MANMARZIYAN from were you left (Part 4)


it was a bright Morning in Hrishikesh suddenly when Radhu was coming out of a temple a car jus stopped in front of her she jus shouted at the guy inside the tinted glass and tried to move when the door opened and the guy comes out she looks shocked and she tries to move but he stops her and tries to hold her and she raises her hand to slap him but he holds her hand and pulls drags her to the car by force and Radhu starts shouting for help and sudenly she hits her hand in air and kicks him suddenly Someone shouts and falls of the bed and is struggling to get up and his hands and legs are tied with ropes and it was Mid night At Mishra House sudenly Radhu started shouting “noooooooooo pls leave me nooooooo pls let me go stop it leave my hand” and Arjun was still trying to get up and it was dadhu who came to his rescue at first as if he was jus standing outside the door 😛 and then came sam and Neil they woke Radhu up and asked “wat happ Chashni”

She said “ah Nothing just a bad dream” Suddenly a muffed voice broke there conversation it was Arjun he was still struggling and Dadhu was putting all his strngth by showing his Mussles which wer actully hanging on the bottom wen he tried showin his mussle :p(wat a site sirji)then Neil ran and pulled his bro up and asked him “why have you tied your hands bro” Arjun in his full Angry bird mode stared at Neil and he realized that Radhu mustve tied his hand and jus turned towards Radhu with a Fake anger and winked at Radhu and asked “why did u tie my Bro??Chasini” and Radhu jus blushed and sam understood and pulled Neil and walked out with Neil still scratching his head and Arjun spoke”who did u want urself to be saved from dear wifey wen uve tied ma hands and legs to stop from getting close to u

“Radhu blushed but she again thought about her dream and yes it was saral the very thought flushed her blood and she became pale and Arju jus jerked her and she came out of her trance and she jus hugged him and he held her they wer jus trying to travel out of the world wen Sam walked in suddenly (guess y???)yes dadhu again started his naughtiness he was sitting on the couch and looking at Arju and Radhu as if waitin for somethin and Sam came and stood in front of him with hands on her hip he was moving on sides to see the love birds and sam jus cleared her throat and all came out of their thoughts and sam asked dadu wat are u so keenly looking at Dadhu and he jus blurted ahh nothin beta jus the same show that happened in the morning Arjun started laughing and Radhu blushed and said

“Dadhuuuu”with fake anger at Dadhus behaviour and again sam struggled and pulled him out and left and Radhu again started tying Arjus hands and he was trying to protest Radhu said “Arjun Be a good boy and sleep no Hanky Panky in this time or your child will kick you” Arjun was keeping a pout and said”Not fair Radhu i had been missing you badly and the first time we jus lost control and i was not in ma senses to pls Radhu pks pls”he was begging like a 5 year old begs for choclates and Radhu blushed and said “Arjun shameless no pls jus go and sleep and be a good boy” she jus kissed him on his Cheek and went to her side to lie down and Arjun said”wait”she asked”Wat”Arjun walked to her and said “ok atleast let me kiss you good night”she smiled and showed her cheek and Arjun bend down but was jus staring at her and after few secs Radhu turned to see if he again fainted he caught her lips and after few seconds Radhu hit him and said “this is why i tied you tommorrow ill plaster ur mouth to”and pushed him to his side he jus winked and lay down both were staring each other and dozed….

Next morning a lady at the age of 60 walked in and Dadhu saw her and suddenly Ran in side out side Sam saw her and ran and hugged her and with all excitment shouted “DADIIIIIMA” yes it was Sams dadhima Manisha(wat to do guys Names are kept when we r babies :p ;))Neil and others went and got blessing from her and Suddenly a sweet smell came from the other side yes it was our Macho man Dadhu he came out wearin a shorts Neils Offcourse and a t-shirt and Arjuns Shades and Sams Shoes and Radhus perfume (good guy din wanna be partial:p)all were giggling and Manisha looked at him with wide eyes and was Shocked and she started laughing and the others to joined dadu was lil upset(awww poor guy)but wat to do love is such be it young or old ;))…

so thats it for today guys hope you’ll liked it yes guys our Dadhu should also have company no well see how our young love birds unite the old love birds in the coming episodes ;)love you guys<3<3

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  1. Shree

    Lol this is do funny… Naughty naughty daadu… lol.. trying to impress Sam’s grandma .. loved it .

    Post soon.. Love you ??

  2. awesome episode……….eagerly waiting next one…

  3. Joan… this is nt fair..I was enjoying reading.,and u finished it…Nooooo… next time lengthy chappy plzzzzz… its all fun ya.. I just loved it..wah.RAds kicked Arju lol dadhu is all chwwwweett…Arjun’s shades n sam’s shoes ???thanks a ton buddy for this laughter riot.. Eagerrrr to know Dadhu’s upcoming masti… TC n be happy.

  4. Am ROFL here omg dadu in Neil’s shorts, Sam’s shoes, shades , I can’t imagine the way he looked. Nice update

  5. Lol….it was so funny…very nice ?

  6. Suga

    Full of masti darling its fabulous 😀 😀 😀 dadhu out lovely man always superbbbbbbbb 😀 😀 loved Sam n dadhu part 😀 😀 loveddddd it 😀 love u 😀

  7. JoAn

    Thank you buddies laugh alot it costs nothing stay at peace love u’ll ?

  8. Sweetie

    Very funny episode.. 🙂 Waiting for the next..

  9. Hahaha.. hahaha… lol dadu is so funny……… love him……. keep it up………. awesome…. dear update soon love u tc

  10. Awesome episode and very funny, waiting for the next update. 🙂

  11. Ha ha nice funny epi….

  12. awesome dr..dadaji is a star..loved it to the core..waiting for

  13. cute episode …………………..

  14. Awesome, wowwww, superb episode. …rads tied arjun….lol….nesam very cute. ..Sam controlling dadaji…lol…Manisha very cool…dadaji also have company. ..great…keep it up honeyyy. …eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads. . . Muaaaaahhhhhh

  15. Amazinh Joan 🙂 waiting for next 🙂

  16. awsum epi luc u tc muah

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