Manmarziyan Let me live Part 13


Hiee all its been soo many days since i have updated LML totally forgot sorry for the delay here is the next part of the journey please do say me your valuable views. Love you all ….

Enjoy the ride….

Radhika always made sure that’s she was with Arjun or Nesam or Teji as she was not that sure to face Dinesh all alone as she made him mad by her insult and she knew he will surely try to hurt her, so she pestered Arjun by going to his room for a stupid and silly reason.
Finally after the torture of 5 days Arjun and Teji made their space inside the cabin of Radhika. Radhika came a bit late and found some space in her room. She started to work at that time Teji was covered with his face full of stuffs and she just saw him and he was struggling to enter the room. She opened and he was struggling to keep his stuff .
Radhika ; Teji let me help you. She slowly helps him with the stuff. In between Arjun too came and shouted on top of his voice to open the door. She kept her hand over her head and opened the he kept his stuffs on the floor and all set the the room.
Radhika ; Why are you guys shifting your stuffs in my room ??
Arjun ; You are torturing us , so we thought that we will come to your room so that we can take your torture once and for all. Teji just nodded and his eyes sparkled. Just then there was a call in the intercom and Sam informed that all to come to the conference hall. Ardhika and Teji entered and some employees were standing including Nesam. A tall guy was standing talking to Samrat and he was smiling while talking.
Samrat ; dear all my family of bird song let me introduce you the new creative head of the bird song. Jai…….. all clapped their hands but jai was searching to look at Radhika and Sam. Finally he found them in the midst of the crowd. He smiled looking at them.
Radhika was able sense that she has already seen to him. Sam at that time came to Radhika keeping her elbow over her shoulder and biting her nail said “ Radhika I guess we have seen him before. I donno where but I have seen him.
Radhika ; I too have that feel. But do you remember where did we saw him ?? They were talking and at that time Jai came and saw those 2 girls and smiled and left the place. Both Rasam shacked their shoulders and left for their work.
He enters his room and takes his wallet and saw a picture of Radhika and Sam with himself. All the three were holding their hand. He rubs his fingers over the picture and has a small tears.
Jai ; Radhika and Sam sorry for leaving you both for so many days. I’m back to safe guard you guys from my so called father Dinesh. Your jai bhai has come to you before Sam’s engagement. He smiles and thinks of their childhood.
Jai was the son of Dinesh . After his mother’s demise dinesh felt Jai as a burden so he made him to join the orphanage. Dilip who came to know about that made a secret meeting with Jai and he will make sure that Radhika and Sam (sam used to come when she was in dilip’s house on vacation) are taken to that place and Dilip changed the orphanage to a boarding school as Jai felt bad to Radhika and Sam and once said that even though he had his father he was in an orphanage. When Dilip was dead Jai was in school final. Due to his good marks he got scholarship and he had completed his study and after many jobs finally he found his 2 darling sisters. So even Jai did not disclose his true identity to them but was with them and was happy to have them back. Rasam too became close to Jai within days.
Nesam’s engagement was approaching and for that shopping for the same was to be done. Nesam were with Nandhini in a car and Piyali and Samrat asked the kids to choose the dress for them as the other arrangements for the engagement to be made and Ardhika after work joined the others with Teji.
The whole shop was in chaos which was made by Radhika and Sam to choose a dress to Neil. Sam will say one dress but radhika will say no when Radhika brings a dress Sam will say no when they both say yes Neil will not like the colour. The worker took all the dress in the rack and was fed up with the chaos. Arjun who was waiting for more than 2 hours pulled a shervani and signaled Neil. Neil who saw the shervani liked that and gave that to Rasam. Both saw him and said this was the first shervani which we liked idiot. Finally the shop person gave a breath of relief.
Radhika was trying some lehanga and was looking at the mirror which would be suitable. Arjun who was staring at her through the mirror nodded not nice. She saw him through the mirror and asked the other one. He made his tongue out at a disgusting taste. After 3 to 4 Arjun signed her a pink lehanga . She saw that and asked him to make sure that this was the one which he was saying. He from the mirror signaled yes. She took the lehanga and went for a trial. Neil and Teji noticed that and nodded ok ok and went to take the dress for the others. In between Teji dragged Arjun to other side but Arjun was waiting for Radhika to come.
Teji ; Arjun come let’s take a dress for you.
Arjun ; I’ll come you go.
Teji ; Nothing doing come and select a dress for you and he was pestering.
Arjun(with full irritation waiting for Radhika) ; Radhika will select for me so don’t worry no go and pushed him. Teji ran to Nesam and said that and Nandhini heard their conversation and was happy for her son’s choice.
Neil ; Engagement is for me but they are romancing ?? How unromantic wife are you sam learn from her.
Sam ; Shut up neil Radhika is still a small girl.
Neil ; who said she is more fast than you just look and turned her to see radhika coming out with the dress Arjun selected. The whole floor turned and saw her, but she was only looking at Arjun. He was not blinking to miss her even a second. She was like an angle, Cinderella who was coming for the dance.
Radhika saw Arjun with a smile.
Radhika ; Do I suit for this dress ??
Arjun ; The dress suits you very well radhika. You look gorgeous in this dress. God I skipped my heart beat. She giggled at his words and said “ So you like it right ??”
Arjun ; Like it ?? Stupid love it now go and come back soon I want to select my dress. My best friend’s engagement and I want to look perfect and also to match u.
Radhika ; You are something Arjun wait I’ll come. She came out changed and was looking for Arjun. At that time she got a message. 3rd floor men’s section. She smiles and gives the lehanga to Sam and goes to the 3rd floor. Arjun was waiting for her and she came up and they were thoroughly examining the dress and finally Radhika came out with a light pink shirt and with a black pant. Formals and asked him to try that. He came out and she made thumps up and he smiled looking at her. At that time a girl who came with her boy friend looked at Arjun.Radhika who saw that was hell angry as she is looking at Arjun and trying to flirt. Radhika pushed him inside the trial room and gave a glare to the girl and it was like mind your business. Finally the preparations were all on and Radhika brought a shervani for Arjun as a surprise and one for Jai too.
Samrat informed Radhika that Neeraj is coming for the engagement. Rasam shouted Yaa and Neil’s heart was beating fastly as he is going to see his dad after years. He saw Rasam and they winked their eyes, he came to know that, that was also the part of their plan to make him happy.
He whispered thank you to Rasam. They smiled back and gave a flying kiss to him. Arjun who saw that was also happy that Neil and his dad is going to meet soon.

Thats it guys for today . I knew it is a bit short but pls do spare me for that, wrote it in a hurry donno what i have written. How was the update nice ?? Pls do comment , take care stay blessed and always smile.

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