Manmarziyan – Let me live part 4

Hiee all im your Sv back with my next part of our journey. Pls do say me your views as they mean a lot for me and thank you for all those comments as they encourage me to do better and also thank you to my silent readers hope i have them. Thank you all , stay blessed and bear hugs and kisses too.

Enjoy the ride…….

Arjun and radhika were inside the airport, flight got delayed for around 3 hours. She was sweating badly. He saw her and he was a bit scared the way the way she was and wanted to convince her and to say there is nothing but the words his words echoed in his head.

Arjun (on top of his voice) ; radhika what is that very special with u and teji. This is office not a park or a private area. if u wanna hangout with him go and do it elsewhere not here not get out . She was just kept her head down and tears were just rushing out of her eyes and she went out without uttering a word and at that time teji heard arjun’s words from outside when he wanted to speak to arjun . His friends words pricked him for doubting his and radhika’s relationship. Teji never saw her that way and he never thought his bestie would speak wrong about him. His arjun , his friend from childhood is doubting his character and with whom?? radhika . He was heartbroken .

Teji entered the room with teary eyes and just said 1word “arjun ??? “. That 1 word had many meaning and arjun closed his eyes and then he realised that teji heard his words. Arjun stepped front but teji raised his hand and asked him to stop and left the room without speaking. From that day they never spoke. Even if they ever got a chance to speak it would end in a fight.

Radhika never doubted teji , she knew him and they became friends only in the birdsong but it was like they were born together for same mom and he never left a chance to make her smile as she is his little princess .


Arjun brought all the strength to speak to her but was searching words to start to speak. But to his surprise she spoke.
Radhika ; Arjun i want to say that i wont talk anything or to anyone so that because of me ur name will not be ruined without looking at him. Arjun’s heart pained. He realised his stupid anger would cause this big impact in her life and even his own life as he missed teji badly.
Arjun did not see her but just said “sorry radhika for hurting u “. Radhika was not able to believe her ears . She just raised her face and saw his face. She was able to see that he was saying it from his heart.

Radhika ; arjun do u miss teji ?? Arjun was shocked as how she knows his heart. He nodded .
Radhika ; dont worry i will make him to speak with u . He too misses u badly. Arjun was happy but was not sure if he would accept him and be the same old friend. She saw.his face and understood his doubt and said ” he is hurt as u doubted him . He is not angry on u but very much upset because it was you who doubted him. I know my teji he will surely accept u as his friend as i really miss my old teji very much. Arjun made his signature smile . That time there was an announcement that the flight is even more delay by 2 hours because of bad weather.
Radhika got call from piyali . She smiled and attended the call .
Piyali ; radhu u forgot ur winter suit. If sam comes to know then she will not only kill you she will also kill me so pls immediately after you land buy one and pls do whatsapp the pic of yours by wearing it to sam , Radhika closed her eyes and kept her hand over her head
Piyali ; please dear and stay strong we are always with you Radhika with her hand over her head smiled for the words of piyali. Arjun was continuously smiling at the gesture she makes and he got confident to make her back to normal.

After sometime she falls asleep and slowly her soft figures were tucking into strong figures of his and he too reciprocated it by tightening the grip. Her head was just nodding as she was not able to rest her head. Arjun slowly places his hands over radhika’s cheeks and saw the reaction in her body by getting goosebumps and he gently places her head over his shoulder and he too lean on her head as a support . He took the picture of them sleeping by asking a co-passenger. He too fell asleep. They were sleeping peacefully forgetting their past . The announcement was made regarding the flight and the announcement instructed the passengers to aboard the flight. Radhika woke up and she saw herself leaning over arjun and when she raises her hand to adjust her hair she found arjun’s hand accompanying her hand . She released her hand slowly and at that time arjun woke and jerked back.

They reached delhi and they were received by the clients. She informed the same to her family and Sam was on her top of her voice as she left the winter jacket. They reached the hotel and found only one room was booked. Ardhika saw each other and radhika nodded positively and they took the room. It was a multiple roomed suit. Both look their respective rooms and feel on the bed to relax the travel tired.

Arjun and radhika were preparing their preparation. It was around 10.30 in the night and they did not eat anything , at that time a kind of an empty grinder sound came. Arjun looked up and saw Radhika.
Arjun ; Are you hungry ?? Radhika nodded. He smiled and closed his laptop and smiled and asked her to change. They went out to the dining hall . When they checked the restaurant was closed. They went on the street and found a small street food shop. Ardhika had their dinner and they returned the room . At that time she saw a shadow of someone. She sensed that she knew that person. But whom ?? She left as the next day was a big day for them.

Morning…. Conference…

Arjun and Radhika’s project was going through many round of inspection as it was a big MNC project as many company were competiting for the projects. Ardhika’s project was selected and they have to make the presentation the next day. Arjun and Radhika were continuously working all night and Arjun did a marvelous presentation and Radhika never took her eyes off from him and it was arjun’s request to see him so that he may not feel nervous. She did the same with a small smile in her face. That gave him more confident and their project got selected even though there was a big company which was expected to bang the project but Arjun impressed with his words and he captured the project. The formalities are to be done after a final discussion with Samrat which would be done in Mumbai.

They came to the room for packing for Shimla and informed the success to the bird song. The whole birdsong was so happy for the achievements of Ardhika. Sam and Teji are jumping and circling holding them and shouting on the top of their voice. Neil felt a bit proud of his little brother Arjun. But he was not able to forgive him for his stupidity and his anger which had not only impacted Neil’s life but also others life.

Precap – Radhika’s encounter in Shimla.

Thats it guys . Did you all like it ?? Pls do comment your views . Stay blessed and bear my hugs and kisses . Stay strong and take care my lovely friends.

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  1. Awesome episode, eagerly waiting for the next update, 🙂

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  6. Wowwww very very awesoooooome episode. …loved it to the core…ardhika very lovelyyyyyy. …nesam n teji so cute….whose shadow was that?so curious to know. …. eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads. . muaaaaahhhhhh

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  7. Sv,this was lovely finally some intelligence dawned on Arjun…now who was following them or whose shadow…was it…hope Arjun’s dosent hurt Radhika again…please update the next one soon 🙂 love you sweety 🙂

    1. gauri di arjun is seriously a short tempered and spells his words without thinking. That shadow has something to do with them . Will be revealed soon di. Love you soo much di bear my hugs and kisses too.

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    1. thank you gayathri . There are many yet to come . Will reveal them slowly as im loving to keep some sectrets . lol. Radhika has arjun by her side so dont worry nothing is gonna happen but i cannot say more or else i would spell out the entire story . Love you dear.bear my hugs .

  11. Let me Live.
    Let me breathe.

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  12. Omg…what was that…teji best friend of Arjun…m on moon now …sweetie love you for giving teji this imp role n Arjun little brother of radhika…ooow…m dancing…yay….very much happy today…twin credit goes to u….??

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