Manmarziyan – Let me live part 8


Hloo all i’m Sv back with the next part of our journey . Thank you all once again for those encouraging words. Please do comment your views regarding this update and let me know how was it and thank you all my silent readers hope you all are enjoying the track. Love you all…..

Enjoy the ride…..

Sam ; She has faced more than what a girl can face but why did she not speak a word ??
Neil ; Relax sam we need to do something thanks to Arjun if he had not called us then we wouldn’t have found the truth. Need to make him pay for what he had done.
Teji ; Guys one question what is the point?? Radhika’s words are true , by making him punish will make her happy ?? or will erase what has happened to her ??
Neil ; It doesn’t mean that we should keep quiet.
Teji ; Yes for now leave this but he will come here after few days as Arjun has banged the deal from his company so he will surely come and that is the time which we need to start our game. But radhika should not be informed about this. She should come out of her walls which she has built around herself, but indirectly we will help her to do that.
Sam ; But why did she hide these things from us from me i was her everything. Its hurting me to know how much she had gone through.
Neil ; Thats why she did not say you sam hurt and she does not want any sympathy. She needs only love not anything else. So Sam my dear please dont speak anything to her or show her that you know about her past. Teji and Sam agreed.


They were still sitting there and radhika who remembered everything was just hugging him in side ways and he was also hugging her back and they were just like that and the breeze was easing their pain.
Radhika ; Arjun can i ask you something ??
Arjun (with a smile) ; Anything ..
Radhika ; What is the problem between you and Neil and nandhini aunty. I’m sorry if i have hurt you but why are you guys are angry . I know you are brothers but not much. I’m scared to ask to Neil. That why asking you. Will you speak up your heart ?? Will you trust me ?? I will not pinpoint you at any time i promise.

Arjun (saw radhika and smiled) ; I trust you radhika . I was not Neil’s brother . I was his step brother. His mom was prena and my mom was nandhini. Our dad’s name was Neraj mehra. His mom passed away because of her bad health and to take care of him my dad married my mom and she too loved Neil very much. I was born and all went well but i was always neglected by my mom as she always takes his side and one day even my dad was also angry with Neil but my mom took his side and which gave a crack between them and after some time my dad left the house and i was also taken away with him. But my dad always missed my mom but still she had her hatred for him which was also shown towards me. I did not do anything but i was punished for that so it was the main reason for me hating Neil and my mom as she was the reason for my father today. He was such a kind man but he has lost his kindness towards all because of them. Thats why i too hated them.

Radhika’s thought ; Arjun thats not a problem. It all arised because of misunderstanding, I will surely make your family 1 and on the day of Nesam’s marriage you will dance and i will see your mom and dad happily witnessing their sons happiness.
Arjun gestured what she nodded nothing and hugged him tight and they were sitting like that for sometime but they did not know how much dependent they were on each other.

Ardhika started from there as the snow started to shower and the next day they started from shimla . Radhika and Arjun reached Delhi and from there they reached Mumbai . Teji and Sam were waiting for Radhika and when they found both were shocked that radhika and Arjun were laughing and teasing and hugging each other and walking. Sam saw radhika laughing the way she used to make fun after years and Teji saw his friend in a changed version. Teji and Sam shook their hands and said “Mission accomplished”. Radhika who was holding Arjun’s hands left when she saw Teji and ran to him and hugged him tight and he peaked on her forehead.

Radhika ; Teji i have brought many things for you so come home now with me and she hugged Sam . Sam too held her back and after they broke the hug, Sam greeted Arjun with a warm hug and Arjun and Teji gave a smile but Radhika pushed Arjun and Teji held him and said “You ok Arjun ??”
Arjun ; Not ok without my friend . I’m sorry Teji i’m …… before he could speak teji hugged him and they had an emotional hug as it was like a 2 lost friends found each other after many years. Sam and Radhika were smiling at each other. The boys broke thier hug and Arjun saw radhika and she winked.
Arjun (slwoly in radhika’s ears) ; Thank you radhika .
Radhika (slowly ) ; your welcome but i doesn’t mean that you are free from your promise. You have to hear my words as a promise. He nodded but smiled at her childish behavior. Arjun stepped the other side to take a taxi but Radhika held his hand and all the 4 proceeded towards the car and the boys were sitting in the front were talking many things and the girls in the back were continuously talking but Arjun used to see her from the mirror and would wait for radhika to look and she would see him the next moment they will continue the talks looking at the other side.

They reachd home and Samrat and piyali who were sitting in the lawn heard radhika’s huge laugh and Sam’s scream. They rushed and saw radhika picking up Sam.
Sam ; Radhika leave me down pls.
Radhika ; Shush its been years i have picked you up now stop shouting and piyali and samrat saw their girls all enjoying and Teji and Arjun standing and wrapping their hands over each other and smiling . Piyali’s so many years of worries was gone . She got her daughter back and she came there and saw radhika and Sam were just talking.
Piyali ; Radhu……
Radhika ; Mammaa…… and ran and hugged her tight. Piyali too held her tight and Samrat came and he wrapped her and gave a peak on radhika’s forehead . That was a blessed day for them as the khanna’s were now became 1 .

Next day….. Bird song…..

Arjun who was working was feeling something odd. He was just feeling a kind of emtiness and lonliness in him. He took his mobile and wanted to speak to someone but donno whom to speak at that time he got the call from Radhika.
Arjun ; 100 years… wanna talk to you but you called me.
Radhika ; Really ?? Even i wanna talk to you and as you made me talkative i cant control my mouth now. I think we are best friends forever. Wait a minute . Oh my god not again. Argh… i’ll call you back.
Arjun ; Radh….. but the call got ended.
Radhika dashed into his room and she hid herself from others under his table.
Arjun ; What are you doing radhika ?? by keeping his legs over the chair.
Radhika ; Shush dont speak he has found me here also. Arjun raised his head and found a bafoon in the office and sam slipped into Arjun’s room.
Sam ; Radhika are you in here . Arjun pointed where she was and radhika just lifted her hand over the table. Perfect let her be here till i call her out.
Arjun ; Sam who is that person.
Sam ;Arvind, the one who was following her for ages . She runs from him and he some how finds her. Arjun’s temper raised. Arjun called Teji who was in the 4th floor and Arjun asked Sam to be inside and he slowly went out.
Arvind ; Hiee can you please help me for a minute. Arjun who was waiting for an opportunity looked up and he covered his anger with a fake smile.
Arjun ; What can i do for you ??
Arvind ; I’m here to find my girlfriend.
Arjun ; Well we dont have a dating service here. Its an ad agency sir.
Arvind ; No no i have come here to look for my girlfriend Radhika . Arjun closed his fingers and tightened his fist to give a blow but Teji came and held his hand and nodded him to relax.
Teji ; We dont have any one in the name of Radhika so can you please levae the premises immediately so that you can save your life before he kicks you out.
Arvind (in a kind of an man who knows all skills of martial arts and was in a punching manner) ; What will he do ?? hey what will you do punch me?? beat me?? come on come on and he was pestering and was creating a scene . Teji tried his level best to save Arvind but he was doing too much. Teji removed his hand over Arjun’s hand and gave a nod. Arjun who was double happy gave a tight slap on arvind’s face. Radhika who heard the slap jerked and hit her head on the table . Sam was also jerked by the sound. Arvind held his cheeks and his eyes were blurt .

Arjun (holding Arvind’s collar with a low yet threatening way) ; One more time if i see you revolving in front of my eyes i will not slap you i will rip you part by part and dont you dare call radhika your girlfriend . She is my friend and something which is mine is always mine get it and left his collar. Arvind nodded and ran away in no time. Radhika who was peeing out of the table found the way Arjun was threatening Arvind and was so happy ran away and hugged him. Arvind who saw Radhika in Arjun’s arms saw Arjun’s face which showed a kind of a lion’s anger . Radhika was confident that what ever happenes Arjun will always be her side. Arjun saw radhika with a cute smile and asked her to continue the work and he too went back to work with a smile in his face and a satisfaction in his heart.

Precap – Dinesh enters birdsong and Radhika sees Dinesh and dinesh doubts about radhika.

Thats it guys for today .. How was it ?? did you like it please comment your views. Love you all bear hugs and kisses . Muhhaaaa……

Credit to: Sv

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  1. Sweetie

    Sv dear..Awesome episode..Finally chirpy Radhika is back.. 😀 I loved the way Arjun punched Arvind..Hahaha.. 🙂 Waiting for next..Stay blessed and keep smiling.. 🙂

    1. Sweetie my sweety thank you so much dear. Yup rads is back and Arjun will punch more dear. Love you lods. Will upload soon.

  2. Dev

    Hey sv a superb epi….n good xprsion on arjuns fb..his n tejis frndship…n all…..lovd radus bhaviour n hr attitude m…….n lovd d slap
    Wish 2 ri8 more bt can as i had an acci. Strde…..
    So love u lots…..hugs…pecks????

    1. Dev thanks buddy but what happened ?? Are you alright ? Hope you did not get hurt more and take rest buddy. Love you lods.

      1. Dev

        Hey asusual fell frm bike……strached my limbs n palm…..

      2. Oye buddy take care and take rest

  3. Ayeee….so gud…everything gonna fall at its place..stalker got a good punishment…Arjun family truth is really something…nandini support Neil…quite unique like Neil is big bro of Arjun…teji Arjun friendship recovered…m glad…need to punish that idiot Dinesh…when will he punish…get him smashed…

    1. Rosie my elder twin love you lods everything gonna fall in place dear but takes time. Wanna make something different then this popped up in my mind. Did you like it ?? Dinesh sure darling he will get smashed thats for sure . Love you lods and bear my teddy teddy hugs darling love you .

  4. awesome epi yaar ………… loved this chirpy and funloving radhika ………..update nxt soon ………. luv ya …

    1. thank you soo soo much priya . Luv you lods.

  5. Hey it’s mindblowing…… awesome…… waiting for next…… love u tc

    1. deeva thank you so much will update soon dear. Love you

  6. Outstanding episode, SV you nail it, well done, eagerly waiting for the next update. 🙂

    1. Thank you brin will update soon.

  7. Suga

    Sv darling……. Muhaaaaaaa 😀 its totally completely fabulous 😀 😀 rasam moments ahhhhh superbbbbbbbb 😀 😀 arjun fb s sad 🙁 soon everything should come to place 🙂 missing arjun n Neil cute moment darling 😀 make them soul brothers soon pls darling 😀 😀 finally our chirpy rads s back 😀 😀 loved it 😀 love uuuuuuuu 😀

    1. Suga awww thank you soo much dear. You make me go dumbstruck with your comment from my bottom of my heart thank you dear.

  8. Wow Sv..!!!superb.. I liked Arjun-arvind scene..and glad tat all naughty Rads is back.. patch up btwn teji n arju too!! All sweetness in one update.. so all d four r ready 2 give a blow 2 dinesh.. waiting for tat..

    1. jessie thank you so much . Yup all will be in one team against dinesh. Will update soon pakka love you

  9. Superb mindblowing Cutie pie 🙂 and Bafoon OMG! I was laughing Like hell…good to see chirpy Radhika ……waiting forArjun Neil to sort out their issues….and Dinesh’s punishment 🙂 really awesome SV keep it going 🙂 love you my sis

    1. didi thank you so much . Arjun neil are like north and south for now they will come together for Radhika for punishing dinesh. Love you lods di love you lods o lods.

  10. awesome episode……..

    1. Thank you subha

  11. I loved it sv…………..

    1. Thank you so much aastha

  12. Amazing update loved the chirpy Radhika. One slap wasn’t enough if u ask me, he needed two or three more ? sad about Areil but chappy that teji and arjun patched up. Rad sams moments were the best loved it very much. Stay blessed

    1. Gianna thank you so much dear. Wait dear let arjun saves his energy to show it to Dinesh. Love you lods and bear hugs

  13. Awesome, wowwww lovely episode. it’s superbbbbb. ..ardhika together soooo beautiful. ..nesam n teji also good…..arjun’s past n hatred for neil…ahhh…but looks like soon ardhika will fill each other’s emptiness. …very interesting n unique lovely story. ..rads back to her bubblyness…teji forgave arjun…wowwww. got very good slap from arjun …lol…precap is very interesting. …keep it up honeyyy. …..eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads. . . Muaaaaahhhhhh. .. 🙂

    1. Roma my spl girl thank you so much dear. Yup ardhika will stand for each other .i’m really haooy that u loved it and you always make me feel special thats why u are my spl. Love you darling. Bear my hugs and kisses

  14. Hey swthrt sorry for commenting late actually was out of station….abt the epi its mind blowing… are turning a grt writer day by day…..may your amazing talent get a recognition soon….all of it z truely stupendous….. keep it up honey…..eagerly waiting for next one……plz update hak soon… you dear…..muaaah…. Tc?

    1. Supriya my lil sissy thank you soo soo much. Well HAK is in half way and 2 states not even started . I never knew that writing would give me this much pleasure before i started to write something. And its all because of you guys support i’m writing something and will try to improve more dear. Love you from my bottom of my heart and no sry at all hope you enjoyed the trip . Love you honey stay blessed. Muhhaaaaa

  15. Sammy

    Awesome update sv ..arvind ho gayi chull ..arjun kabhi nahi sudherega …hamesha possessive ..update 2 states sv favourite ..:. 🙂 🙂

    1. Thank you Sammy . Still writing dear and will update your fav soon thats my promise

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