Manmarziyan – Let me live part 18

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Enjoy the ride….

Let me live…
The engagement party was in full swing. All were enjoying and nesam were in full of happy time. Arjun who was enjoying his parent’s happy moment searched for radhika but she was not found anywhere. He left the matter for that time but his heart was alerting him that she is not fine. He started to find her she was not found. He called teji and jai to look for her without disturbing others. All the three were searching and arjun started to become restless called her number but then he reaslised that her mobile was with him as she asked him to keep it when she was busy with her ice cream. Arjun got a spark and he searched for her in the dining place but she was not found. He was searching and got slipped as he had hit on some cloth. He fell down and found radhika lying in unconscious state.
His heart stopped to see her like that. He immediately rushed to her and picked her up in his lap and shook her but she was totally unconscious. Arjun picked her and asked teji to take the car and they went out without saying it to others as they did not wanted to spoil the happy mood. From the distance dinesh saw arjun picking up radhika and he smirked and left the engagement area.
Teji called and informed jai that to inform the family after the other people leave. Jai did the same.
Arjun kept radhika in his lap and was trying to wake her but she did not open her eyes.
Arjun ; teji maximum speed pls she is not responding. Teji nodded and drived in the maximum level speed which can be done.
Arjun ; radhika……radhika wake up pls wake up and shook her hard and she slowly opened her eyes max small level of her eyes are open and arjun saw her and his life came back when she did that and she said” aaarrrrrr……..” and fainted again.
Arjun ; radhika…….. (in a louder voice ) radhika……… and shook her and said nothing will happen to u radhika. Pls wake up for me pls…..plss……. i cannot see u like this wake up……
Teji(turned to arjun) ; reached arjun.

Arjun nodded and picked her up in his hands and rushed inside the hospital and shouted and called the doctor and again spoke to radhika ; we came radhika dont worry…………. radhika wake up i have ur fav icecream pls wake up speak radhika don’t sleep idiot wake up……doctor……. and after few minutes the doctor came and asked him to calm down and arjun started to shout the doctor. Teji rushed to the place and held arjun and asked doctor to examine her.

Samrat was blasting the caters as he purposefully mentioned that not to use mushroom or cauliflower and garlic as they make radhika sick but all those foods were done on those base. Piyali was hell scared as when she was small, accidentally she took mushroom and to made her sick of vomiting and she fainted and she came back from critical stage when she was so young from that time they made it a point not to give her that and today everything was in mushroom and cauliflower base.

Jai ; uncle pls can we leave to the house and so that we can go to the hospital. He nodded and all started to the hospital after changing. Piyali was shell scared and so was sam but neil called teji.
Neil ; teji how is radhika ?? what is happening there ??
Teji ; doctors are looking at radhika. Neil come soon arjun is shell scared and so restless. If sam is here then it would be better to handle him coz he only listens to her after radhika.

Neil ; we are going to come there after leaving uncle and aunty with mom and dad. I will bring sam with me dont worry and they held the call.
Teji looks at arjun who was just tapping his leg in the tension and clutching his hand tight because of fear with a lone tear which is in the verge of falling from his eyes. Teji just rubbed arjun’s shoulders and arjun nodded but his scare was written in his face.
Teji ; she will be fine.
Arjun ; she was enjoying the function and suddenly when i saw her in that state i was lost teji i was dead. She will be fine na ??
Teji ; atleast for u she will be fine. Arjun nodded but his heart wanted to listen to her blabbering atleast once now immediately.


Piyali and samrat were arguing with nesam that they will also come. Neil saw nandhini and she nodded and said ; piyali u and sir(samrat) have been stressed for a long time, they will go and inform us what has happened , see ur feet has swollen.
Piyali ; my daughter is more important than my health nandhini pls i too want to go.
Neeraj ; we will go tomorrow morning if they need us we will go then but pls take rest……..neil sam u guys start those 2 are scary heads may scare radhika .
Piyali ; sam pls inform me regularly pls if anything needed then call me i will come there, pls sam. Sam nodded and hugged and said ; relax piyu i will call u once i go there. Ok ?? piyali too nodded.


Doctor came out and said ; she is out of danger but she is still under observation as the food which she took was poisonous, it had mushroom which was not suitable for cooking. Arjun was shocked as he knew radhika once said that she is allergic to mushroom and he knew that samrat wil not take any chance when it comes to radhika.
Doctor ; u can go and see her now. Arjun nodded and teji said ; u go and see her i will wait for jai and others to come. Arjun nodded in a thankful way and teji smiled back. He rushed inside and found her sleeping. She was pale sick but she was cute. He went close to her and held her hand and saw her with full love in his eyes.

Arjun (to sleeping radhika) ; i never knew u will be so important to me radhika. But after today come what may i will not leave u. Let us fight the battle together radhika. If this is called love then i will say yes i love u so much from my heart. Its always u for me. He slowly held her hand and she was crooking her eye brows and she held her stomach and started to twist and turn because of pain and arjun started to panic and stood to call the doctor but she held his hand tight. With mixture of emotions he saw her with teary eyes. She was crying in pain.

Arjun ; radhika i will call the doctor, she did not hear him but tightened her grip. He rubbed her forehead, her hand and called teji through phone to call the doctor. Doctors rushed to the room and they were treating her.
Arjun came out and was standing looking at her through the glass window. He was looking at her and she was trembling in pain. (this was the perfect song for this situation, from the movie naanum rowdy dhan its with translation enjoy that song)

Kannana Kanne, Nee Kalangadhadi.
Kannana Kanne, Nee Kalangadhadi.
Nee Kalangadhadi.

Oh you, the apple of my eye, don’t feel rattled.(2)
don’t feel rattled.

Yaar Pona, Yaar Pona Enna,
Yaar Pona, Yaar Pona, Yaar Pona Enna, Naan Irupenadi.
Nee Kalangaadhadi.

Who leaves you, Who leaves you,(2)
No Matter who leaves you, I will be there for you.
don’t feel rattled.

Oru Ganam Oru Podhum Piriya Koodaadhey.
En Uyire, En Uyire, Nee Azhuga Koodaadhey,
Nee Kanda Kanavu Edhumey Kalaiya Koodaadhey.
Naan Irukkum Naal Varaikkum Nee Azhuga Koodaadhey.

Not a single moment, never ever, leave my side for years.
my love, oh, my love – you should never be shedding any more tears.
All your dreams come to fruition, before everything clears,
Until the day I live, you should never be shedding any more tears.

Kedachadha Ezhakkuradhum,
Ezhandhadhu Kedaikiradhum,
Adhukku Pazhaguradhu, Nyaayam Dhaanadi.

Losing what you have,
Gaining what you lost &
getting used to it – is justified in life.

Kuduthadha Edukkuradhum,
Vera Onna Kudukkuradhum,
Nadanthatha Marakkuradhum,
Vazhakkam Dhaanadi.

Taking what was given,
And being given something else,
moving on from what has happened,
is common with fate.

Kannaana Kanne Nee Kalangaadhadi,
En Uyiroda Aadhaaram Needhaanadi.
Kannaana Kanne Nee Kalangaadhadi,
Yaar Pona Enna Naan Irupenadi.

Oh you, the apple of my eye,
don’t feel rattled.
You are the foundation of my soul.
Oh you, the apple of my eye, don’t feel rattled.
No Matter who leaves you, I will be there for you.

En Veral Idukkula Un Veral Kedakkanum,
Nasungura Alavukku Irukki Na Pudikkanum.
Naan Kanna Thorakkaiyil,
Un Mugam Theriyanum,
Usurulla Varaikkume Unakkenna Pudikannum.
Kadal Alai Pola, Un Kaal Thottu Orasi,
Kadal Ulla Poravan Naan Illa di
Kadal Manna Pola Un Kaaloda Otti,
Kara Thaandum Vara Naan Irupenadi.

In the gaps in my fingers,
I should find your fingers,
so as to mush them with my love,
as I hold them with my hands.
When I wake up and open my eyes,
yours, should be the face I see.
As long as I live,your love for me should never end.
Unlike the the sea waves,
I will not come by to touch your feet and go back into the sea.
I am like the sea sand, that sticks to your feet,
and will be there to get you to the shore, for me to see.

Kannaana Kanne Nee Kalangaadhadi,
En Uyiroda Aadhaaram Needhaanadi.
Kannaana Kanne Nee Kalangaadhadi,
Yaar Pona Enna Naan Irupenadi.

Oh you, the apple of my eye,
don’t feel rattled.
You are the foundation of my soul.
Oh you, the apple of my eye,
don’t feel rattled.
No Matter who leaves you,
I will be there for you.

Oru Ganam Oru Podhum Piriya Koodaadhey.
En Uyire, En Uyire, Nee Azhuga Koodaadhey,
Nee Kanda Kanavu Edhumey Kalaiya Koodaadhey.
Naan Irukkum Naal Varaikkum Nee Azhuga Koodaadhey.

Not a single moment, never ever, leave my side for years.
my love, oh, my love – you should never be shedding any more tears.
All your dreams come to fruition, before everything clears,
Until the day I live, you should never be shedding any more tears.

Nitham Nitham Nee Odanjaa,
Otta Vekka Naan Irukken,
Kitta Vechu Paathukuve Nee Vayendi.
Pethavanga Pona Enna,
Sathamilla Un Ulagil,
Nitham Oru Mutham Vekka Dhan Uyir Vaazhurendi.

Even if you break down often,
I am there to hold you together,
I will keep you close and
take care of you, come to me.
So what if your parents have gone,
in your silent world,
to be there for you and kiss you, is what keeps me alive.

Nesam and jai rushed to the place and saw teji and arjun talking with the doctor.
Doctor ; dont need to worry she will be fine tomorrow but she will have to continue the medicines . All nodded and sam was holding arjun’s hands. Arjun hugged sam and cried like a kid.

Arjun ; im scared sam she will be alright right ??

Sam ; Arjun nothing will happen to her and we will not let her in pain. She will be fine by 2 days.
Arjun ; she was struggling in pain.
Sam (smiled and rubbed his back) ; its because of the food she had arjun nothing will happen to her now come on my boy. Arjun smiled at those words. Sam used to cheer him up by saying “come on my boy”

Arjun ; u still not changed.
Sam ; why should i ??
Teji ; im starving guys.
Jai ; here u go my sweet heart and gave a roll. Teji twinkled his eyes. Sam was looking at them in doubtful face. Arjun was feeling better, the way they were making him feel smile.

Few days later…….

Radhika was taken to the house, she was fine yet she had some kind of pain and irritation in her stomach. Piyali was taking care of her like kid and sam became the nurse for radhika and she made sure that radhika was taking medicines as it was a medal winning challenge for sam to make radhika take her medicines.
Arjun tip toed and entered the room by making sure that piyali and sam was not there. Radhika was lying on the bed on her stomach. Arjun smiled at her as she was busy counting her hairs (literally doing nothing but awake), he sat near her and nudged her. She saw him and her eyes widened as she was seeing him literally after 1 week. She hugged him, he too hugged her back.
Radhika ; missed u arjun.
Arjun ; what do u want ??
Radhika ; How did u find that ?? i want some cold ice cream arjun my tongue is dead with the stupid medicine and nonsense type food, u know some tasty, yummy, hmm lovely ice cream pls.
Arjun (from the behind took something and kept that in front) ; here have ur yummy tasty and lovely ice cream.
Radhika (top of her voice) ; yipppp……arjun closed her mouth and husked ; close ur mouth and eat.
Radhika ; how will i close my mouth and eat.
Arjun ; very funny eat before sam or aunty comes. She nodded and finished it in a minute. Arjun was all the time staring at her with full of love.
Radhika (fully stuffed mouth) ; its lovely arjun ur the best love u so much.
Arjun ; i love u too take care. She nodded and he left the room and jai called arjun.

Arjun ; yes jai arjun speaking.
Jai ; good its him i guess.
Arjun ; he did not come to the engagement.
Jai ; see thats the trick he is playing teji saw him in the car, not sure but he saw a man like him.
Arjun ; im done jai lets just make him pay for what he did.
Jai ; do u think i have not started that. Arjun smiled and said ; u r the best when it comes to nailing it.
Jai ; ur pleasure dear. How is she ??
Arjun ; all good but a bit sick i guess the way she looks.
Jai (giggles) ; u r the best arjun. Come lets start the next level of the game we are playing.
Arjun ; im so happy to play but my best friend ??
Jai ; he is my love now.
Arjun ; u r seriously impossible jai but u guys are looking adorable when u are together.
Jai (laughed big) ; thank u for the complement come soon jai. Arjun smiled and cancelled the call and turned and saw sam and radhika busy talking and she was smiling her heart out with sam. Arjun made a promise ; i will always make u smile like this radhika i promise….

Precap ; next game play of arjun, teji, jai and neil..

Thats it guys a kind of a filmy right cant help it as im a film maniac. Lol love u all stay blessed and stay strong and dont forget to smile. Love u all. Muhhhaaaaaa

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