Manmarziyan – Let me live part 7


Hiee all Sv back with the next part. Im sry sry sry for very late update . Thank you all for those love you guys have for me. Pls do comment ur views about this update . Take care stay strong and blessed love you all……

Enjoy the ride……

Dinesh who saw the way radhika was looking at him was bit disturbed as he thought that he has met her before. But he could not remember her.
Dinesh thought ; The way she looked was like some one is stabbing me. She had a kind of a revenge against me . Is she…….. no no no she will not be bhai’s daughter might be some of my destroyed competitors known person and laughed like a cruel king.

Arjun took her to the car and he was continuously asking the reason for her stare but radhika was lost in her thoughts and her eyes were showering.
Radhika (with low voice) ; He is gonna kill me . Arjun applied a sudden break and saw her.
Arjun ; What did you just say ??
Radhika ; Cant you hear me , I’m the only one left he is gonna kill me arjun he is ……. Wait how do you know him ?? Are you also his side say me, did he send you to me ??
Arjun ; Shut up radhika , I just know him as a business friend . I dont know more about him so stop doubting me. She saw him and at once she hugged him and was scared. Arjun was just rubbing her back to make her normal.
After some time Arjun made her face him, wiped her tears and cupped her face and said “Radhika look nothing will happen to you , I will always be with you , now say me what has happened to you, why does dinesh wants to kill you when he doesn’t even know you . Please open your heart so that I can help you from the mess of yours.
Radhika ; Do you think you can help me ??
Arjun ; Of course I will help you Radhika . So shall we go to the room and talk about this ??
Radhika ; Take me some other place and I will say you everything .
Arjun ; Promise ??
Radhika (smiled and nodded ); Promise .
Arjun too smiled and he took the car and they went to a small hotel and had their dinner as they were really exhausted and they had till their tummy said i’m done. He drives again to some abandon place and it was a small rock cliff . Arjun held Radhika’s hand and they both sat next to each other and saw the whole shimla which was covered with a white blanket of snow. The moon also added its beauty for the place and they were only 2 of them sitting and their hands are collided with each other’s hand.
Arjun ; Are you fine now ?? Radhika nodded .
Arjun ; Now say me what is the problem ?? Why did you speak that he is gonna kill you now speak out .
Radhika ; I dont want to speak those things I just want to bury them inside my heart so that I can start a new beginning.
Arjun (cupped her face with his one palm ); Radhika do you trust me ?? She nodded . So speak up , open your heart , all have their own bad memories or hard days. Open your heart and share it with me. I promise you i’ll not ask you or pin point you anything regarding this at any time any where I promise that. She just kept her head in his shoulders and closed her eyes and opened her heart.

Flash back…..

This would be like radhika is speaking to Arjun.

I (radhika ) was the daughter of a medium size busniess man Dilip Mishra. Bird song was the name of the company. My dad and Samrat uncle were carrying on the business. They were both friends from childhood. They had such an understanding that no one could separate them . My mother and Piyali aunty were sisters, and my dad and mom knew each other as a friend and so my dad approached to them and they got married and samrat uncle and piyali aunty got marired.

Sam and I were best buddies, we were like twin sisters and had shared everything together. Both the families were in the same building. We were in the ground floor and they were in the first floor. Samrat uncle got a foreign offer , but we did not had enough money so we pledged the jewels and obtained enough money for them to go. All went well but I missed aunty , uncle and my Sam but life was really normal. Then he came . Dinesh …….

My dad’s cousin brother. My dad’s main disadvantage is that he trust everyone blindly thinking all are like him a good person by heart. But he was not. First he was really attached with our family and I too liked him as he was my chacha but then he started to keep his hand in the money of the company. Slowly his malpractices started to become big. He did not only stop there he even had an eye on my mom and me. My mom sensed some kind of cruel in his behavior spoke to my dad but my dad did not believe my mom.

One day my mom found him forging the company cheque by him signing like my dad. Mom warned him and he pleaded that he will not continue the act but after few days when was in my school they informed me that my mom had met with an accident and he took care of me took advantage of the situation and started to come close to me. I was a small girl never knew his intention. Then my mom was not able to survive in the accident she died by holding my hand.

My dad was shattered with the incident and dinesh slowly made use of this and started to make him an achohol addict and he started to get things done. One day when he was doing this I saw him speaking to my dad who was lost his sense saying that “i killed your wife, she found my true colour , I only drove the car over her do what ever you want to do go” and kicked him. I was helpless donno what to do . He made sure that the relationship between dad and uncle is totally ruined as if uncle was there then Dinesh cannot take away the cash and run.

The d day arrived when he came to my room where I was sleeping. I felt some one’s hand on my toe, thought that it would be my dad. Then slowly the hand gained over me. I jerked and woke up and found him sitting like a jackle .
Me ; Cha cha what are you doing here by rubbing my eyes.
Dinesh ;shush Dont shout and he started to come near me. I sensed some kind of wrong in the way he was doing. I was about to run but he got hold of me. I screamed and my dad came and found his originality. He kicked Dinesh out of the house but my dad never knew that dinesh had made all the arrangements to flee. Dinesh smirked and left the place.

After few days the person from whom Dinesh has taken loan started to bang our house and my dad first was not able to understand then my dad came to know that he has taken the loan in my dad’s name, my dad who did not know what to do started to sell the things which we had and at last we were about to sell the house too.

Everything which we had a house , bikes , a car , our jewels everything was sold . But still we had a small house in the outskirt area of Mumbai. We shifted there but the loan people were also started to come there and accuse my father with very bad words.
One final day after I came from the school I found my father was standing inside the house all wet.
Me ; Dad what are you doing ?? Open the door.
Dad;He just set the fire on the house . Radhika you have faced a lot because of me , your mom too left us. You have faced lot at the age of 15 .
Me; Dad open the door, dont go near the fire. please, dont go there.
Dad; Radhika I just want my daughters happiness. Always stay happy but dont trust any one , even your shadow will be waiting for the chance to kill u . Samrat will come and take you dear. Trust no one and he preceded towards the fire, I was continuously shouting not to go but he entered and I can still hear his last shout due to the burn.
Flash back ended…..

Radhika wiped her tears and said without taking her head from his shoulders, Samrat uncle took me from there and we were in Malaysia were Sam met you guys and after the studies we came back to Mumbai then you guys also joined the birdsong which was started again by uncle. I’m scared of fire Arjun they make me remember my dad’s last minute. Thats why I kept myself away from others. Im scared Arjun . I’m really scared and she held his hand tight. She felt drop of water in her cheeks. She saw Arjun who’s eyes were wet .

Radhika (looked up and wiped his tears) ; Arjun dont worry i’m fine now. I have you , Sam , Teji Neil and my Samrat uncle and Aunty. At times I miss my family but I see them in you guys, So stop worrying about that.
Arjun ; Should teach Dinesh lesson.
Radhika ; What is the point of that?? What ever you do will that bring back my mom and dad ?? or will that erase those days from my memory ?? nothing na leave and promise me that you will keep that with yourself and not say to any one. I dont want anyone to get hurt. He nodded but radhika never knew that he called Sam and she kept the phone in the speaker and Neil, Teji and Sam who heard this were in high anger to teach the one who was the reason for this a good lesson.

Thats it guys . How was it ?? Did you all enjoyed it . Pls do commet your views and say me is this lengthy enough too ?? Love you all stay blessed and bear my hugs and kisses too . Muhhaaaaaa

Credit to: Sv

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  1. Awesome episode, Sv you nail it, hats off to you, well done, eagerly waiting to know what Arjun and gang will do to Dinesh. 🙂

    1. Thank you soo much brin. Yup they will teach a good lesson. Thanks once again.

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    1. Gianna thank you soo much dear. Well they will teach him a very good lesson which he will not forget. Love you soo much dear

  3. Sv darling am all crying 🙁 dinesh ugly idiot she all never reach heaven…… Sure they ll fry him like vikram did in anniyan film ….. Darling pls made a cruel death for …… Its totally superbbbbbbbb…. Awesome but never excepted dat arjun kept d call superbbbbbbbb darling …… But pls arjun should destroy him to d core….. Other than anyone arjun s best for dat ……. 😀 😀 loved it ….. Love uuuuuuu 😀 😀

    1. He ll never reach heaven….. Typos 😛

      1. I understood dear. love you

    2. Thank you soo much suga . But please dont cry dear. Yup he is an ugly idiot. They will teach him a good lesson . Arjun will do that for radhika , he will do that for her. Love you dear. take care and always smile.

  4. nyc update sv

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    1. Thank you soo much Dev buddy. How was the project going ?? Hope all going well. Thank you love you and hugs and peaks too

      1. Its going good bti takes my back with it…..wat a pleasant feel is 2 relax on d bed laying flat… its due on saturde dat i vl hav 2 wak early???

      2. Soo sad saturday morning but should wake up morning that too early . I know how it feels when relaxing in the bed after a hectic work. Anyways this is not for more days so finish and come out of the project. Dont cry dev.

  6. Sv lovely but very emotional . Poor rads

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  7. Svswthrt you made me so emotional today….I was crying while reading rads past….srsly the girl suffered a lot….loved arjun pacifying her….dear you are so gud while handling emotions….your words they touch my heart….I feel a new positive energy after reading your updates be it 2 states or this one or hak…..but honestly hak z my fav….I keep on reading it again nd again….I loved the title of this ff….it shows a craving for freedom….nothing z more precious than freedom I think so….eagerly waiting for next one swthrt…..update soon… you to moon nd back….muaaah…. Tc?

    1. Awww thank you soo soo much my lil one. Yup she has suffered a lot. Hey thank you soo much for those words. Positive energy never thought that any one could say those words. HAK is on the process dear writing will update tomo max dear. I have specifically kept that name to say that let her live her life by the way she wants to live and pls let her live, yes freedom is the basic need for everyone. love you soo much dear. Will update soon dear. take care and bear hugs dear.

  8. Omg…radz has a saddy past…dinesh…argh…somebody give me boxing gloves…i wanna punch that idiot to death…good that Arjun kept phone on….very tortured death that crap needed…see till now I can’t calm down my nerves…whenever I see any unfair n ugly,don’t know why my para get hyper…i should stop here..else u cant handle me

    1. Rosie my elder twin awww love you soo much dear. Yup i’ll also join you with the boxing glow . Calm down bear my hugs and calm dow dear. Arjun knew that is the only way to make all hear the truth. Love you lods. Always love you . However you are hyper i will handle you with my hugs.

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  13. Sv dear,episode is super,mind blowing..The past of Radhika is really painful.. 🙁 Very emotional update.. Stay blessed and keep smiling.. 😀

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    1. Roma my special thank you soo much for your comment dear. No dear please dont cry . She started to trust some people but she is still scared. It is them who should make her the normal one. Love you dear, you always make me happy with your comment . Bear hugs and kisses too.

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  20. Hiee all next part has been updated but it is in not been categorised in manmarziyan page but in ff common page pls do read there all .

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