Manmarziyan – Let me live (Part 1)


Hiee all this is my 3rd ff . Sry for keeping the count. Say me your views regarding this . Im taking up something different which i have never done. Guys need your support for this as the other 2 . Thank you all for the love

Does money the measure of value for the human . Why is that money is given more importance than a person. If a child was born from a poor family should not dream or is it a crime for a child to dream . If some one who is very far away is got hurt for that am i responsible ????

Enjoy the ride………..

Let me live.

Radhika lost her cool today. She was not able to take what arjun did today. Till date she did not even raise her eyes to see anyone but today she lost all her patience.
Radhika ; ur my employer not a dictator. How do u think that we will hear whatever nonsense u speak to us. U have abused me enough. U may have more money Mr. Mehra. Dont hit on others weakness. If u are fair enough then hit ur opponent’s strength.

Sam was hearing every word of radhika . It was been years radhika has spoke out her anger. Sam wanted to go in but did not want to spoil the out flow of radhika’s anger. She decided once radhika gets out she will speak with him.
Arjun was stunned to see this side of radhika. He was working for 2 years . Never even seen her face properly coz she will keep her face down but today she is different.
Radhika ; u know one thing Mr. Mehra this company is in my name . Sam was in cloud nine for the words of radhika. First time she is claiming something that is hers.
Radhika ; Samrat uncle wrote that in my name. U have no right to speak me that i have forged uncle by changing the company’s share in my name. Saying so she turned and left the room by banging the door. He came to sense on hearing the banging sound.
Sam hid herself from the sight of radhika . Radhika was wiping her tears and going to her cabin and banged and locked the door.

Sam rushed to arjun’s room and found him standing like a rock.
Sam ; what is ur problem arjun ?? Why r u torturing her for years ?? Arjun was in high anger.
Arjun ; can u pls stop taking her side and stop being protective towards her. She has forged the company documents . How can i not react. Im a senior head and she is just a staff. How can she own……. Before he could speak sam cut him and was in high anger.
Sam ; stop it arjun before i loose my respect on u. What do u know about her. She is my soul sister. Even neil is only after her. She is everything to me. Do u know her originality???? U know from where she belonged to ????? Before u speak first know to whom are u speaking.
Before she could continue teji rushed.
Arjun ; (in top anger voice) What are you doing here in my room ??
Teji ; None of your business for heaven sake im not stepping in for you im for my friend.. Radhika called me to inform a message to sam and haa don’t claim that only you can be angry or short tempered. So please low your voice.

Arjun was out of control but teji was in no mood to here Arjun’s stupidity and ignored him.
Sam ; Teji leave him and say me what is the matter ??
Teji ; sam radhu was crying and called me to inform you that she had some message for you rushed out. I was in the technical floor before I could reach her she went out of the building, donno where she went. Sam turned towards arjun and held his collar and said ” if something happens to her ur dead mister.” and released his collar. He jerked back. Sam rushed to her room and found the letter.


Sam im sry i cant take words again. I tried hard to be strong but where i go my stupid fate is following me. Sry darling. Im going will not come back. U were my everything when i had nothing. Take care of neil and say my thanks to teji for a such a great friend. Ur family has done a lot to me. In return is im taking my bad luck with me so that u all can be happy. Love u dear….. Good bye forever…….

Radhika khanna.

Many places of the letter were wet because of radhika’s tears. Sam’s eyes were filled with tears. Teji took the letter from sam and was equally stunned to see his best friend’s letter.

Neil entered the HR floor were the chaos was happening and found sam in a very bad state.
Neil rushed to the duo and ; Sam what happened. She did not speak anything , just gave the letter to him. Neil too read the letter and took sam with him as he knew where radhika would have gone and asked teji to try her no continuously as they knew she did not had anyone than them.

Arjun who did not know what was happening started to his house . He reached home and after dinner he went to his room. He was thinking that why these khannas were really over protective about radhika ??? What so ever happen sam will be in Radhika’s side and more over Samrat has written one of the biggest reputed company in the name of Radhika instead of Sam. And he thought , I spoke to her harshly need to see her and say sorry for what I said. Wait a minute why should I apologies for the mistake which was not done by me. He was twisting and turning in his bed but he could not sleep, just then he remembered what teji said that radhika has left some message to Sam and went out. Is that mean that she might………… no no no Arjun stop thinking about the girl and sleep. He pulled his bed sheet and covered it from top to bottom and was sleeping.

What happened to radhika in her past ??? What is the bond sam’s family and radhika has. Why she was over protected???

Thas it guys ….. How was it . Did you like it shall i continue or shall i stop it . I need your views guys. and here teji is gonna have an important part in it. Love you all take care bear hugs and kisses…

Credit to: Sv

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  1. The story is interesting, yes continue with the story. 🙂

    1. Thanks brin for the support surely will continue

  2. First if all my lovely twineeee thanks again for writing this…write as much as u want…m here to read always…hahaha…m happy that u gave teji an imp role…why this Arjun being like this…where radhika go…m too much curious about past present both…update soon both two states n this one before I lost my cool…??…smile…?? happy that you back…yay…

    1. Rosie dear thank you for the comment. She is going far away from them , teji has a role to do in this ff ….. Arjun…….. will be revealed soon……. Radhika’s past will give the reason of her behaviour…….

      I can say only this much else you will find it . So pls wait i’ll update the next part in which u will get your answers. Love u my twin sis kisses and hugs to u . Yup the exam was driving me crazy for being away from you all.

  3. Nice plot sv..a different one,pls continue..

    1. Thanks a ton ammu

  4. Sv I m a silent reader in al ur ff …:-)
    thank u once again for such wonderful new story…it s awsum n very curious to know about past of khanna family …..
    it s very interesting love u loads dear for such a nice treat….;-)
    plzzzzzzzzz continue n upload nxt episode ..
    eagerly waiting…
    stay blessed …

    1. Raaga thak you for ur comment . Its a great boost to me. Khanna’s family wil be revealed soon. Pls wait dear. Take care , will update the next part soon…

  5. super continue

    1. Thanks tom

  6. its superb !!!!!!!! plzzzzzzz do reveal Rads past………..I felt like slapping that Arjun………..

    1. Thanks aastha rads has a past which will be revealed .

  7. Awesome plot Sv. Please continue the story.

    1. Thank you bhargavi.

  8. Hey SV amazing start 🙂 would like to know more…pls continue 🙂 love u

    1. Thank you di . will upload the next part soon. Love u too di

  9. Sv darling one more treat 😀 😀 😀 yipeeeeeeeeeee it’s really awesome 😀 😀 😀 love u 😀 😀

    1. Thank u suga darling. Love u too.

  10. Wowww its super duper epi & wat happened to radzzz n past want to knw……pls I want to know ur full name if u k….luv u lots bear hug tc

    1. gayathri thank you for the comment. Love u too dear bear hugs and kisses tooo. Take care darling…

  11. Really nice and interesting 🙂
    Please continue dear.. 😀

    1. Sweetie thank you soo much.

  12. Very nice start very interesting pls do continue

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    1. Thank u sammy. Will update soon.

  15. I loved it

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  16. Great start sv dear….very interestin plot…eager to know rads past..pls continue soon…love u loads …tc…

    1. Thanks susi will update soon

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    1. Thank you pankh .

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  19. Awesome, sv my dearrryyy, thx for one more ff….keep writing, I just loooooooooooooooooovvvvveeeeeeeeddd it. …rads behavior n arjun’s anger, Khanna’s bonding with rads very interesting. .I’m very curious to know the mystery behind the scenes. …teji very lovelyyyyyy here…plzzzz continue dear. …all the best. ..keep it up. eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads. muaaaaahhhhhh

    1. Roma missed u badly thank u soo much darling. Gonna update today dear. Love u and pls di encourage with ur comments.

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