Manmarziyan – Let me live Part 19

Tadaaa hiee all Im sv back to bang. Finally made it fwwww . How many days of desperate waiting i typed it. Thank u all for the lovely lovely words. Hope u guys are happy with the track. U all were asking about jai and his pair answer is here. Please do comment ur views as they mean a lot to me. Love u all. Spare me for the typos dont know what i have typed. Spare me for that too. Happy sunday all

Enjoy the ride….

Few days later…..
Jai was looking at something and smiled and said ; it’s show time dinesh i will nail u this time. U have messed up bad very bad. Not my radhika this time.
Teji who saw him talking to himself gulped and stood next to him.
Teji ; jjjaaaaiii…… jai
Jai ; hey my love im so happy u know why because the next step against dinesh dear.
Teji (with all excitement) ; what is that ??
Jai ; when i came through his records i came to know he was aligned that he had made a fake signature in his previous venture of his partner and looted the money . Poor man that partner who lodged his complaint was not taken as a case so finally he was cheated.
Teji ; ok what is there to do now ??
Jai (smiled and pulled his cheeks) ; well thats the point what if prove that he made a fake signature and looted the money.
Teji ; how can we prove it ??

Neil ; why old one when we have a new one in hand saying so he smiled.
Jai ; what he started here too ?? Neil nodded and smiled.
Jai ; Dinesh mishra u r finished man.
Teji ; jai he is ur father why are u so stubborn to nail him ?? Jai’s cute face turned red. Just his childhood flashed in front of him. His mother hos sister his own life dilip everything flashed. He had tears that was not because of his weakness because of his pain…..
Jai ; father does he know the meaning of that ?? For him money and woman are important my mother was married for money then for his pleasure he used my mother. I lost my own sister because he was busy with his work but did not take care of my sister who should be treated for her illness. She died because she was not treated in proper time. It was not even a week after my sister’s death he wanted my mother in his bed. How could she ?? Her little daughter was lost but he was not at all worried. After some time he started to ill treat my mother and me. The age where i should enjoy was destroyed by that monster. My mother due to the torture left me then i was his burden. So he left me in an orphanage. Say me one thing teji where is my fault or my mother’s fault or my sister’s fault to be treated so royally ?? Dont we deserve a good life. Both teji and neil was numb. They never knew always smiling and jolly jai has gone through this much in a much tender age. He is same as radhika who had gone through so much.
Jai (with teary eyes) ; i will never leave him at any cost. I am leaving home, will come tomorrow and his time to destroy starts, saying so he starts from bird song and goes out in his car.

Arjun was with radhika. He wanted to have some time with his lady love. He picked her from khanna’s residency and they went for a ride.
Radhika ; arjun if u dont mind shall we eat something in road side ?? He gave a glare.
Radhika ; if not ok then some dhaba. He was not able to hold more he laughed at her antics.
Arjun ; say me which is ur fav ??
Radhika ; food….. he gave a look… i mean any where it is ok but pls na wanna eat something spicy.
Arjun ; well how about some spicy chat road side. She licked her lips by twisting her tongue over her lips. He laughed hard and pulled her cheeks and said ; u look cute.
Radhika ; ok so lets get down it is there the spicy chat. He nodded and they had some fun time by talking and laughing. Just then teji messaged arjun to come to office. Arjun fakely banged his head. She laughed at his irritated face. After he finished his call Radhika; what happened ??
Arjun; teji wanted me to come to office. She held his hand and said ; come lets go then.
Arjun ; look at u radhika u r in ur track pant and a t.shirt yaar.
Radhika ; a free advice mr.mehra that is my company. So i can go in swimming suit also so come lets go he might called u for some important purpose. He saw her and smiled and left for the office.

Bird song……

Teji was pacing here and there and was pulling his hair and was muttering something. Neil and sam were busy munching some chips. He saw them when they made a crackling sound when they ate the chips. He again continued but when the sound continued he was pissed off.
Teji ; guys stop that it is…… it is irritating me like hell.
Sam(to add some more irritation) ; u want some.
Teji ; argh and continued his pace. Radhika came hopping and saw her dad and gave a flying kiss to him he too kissed her back by that. She entered the teji’s cabin and saw all. Arjun who went to parking came behind her. Radhika silently made her way to sit next to sam and took the chips and started to crunch it. Teji was desperately waiting for arjun and radhika gestured what is happening to nesam they shrugged their shoulders. She nodded back.
Radhika ; why are u worried teji. Teji just realsied that radhika came. He opened his mouth and closed and again opened it and at that time arjun came and closed his mouth. Rasam laughed at that. Arneil saw their love ladies and smiled. Teji was looking at that and cleared his throat to bring them back to normal. Both the brother’s jerked and came back to normal.
Arjun ; why did u call me in such a hurry ?? Neil rushed towards the boys and all the three went out to speak about jai.

Jai’s house….
Jai opens the door and his anger goes away when he looks at his cute little daughter jiya (his sister name he kept it as a remembrance of his sister.) The baby crawls with a cute smile and greets her dad. He throws his bag and he too crawls to her level. Jiya gets excited looking at him she crawls fast to him and makes her way to her dad. Both laughs big and he picks her and showers a kiss rain on her. She with her cute blabbering was saying something to him. He was nodding if not her voice would rise.
He was smiling at her for her demanding attention. Jai took her and made her sit on his lap and gave a ride sitting in the same place when he completed his first ride she was jumping which meant to do for more. He smiled and picked her up and walked towards the room and found his love lady the only reason for his existence his wife cute wife neha.
Neha ; so why is my husband soon today ?? And turned and found her most lovable site. Jiya and jai. She smiled and walked towards him. His world after the painful past was only revolved around neha and jiya. He never opens anything about them to the outer world which was full of thorns. They were his cute flowers. So he was protecting them from everyone even neha wanted only his love nothing more.
Jai ; well my wife was so cute so wanted to spend some time with her any problem for u ?? with a fake irritation voice.
Neha ; nothing problem for me but ur daughter is seemed to be pissed off this morning but now she is happy well once she starts to walk i guess she will run behind ur car and reach ur office before u reach. Jai laughed big and peaked his angle’s head and said ; did u hear jiya ur mom is saying u r troubling her i know u wont correct na baby ?? Jiya looked at her mom and then her dad and said something finally landed to dada. Jai who was asking for her to speak that word from her small mouth finally came out today. She was repeating it dada and raised her hand and held his hand tight again she spoke her language. The couple was so happy.
Jai ; jiya one more time baby say it dada….
Neha ; one more time princess dada say na dada…
Jiya ; daaaaaaaaaadddaaaaaaa and smiled with a cute 2 little teeth smile. Jai and neha jumped in happiness as their princess spoke her first word dada. They were enjoying their life with their jiya…

Dinesh’s house……

Dinesh was sitting in his room so happy as the first step against Bird song started. He transferred some of the shares in his name by buying the people more as he wants Bird song which was his pride and long time target. He was smiling remembering the negotiations made.
Dinesh’s pov ; money buys everything. I will buy it and make it mine. Bird song single owner DInesh Mishraa and nothing can stop me no one can stop me. I will make it mine forever and he smiled a little but that had full of devilishness……

Bird song office…..

Arjun who heard everything from teji and neil was shocked.
Arjun ; i never knew someone would go so low for money ??
Teji ; im really scared of jai. I saw his anger in his eyes. I dont want him to get hurt anymore. Neil rolled his eyes.
Arjun ; dont speak like a typical lover type teji. Teji made a face.
Teji ; He is my best friend just like u so shut and by the way when are u going to propose her ?? Arjun was shocked but somehow composed and asked as if he does not know anything with a confused face.
Arjun ; what are u talking teji hey neil do u know what is he meaning ??
Neil ; he is asking u when are u going to propose radhika is this enough or should we need to explain more and raised his eye brows. Arjun’s jaw dropped teji silently laughed.
Arjun ; total family a mental case. He turns the other side he smiles and goes out. Rasam were busy with their talks.
Arjun ; radhika come lets go….
Radhika ; u dont have office ??
Arjun ; hmmm kadai panner.
Radhika ; come lets go sammy bye and peaked her cheeks and rushed out holding arjun’s hand. He smiled all the way and then they left the office…

Next day……

Jai starts from his lovely house to the office. His mind was making all the arrangement to nail his so called father. From his pov if something is wrong committed who so ever it is should be punished. He got a call. He saw the number and smiled at it.
Jai ; have u made the necessary arrangement ??
Other side ; ———————————-
Jai ; good so it will be a valid proof for us to make him guilt ??
Other side ; ———————————-
Jai ; ok then today do as per the plan change the shares in his name and then the game starts. After few discussions, jai said to himself ; Dinesh mishra pray to god if u believe in him because it is me whom are u gonna meet. Jai Mishra secret agent. U are going to pay for what u have done to my sister jiya and radhika then to my mother and to my dad dilip and my mom mala and to me too come to me baby fall inside the pit which u have dig years back. Jai smiled in between his tears.

DInesh who did not know what is going around him took the shares which was offered to him as per the plan which was made by jai and he signed the papers. The person gave a devilish smile to him and dinesh after that thought ; i have got what i want to get 40 % in my hand samrat i will take what is mine.
Person’s POV ; Dinesh be happy now i have helped jai just to see u fall on the floor. U think money is power but u dont know that will be the same thing which is going to make u fall. Count ur days dinesh u r not going to smile the way u r smiling today.
Person ; have a good day sir and left him and said to himself ; dad he took away ur life because he cheated u and u were not able to take it. Dont worry dad justice will be served.

Thats it guys for today Hope i have made it a bit interesting. Pls do comment ur views. Love u all Stay strong stay blessed and dont forget to smile……

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    Outstanding episode, Eagerly waiting for the next update. 🙂

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    Superb dii….update soon….love u ?

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    Who is that person with jai?? radhika has a brother?? teji jai bond is nice… and when will arjun propose raadhika?? waiting for next update,post it soon sv….

  6. Jia n jiya were so cute …….. e very thing was awesome

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    Aahaaaa….sv… back with my comments….like u r back with letmelive???
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    N teji n neils tease was needed 4 arju…..
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