Manmarziyan-The Lines of Fate (Chapter 1 + Characters Sketch)


Hello lovely people thank u all so much for taking the time to comment was really not expecting this much loves. And thank you for ur suggestions on ffs i have been reading them since morning. Wanted to give the characters sketch first but thought u should get atleast a glimpse of all the characters. So here is the 1st chappy together with the characters sketch. Please do give ur views about this chappy. Loves u all ???


Chapter 1 -The Job

2nd Mar 2016

Birdsong Ad Agency-Mumbai

Everyone was running around,they were working but to an outsider it will look as if they were on fire. It was chaos, a project overlooked n today was the deadline, everyone was on there toes. “Arjun sir the entire presentation is ready we just need a tagline” spoke Teji, a guy in mid twenties wearing nerdy specs

“Dont blo*dy tell me its ready when u dont have that stupid tagline” shouted Arjun in anger, he was stressed. He cant lose this project birdsong had a great reputation,a reputation he earned with his own sweat, he started this agency two years ago n today birdsong was one of the best ad agencies in India and he was determined to keep it that way. “And where the hell is Deepak? ”

Before anyone could answer his PA came running “Sir… Deepak… he’s not coming… He sent his resignation n it looks like signed with the competition” Arjun groaned out in frustuation puling his hair “Sir.. ” called the now scared PA

Arjun “what Natasha?” anger vivid in his voice.

Natasha”there is a girl who wants to see you…… Should I….. ”

Arjun”i dont wanna see anyone right now, tell her to go”

“Too late u already saw me” came a chirpy voice from behind Natasha, a girl in a red top n blue jeans with the brightest smile looking at him. For a sec the world froze for Arjun his heart skipped a beat at that smile. He composed himself “Who asked u to come here… Get out” said Arjun n turned towards his team who instead of working were staring at him, one look n everyone jumped back to work. Teji brought the whiteboard n they started scratching up taglines. “Sir… . am a writer…… I can help” came that chirpy voice again. Arjun closed his eyed frustruated but before he could give back his phone rang it was Sam probably asking him what he would like to have for dinner,Sam was learning how to cook n Arjun was her novice food critic and there was no escaping especially now that they live together. He stepped aside to talk privately.

After talking to Sam, Arjun glanced at his wrist watch, time was running out the client would arrive soon and to his utter surprise the chirpy voice girl was mingling with his stuff going over the project. He couldn’t believe the stupidity of his stuff n the imprudence of the girl even though she looked like she belonged there. In the next min the girl was dangling btn two large security men n Arjun couldn’t help thinking that she looked cute when furious too. “Sir i’ve seen the entire project n i already have a tagline… but if u will like it u will have to hire me sir”

Arjun”lets here it then” and looking at the security men “don’t put her down”

It was an ad about teeth whitening bubble gums, the girl started to speak and Arjun cut her in between “just one line… stop preaching” she rolled her eyes n Arjun had to bite the inside of his cheek to not laugh

Girl”perfect whites… bringing smiles into life”

It was good he had to admit considering the she came up with it in such a short time, he signaled the security to put her down. “Miss… ”

“Radhika” said the girl.

Arjun “Miss Radhika u r hired. Teji, Zubin, Kritika work with her the presentation is in half an hour”

Working Women’s Hostel-Mumbai

Radhika was lying on her bed thinking about the day’s event she almost fell asleep when her phone rang, she looked at the name displaying and couldnt help but curse at her fate “yes Saral” she said disinterented

Saral”someone is happy… did u get the job? ”

Radhika”Yes… how is mom n grandpa? ”

Saral”good, now that u got that job they will be great”

Radhika “i just hope u will keep the end of ur bargain. I want to talk to mom”

Saral”ooh Radhu do u doubt me? U hurt me u know”Radhika didnt fail to note the sarcasm in his voice, she fisted her left hand to keep her anger down.

Radhika “give the phone to mom pls”

Saral”she’s sleeping… I’ll call u again take care Radhu and dont forget everything depends on u” she put her phone down and a lone tear escaped her left eye.

This was her dream even her father wished the same for her but today when she was so close to her dreams, she was not happy. Without her mom and grandpa how can she be happy.

Khanna Mansion-Mumbai

The three people sitting around the huge dining table had fear stricken faces while their chef was excitedly serving them. Looking at her critics’ fear striken faces the chef rolled her eyes”oh come on… atleast try the food once. Mom you go first”

The woman wearing a beautiful black and red sari gulped down a big bile of fears n stared down at her plate, she was about to taste the food when an idea struck. She looked at the woman opposite to her n smilingly spoke “Nandini why dont u go first this is ur favorite curry afterall”

Nandini knew what she was doing but she not sacrificing today “Piyali let Arjun go first, this is his favorite curry too. Besides Sam will only believe on his critisism”

Arjun looked at the three women smiling at him, the ball was in his court now, he cursed himself for ever giving Sam this idea. The Daal she made two days ago ended up in the washroom sink it had a weird taste that his tongue couldnt decipher. He glanced again at Sam then at his sis Nandini “Oh God save me” He had just picked the spoon when his phone rang ” I’ve got to take this” he quickly stood up and rushed out of the dining area to talk

Arjun after answering the phone “Neil..bro u saved me, great timing”

Neil chuckled “you sound as if u were held at gunpoint”

Arjun”something like that… so how is everything? ”

Neil”All ok, just that mom misses u”

Arjun”and u have clearly forgotten me its been a month since we last spoke”

“Stop sounding like my girlfriend” teased Neil “and yeah i miss u that’s why am coming to see you”

“Really!? asked Arjun with excitement “this is the best news i have heard in months. Come soon buddy”

Neil”I need to take care of a few things first.. will see u in two weeks, so how is the fam? ”

The two friends talked for a few mins, after his conversation with Neil, Arjun was happy things hadn’t been going well for sometime now and Neil will be the much needed support his thoughts got interupted by Sam’s voice calling him to taste her food. Arjun took a deep breath and headed towards the dining area.


Characters Sketch

Radhika Mishra
A young girl, beauty with brains, only daughter of Mala and Dilip Mishra. An aspiring writer but if there is anything she loves more than her dreams then its her mom and grandpa and for these two Radhika will do anything and everything even if that means going against her own principles.

Arjun Mehra
A handsome London Oxford graduate, founder and co-partner of birdsong. Younger brother of Nandini, holds great respect and gratitude for Samrat Khanna and his family. Best friend to Neil, loves Sam like a younger sister and pampers her a lot.

Samaira Khanna
A young beautiful and successful model. Daughter of Piyali and Samrat Khanna. Loves designing, used to have a crush on Arjun during her teenage years but that faded with time now loves and respects him as a brother.

Neil Malhotra
A charming Oxford graduate,born raised and loves in London, works in his mom event management company. Best friends with Arjun, he’s more like a brother to him, a very friendly person. Loves Sam but never told anyone about his feeling coz he thinks that Sam loves Arjun.

Samrat Khanna
A successful businessman, a perfect example of from ‘rags to riches’ Partner of Arjun in birdsong and loves him like a son. Was friends with Dilip, Radhika’s father and wants to protect Dilip’s family from his murderer.

Piyali Khanna
A former model turned fashion mogul, sharp business woman, owns a fashionable clothing line called CHIC. Loves her family, best friends with Nandini n loves Arjun like a son.

Nandini Mehra
Marketing Manager at CHIC, best friend of Piyali and Khanna’s family friend. Secretly loves Samrat, wishes Arjun to marry Sam.

Suraj Mishra
Elder brother of Dilip Mishra, a retired cop, very ambitous man. Always wanted to get rich fast got himself involved in some shady business. Never had a good relationship with his father Brijesh, envied Dilip and secretly hated him. He can do anything for money and power.

Saral Mishra
Radhika’s first cousin, Suraj Mishra’s younger son. Like father like son. He has always envied Radhika for having the motherly love a relation he never knew. His mother died when his was a baby. Loves to torture others but deep down craves for a mother-son relation.

Aditya Sahani
Former CBI officer, left the force after a tradegy that he holds himself responsible for. Owes his life to Samrat and now works for him as the Khanna’s security head, knows Dilip’s murderer and wont rest till justice is served.

Mala Mishra
Widow of Dilip Mishra, mother of Radhika dedicated her entire life to her family. Always cared for Saral but he misunderstood her care as pity

Brijesh Mishra
Father of Dilip and Suraj, grandfather of Radhika and Saral.Started a garment business in Hrishikesh that was managed by Dilip now his elder son Suraj manages it.

Credit to: Gianna

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