Manmarziyan – Let me live part 11 and 12


Hloo all here is the next part of the journey. Sorry for the late update but couldn’t write regularly. Stuck in my office work. HAK is half way through and will update that tomorrow. Promise that and haaa tried first time a double chapter. Please do comment your views as they are my energy boosters and silent readers come on guys pls do comment all.

Enjoy the ride….

Few days later…….
Samrat wanted a day off from his work and as radhika was back to her form he invited all for a picnic for the weekend. They had a hill house in Lonavala which was not used for many years as he wanted to go there only when the khanna’s are a single family. Samrat slowly went to Piyali who was busy in the kitchen and hugged her from back. Piyali frowned and slipped the vessel which she had in her hand.
Piyali ; Stupid samrat what if anyone sees us ??
Samrat ; Piya pls stop acting like a newly fallen lover . We are married and we have 2 beautiful daughters. Piyali was shell shocked for the word piya as he would call her only when he is really romantic and the way he was husking in her ears made her turn pink.

Slowly Radhika and Sam pepped inside the kitchen watching how their father was romancing their mother. It was radhika and sam’s pestering Samrat was doing this as he does not want to loose the bet with his daughters and the bet was Samrat should speak romantically to piyali and finally kiss but Samrat protested that he will not kiss his wife. Radhika and Sam made him so much embarrass that he accepted the bet of kissing her. Sam was shooting her father’s romance.

Neil came in between as they were planning for the trip and sam who heard his voice gave the mobile to Radhika and ran away and pulled him outside the house .
Sam ; Why did you come now ??
Neil ; What nonsense im coming to see my wife who is there to question me ??
Radhika ; Me Mr.Jiju . Neil rolled his eyes .
Sam ; Did you take it ??
Radhika ; I bet you should see that . Papa is really romantic and both giggled.
Neil ; Now a days some one is really busy with Arjun, always talking to him and not even noticing this poor soul. Radhika eyes widened she was searching for words to say something and saw Sam to help her. But sam joined Neil’s side.
Sam ; Ya ya Neil she is blushing , standing in front of mirror for hours and taking hours to select her dress. I donno what has happened to my poor sister and pulled her chin . Radhika gave an angry look and banged Sam’s phone and took her bike and drove to Arjun’s house.
Neil ; Where is she going ??
Sam ; Arjun’s house to pick him up.
Neil ; Why that maharaja will not come on his own.
Sam (banged her head with her hand) ; His car is for service so he asked Radhika and Radhika asked me and I said yes.
Neil (wrapped his hands over Sam’s shoulder and gave a peak on her forehead ) ; Will they 2 get together well.
Sam ; Neil I want my sister back and I want you to get your brother back for that they 2 will do it to us. Neil’s hand slowly went down to her waist and ticked her , and she laughed they entered the house with their smile.

Radhika dashed and entered inside Arjun’s house and was searching Arjun. She looked into every room but he was not there and she found a note that he has gone for his gym in the club house of his society which was in the next building. She switched on the TV and was watching some channel and started to enjoy her favorite songs. But after sometime she switched off and she found some papers shattered and she made it neat and she wanted to light the diya of the house which she used to do whenever she comes to his house as Arjun was not interested and believed in those kind of stuff. She lit the lamp and she threw the match stick down on the floor, but the stick was not fully off and it fell on the paper which was on the carpet. Slowly the carpet started to catch fire.

Radhika did not notice that and she was standing near with eyes closed and when she opened her eyes she found the entire carpet was burning. She was just standing and was watching the fire with teary eyes. Her dad’s last minute’s scream was heard. Her legs were not ready to move. Slowly the fire was spreading and she was just visualizing her dad everywhere and his shout.
Dilip ; What so ever happens trust no one.
Radhika ; Ok pa please come out don’t go there , come out dad.
Dilip ; Always be happy radhika and he goes in

She suffocates because of fire and fainted and falls on the ground.The fire alarm was ringing and the water from that started to pour the whole hall. Arjun who came from gym and saw the door was open he thought it would be radhika he smiled and entered the house but when he saw her , she was lying in the pool of water and the carpet was in half burnt state and the whole hall was wet. He rushed to her and picked her up and slowly kept on his bed and rubbed her hands and legs after some time slowly she regained her conscious .
Arjun ; Radhika you alright ?? She without loosing a single second hugged him tight and buried her head over his chest. Arjun was caressing her head and he slowly rubbed her head.
Radhika (without breaking the hug); Sorry Arjun wanted to light the diya but the carpet caught fire by my mistake and I got scared and she was about to cry.
Arjun (broke the hug cupped her face and gave a peak on her forehead) ; Look I’m happy that my radhika is safe . More than enough for me . She smiled and then she realized and punched his chest.
Arjun (massaging his chest ) ; Whats wrong now ??
Radhika ; Need to go to picnic but you did not pack anything and made an angry face.
Arjun ; I was waiting for you stupid.
Radhika ; What ??
Arjun ; I don’t know what to pack that’s why waiting for you radhika. She gave up and stood up and selected few dresses for him. He packed and asked “ what about today ??”
Radhika ; Here and gave a set.
Arjun ; 5 minutes I’ll be back. She nodded and went to the hall and she cleaned the water in the hall as nothing was in the hall except A TV and a small sofa for 4 to sit. She took the cushions of the sofa and made them dried it . The wooden part was in the hall itself
It was more than 15 minutes but he did not turn out. Radhika was banging the door.
Radhika ; Arjun……………you are not a buffalo which will be inside water for more than an hour. Come out quick. Arjun came out and dashed over Radhika and she fell down .
Radhika ; Stupid you hurt me . Arjun gave his hand and she stood up .
Radhika ; Get ready…..
Arjun ; How ???
Radhika ; What how ???
Arjun ; Get out I want to change and he pushed her out and he came out within 5 minutes he came out and he was handsome in a trousers and a clumsy shirt.
Arjun ; You want me to wear this ?? Radhika nodded as a kid.
Arjun ; Fine come and gave his hand she too gave her hand and they locked the door and took their keys and started to Khanna’s house. Teji too joined the trip as for him it was only Ardhika and Nesam was his family and Radhika never misses a chance to call him.

All started and Arjun then noticed that Nandhini was inside the van. He saw her after years. Nandhini saw him as a grown up man.She felt a bit proud of her son by his look. Arju saw her and felt that she was old. Her hairs were grey and but she never lost her charm. A neat cotton saree suitable for her age. Arjun nodded at Nandhini and she too just nodded back. It was Rasam’s idea to make the family one. Neil made a seat for Sam and slowly without anyone’s notice Sam casually sat and Radhika who noticed nodded her head and sat in the front seat of Nesam. Sam blushed and pressed her lips and strongly banged Radhika’s head. Teji took a seat next to Nandhini and Samrat and piyali one pair seat and finally Arjun came and sat next to Radhika .
Sam ; Oye.. and turned her head. Radhika saw Arjun and he gave a what look.
Arjun ; Why are you looking like that to me . No seat was available that’s why took your seat.
Sam (to Neil) ; No seat available that’s why took the seat next to her , she stressed the that’s why so much radhika just gave a look to Sam and Sam gestured her to look front and Neil “ Privacy pls” and wrapped his hand over her shoulder. Radhika’s jaw dropped and she turned and sat in front seat with folding her arms well others smiled at her childish behavior. Radhika kept her hand over Arjun but he was big so he kept his hands over her shoulders. Radhika gave a proud look to Nesam and turned front. Arjun was not able to control his laugh.



A beautiful house which was furnished and had a beautiful garden nearby. Radhika’s eyes stuck on a place. Sam too saw that and both saw each other and held their hand and ran and stood on a rock. Both saw each other and laughed.
Sam ; I love radhika…………………… The sound was echoed the whole place. Both jumped in excitement.
Radhika ; I love Samaira………………………
Rasam; We love each other………………………..
Samrat and Piyali ; We love you too…………………. Radhika ran towards Piyali and hugged her tight. This was the fav spot of both the families and Radhika and sam would always shout like this and their parents would shout we love you too and all will have some happy times together but Radhika missed her parents today.
Piyali ; I love you baby.
Radhika ; I know ma and all went inside. Radhika helped Nandhini with her luggage. Sam made a fake sneezed. Radhika was not able to understand but Teji made her understand what all meant.
Teji ; Ice, ice ice………… Radhika was in peak anger but Arjun nodded its ok . She cooled herself because of Arjun.
All set a campfire and Radhika made sure that she was in between Arjun and Teji as Teji knew she was scared of fire and Arjun knew the reason. All started to sing some songs and Radhika was just clapping.

Samrat pulled piyali and danced . Piyali was all embarrassed and slowly Sam and radhika too joined and Neil took nandhini and Nandhini pulled Teji and Teji pulled Arjun. Neil took Sam’s hand from Radhika and Teji and radhika were dancing and Nandhini saw Arjun and Arjun hugged his mom leaving all his ego aside and she too gave a motherly hug and all cheered them. They broke the hug and nandhini wiped his tears. Neil hugged Radhika and Sam by side and Teji was holding Radhika’s hand

Radhika (wiping Neil’s tears) ; Oh neil I hate tears and Sam and she gave hifi and he held them close in his chest.
Arjun wanted to spend some time with Radhika. She was sleeping hugging Sam and for Sam Radhika is her teddy bear so she will sleep on Radhika’s shoulder. Arjun slowly tip toed and was checking each and every rooms and finally found his teddy bear who was sleeping hugging her teddy bear. Arjun slowly scratched her feet. She felt tickling and she started to giggled and said “ Sam stop your tickling yaar” Arjun hid himself under the bed and banged his head and said ” Stupid girl”
Sam (in sleep) ; Shut up radhu sleep and she hugged her and again slept. Arjun went out crawling at that time radhika too came out crawling. She slowly scratched arjun’s shoulder. He turned and jerked and was about to shout. She closed his mouth.
Radhika ; why did u come to my room ???
Arjun ; wanna talk to u .
Radhika ; me ?? He nodded and held her hand and went to the terrace and sat on the conpound wall . The cold wind was making them happy even more.
Arjun ; im gonna say something . Ok dont get scared. Radhika nodded with a smile.
Arjun ; dinesh is the new partner of birdsong.
Radhika smile vanished. Whatever he did to her and the family flashed in her eyes.
Radhika ; y is he the new partner of bird song ??
Arjun ; wanna merge his company with us and make one
Radhika (hell anger) ; first time he destroyed and was rebuilt. This time im not gonna leave that dinesh. Its his payback time for his deeds. Arjun just promise me that u will be my side . Will u ?? He nodded. She broke down and cried.
Radhika ; arjun should i not smile and laugh at all arjun ?? Why arjun ?? And she cried. Arjun cupped her face and said ” who said u should not smile. U have to be strong and u have to make him go week and be fearless in front of him. Dont worry i will always be with u always.
Radhika ; always??
Arjun ; till i die. She smiled and said today its my dad’s birthday. Im missing him arjun . Of u dont mind can i sleep on ur lap and u do like this by caressing my hair. Pls. He smiled and she kept her head over his lap and after many years she slept on her dad’s lap .

Bird song.

Dinesh was desperately waiting for radhika. She came all masti with arjun a bit late.
Dinesh ; is this the time to come to office ??
Radhika ; excuse me who are u to question me ??
Dinesh ; im ur new boss .
Radhika ; really heard that u r bankrupt and merging with my company to save ur status ??
Dinesh grinned his teeth. Radhika gave a smile and said ; be in ur limits get that ?? Come arjun and she went inside her cabin. The whole office which had never seen this side of radhika were dumbstruck. Neil and teji were blinking and sam was happy to back the old radhika’s care free attitude.

Inside the room radhika was shivering.
Arjun (he patted her shoulders) ; never expected this from u .
Radhika ; did i do too much ??
Arjun ; too much ?? A perfect slap for him.
Radhika smiled ; but im scared arjun.
Arjun ; dont worry just think what he had done to yr family and u.
Radhika ; thats why im scared. What if he does something to u and others.
Arjun (smiled) ; come and save us. Radhika smiled and hugged him.

Precap – Jai comes in and joins as in Bird song, who is jai how is he related to rasam ??

Thats it guys for today and . How was it ??? Did you all like it ??? Please do say me your views regarding this update. Love you all. Bear hugs and kisses. Muhhaaa……..

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      Thanks a ton Brin. She will first act then turn to be strong. Thats sure . Will update soon.

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      Suga thanks a ton sweet heart . Well this is just a start for Dinesh he will face more from the furious 5 . Love you so much

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      Amritha you spoke my heart. Thank you so much dear.

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      My hands are open to bear your hugs jessie . Samrat never knew about Dinesh and surely i’ll say you how and when will that happen and Thanks for the prayer. Yaar i’m dying and i’ll make sure that i’m regular in my updates. Love u so much dear. Will update soon.

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      Rossy my twin . It is dinesh not suraj . Suraj is brin’s story villian . I know you are so much excited . I can sense that . Jai is a positive person . I was vanished when i did not write. Missed you yaar. Love you my elder twin.

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