Manmarziyan-The Lines of Fate (Chapter 11)


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Chapter 11 – Sunset

Khanna Mansion
Sam sleeping peacefully holding her pillow was disturbed by her cellphone ring. She answered the phone without checking the caller and in a sleepy voice she “Hello… ”

Neil:”get ready Sammy… we are going on a date”

Sam perplexed checked the time, it was four in the morning, thinking that she might be dreaming she asked “Neil is this u?”

Neil:”one and only baby… now get ready fast am waiting” Date this early in the morning Sam was sure she was dreaming and Neil said “u are not dreaming… yes we are going on a date and at four in the morning… don’t waste more time now and get ready pls” Sam got ready in white torn jeans and a blue top, she found Neil already waiting in the car, she took a seat and dozed off immediately.

Sam was again awaken by Neil, she couldn’t tell where they were it was still dark. She got out of the car and saw there were on some kind of a hill, Neil took out from the car trunk a picnic basket and set everything out on a blanket. Sam was watching him quietly she was still in a sleepy. Neil poured coffee on two cups from the thermos he had packed, he gave on cup to Sam and led her to sit on a big rock. After a few sips of the coffee Sam felt a little refreshed and asked Neil who was glancing at his watch time to time “Neil… what’s all these?… what kind of a date is this?

Neil smiled and glanced again at his wrist watch pointing the direction with his forefinger “Look there Sammy”

Sam frowned not sure what could be interesting about the dark sky and then there it was. Small beams of hue peeping from a horizon slowy coming out of it’s shyness and filling the sky with a bright yellow color. It was a sight to die for, the new born sun touched her skin making her glow and she smiled a wide one. Neil placed his hand on her shoulder, she sagged and rested her head on his chest and they sat like that for some time. Looking at the lavish breakfast spread that Neil had prepared Sam couldn’t help but ask “when did u prepare all these?… when did u sleep?”

Neil:”how can u expect me to sleep after blowing my mind like u did last night” Sam smiled shyly “now what happened to u… last night u were hitting dialogue after dialogue why are u so quiet today”

Sam:”don’t mind me asking but do u really love me?”

Neil held both her hands in his “I loved u from the moment I laid my eyes on u and every moment after… I love the way your nose gets red when u are mad… the way u play with your hair when u are nervous… the way u crease your brows while cooking though nothing good comes out of that… the way u smile… the way u laugh… the happy dance u do when u are happy… I know I never showed it but I love everything about u and all of u” Sam overwhelmed with Neil’s confession had tears of happiness, Neil wiped her tears and gave her a peck on the cheek.

Neil leaning on the car was lovingly watching Sam as she put back in the car trunk the last of their picnic stuff. She went near him and Neil brought her close by placing both her hands around her waist “did u like our first date?”

Sam nodded “thank u” and lightly kissed his cheek.

Neil brought her more close “this won’t do Sammy” he leaned in and planted his lips on hers. And she kissed him back, her hands went around his neck on their on accord and Neil crushed her more to himself. Neil broke the kiss when her breathing become ragged, his foreheads touching her “I love u Sammy”

Sam:”I love u” she looped her hands around him and burried her face deep in his neck nape in a bone crushing hug.

Taj Exotica – Goa
Radhika was changing her clothes for the fourth time and like previous choices she was finding faults with this one two. She finally decided on blue skinny jeans and a cream top, she left her hair loose maybe that will help her hide her burning cheeks. She couldn’t stop blushing, every time she remembered Arjun’s words about the girl he loves or their intimate moment at the beach last night she would automatically turn red. She zipped her mini suitcase and headed down to the lobby ready to return to Mumbai all the way chanting to herself the “be cool, act normal” mantra.

Arjun finished all check out formalities and waiting nervously for Radhika. Last time they hugged at the party and Radhika avoided him for a week, how was she going to react now after their last night kiss. The memory of the moment itself brought a smile to his face, oh! how he wished this trip never ends and they could just settle down at the hotel itself. “Good Morning” greeted Radhika from his back and Arjun was relieved that she was still talking to him. He turned to face her “u look beautiful” she smiled a shy one. “Good morning Radhika… let’s grab something to eat before we get on the road”

Radhika was having her meal quietly, acting normally and that didn’t sit well with Arjun. He was wondering if it was an act or what happened btn them meant nothing to her. Curious he decided to ask in his own way, he cleared his throat “Radhika… ” Radhika’s heart raced was he going to tell her that she was his love. “I have a hypothetical question… If u were to be stranded on an island… who would u want to be stranded with?”

Radhika got that he wanted to hear his name from her, he wanted to find out what she felt for him so she thought of teasing him. She pretended to think and then she answered “a cow… a cow can get food on the island… and I will get milk in return… so I won’t starve”

Arjun leaned on the table “am talking about humans not animals”

Radhika:”that’s a tough choice… I would prefer either my mother or my grandpa”

Arjun in an irritated tone “just name one person… who is not related to u… and a guy… please”

Radhika again pretended to think tapping her finger on her mouth and said in a cheery voice “Superman… so that when am bored he can fly me out of the island”

“Then what’s the meaning of being stranded if u can fly away whenever u want” screamed Arjun in annoyance. Radhika quickly answered back “and why are u so keen in getting me stranded on an island… what’s your agenda”

Radhika POV:”until u don’t say it first u are not going to get anything from me”

Arjun POV:”so u are playing dumb, u want to hear from me first that u are the girl I love. You won’t have to wait long for that we just need to reach home first”

They were again driving in silence but this time Radhika had her eyes fixed on the window to hide from Arjun’s burning gaze. Arjun was quiet because he didn’t want to tell her his feelings like this, he wanted his confession to be special and so he was just waiting to reach Mumbai. Though silently but the drive was bearable until a they felt a forceful hit on the her side accompanied by a large banging sound causing their car to skid off the road and Radhika hit her head on the window from the impact. Arjun with much difficulty halted the car aside, he took his seatbelt off and worriedly looked at Radhika who was groaning in pain “are u OK Radhika?” Radhika felt a sharp twinge on her head and that her left cheek had become considerably wet. Arjun winced seeing the blood oozing from her forehead “Om My God Radhika… you are bleeding” he spoke in a panic and worry filled voice. The car that had hit them flee from the scene.

Arjun placed his handkerchief on her wound to stop the bleeding and Radhika faintly smiled to rid him of his worry. His bodyguard Dhruv ran to their car “are u OK?” Seeing the blood on Radhika “I have a first aid box in my car… I’ll go get it” Arjun cleaned Radhika’s wound all the while hurting everytime she winced in pain.

Dhruv made a call to Aditya, he picked up in two rings only and Dhruv spoke immediately “sir there was an attack”

Aditya:”what?… are u all OK?… do u need help?”

Dhruv:”we are fine… the girl is hurt a little nothing serious… a car deliberatly smashed into them… two men got out of that car and they had guns… but suddenly they changed their mind and ran from the scene… looks like it was suppose to be a kidnap… I was driving behind them and so I saw everything”

Aditya:”don’t tell them anything… let’s keep this to ourselves for now… I will see u when u get here… drive safely”

Arjun helped Radhika out of the car and was holding her shoulder for support. Radhika smilingly spoke “it’s my head that’s hurt not my legs… I can walk… and stop worrying am fine” Arjun just hugged her tight in response and she hugged him back. “Am fine Arjun… really” Arjun almost jumped in happiness hearing his name from her for the first time, he smiled idiotically at her making her chuckle. They got into the car and resumed their journey.

Khanna Mansion
Arjun and Radhika had just pulled over when they heard a voice from behind them. “Chashni” came a joyful Neil with Sam behind him, he was eager to share his and Sam’s news to his friends. Upon seeing a band-aid on Radhika’s head “what happened to u… chashni are u alright?”

Arjun then told them what happened with them on the way shocking both Neil and Sam. To lighten up the mood Sam spoke “the first thing that came to my mind when I saw this band-aid on u was that u and Arjun fought and this was the result”

Arjun in a teasing tone “Sam if Radhika and I fought… I would have been the one with band-aids… she is a black belt in martial arts after all”

Radhika glared at him and looking at Neil “forget about us… what’s with u two… looks like a lot happened in our absence” Sam blushed badly while Neil gave his signature dimple smile “is this what I think it is?” Radhika squealed in happiness and jumped on Sam giving her a bear hug and Neil too joined in the hug.

Arjun didn’t understand what the three were talking about “can somebody tell what’s going on?” Radhika shook her head in disappointment confusing him more.

Radhika:”Neil and Sam love each other and they are together”

Arjun perplexed “in just two days?” Radhika smacked her palm on her forehead at his statement. Arjun continued “I was just joking… am mad u guys didn’t share your feelings with me?… but am more happy for u two” Arjun hugged the both of them.

They four went into the house only to find a distraught Piyali, Nandini with a shock stricken face and a tensed Aditya. Radhika remembered the call Aditya made to her and by the look on his face she could tell that it was something important. Aditya asked to talk to Radhika in private and Arjun protested “why in private?… what do u have against her now?” Piyali intervened and let Aditya use the office for his talk with Radhika. Arjun turned to Piyali “what’s going on… are u aware what’s this about…?” Piyali took a deep breath and prepared herself to unfold Aditya’s suspicions to the lot.

Inside the office sitting opposite to each other Aditya observed Radhika for some time, it was a technique they used in interrogations. People give away a lot by just their facial expressions, it’s all in the eyes, eyes never lie. “why are u here?”

Radhika wondered if he had forgotten his own decision “u asked me to stay here”

Aditya:”why are u in Mumbai… why Birdsong…?”

Radhika figured she was being doubted again but didn’t know why “I came to Mumbai to earn a living… to live my dream… to dream of the future… Birdsong needed writers and I needed a writer’s job… fate has brought me to birdsong”

Aditya smiled, he had underestimated her she was way smarter than he had thought “I checked your records… It’s a normal procedure… I found out that your father was murdered… do u know who is responsible?”

Radhika blinked rapidly to hold back the tears that had started welling up. Aditya had awaken her worst nightmare, the demons that she locked far far back in her mind. Though two long years had passed but the pain of her loss still lingered in her heart. She stood up to leave “I don’t think my personal life has any business here… to be honest I don’t want to talk about it… not with u… so please excuse me”

Aditya in a firm tone “I wouldn’t have asked if it wasn’t my business… anything that’s connected to my case is my business… sit down and answer me” And she sat back down too curious to know the connection he was talking about, Aditya continued “u are the last person to speak with your father… what did he tell u?”

Tears that she had been holding up became too heavy and found their way down to her cheeks. She sobbingly told Aditya her most dreadful phonecall. Aditya closed his eyes to tame his pain, he remembered his own tradegy. He realised Radhika and he weren’t different, they had both lost most precious people in their lives and in the most painful way. Pain wasn’t new to them, Aditya came near her and went down on his knees holding her hand “I understand what u went through… but it’s important we find the culprit and punish him… did u know that Samrat Khanna and your father were friends?”

Radhika wiped her tears and composed herself. She knew his father had a friend that was living in Mumbai but she knew him by the nickname his father gave him ‘Monu’. She had met him and his family once when she was only two years old. With her story Aditya confirmed that Piyali was telling the truth, she had given him the same version of the story. Radhika asked “do u know who killed my father… and why he was killed?” Aditya hesitated at first but then thought it was important that she knows the truth and so he told her everything he knew about the case. Radhika suddenly felt cold, her lips shivered. Her head was spinning, stomach turning she felt nausea. Small beads of sweat formed on her forehead, her skin turned pale, she felt sick. All she could hear was her father’s voice, his dying wish and then she remembered those gunshots, all three of them and imagined the pain he might have felt at that point. But why his father, why him. He was a good man, why should he be killed only for trying to do the right thing. He didn’t deserve to die not in such a brutal way.

Radhika and Aditya came back to the living room and by the looks on everyone’s face it was obvious that all knew what she knew. Pin drop silence in a tension filled room, so much tension that one could touch it with bare hands. Shocked eyes, painful eyes, accusing eyes, hopeful eyes, guilty eyes all stared at her. Then suddenly Sam came to her holding both her hands in hers “u don’t believe him right?… Aditya is mistaken… I know my dad… he is a good man… he can never commit such an act… he’s my hero… he’s innocent”

Radhika gave her a watery smile, just like her Sam was innocent and didn’t deserve to go through all the pain she was going through at the moment. One man’s greed, one man’s sin had messed up all their lives “if u believe that he’s innocent then I also believe in his innocence” Sam smiled and the two girls hugged each other tightly comforting one another.

Aditya spoke when they broke the hug “Radhika can’t stay any longer” looking at Radhika “pack your bags… am taking u to a safe place” Radhika turned to Arjun asking him with her eyes to stop her from leaving. Arjun tried to intervene but was stopped by Nandini. Unwillingly Radhika said goodbye and left with Aditya.

Precap: Nandini wants Arjun far from Radhika, Radhika makes Arjun jealous, Aditya hatches a new plan.

Credit to: Gianna

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