Manmarziyan – Let me live part 2


Hiee all im Sv as promised im updating the next part of Let me live. Thank you all for the support. Love u all and sorry for the small update. Will update the next part on Monday. But pls do comment your views regarding the same as they mean a lot to me.

Enjoy the ride……

Every where the fire surrounded. The fire was gulping everything which it saw. Gulped everyone.
Radhika ; dad pls come out dad dont do that.
Dad ; no radhu u have faced enough becoz of me. Ur mother left us samrat will take good care of u dear. I want only my daughters happiness. Enough u have faced at the age of 15. But only 1 think trust no one except the samrat family. Even ur shadow. Everyone around u will find the way to make u fall . Trust no one dear.
Radhika ; papa papa no dont go into the fire.
Dad ; bless u dear . Always be happy.
Radhika ; papaaaaaaaaaa……………..

She jerked and woke up and found sam was near her and they were home. Sam who was sleeping next to her woke and found radhika was badly sweeting. Teji rushed to radhika who was sleeping in the couch and radhika was tightly hugging sam and burried herself into sam. Sam was rubbing her back and said ” radhu no no……dont cry im here see teji neil me dad mom all are there for u . Forget ur past. Radhika was still hugging and crying hard.Teji too hugged her and they were there like that for some time as she was tightening the grip when they tried to even move an inch. After some time when she calmed down,

Teji ; here drink some water and gave a glass of water to radhika. She drank and slowly sam made her lay down on her lap and sam was rubbing her head and speakong about the school day masti . Radhika slightly smiled and slowly she slept in the lap of sam. Sam with the help of teji made her proper.
Teji ; i dont wanna see her in this state. Y is she going there again and again and hurting herself. If not neil then we couldnt have found her. Whenever she goes there she faints . Those incidents are haunting her. I cant see her like this. When we will get our normal radhika sam ???? Our old bold naughty talkative radhu with teary eyes.
Sam ; teji wipe ur tears. In a period of 1 year her life turned upside down. The day i find him(this guy is a most important guy in this story as he is the main reason for today’s radhika) i will make him suffer a lot as he has made her .

Arjun who was restless he badly wanted to see radhika. His heart was pumping badly just to see her. Some unknown force drove him to the place where he is not ready to go or hated to go or even to say promised not to go, Neil’s house. He never wanna go there but today he broke all the barriers and entered the house. He climbed through the pipe and landed in the balcony of the room where radhika was with sam . He saw all the incident and teji and sam spoked.

Arjun was not able to understand even a single word but he just wanted to be aside of her. Wait arjun what are u thinking. Dont drive urself to her u idiot. But his heart already left him and surrenered to the feet of radhika.

Neil entered the room and said ; guys i made all arrangements for her . Sam she is only going without us for few days.
Teji ; what without us for few days. How can we leave her ?? Neil u know……
Neil ; teji relax i know how much u care for her. Man if she is not with us she will start to fight back the way she shouted arjun today. I wish i saw that . (Arjun was angry but cant speak out coz he was hiding) and i will make all the arrangements for her to go with arjun.
Teji and sam (unanimously) ; what ????
Sam ; are u out of ur mind ?? He does not know about her and…….
Neil cuts her ; That is what is wanted Sam. He does not know about her so she is the only one who needs to speak out. Once she starts to speak she will let out her grief which she is holding for years. And about Arjun he does not like her, it doesn’t mean that he hates her but if this trick works then we will get our Radhika back. She is hiding herself from her . This is the only way to get her back Sam pls trust me.
They had to say yes coz they wanted the happy Radhika back.

Arjun silently left the place and unknown happiness struck him coz he is going with Radhika.

Thats is for today guys . Pls say your views regarding the update. Love you all stay blessed and take care. Bear hugs and kisses

Credit to: Sv

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  1. Superb Sv……..who is that guy????? I too want to kill him……..oho Arjun is happy ? that radhu is going with him…… ❀ u……..TC………sry for the short comment……..

    1. Thank you aastha . That guy is a kind of dangerous . Arjun hmm he is like that. Love u too dear TC and pls no sry between friends

  2. Awesome episode, What happen to Radhika, and who is the mystery man that changed Radhika? Waiting for the next update. πŸ™‚

    1. Thank you brin. He is the reason for Radhika’s weakness . That will be revealed in the due course. Will update on Monday

  3. Awesome update but u left me intrigued want to know the past . eagerly waiting for ur next update

    1. Gianna tried a new kind of plot hope u guys are enjoyig it . Are u ??? Next update is on Monday pakka promise

  4. Oh fantastic… Can u give me d link of the part 1.

    1. Rg this is the link of the first part. Hope u will read and enjoy it

  5. Awesome dear……. nice epi I loved it… waiting for next…… love u tc

    1. Deeva thank you for the comment . Will upload soon.

  6. ? so sad to c rads in dis condition ? i think. arjun ll get her back?✌ loved it ? love u dear??

    1. Yup Arjun is the medicine but it will not happen soon. Love u too darling

  7. Yeh Arjun…first scolded radhika then wanted to b with her…he climbed by a pipe …omg….i wanna know the person who made rads like this…i want to kill him….yo dear…u will rock I know…i prayed for u…gud luck…my twin will win every game of life ….exam kya chiz hai…lol…smile ???

    1. U are gonna see how many monkey stunts he is going to do in the future for Radhika and her smile . Ur prayers are really strong twin . Rocked the exams . Now all the exams are over no more exams here after . Yippieeeee

  8. Its just awesome dear…loved their bond…what happen to radhu…srsly can’t wait for next episode….pls update soon…love u…tc..

    1. Susi thanks for the comment . The next part is on monday and radhu had a sad past . Will be revealed . Love u too take care

  9. awesome episode……eagerly waiting next

    1. Thank you subha . Will update soon. U tc toooo love u

  10. Hi my little darling…SV this was awesome….loved it to the core was waiting for you to update …sorry for commenting late πŸ™‚ pls post the next one soon πŸ™‚ love you to moon and back πŸ™‚

    1. Di love u so much di. Di u said me not to ask sru and u r saying sry ??

      Di pls take care of ur health coz u r our energy booster. Love u till pluto di .

      1. pluto πŸ˜€ love you sweeti

      2. Love u too di <3 πŸ™‚

  11. Amazing update dear.. πŸ™‚
    Stay blessed and take care πŸ™‚

    1. Thank u sweetie. U take care too dear.

  12. Awesome episode, rads condition is miserable. ..who was that guy who made her like this….ahhhh….neil’s plan, wowwww arjun will be with rads…hmmm…I’m veryyyy curious to know what will happen next. …..keep it up. eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads. muaaaaahhhhhh

  13. Thank you roma. Wait ur questions would be answered in future. Love you lods dear.

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