Manmarziyan-The Lines of Fate (Chapter 10)


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Chapter 10 – Spring In Summer

In the eagerness to impress his father, Saral had conducted a deal without his father’s knowledge. It was compulsory to do a background check on their clients and always be alert especially during big deliveries like the one Saral was doing today, but the huge sum of money he was promised got the better of him. And little did he know that it was all a trap set for him by the police. Suraj got the information in the nick of time, he was tipped on by his men, his allies who were still in the force. There was open firing btn the police and his men, few officers wounded, few lost their lives but Suraj was able to save his son in the end.

Upon reaching a safer place Suraj smacked the back of Saral’s head in mad anger “how can u be so stupid… how many times do I have to tell u I make decisions here… only me”

Saral:”I just wanted to help… to show u that I can handle things”

Suraj infuriated by his childish reasons took no time to strangle him, Saral had turned pale, eyes all red popping out but Suraj tightned his grip on his neck almost chocking him to death. He then let him loose and Saral bent down coughing to compesate the loss of air in his lungs. But Suraj didn’t end there and in a mocking voice “handle things?… this is how u will handle things?… by putting your own life and the entire business at stake?… u are a useless man and a useless son… this is why your mother killed herself… because she prefered to be dead than to be called a mother of a useless son like u”

Saral clutched his father’s collar in rage “don’t u dare say anything about my mother… or I will forget who are u to me” He pushed him, Suraj staggered and Saral stormed out to God knows where.

Suraj was still shocked by his behaviour, he had always tried to make Saral his replica. Saral was cruel, mean, heartless almost inhuman. But when it came to his mother he was a man who hurts breaks down and cry and to Suraj that was the biggest weakness. Especially when he was the one who had killed his own wife.

Khanna Mansion
Neil sleeping had a very peacful look on his face, his bedroom door slightly opened and curious face peeped in. Sam saw that he was asleep, she tiptoed and sat near him. A smile appeared on her face looking at his sleeping form, she gently touched his face with her fingers. She leaned down to his face and whispered “I love u Neil” she lightly touched his lips with hers waking him from his slumber. Neil didn’t need any explanation, he looped his hands around her waist locking her to himself and kissed her deep with all the love and passion that he burried in his heart and she kissed him back with equal fervour. She slighy parted her lips and Neil took the chance to invade her mouth with his tongue and took all that she offered. He rolled her over and came on top of her and he broke the kiss to see her flushed face. Neil squinted several times to get rid of the blurry vision, there he was staring at his pillow, there was no Sam it was all a dream.

Sam was singing in happiness, in love, yes she was in love with Neil and she loved the feeling. Everything felt new and fresh, the sun, the wind even the air felt different to her today. She was dancing, jumping, running, flying floating in love. Last night when they accidently kissed she felt warm butterflies in her stomach. She couldn’t stop smiling thinking about the incident, her heart has led the way, all the way to his heart.

Aditya couldn’t sleep a wink for the entire night, he stayed up crunching up all possible four digits combination to open the vault. Many people set passwords that they could easly remember, things that are significant to them. Karthik and him listed down all those dates that were important to Samrat. Aditya decided to try opening the vault that same day, he didn’t want to lose anymore time. He got to their house around noon the family was lunching out since it was weekend and he had only the time before their return. He locked himself in the office, an hour later he had tried every number in their list but the vault didn’t budge.

He stepped back to think calmy “what is it?… what’s most important to Samrat… his children… Sam was born on Mar 2nd… that’s 23.. Jai was born on Aug 19th… that’s 198… that’s five digits I need four” He pinched the bridge of his nose and shut his eyes for some time. His eyes sparkled “Jai died on Jan 7th.. 71”

He tried 2371 and nothing happened, he tried 7123 and cracking sound echoed in the room indicating the opened lock. He steered the metal wheel more cracking sound followed,with every crack his heart raced. Finally the with a louder crack the heavy metal door slightly opened, his palms were sweaty, his heart thudding, with all his might he pulled the door open. He was greeted with thousands of expensive and vintage bottles of wine. “F**k… a wine cellar… a f**king wine cellar” He cursed out loud in frustration, he fisted both his hands to reduce his anger, he was so angry that his body shivered.

Piyali and others were back from their lunch outing, Piyali headed straight to the office to work. She was surprised to find door locked from inside, she knocked a couple of times before Aditya opened the door. He appeared mad and tired at the same time, Piyali wanted to speak but was again surprised to see the opened wine cellar. “where is the gold” asked Aditya in no nonsense voice.

Piyali:”what are u doing here? … what’s all these? … why did u lock yourself in here and opened the wine cellar? … u are crossing your limits Aditya”

Aditya:”don’t change the topic… I know u are hiding something from me… u know where that gold is… so speak up or I promise u… I am going to arrest your entire family… and I am not kidding” He held her shoulders and continued “where did your husband got all this money from… that inheritance story… am not buying it… where is the gold?”

Piyali knew she was caught, Aditya was enraged he resembled a wounded animal. It was time to speak the truth “I swear to u Aditya… I swear on Sam’s life… I know nothing more than u in this matter… It’s true that the same thought crossed my mind… the inheritance story seemed so surreal… Yes, I also doubted him… but I never confronted him on the same… I was scared he might say yes… I can’t see him in that light… I can’t see him as the bad guy”

Aditya sighed and took leave soon after, this time she was speaking the truth he saw it in her eyes. “So Piyali also doubted that Samrat might have kept the gold to himself… but if so where is it?… If he has the gold… then that makes him a suspect in Dilip Mishra’s murder… time to talk to Radhika” He called Radhika and asked her to go meet him as soon as she reaches Mumbai.

Taking a short walk in the garden Sam was constantly looking to her right and smiling to herself. She wanted to say something, anything but words didn’t just occur to her. She lightly brushed her fingers with his feeling the urge to hold his hand and scream to the world that she was in love with him. His nonchalant attitude didn’t help her at all, since their accidental kiss Neil remained normal like nothing happened and everything was cool, too cool for Sam to handle.

Neil on the other hand was just acting to be cool, only he knew how he wanted to grab her and kiss her good last night and no accidental anything this time. How he was dancing inside everytime he thinks about it and how he his heart jumped when he felt her fingers touching his. They went inside the house, Neil’s room came first, he wished her for the night and closed the door of his room behind her. Sam stood there staring at his door fisting and unfisting her hand thinking of whether to knock or not. Inside the room Neil had his back against the door for some time, he turned and held the door knob thinking whether or not he should twist the knob and open the door. Both deciding on the latter went laying on their beds waiting for sleep to come.

After half an hour of staring at the ceiling and finding several faults with the design Sam got off the bed and with determination went out of her room. She took a deep breath before knocking on the door “come in” she heard and entered the room. She frowned at the sight and so she asked “mom… are u drunk?”

Piyali kept the glass on the side table next to an empty wine bottle “I wish I was… what are u doing at this hour… all OK dear”

Sam sat next to her mother “I wanted to tell u something but now I don’t think it’s a good idea” Piyali assured her that everything was fine and asked her to speak “mom… I don’t like modelling anymore… I don’t enjoy it as I used to… I love designing… I want to be a designer… I know u are proud of me coz I followed your steps… I am so sorry am disappointing u”

Piyali held Sam’s hand “Sam I love u… u are my princess… I just want your happiness… am sorry I should have let u choose your own path… and I will be proud of u no matter what u do… as long as u stay happy” Sam overwhelmed leap on her mother and hugged her. She thanked her for her support, Piyali continued “now meet me in my office on Monday… and let’s talk about your plans” The mother daughter said I love u to each other and Sam left the room.

Neil still twisting and turning on the bed heard a knock on his door and wondered who could it be at that hour. He opened the door and found a smiling Sam who without a word walked past him and sat on the bed. “what is it Sammy I was sleeping”

Sam smiled “since when did u start lying… Look at your eyes its evident enough that u were not sleeping” Neil came and stood infront of her with a disinterested look, Sam narrated what happened minutes ago with her mom and he congratulated her. She then stood up and looking into his eyes “last night u said something about not living with regrets… that’s why I want to tell u this… this may come as a shock to u but” Sam took a deep breath “it took me 4 years… one dance… Anushka… and a kiss to realise this so without wasting time… ” Neil was confused as to what she wanted to say, Sam continued “I am not asking u anything in return… I just want u to know… I love u Neil”

If he was asked what exactly he felt that moment, Neil could never describe even the word shock was not enough to explain what he felt. He stood there frozen to the ground, unblinkingly as a statue. Sam waved her hand before his eyes to make sure he was still alive and Neil in reaction slightly slapped her left cheek. Sam gasped “what was that for?”

Neil who was now back to planet earth simply said “I was making sure it wasn’t a dream again”

Sam pinched his arm and his screamed in pain “this is how u make sure u are not dreaming” realising what he said Sam asked “dream again? … u dreamt about me? … what was is about?” Neil smiled a boyish one and as if she could read his thoughts Sam turned totally pink.

Sam turned to leave, Neil held her wrist and twirled her around plastering her back to his front. He moved her hair to the side, kissed her shoulder and spoke in a husky voice “won’t u stay and hear about my dream?” Sam closed her eyes feeling his warm breath on her ear, her chest heaving up and down, she removed his hand on her waist and ran to the door “Sammy… wait” she turned to face him all flustered and Neil smilingly said “I love u too” And she blushed more if that was possible, he went close but Sam quickly opened the door and ran to her room. They both laid on their beds smiling to the start of a new chapter in their lives.

This trip has been the most memorable for Radhika, she got to visit different places, tried different sports and tasted new cuisines. Yes it was a work trip, and she worked too, they had finalised the location and even the client was happy with their work. This trip also introduced her to the Arjun she never known, but she liked this Arjun, he was funny, friendly and a complete gentleman. If someone had told her sometime ago that Arjun Mehra can be all these then she would have laughed really hard and happily escorted that person to a mental asylum. She also couldn’t deny the attraction that was between them, he had confessed to her that he was in love and Radhika was secretly wishing to be that girl.

Arjun was feeling so proud of himself, he had taken the opportunity of being with Radhika alone and used it to the max. He had already finalised the location for the shoot on the first day itself and on the pretext of work he got to spend time with her. He crossed the first step by becoming her friend and soon he will tell her what’s in his heart. He wanted to make that moment special, he had planned everything in his head. Looking for her Arjun had come to the beach that faces the hotel and saw her sitting at the sandy shore scribbling something in her notebook. He smiled and sat next to her “if u don’t mind can u tell me what u are writing”

Radhika’s eyes twinkled with mischief “I am writing a book… a self help book… how to deal with short tempered boss… what do u think?”

Arjun:”catchy title… I also read a book once… do u know what it was called?… how to murder an annoying employee… I think it’s going to come to help soon”

Radhika gasped and put the notebook down “so am annoying now?”

Arjun:”if u say so” Radhika angrily stood up to leave and Arjun followed “don’t u want to know how the story ended?”

Radhika stepped on his foot and Arjun groaned in pain “this is how your story will end if u call me annoying again” Arjun gave her a dangerous look making her run with Arjun behind her in pursuit. They ran along the sandy shore laughing and before Arjun could caught up to her Radhika stepped into the water and started splashing the salty water at him.

He pretended to have something in his eye and when Radhika went near him to check he quickly grabbed her and screamed “caught u” and threw water at her then laughed at her pouty face.

Radhika pushed a laughing Arjun making him splash more water as he lands down. They played in water for some time, splashing water at each other and laughing hard. Radhika for one was putting her lungs to work after a long time. Arjun was amused to see her laughing this much, so much that she had tears of happiness. She controlled her laugh somehow and looking at Arjun she said “thank u” and looped her hand around his waist and he also hugged her back.

They stayed like that for some time in an embrace then Radhika broke the hug smiling shyly at him. Arjun was praying for some self control but having her so close to himself with her half wet hair, the way she looked at him or how beautifully she looked in the full moonlight didn’t help at all. He caressed her face as he tucked her hair behind her ear, he titled her head up with his finger placed under her chin and locked her in an intense gaze. He cupped her face in both in his hands and warmly kissed on her forehead, Radhika closed her eyes as lips touched her. He then kissed the tip of her nose and she tightened her grip on his shirt around his waist. Their breathing and heartbeat in sync Arjun looked at her closed eyes flushed face for any sign of hesitation and upon reading none he leaned in and lightly touched her lips with his and spoke against her lips “Radhika.. ” but before he could finish his sentence a large wave knocked them out of the trance they were in and Radhika ran back to the hotel.

Arjun came to the shore and saw her notebook and kissed it. He laid down on the sand as the fainting waves lapped at his feet holding her notebook and closed his eyes storing the moment deep in his heart.

Radhika came to her hotel room, leaning against the wall she was trying to calm her racing heart. She could still feel the ripples of fireworks in her stomach. She touched her forehead and a smiled crept on her face, she touched her nose then her lips and warm tingling sensation filled her cheeks. She leaped onto the bed all happy and fell asleep holding the pillow.

Precap:Nesam first date, ArDhika get into an accident, Aditya talks to Radhika.

Credit to: Gianna

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