Manmarziyan – Let me live part 6


Hlooo all I’m Sv back with my next part of our Let me live. I’m really blessed to have you all as my friends. Love you all for those encouragements. Next part is on Sunday promise. Pls do comment your views regarding this update as they are my energy boosters and thank you all to my silent readers hope you all are happy with it the track.

Enjoy the ride…..

Radhika wakes up and find herself in the bed sleeping by hugging Arjun who was still sleeping by keeping her in his embrace. Radhika saw him soo close and some unknown feel for her . First time she is feeling something unusual which she never had with teji or Neil. She saw him so close and she smiled at him imaging the lip stick art on his face then she remembered how he shouted her in the play area .

Radhika’s thought ; I never forgive anyone so easy but why i’m always giving a chance to this angrybrid. Chameleon if he is happy then he will do a romantic dance. If he is angry then rudra thandav (angry dance), daffer and so on……
Why is he here in my room . How did he get in. She was about to get up from her bed but then she saw her hand was in the hold of his hand (remember the airport scene same like that) she tries to free them but it all went in vain. She was pulling her hand from his hand .

She tried every ways to remove her hand but nothing worked. She tickled him. He did not respond. She thought and did the same to her. She laughed for the tickle but he was like a stone. She tried to wake him up shaked him but no response at all. She now got scared. She was trying hard to wake him up but he did not even gave a small reaction. She thought he was dead but Arjun was all doing this in purpose.

Radhika was crying “Why every one is dying in front of my eyes , my mom , dad and you. Oh god what should I do………… Arjun was now laughing she saw this and found out he was just acting. She tried hard and removed her hand and went out of the room to take some medicine for him. After she went Arjun was just laughing out loud at her innocent behavior . He sensed her coming back and he closed his eyes. Suddenly arjun was made to bath in a bucket full of cold water. Shimla…… winter season and cold water….. Arjun jerked and woke from there and saw radhika in full anger.

Arjun ; Why did you do that ???
Radhika ; Shut up u drama king , why did you sleep in my bed with me ??
Arjun ; you were the one who asked me to sleep last night and today you are asking me ??
Radhika ; What ???? Me ??? that too you ????
Arjun ; yes last night you came out and said “ Arjun i’m scared pls come to my room and sleep”
Radhika (was confused ); Ok even then my room not my bed.
Arjun ; You held my hand and pleaded me to sleep near you….

Just then the room boy came and said “Sir in the reception they are asking for the spare key which you took for opening the room. Arjun closed his eyes and Radhika was now breathing heavily in high anger and Arjun was sweating even after the cold water shower. He ran away before she would hit him with the bucket in her hand. She smiled and said “Its your pay back time Arjun I wont spare you that easy”. The schedule was extended and they need to stay there for 1 more week as they are doing another shoot for the same brand.

Arjun used to talk to radhika but she will just nod her head . It would be the most irritating part for Arjun as she was not speaking only to him but to every one. He would grin his teeth but no use she was torturing him like anything with her silence. 4 days of punishment . Arjun was going crazy as radhika was not speaking to him.
After the shoot they took their cab and Arjun was talking to radhika but she was not responding . He turned to see her but she was hearing to the song by closing her eyes. He fumed and shouted “Radhikaaaaaaaaaaaaaa” She slowly opened the eyes and removed the earphone and asked “What”
Arjun ; (with full anger in his voice) I’m sorry
Radhika ; This is not the way to ask sorry.
Arjun (lowered his voice) ; I’m sorry .
Radhika ; Hmm no problem your apolagies are accepted but for which you should do whatever I say.
Arjun ; What will you do if I say no ??
Radhika ; Simple teji……Arjun was continuously banging his head . Radika giggled.
Arjun ; (with irritated voice) ; Fine what should I do ??
Radhika ; Good I will say you what should you do now stop talking to me and dont disturb me i’m hearing my fav songs. He was so irritated . He turned his face and looked the road . Radhika was happy taunting him laughed.

Punishment 1

Radhika ordered Arjun to sit and she started to draw his face and he should not even close his eyes . She took all the shades of lipstick. Green brown violet every thing and turned out to be an art in his face. He was feeling unease when she was drawing over the face. Next was the worst part of posting it in Facebook and if he gets 100 likes then he has passed in the first test. He did what she said he was doing this for his friend( outside but inside was enjoying the taunting of the cute radhika).

To the surprise he got 3500 likes for the face art. But it was really difficult to find his face in the middle of the art. Arjun was so happy as he never gets more than 10 likes but now he created a trend. Arjun passed in his first punishment.

Punishment 2

He should go with her for shopping for her family and he should accompany her. She took him the whole shimla and bought all the things which she sees and the bill was settled by Arjun. 1 whole day he was doing shopping with her . She at times buy unnecessary things but he was in a situation where he cannot speak out his anger. Final shop she was shopping and Arjun was all exhausted and sat on the corner chair but she was not at all tiered .

Radhika ; Arjun come here. He came and was all exhausted.
Radika ; Which is your fav one in these ?? I selected these for you . Do you like them or should I try some other things. Arjun who was longing for these kinds of affection he found that in radhika. He always wanted some one to pamper him as he thought his mom did not take care of him but for her his brother was the only one special (now you can understand the reason behind his hatred towards Neil, he felt neil was the only son but not himself for his parents).
Arjun ; Whatever you like . Radhika made a face .
Radhika ; I dont know your fav colour .
Arjun ; Which would be suitable for me ??
Radhika ; Hmmm for you grey , blue and black so 3 ok now try them to see is that your size or should that be changed.
Arjun ; Nothing required if you like them then I will also like them. Radhika smiled . Just then some one called him. He turned to see him.
Arjun ; Hello Dinesh Sir what are you doing here ??
Dinesh ; Just came for shopping for my family. So who is that ?? Your girl friend ?? Arjun smiled
Arjun ; She is my colleague works in birdsong.
Dinesh ; Hello maám . Radhika was just staring at him and everything flashed in her eyes. She gave him her hand but never blinked at all. Arjun saw this and sensed something wrong . He greeted him and left with radhika but she was continuoously staring at him looking back when Arjun was pulling her to the car.

Who is that Dinesh what is he to do with Radhika ???

Thats it guys for today next one on sunday as promised. Pls comment your views . Love you all stay strong and blessed and bear my hugs and kisses tooo

Credit to: Sv

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  1. Nyc epi sv
    poor arjun bearing radhikas punishments
    actually i was eagerly w8ing for un update since afternoon TU ppl didnot post 1ff also
    tank god tey posred ur ff nw i can sleep peacefully
    bye tc gn
    luv u dear muah muah

    1. Natasha thank you so much. Now good morning dear. Have an awesome day ahead. Did u have an happy sleep ?? Hope u had . Love u dear.

  2. Awesome episode, I’m curious to know who is Dinesh, does he have to do with Radhika’s past, waiting eagerly for the next update.

    Sv, you nail it, well done 🙂

    1. Brin thank u . Dinesh has a main part in rads past. Thanks once again.

  3. Hey sv a good epi buddy….n gn

    1. Thanks buddy good morning

  4. Waited for the update so long..superb episode..who’s that dinesh?? Hope he doesn’t create any misunderstandings..but it seems like he is radhika’s dark past..when will be next update…waiting anxiously…

    1. Sry kavya for make u wait . I lost the data for the ff thats y I took a bit long for updating it. Thank u so much. Dinesh has a big part of rads . Will update on sunday dear. Promise. Love u soo much.

  5. Awesome episode, sv dearrrryyyy very funny…ardhika were fantabulous. ….the bedroom scene was cute…. arjun pretend to be sleeping n rads panic was hilarious. …rads punishments were very awesoooooome. …the face art…lol…..n shopping….poor arjun….loved it to the coreeeee. …new entry of dinesh looks fishy….rads pat is mystery. ..keep it up honeyyy. .eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads. . muaaaaahhhhhh ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡ 😀

    It was really awesome talking to you. ….take care sweetie. …enjoy your time with family…love you soooooooo muchhhhhh. …. 🙂

    1. Hey spl thank you. Fishy mystry ryming nice yaar. Rads reason for her behaviour will br updated in the next part on Sunday. Love u soo much dear.

  6. Awsme swthrt….. Loved the punishment most… nailed it dear…..m speechless you have done a grt job…..fascinated by you…..waiting eagerly for next one… you sooooo muchhhh….. muaaah….. Tc?

    1. Hey lil one thank u soo much dear. U always give a postive vibes in ur words . Stay blessdd and love u always.

  7. yaru da andha dhinesh???? Darling suspense oh godddddddd 🙂 🙂 loves aradhika moments 🙂 🙂 rads s really superbbbbbbb dear loved it 🙂 🙂 🙂 wen ll u post other 2 dear eagerly waiting for d both 🙂 🙂

    1. Suga how r u ?? Well dinesh’s real colour will be revelaed in the next part. Suga 2 states max tomo morning and hamari adhuri kahani is in the second page. Hope u would find it. Thank u so much. No need to wait I will post soon dear. Lost the data thats the main reason for delay in updating.

  8. Sv darling its a fab epi dr i luv it……bedroom part was gud dr radzz panic & arjun acting skill grt bt bad luck he got caught……..radzzzz art on arjun face in different color lipstick god sv I was laughing and rolling n my bed he got gud likes n FB……shopping punishment grt must appropriate radzzz dr…by d way who is dhinesh new entry? ????? I luv ds epi totally want to gve u tight hug & lots of muhaaaaaa luv u ………. 🙂

    1. Yippiee my gayathri is happy now. Thanks a lot dear. Well dinesh has some importance in rads life will be revealed in the next part. Thanks for the hugs and kosses I missed it . My hugs and kisses too love u dear always.

  9. awesome episode.eagerly waiting next one…tc

    1. Thank u subha next one on sunday promise.

  10. It’s as usual cute buddy……… Arjun’s pic being posted in FB and the no. of likes he got was really funny………update soooooooooooon……….

    1. Thank u aastha. Yup sometimes unexpected things may happen . Lol . Love u dear.

  11. Hi SV this was a cute one….Arjun turning into an actor…and Loved Radhika’s punishment…now how is Dinesh related to Radhika…why was Radhika surprised and not Dinesh….ok bugged you …pls update soon…want to know the connection 🙂 loads of love 🙂 stay blessed 🙂

    1. Di thank you so much . Arjun will have to do that for Teji as he says yes to her. Dinesh has relevance with radhika which will be revealed soon. Next part on sunday di promise. Love u di

  12. nice episode ………….loved the punishment part…………………. pls unfold the mystry soon ……. you ………

    1. Thank you priya. everything will be revealed in the next part on sunday. love you dear.

  13. Loved the update, loved Arjun’s punishments, very cute moments btwn ardhika. Now who is this Dinesh? what flashed in rads mind? Post soon pls. Tc ???

    1. Gianna thanks dear. sunday u can read the next part. Love you dear.

  14. Hello dear..Episode is awesome.. 🙂 The punishments for Arjun were worth ROFL..I’m laughing like anything imagining exhausted Arjun..Hahaha.. 😀
    Stay blessed dear.. 🙂

    1. Sweetie my sweety love u so much. Arjun will do whatever rads say he is helpless . Love you dear . Stay blessed.

  15. Sv too gud. Punishment was too gud. I loved today’s episode . It’s toooo gud. By d way who is Dinesh?

    1. Thank you Rg . Dinesh has a important part in rads past. Love you lods.

  16. Wow sv chellam ….. mindblowing ….wah!!! What a punishment yaar…..loved their scenes …..very nice epi…but end it suspense…..who is dinesh?????….eagerly waiting for next epi….love u lot….tc….

    1. Susi chellam thank you. Yup a bit suspense which would be unfold in the next episode. Next part on sunday promise.

  17. Wat a lovely punishments..!! Thanks for sharing such ideas.. hahha I really dinesh..! Good boy or bad boy… loved Ardhika scenes.. super cute.. loved it SV dear… loads of love.. TC..

    1. Jessie thank u soo much for those words. Dinesh wait for the next update dear. Love u always dear. Bear hugs. Take care.

  18. My twin my situation is lil bit off now…so late comment…but it was a cool n chilling. Soothing time I will give a big comment

    1. Hey twin not a problem at all. I understood when I did not find ur comment. Love u lods. Take care dear.

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