Manmarziyan – Let me live part 5

Hiee all im sv back with my next part. Sry promised to update on sunday but was not able to do that. i’m really happy with those comments and thanks to all my friends and also to my silent readers, hope you all are enjoying the plot . Please do comment your views as they are my energy boosters. Love you all.

Enjoy the ride……

Part 5

The mother nature’s love was reflecting in every part of the place. A cute snow fall over the place and radhika was experiencing these kind of happiness after years. They came to shimla and she was enjoying in the park which was opposite to the hotel they stay. She was very silent but the weather and the scenery brought her inner joy and her naughtiness back. She was enjoying the beauty and arjun from the behind kept his hands over her shoulder and asked ” do u like this place ?? ”
Radhika (looked up arjun with full excitement) ; like it ?? stupid i love this place. I love it and she was so happy . Arjun loved this radhika more than the silent one. She took the ice snow and started to through on the top and she was enjoying shimla. Arjun was standing from behind and was watching without even blinking and a smile in his face which never faded.
Arjun ; radhika we have to shoot for the ad . So come lets start.

Radhika made a pout face held her head down and dragged herself from the park. Arjun was laughing at her kiddish behavior. She stopped before going inside the hotel and arjun dashed her with the bags.
Radhika without looking back raising her finger over his face ; promise me that u will take me for the sledge ride .
Arjun ; radhika move from here and he was moving to his right. She drags herself and stopping his way without looking back.
Radhika ; take me….. i will leave u.
Arjun ; very funny leave and he went to her left she again blocks the way. With standing in front of him and standing in the same position.

Radhika ; arjun if u dont take me, i will say teji not to speak to u
Arjun ; are u blackmailing me ??
Radhika ; no informing u . take me to the sledge ride i will recommend about u to teji. Arjun knew she would do that and he knew teji would listen to her words blindly

Arjun ; fine i will take u with a disguised face. Radhika jumps and twists herself and faces him and says ” arjun u r the best !! ” and pinches his cheeks till he screams out and she hops and jumps to the reception for checking the rooms. Arjun was unknowingly admires her childish behavior and thinks ” god she is so cute when she smiles , why did u take that from her ?? please restore it back. I will help her to get back this happiness always. Arjun wait what are u thinking ?? Why are u inviting urself when she is not asking it ?? He had mixed thought but he was firm that he will do anything to make her smile.

4 days of hectic shoot as they have to finish the ad on time. Arjun was sleeping in the chair and radhika who saw this wanted to taunt him. She took a lip stick and slowly she drew a mustache over the face of Arjun and Arjun as he was soo tired he did not even feel that she was applying lipstick over his face. She took the picture and sent those pics to Sam.

Sam rushed to Neil , who was busy working . She twisted his chair and kissed him tight. Neil was not able to understand why did she kissed but he was able to see so much happiness in sam. She sat on his chair and she made a ring around his neck.
Neil ; Sam what is the matter dear ?? sam showed the picture and Neil was laughing his heart seeing the picture.
Neil (in between the laugh) ; Who took that picture ??

Sam ; Radhika . Neil’s eyes sparkled .
Neil ; See our trick has now worked. In between Teji entered saw them and immediately closed his eyes. Nesam composed themselves .
Neil ; Open ur eyes teji. Teji opened and smiled broadly.
Teji ; Hope I disturbed u too and giggled. Neil and sam were scratching their heads because of the embarrassment. Did u guys see the pic of Arjun ?? He was looking so cute in that red mustache and he was laughing seeing the pic in his mobile. Sam was really happy as Teji was talking about Arjun after many months . She hugged neil and leaned over his shoulder and was thanking him silently for the trip.

Sledge ride.
Radhika was enjoying the time in the snow. She was playing with the kids over the play area and all were in full form of fun. Radhika saw Arjun standing in the corner . She gestured him to come. He nodded no. Radhika was not in the mood of leaving him. She came near him and took a big piece of ice and threw that over him and laughed . Arjun took a big piece and started to chase and they were running like kids and both Arjun and radhika were enjoying the time together. After some time radhika took some rest because of continuous running at that time Arjun saw a person and greeted him. She was not able to see the person’s face but he was around 50 plus. Radhika felt that she knew that person but before she could go a kid called her to play. She smiled and took the kids hand and inbetween arjun thanked that person and came to radhika.

Radhika’s phone was ringing . Sam called her but as radhika was playing Arjun attended the call.
Sam ; Radhu what are you doing ??
Arjun ; Sam she is playing in the snow. She asked me to take her for the sledge ride but she is busy playing with the snow. Should I want to call her ??
Sam ; No no let her enjoy I will talk to her later. Sam was extremely happy and jumped and the whole birdsong heard her joy.

When Arjun ended the call he saw radhika mobile’s display picture . It was his face with the lipstick mustache. He was in high anger . He went straight to radhika held her hand and dragged her from that place to a corner area below a tree . Radhika was not able to understand the sudden anger of Arjun.
Radhika ; Arjun what happened ??
Arjun ; What is this ?? and showed the picture. She giggled and laughed loud , that made him even more angry.
Radhika ; My art on your face.

Arjun ; cant you behave properly radhika (radhika’s happy face changed), you know what have you done ?? Is this the way to behave with an unknown person, that day you were blocking me the way and then today throwing ice in me and this picture . Didn’t your parent teach you how to behave with a man or you are trying to impress me ???
Radhika was not lost her total happiness. Again arjun spelt out his words because of his stupid anger which hurted her like hell. Her eyes where coated with the pain in the form of tears. Arjun then realized that what he spoke was unnecessary . He saw her smile was lost and she was again becoming the old radhika.

Radhika ; Arjun I thought you are my good friend but you are always hurting me. Yes I did that to you and see(opened the whatsapp and showed the convo between herself and teji )teji said “I never knew that my Arjun would be so cute in red mustache with smilies” as I promised I took the step to make you and teji together. I started to live only here but you again ruined me.Does anyone has any promises that I should never smile ?? I’m sorry for behaving like that . I donno why but I felt free when I was with you. I wont even come in front of you once we go to Mumbai back. Saying so she left the area running and crying.

Arjun banged his head and was running behind her but she went to the hotel and locked the room of the big suit which was offered to him. Arjun was banging the door continuously and shouted “ Radhika you know me I’m stupid , I never have the control over my tongue . Radhika im terribly sorry pls open the door.
Radhika ; Go away from me I will gulp everyone’s happiness im not suitable to live , leave me alone (throughout her talk she was crying).

Arjun was not able to get inside the room. After some time he entered the room with the spare key from the reception and saw her . She was sleeping in the couch , her eyes were wet and were bulged because she was crying hard. She was like a kitten which was sad. Arjun came near her picked her and placed her in the bed and he too sat near her and slowly lovingly rubbed her head and he took a strand of hair which was on her face , kissed her forehead and said “ I’m sorry radhika” and left the room with the by switching off the room light.

Thats it guys. How was it ?? Did you all like it ?? Please do comment your views. Love you all stay blessed and bear my hugs and kisses too..

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  1. Stupid arjun and sweet rads. Poor gal.y is arjun like this… How is he going to compensate her? I hope soon.

    1. Rg i loved your comment dear. Thank you. Wait for the next chap how Arjun convinces rads. Love you and thanks

    1. thanks buddy . Hey btw im also writing 2 other ffs if yo have time pls take a love of that too .

      1. sry typing mistake it is look

      2. Of cors ill look 2 dat

  2. Beautiful update… Waiting for nxt one…

    1. Thank you jessie . Love you dear.

  3. Greaaatt chappy sv….pls update next soon:-) 🙂

    1. sammy my love will update soon, thank you and yaar dead patient what happened ?? pls update i wanna read that

  4. Awesome episode, waiting for the next update. 🙂

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  5. First I wanna kill u to make radzzz cry……..I like radzzz childish behaviour & especially wat c did wit arjun red mustache god… I don’t knw arjun trun cold towards radzzz……..its dammaka epi sv darling I luv it……… don’t wrry I won’t killl u………bear hug fr u waiting fr 2 states & ds one too update soon….. 🙂

    1. Gayathri my dear love you and yaar sry for making rads cry but wait she is not easy to convince. Arjun is a angry idiot who spells his anger without realising the consequence. Thanks dear love and abouut 2 states you will read it tomo morning and again sry for making you wait. Love you so much

  6. amazing

    1. Thanks priya.

  7. Awww….my twin…that photography omg…i can imagine Arjun looked like just monkey…hehehe…he was a chameleon here…colour change frequently…i hope rads should stay silent for some time…teji ….oooooo….m happy ?

    1. That was a crazy idea which i did to my cousin brother. He he he chemeleon never thought that name well that suits Arjun lol . Arjun will face radhika’s silence which will really make him go mad. Love you my elder twin. Bear my hugs and kisses also.

      1. U really did those pranks…hi fi…so sweet…hmmm…m glad u like the name chameleon…suits him better…lol…take care

      2. Come on rosie that name was a perfect one for that angry bird Arjun. Lol Love you dear.

  8. Amazing update oh I can imagine Arjun with a lipstick mustache ? why did he have to ruin the fun? Stupid guy. Waiting for the next update

    1. He he he gianna arjun with red color mustache lol. Thanks dear. He does not have control over is mouth that is his main problem. Will update it soon dear. Love you

  9. Sv my swthrt wht a stupendous update….. I m speechless…. Loved it to the core…. I can actually imagine Arjun’s funny face….hehe I m still laughing loved that scene the most….when r u updating next one… you….muaaah…. Tc?

    1. Hey my lil one thanks for those words darling. im really happy that you liked it and will update soon dear . Did not start yet , love yo darling and thanks for the lovely kiss you take care too.

  10. Awesome SV 🙂 lover the chirpy Radhika…. but this angry bird Arjun too much ….just bang his head with the wall 😉 waiting to see what happens next and wait who followed her ??? pls update soon 🙂 load so love 🙂

    1. Didi thank you so much di. You are always super even in comments . That person has something to do . Arjun lol dont worry di surely will break his head. Love you soo much di bear my hugs.

  11. wow awesome episode…………………eagerly waiting next one please update

    1. Thannks subha . Will update soon. Love you

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    Nice episode on the whole.. 🙂
    Stay blessed dear.. 😀

    1. Arjun is an angry bird looses his control when he is angry but Radhika will not accept his apologies so soon. Thank you sweetie . Love you dear.

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    1. Suga Awww thanks for calling me cute 😀 . Im happy that u are happy. Love u too. Will update soon dear.

  16. Awwwww sv…very beautiful episode. ..rads made her art on arjun ‘s face. ..wowww…but arjun stupid…why did he do that…poor rads….last scene was very emotional. ..keep it up honeyyy. eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads. Muaaaaahhhhhh

    1. Roma my special thank you soo much Arjun is an angry bird dear but dont worry rads will not accept his apologies soon . Love you dear bear teddy hugs and kisses too muhhaaaaa

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