Manmarziyan – Let me live part 3


Hiee all its me Sv with the next part . Sry for the late update. I am soo happy to read those comments and pls do comment your views regarding this update as they are my energy booster. And thank you all my silent reader , hope i have them .

Enjoy the ride……..

Arjun was desperately waiting for sam to come and inform about the 1 week job with radhika as arjun and neil dont have good terms with each other because…….. would be revealed later. Sam was not found and he was just staring at the door of his cabin whether anyone would come to inform him about the program. But to his surprise neil came to his cabin with sam.

Neil ; haa u r going for a business trip to delhi . There u might have 2 days trip and got an ad shoot u would be going to shimla . 4 days stay.
Arjun ; bhai…… Sry Neil sir may i know who is gonna accompany me ??
Sam ; radhika would be joining with u for the trip day after tomo. She is not well so taking a day off. Neil did not want to be there more as he was feeling like he was standing on the fire. He smiled sam , nodded and left the room. Sam made sure that he left she asked arjun for 5 mins.
Sam ; everything will be alright between u 2.
Arjun ; There is nothing between us .Leave that talk, sam can i ask u 1 thing . Sam nodded.
Arjun ; why is radhika like this i mean what is the reason behind u being over protected on her. If u feel free u can talk about that i won’t compel u. Sam took a deep breath . Tiny droplets of tears were running .
Sam ; arjun she is not the original radhika u r seeing. Arjun’s eyes widened. His heart started to jump to know about radhika.

Flash back…………..

Dilip father of radhika and samrat father of samaira were best buddies from childhood. They married the sisters of a same family so that they became more close. Mala and piyali respectively. All were happy. At that time samrat was offered a foreign job for which dilip pledged mala’s gold for

Sam ; Myself and radhika were soo close. She was a stubborn head but so jolly type. She was my sole sister. We were not born in same womb. But we never hide anything between ourselves. During my yearly leave my dad used to send me there but after 2 , 3 years he stopped to send me there and radhika and i missed each other. But could be done nothing. At the age of 14 mala aunty……. passed away and she saw her father’s death directly. That was a very bad incident which made her life upside down . Uncle committed suicide by setting fire on himself. She saw his last minutes struggle. She turned mute.

Actually there was 1 guy who ran away with the total business cash of dilip uncle . So uncle started to take debts from banks, outsiders and even sold off his assets to meet the debts. At that time uncle came to know that , that guy has taken many outside loans in the name of uncle. All the side the doors locked so he committed suicide so that at least his daughter may be happy. Uncle asked my dad to come and take radhu with him but dad never thought that he would loose his best friend.
Flash back ended…..

Arjun’s heart ached as he could visualise the pain and sufferings she would have gone through.
Arjun ; sam is this the only reason for radhika today.
Sam ; even i doubt that arjun . But she never spoke out anything after that. The guys whom she trusts are dad neil and teji. She has broken Arjun that is the only reason why we take spl care for her. And wiped her eyes. Arjun too wiped his eye where the tears were standing.

Sam ; arjun pls take care of her. At the max irritate her so that she may speak out her heart. But don’t hurt her she is so delicate. She will not even speak out that easy but once she trust one person she will blindly go for their words. And please don’t hurt her please.
Arjun nodded and was able to understand the affection of Sam over Radhika.

Radhika was scratching her head and came to the hall and saw piyali watching Tv. Radhika smiled and went straight to piyali and she slowly keeps her head over piyali’s lap and piyali slowly rubs radhika’s head and radhika smiles and she was just loving the care of piyali.
Piyali ; Radhu go, brush and get ready . I’m waiting for u for the breakfast. She nodded and kissed piyali’s cheeks and went to freshen up and they were having breakfast.
Piyali ; radhu u r going to a business trip with arjun. Radhika spitted the food and coughed becoz of the news. Teji came in and saw radhika having food with piyali and she was a bit normal .

He wished piyali and took some food from radhika’s plate and said “ radhu eat fast else I will eat the whole one”. She smiled and gave the plate to him. He too smiled and took the food and started to feed her. Piyali was happy to see this and said Teji you feed her so that she may become fat and left the table.

Radhika ; Teji do you think should I go ??
Teji ; Radhu you go , if he troubles you , just one call I will come and take you from there . ok ?? Radhika nodded and wished they were on her side on her dark times she had .

2 days later Radhika starts for Delhi with Arjun Sam, Neil and Teji comes to drop her to the airport . All the way she was so scared.
Sam ; Radhika don’t worry he is not a ghost . Don’t get scared. After Radhika’s fathers demise she is going all alone with an unknown person for the first time. She feels what if she faces those dark times again, she cannot handle that.

Radhika ; Sam pls why cant you come with me or any one of you guys. Sam looked at radhika all helpless and Neil just diverted the speech
Neil ; Radhu don’t forget to buy some simla apples, Sam needs them for night time. Radhika giggled and Sam eyes widened and punched Neil and Teji was also smiling. Arjun came through taxi and was waiting for her. Radhika got down and she was holding Sam’s hand like a small baby going to doctor with its mother for injection.
Arjun’s thought ; Radhika I know there is something bothering you, I will figure that out and release you from that fear. Arjun greets Sam with a smile. Teji was least bothered and so was neil. Arjun took the bags of Radhika and kept it in his trolley and Radhika and Sam were hugging Teji too joined and so neil and they had a group hug. Arjun who was standing watched this with a small and gentle smile. Arjun nodded and took radhika from there. Ardhika goes out of the sight of nesam and teji.
Sam ; will this work Neil ??
Neil ; I hope so.
Teji ; Me too . But I don’t want anything to happen to radhu. Nesam nodded and started to bird song.

Thats it guys fr today. How was it ?? did you liked it ?? Pls do comment your views regarding the same. Love you all stay blessed and take care my friends.

Credit to: Sv

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  1. Awesome update sv ..pls update asap:-) 🙂

    1. Thank you sammy will update it soon.

  2. Hey Sv…..its nice……so finally you revealed Rads past completely………what is the reason for the coldness between Arne ?????????? plzz plzzzzzzz update sooooon…….I want to know how Arjun is going to take out that fear from Radhika’s heart……………

    1. Thanks aastha but the truth is not out yet more will be learned by arjun soon and between Arjun and Neils coldness will be revealed soon as this is also an important part of the story cant reveal more sry for that but pls wait i will update it soon

  3. It’s superbbbbbbbbbbb 😀 felling bad for rads situation 🙁 hope arjun ll heal everything 😀 and smash dat person behind rads dad’s death 🙂 loved it 😀 love u 🙂

    1. Thank you suga Arjun will not spare that person love you too dear.

  4. Hi it’s really gud. Pl continue.

    1. Thank you Rg will update the next part soon

  5. Really rads is stubborn and arjun is on mission rads..waitng for next part.

    1. Ammu thank you so much dear . I will update the next part soon.

  6. Hi SV this was superb….feeling bad for Rads…and now waiting for their trip together…pls update soon 🙂 love you my swt hrt 🙂

    1. Thank you di . Rads has a sad past . This is an important trip . Di no pls order me i will do it as you are my di. Love you di

  7. Awesome episode, waiting for the next update. 🙂 is there more to the story that Radhika did not tell?

    1. Brin super . Sam has not told Radhika’s past fully as she does not know more than what she said. It is the time for Radhika to reveal.

  8. Twin dear…so saddy past…but I v some doubt on that guy…if he has something to do with radz…omg…m so much happy seeing teji role…my teji…Arjun n Neil fight why??? For radhika…u portrayed piyali as a good mother fig…keep it up dear…update soon..

    1. I never knew that u loved Teji very much. Arjun and Neil fight will be revealed soon. keep guessing i will update soon. Want to make some suspense which never comes to me LOL

  9. awesome episode……….eagerly waiting next

    1. Subha thank you

  10. Hey nice one really sad fr radzz fr wat happened n past……hope everything wil be alrgt n tme……I luv u tc dr

    1. Gayathri thank you so much . Everything will be in place . I luv you too dear take care

  11. Fantastic one dear…poor radhu…too much painful in her past….nesam n teji did good job ….I hope this trip make her fine soon…waiting for next one soon…love u …tc…

    1. Thanks susi . Yup i hope too this trip would help her o come out of her fear. Love you dear tc…

  12. Awesome episode dear.. Stay blessed 🙂

  13. Thank you sweetie. Love u too.

  14. Awesome update, waiting for the next.

    1. Thank you gianna. Will update soon

  15. Awesome, marvellous episode. it’s very interesting n heart touching story …. loved it very very muchhhh …rads past was really very hurting…arjun also felt her pain….nesam n teji were very cuteeee …ardhika on trip…I’m very excited for upcoming episodes, can’t wait for next episode
    …love you loads ..muaaaaahhhhhh

  16. thank you so much roma. I have not started the next update. will write and update soon. Love you dear. Stay blessed. you are always my show stopper. Love you so much drling

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