Manmarziyan – Let me live part 9


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Few days later…..

Arjun went out for the shoot and he found a continuous buzz of his mobile but he did not take that as a serious issue as he was busy with the work. Radhika was fed up by calling him for more than 20 times. In the break Arjun took his mobile and found missed calls of 25 from radhika and her office number and more than 35 messages to call her. Arjun was sweating hard as she never called him these many times and he asked the others to continue their work and he rushed to the office. As he did not go far from the office he reached the office quickly. Once he opened radhika’s cabin he found her in a corner and sitting by clutching her legs tight and her head was half seen. Arjun rushed to her and hugged her and she was still in the fear.

Arjun(after breaking the hug) ; Radhika….. radhika look at me ..(in a much more louder voice) look at me see i’m here i came back here to you.
Radhika (in a murmur) ; Arjun …. Arjun with tears in her eyes .
Arjun ; Ya radhika arjun …your arjun i’m here ok now come to me and opened his arms and she jumped and hugged him tight, he too hugged her and she was shivering in fear.
Arjun ; What happened ?? Did you had any bad dreams ??
Radhika ; No look there and pointed him the direction. Arjun saw Dinesh speaking to Samrat (Dinesh made a problem in such a way that he was not involved in the quarrel between dilip and samrat and even dinesh samrat had not met eachother personally). Arjun’s blood boiled and wanted to smash his face and was about to move but she held him tight. Arjun slowly made radhika to stand and informed Teji that he is taking Radhika home and he goes out.

When they were moving out radhika kept her head over his shoulders and was hiding herself from the others. But Dinesh found out and called Arjun. Arjun did not turn full but he made sure that she was hidden behind.
Dinesh ; Arjun how nice to see you ?? Hey is she the girl i met on the other day. Hey lady you have got beautiful eyes. Samrat who was smiling till now suddenly changed his face and gestured Arjun to take her out. Arjun saw samrat and nodded and just shook his hand to Dinesh as Radhika was holding his other hand tight. Arjun turned back but Dinesh called Arjun .
Dinesh ; What is her name ??
Arjun (frustrated voice) ; Miss khanna.
Dinesh (turned to samrat) ; Oh is she your daughter ?? Samrat nodded with a fake smile.
Dinesh thought ; Oh god she looks damn pretty but i sense like i have seen her before. He was about to step forward towards radhika but Arjun stepped between him and gave a smile and said “she is not well sir so taking her to the hospital”. Dinesh removed Arjun from his way and slowly patted radhika’s head and squeezed her shoulders and said “Hey baby dont worry you’ll feel better soon” and was about to go near her but she stepped back and dinesh gave a smile and asked Arjun to take her to the hospital.

Once they are out Neil found Arjun taking Radhika out and he went and stopped them. Arjun rolled his eyes.
Neil ; Where are you taking her to ??
Arjun ; Well to my house. Neil pulled radhika from Arjun’s embrace and made her stand separately but she was out of her sense.
Neil ; Why are you taking her out that too to your house and the way you take her is like you have seduced her.
Arjun ; Shut up Neil , come radhika and he raised his hand and she gave her hand but Neil again pulled her.
Neil ; Radhika are you mad he will hurt you by his stupid anger. But still she was out of the sense. Neil shook her hard and she came back to sense and saw Neil and she jerked and moved from him and removed his hand over her.
Neil ; Radhika what happened ?? I’m Neil you stupid.
Radhika ; Haa neil sorry nothing i’m going out with Arjun . Please inform Sam and Teji about this and i’ll come home a bit late. Arjun I’ll wait in the car please come soon and Arjun nodded to radhika and gave a victorious smile to Neil.
Arjun ; Looks like i too have someone to stand by my side. And by the way she is my friend and the reason for me taking her out from here is standing inside go find yourself . Good bye Bhai .
Neil ; One more time you call me with that word i donno what i will do . Arjun was also equally angry because of Radhika’s condition they were standing like a 2 furious bulls.
Radhika : Arjun please you guys can fight later but come now. Arjun smirked and left from there.
Neil entered and found Sam running and coming towards him.
Neil ;Relax relax what happened ??
Sam (was taking breath) ; He is here he…..
Neil ; Who .
Teji (from behind) ; The great business person Dinesh.
Neil frowned and he remembered what Arjun said “the reason for me taking her out from here is standing inside go find yourself”.
Neil felt a bit sorry for doubting Arjun but a bit happy for him taking care of Radhika and she was also making him a normal man and not a short tempered.
Neil ; So this a is why she was like a that ??
Sam ; Who was like that . I’m in my top anger Neil wanna break his bones one by one.
Teji ; Sam i know you are angry but one thing he is big shot and if we need to make him the culprit we should have valid proof against him.
Sam ; Are you mad Teji Radhika is more than enough proof to make him culprit.
Teji ; Will she speak out her truth ?? Will she point out that he was the one ?? Will she say that he was the one who looted the money ?? Sam nodded no.
Neil ; Then we have to make him spell that out for which radhika should be mentally strong. Dinesh just saw the gang and gave a smile. Neil held sam’s hand and they gave a smile and Samrat and Dinesh were speaking and they went out.

Arjun who was driving the car saw radhika was sleeping holding his hand. He found that the signal was red. He turned and found her sleeping and holding his hand and was able to sense a kind of disturbance in her hold. He smiled and kissed her forehead and he continued to drive. He took her to his flat and he slowly removed his hand from her grip but she jerked and woke up and panicked but she slowly came to normal when she found Arjun who was before her.
Arjun ; Relax ok calm down and come out Radhika
Radhika ; Where are we Arjun ??
Arjun ; well the safest place on earth for you for now…. my house. She smiled and stretched and her body and she stepped out of the car. He gave the car key to the security to park the car and to bring that to 12th floor. Arjun and radhika was going to his house and they reached the 12th floor.
Radhika ; How many floors in this building ??
Arjun ; 12 .
Radhika(in an excitment) ; Oh my gosh we are on the top floor ??
Arjun(smiled) ; yup the only house in the floor specially made for me . I just wanted to be alone.
Radhika ; You love to be alone ??
Arjun ; Yup but now you seems to be a good company to me. She smiled and patted his head.
Arjun ; Coffee ??
Radhika ; Do you cook.
Arjun; i wont take any risks for my life just know to make coffee.
Radhika ; Then food ??
Arjun ; Outside.
Radhika ; Dont you fall sick ??
Arjun ; Not much but some kind of indigestion you know some times.
Radhika ; Hey we are friends and in between friends there should be sharing and caring so from tomorrow onwards extra lunch box for you. Arjun who was longing for these kinds of small, small things was started to get fulfilled by radhika.
Arjun ; Wish i would have seen you more before.
Radhika ; Me too. Arjun went inside the kitchen and made coffee for himself and radhika
Arjun brought 2 mugs of coffee.
Arjun ; Here radhika but its a bit too hot. She holds it and feels a bit hot and Arjun takes that from her hand and keeps it on the table.
Radhika ; May i check your house ??
Arjun ; Why are you asking me?? go and see yourself.
Radhika (a kind of twisting herself) ; Because a bachelor’s house would be having some personal stuffs aaanndddd.
Arjun (in a half smile and half blushy manner and rolled his eyes) ; Shut up radhika you have full access to this house and more over i have nothing to hide and i dont have anyone so close to me so u can go and look at the rooms. Radhika smiled and she was looking at his house. Everything was perfectly maintained.
Radhika ; You dont mess up with your room ?? I mean you keep everything so clean Arjun.
Arjun (who was leaning in the room’s entrance with folded arms and smiled face) ; Because i hate if the things are scatered.
Radhika ; u are so opposite to me. I hate neat rooms . I love to make them messed up. U know the pleasure of finding the keys and id cards in the morning that too inbetween the cloths and shelves would give you a kind of pleasure in between the tension and would plan to keep them in their respective place but again will mess up with the things and giggled.

Arjun thought “ U look like a kid when you speak radhika no one would even dream to hurt you but you have faced which a 15 year old should not have faced. I’ll always be with you so that nothing happens to you by any one i promise you that.”

Neil was totally restless for doubting his brother. Sam who saw this noticed some kind of disturbance in his face.
Sam ; Arey you alright ??
Neil ; I spoke wrongly to Arjun.
Teil (held his head with his hand) ; Not again and this time i’m not the messenger between you 2.
Sam ; What did you do now ??
Neil ; You know Arjun took Radhika out from office and i spoke….. you know what i meant…
Teji ; Neil….. Neil….. he is not the one whom you are thinking. He is changing. Why cant you see that.
Neil ; Wait a minute when did you guys joined hands again.
Sam ; When they returned from shimla. Your plan worked.
Neil ; So no one is in my side. Already sam is his friend and Radhika is now under his protection and teji you too joined him again. This is not fair.
Teji (smiled at his childish behavior) ; I guess you brothers are of same kind. Neil gave a look. Why are you giving that look ??
Neil ; Step brothers for your information.
Teji ; Step brothers or stairs brothers , brothers only na ??
Sam ; Ya ya they are brothers only.
Nei ; You guys are so impossible get lost and he left the room with a smile in his face but did not show that out and said to himself brothers he smiled and left at that .
Teji ; He said get lost and he is going out and gave a mischievious look to Sam . She burst out and they went to thier work place.

Precap – Dinesh confirms that radhika is dilip’s daughter . Neil and Arjun join hands for radhika .

How was it ?? I might reply a bit late but please do comment your views. Love you all , bear hugs and kisses too.

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