Manmarziyan – Let me live part 16

Hloo all sry again i always i am late sry again and pls do say me your views as they really mean a lot to me…. and thank you all for your lovely comment. Love you all….

Enjoy the ride….

Radhika was working found that it was late. She turned and found out no one was there. She did not bother much but someone pulled her and it was dinesh.
Dinesh ; u r making me wait for so many days dear its ur time for pay back for what ur father did.
Radhika ; im not scared of u Mr. Dinesh………. she struggled and was trying to remove herself from him.
Dinesh ; not so fast sweet heart and gained over her.
She removed herself from his hand and picked the stapler in her hand which dinesh did not see and he smiled and that was a wicked smile. He placed his hand over hand to hold it tight but she punched the stapler over his wrist and he removed his hand with screaming in pain . She did not leave him then. She punched another pin over his hand and poked his eyes and punched hard over his nose. He trembled in pain because of the attack and shouted radhika and woke up and found that he was in house and that too he was having a dream. It was more of night mare. He splashed some water but his mind was full of that thought.

The engagement was 2 days from the present day. The whole team was busy for the preparation and that was the perfect timing for the step 2 against dinesh. Jai this time teams up with teji and arjun as he knew arjun was hell anger on dinesh and this would be the perfect pay back for dinesh. Teji went to dinesh’s cabin for some signing and he gave a peculiar variety of pen for him to sign the papers. Dinesh who saw that signed without any hesitation. Teji took the pen and came back to his cabin.
Jai ; what happened ?? Teji made thumps up.
Arjun ; dinesh u r so dead mister for what u have done to my radhika. Jai and teji looked at each other but did not speak out. They removed a skin like material from the pen and they had the thump impression of dinesh and all gave a victorious smile to each other.
Dinesh went to his private locker and he kept his thump to open it. He had a private space area for all his documents and looted properties so that no one can find it. It was inside a big building and no one knows what is there in that building as many had their own private space where they can store anything. The only entry was their thump impression followed by their voice command. The building was called security.

Dinesh entered the building and made his thump impression but it did not recognize. Again he tried it again it did not take the thump impression the third time he tried and yet again the system declined and the alarm started to shout and the whole building was shaken by the alarm sound the doors of the room were shut automatically and the armed people surrounded him. He was just staring at all of them. They were pointing the gun towards him.
Dinesh ; what the hell is this im dinesh can’t u see me ??

One armed security ; sry sir u are not allowed to enter the building .
Dinesh ; what nonsense im the owner of 2 rooms in this building and how can u say me that im not allowed to enter the building ??
Just then the manager comes and asks the security to put the guns down.
Manager ; may i help u sir ??
Dinesh ; i want to enter and i donno why but it is not accepting the thump impression. He asked him to try again. Dinesh shouted ; i tried it thrice.
Manager ; sir one last time please. To the surprise itvwas accepted and he was not able to understand what how and why is happening around him.

Just then a man comes out of the building with a smile. Dinesh who wanted to take some documents forgot everything and started to panic as first the bank balance was changed and now the thump impression. He seriously thought that he might have stressed himself so he appointed for a depression session with the well known psychiatric doctor so that he can get out of the trauma.

Teji ; what happened ??
Arjun ; well u should see his face when they surrounded him with the guns.
Jai ; don’t worry i have that footage.
Arjun ; where are u jai ??
Jai ; control room of the so called building security .
Teji ; u there ?? But how ??
Jai ; teji did u forget im a computer analyst and i can make use of it for a good cause.
Teji ; I cannot understand u jai. Who r u seriously.
Jai ; somethings is better if not known.
Teji ; fine say me after sometime…

Rasam house…….

Sam ; radhika not there left left ya…… ya……there only there aaahhh……. yes…yes…….
Radhika ; sammy my hands are paning yaar now eat here and she fed her again.
Sam ; hands r full of mehandhi radhu be a good sister and now starch my shoulder now.
Radhika ; here ??
Sam ; yes there …. there…. there and finally radhika who was fed up took a comb and started to scratch sam’s shoulder and back. Neil who came saw rasam and smiled the sisters work. Sam was enjoying radhika’s scratch. But radhika was fed up as she was scratching for more time but sam is not saying enough. Neil signed radhika and she smiled and said ; samu i will bring more food for u as u ate it fully.
Radhika waved him to enter the room and they gave hifi in the air without making noise and he gave a flying kiss too. Neil slowly tiptoed and hugged her from back. Sam jerked and struggled to remove herself from him.
Neil ; we r bound to be together for 7 lives baby u cannot escape from me so soon. Sam came to know that it is neil and she who was struggling now relaxed and said ; oh poor neil im feeling sorry for you as u have to bear me for 7 lives.
Neil ; well thats true.
Sam ; what and turned who arms folding and with a fake angry just to make him nervous.
Sam ; what did u say ??
Neil ; sam …… sammy sorry i didnt mean to even though it was the truth.
Sam ; u r so dead mister and she started to hit him using her elbow as she does not want to ruin her mehandhi which was totally dried but even then….. neil held her hand not the mehandhi part and pinned her in the wall and was seriously close to her. Sam’s heart beat was now audible. He gave a cute dimple smile and said ; u and me are not for 7 lives but for eternity and he kissed her . There was a knock sound……
Neil ; ya radhu come in ……. and they were standing as if nothing happened.
Radhika ; so ……… if u give me permission can i feed my sister the food or are u doing that too ?? And gave a mischievous smile.
Neil ; well no problem i will feed my wife the food but if u want to…….. his talk was interepted by radhika’s phone tune. She gave the plate to neil and gestered him to feed her and she went out.
Radhika ; hiee whats up ??
Arjun ; well im confused about tomo…….
Radhika ; what confusion ??
Arjun ; dress of course can u help me ??
Radhika ; do u need to ask me but u said pls so one condition do that for me then I’ll help u .
Arjun ; im crossing my heart and saying anything…… she giggled.
Radhika ; u r an expert designer so can u put mehandhi for me in my hand ?? Pls sam was done but only she puts mehandhi for me but as her hands are full i want u to do it.
Arjun ; thats it ?? Its a matter of a cake but not now as i am not home so wjat say after some time when i reach ur home ??
Radhika ; not at all a problem but pls come ok bye and she helds the call and comes down but found him sitting in the hall with his signature smile and winks at her. She rolls her eyes and gave a death glare.
Samrat ; radhu arjun came and do u know that ??
Radhika ; ooh……. and gave a glare to him but he was busy talking with his dad. He did notice her and controlled his laugh and with a fake way…
Arjun ; hiee radhika when did u come ??
Radhika ; haa 24 years back….
Arjun ; nice joke radhika let me laugh tomorrow. She was way more irritated. She gave a fake smile and left the place.
Radhika ; ma im hungry…..
Piyali ; hungry or angry ?? Radhika Donna why but she was irritated by all.
Radhika ; fine when will u eat ??
Piyali ; more than half an hour, why ??
Radhika ; i want to eat with u no no i want to take food from ur plate so not more than half an hour. And she turned and saw arjun coming inside the kitchen. Radhika saw and stamped his foot and went out without looking at him.
Piyali ; arjun what Did u guys did to her she is the way she used to be short tempered the way she used to be when she was with di….
Arjun ; nothing aunty just irritated her to the max she started to react and both laughed. Radhika who went out came back.
Piyali ; it is just 2 minutes from u left radhu …..
Radhika ; i came to drink water ma and banged the tumbler on the slab after drinking water. Arjun knew she was angry on him as she wanted her hands to have mehandhi.
Arjun ; i will come aunty and she nods her head.

Radhika’s room….
She was walking like an angry tiger a peak of anger first sam then arjun and now piyali and mehandhi in her hand as its was a big day for her sister her dear sam but she did not know how to put mehandhi in her right hand ?? Arjun who came saw her and donno why but hugged her tight and rubbed her back.
Arjun ; angry bird relax…… relax…… his words seduced her anger and does not know how is he controlling her and why is her heart always excusing him ??
Arjun ; where is the cone radhika ?? She points the table and the cone was there and he breaks the hug and holds her hand and makes her sit and starts to lut mehandhi and she was curiously looking at that. He writes capital r but that was like capital a so it was a r which says arjun and radhika. Finally he was done and she was about to move…
Arjun ; dont u want to eat ??
Radhika ; ya thats y im going to mom.
Arjun ; tan tada…… and takes the plate but full of fruits….
Radhika ; arjun mom has made roti and my fav paneer pls i want that to eat.
Arjun ; shush…..radhika this is for ur good.
Radhika ; arjun pls even if u dont give me food its ok but not fruits.
Arjun ; radhika …….with a fed up but concerned voice. She made a pout face and opens her mouth.
Arjun ; woo what a big mouth. Tgats why u eat the burger within 2 bites. She cloesd her mouth and says ; now dont play with my hunger give me before i bite u. He smiles and she eats the full plate of all the fruits and he was about to go but stopped by her call.
Radhika ; arjun u will be with me always na ??
Arjun ; always now sleep tomo u have to wear the red lehenga that one.
Radhika ; u ??
Arjun ; the dress u selected. She smiled at him…..

Precap – encounter of nandhini and neeraj nesam’s engagement.

How was it ?? Was it nice ??? Please do say me your comments. Love you all and always smile and stay blessed. Dont forget to drop your views.

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  1. it was too cute

    1. S.v

      Thank u kk

  2. Brin

    Awesome episode, encounter with Nandini interesting, waiting for the next update. πŸ™‚

    1. S.v

      Thank u so much brin nandhini and neeraj will come face to face in the next part . Love u lods .

  3. Jessie

    Aarambame super ma..!! Why girls alone shud.hv nightmare? Stapler..!! I loved tat!!
    Arjun..jai..teji..a team.!! AWW..My Radhika!!.appidi podu.!.loved tat security bang he booked 4 counselling…hahhah good result…! Jai..wat u are.. I too is hiding sumthing..?
    Loved Rasam..Nesam.scenes.. Ardhika world was.awesome..Hmm.. he irritated her n then behaving like good boy.. Mehendi n health conscious…
    mm…mmmm.. enada nadakudhu inga(vadivelu style) reading.. Thank u.. will be waiting 4 nxt update.. TC n loads of love..

    1. S.v

      Jessie thank u for the words. Jai hmmm wait pannu ma avlo seekarama epdi theriyum ?? Wait baby wait ?? Arjun is always possessive when it cimes to his radhika adha nee paapa seekaramavey and im happy that u enjoyed reading this. Love u lods my jessie.

  4. Rossy

    Yay…twin…it was a treat to see Dinesh scared…he needed to be afraid more…aargh?? he killed n tortured everyone…Arjun n mehendi…omg…from where did such splendid ideas come…pen n fingerprint..awesome…need to see Dinesh behind bars with a third degree torture…

    1. S.v

      Twin u will see him all scared more and more as jai is there to make him go mad and he will make him run u will see that too. Arjun will be soo good whe he is around radhoka

      1. S.v

        It got posted before I finished the comment. Love u dear and u will get more and more treat . Love u

  5. Aadia

    It was so nice dear..feeling pity for that bad Dinesh..Jai seems to be mysterious..angry bird Radz..i liked Piyali asking hungry or angry.. A R in sweet ..waiting for other updates too..bye bye..

    1. S.v

      Thank you soo much aadia. Well piyali’s dialogue was my mom’s. Same whenever I go and ask he he he. Sure dear will update soon and other ff too. Love u lods.

  6. Jnana

    Soooooper she ooooper….. Okay….. How do I explain my views……. Hmmm let me start from my fav nesam….. Yaar they are cute love birds……. Don’t ever try to separate them ever…… I will…… What will I do….. ??? Haaa….. I will pinch you ….. Punch you….
    And ardhika they are perfect……. I love your writing….. You people are soooo talented…… When I was studying I used to ask the toppers to lend me their brain for the exams and I would return later…… So now I’m asking you to lend your brain every weekend for me so that I can make my ff interesting…… So will you lend me?????? Please na I’ll pay rent if you lend ant okay….. And yeah…. At the start I felt that dinesh dream was true….. If it was then I would have danced like mad….. Waiting for the next….. Post soon….tc…..

    1. S.v

      You are a big fan of nesam right i know that when you ask to put something on sam’s head in HAK , oh my gosh pinching it will pain and i will not hurt Nesam as they are my fav too. Here our main person of honour is dinesh dear how can o think other than him ?? My brain super….. serious ?? i will give it and you should not curse me then claiming nothing good. No rent and all dear take it free. Jnana the dream will come true but a different way. You will see that… Thank you so much and love you lods.

  7. Sweetie

    Choo chweet Jaan..Wow!!Arjun put mehandi..Haayee!! I was blushing while I was reading that part.. πŸ˜€ Dinesh toh gaya kaam se..Haha.. πŸ™‚ How many shades does Jai have??Seriously,he is too good.. πŸ˜€ Love you loads Jaan and take care.. πŸ™‚

    1. S.v

      Jaan thank you so much. Arjun does anything for Radhika . Wow my jaan is blushing wish i see your face im in dream land to see that. Dinesh ko eek sirf eek start baby he will have more. Jai hmmm he has many will be revealed in time pakka you will like that character i guess. Love you lods too and you too take care and bear my hugs and kisses too…

  8. Gauri

    Yipeeeeeeee Loved the way dinesh was scared …. πŸ˜€ Sam made Radhika scratch her back….he he tat was so real….loved NeSam and Arardhika moments πŸ™‚ awesome SV …..loved each and every line πŸ™‚ I want Dinesh to be scared like a mouse …. πŸ™‚ waiting for the next love you my cutie pie πŸ™‚

    1. S.v

      Gauri di thank you so much he he he di ya di but i donno why after applying mehandhi only the nose will itch and back will needed to be scratched. Happens always used that here di. Thank u so much di love you tons.

  9. Loved the way they are turning this Dinesh crazy, loved that part . Rasam were so cute scratching with a comb ? Arjun applied mehndi wow he is multi talented. Loved the update

    1. S.v

      Thanks gia yup he does only for his radhika love you too.

  10. Dipika

    Sv darling m sending flying kissess to u for making all colors fly from dinesh’s me dinesh ka face dekhne layak tha…very amazingly written..nesam n aradhika moments so cute yarrr..teasing their partners… Excited for i want to see dinesh more helpless… Loads of love..muhha

    1. S.v

      Dipika thank you dear well eey sirf trailer hai picture abhi bhaki hai meri dost. So you will see the different dinesh from now on and yup pls wait dear will update the next part after the other ffs been completed. Love you dipika

  11. Sammy

    dinesh that tharki ..he will never change ….too good punishment ..making him mad Ardhika moments ..i will be like awww so sweet ..nesam they are like show stealer ..i loved it to the core

    1. S.v

      Thank u . Dinesh will get more dear. Wait and warch . U happy then im happy too. Love u tons. Muuhhhaaa.

  12. outstanding epoisode……………

    1. S.v

      Thank u

  13. _Ritu

    Sv superb update..Dinesh scared…yipee.. πŸ™‚ πŸ˜€ give him more punishments….Arjun applying mehndi to Rads… I was really getting jealous from Rads dat tym πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰ NeSam were too cute…one request dear…Bring someone for Jai nd Teji also…waiting for nxt…nd plz update 2 states as πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

    1. S.v

      Ritu thanks a ton dear and woo feeling jealous of radhika aahaa aahaa . Jai and teji how about that pair lol I did not think of that ya its been long time for 2 states too. Will update them all. Thank u so much lovw u tons.

  14. Awesome, wowwww SV very cute n lovely episode. ..rasam were so lovelyyyyyy … neil is too cute….arjun teased rads n then put henna on her hand…so sweeeeeet moment…loved it to the coreeeee. …dinesh’s nightmare was very awesoooooome. …rads should do this in real to him…lol…keep it up honeyyy. Love you loads my sweeeeeetheart muaaaaahhhhhh Bear hug πŸ˜‰

    1. S.v

      Thanks a ton roma I was really waiting for ur comment. Im really happy for ur words dear yes dinesh’s dream will come true and arjun will be so cool when he is with radhika. Love u tons roma.

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