have to chop your tongue that lied to me… I have just started… death is far far away from now” he spoke in clear brutal tone. Looking at the two fingers left trembling with the man’s hand “now which one should go first” but before he could decide he was interrupted by his man. He was handed an envelope he opened it and found a girl’s photo and a note attached to it. He read the note and turned to his man “are u sure about this… there is no mistake?”

The faithful puppet nodded victoriously “yes boss… everything is correct… should I start the work”

Stroking his grey bearded chin that sat perfectly on his face, the fearful face and mostly due to his death reflecting eyes he said “no… I will do it myself this time… I don’t want any mistakes” he glanced again at the photo in his hand, he turned to the back of the photo and read the two words written in block letters “RADHIKA MISHRA” turning his gaze to his henchman “looks like I have found my goldmine” his maniacal laughter filled the room or rather trembled the room.

My thoughts are scattered right now so didn’t give the precap as I myself am not sure how am going to shape the next one. But as this chapter is titled before the storm so one thing is for sure the storm is going to hit on the next one. Who will fall and who will survive the storm that u will get to know soon. This chapter is also like turning point in the story

1. Radhika’s mystery is solved now u know why she always feared about her mom and grandpa’s well being

2. Aditya’s plan worked Malik took the bait and he himself is coming out of hiding but will that be enough to solve the case?

3. Who did Malik see in the photo the real Radhika Mishra or the fake one? Stay curious ???

Credit to: Gianna

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