MANMARZIYAN from were you left (Part 3)

Radhika was In Shock after the sudden kiss but later she started responding and Sam somehow managed to pull dadu out of the room to give the love birds some privacy.slowly they broke the kiss and were breathless Radhika jus jerked back and started hitting Arjun on his chest and tears started flowing She spoke “why did you do this to me how can you Arjun sir ur Sam’s Hus and she paused and swallowed the words as it pained her heart and she looked away and turned towards the window and Arjun jus Hugged her from Behind and nuzzled on her Neck and spoke after a huff “my dear Bhudu wifey its true Sams married but to her Idiot” and he grined Radhika opened her eyes wide in shock and turned to face Arjun for few seconds everything went blank and Arjun jus placed his forehead to hers and Radhika said Arjun sir he jus kissed her fore Head then he said call me Arjun she again stammers Arjun sir he kissed her eyes and said Arjun jus Arjun and kissed her cheeks She stammers Ar Ar Arj Arjun Sir he moved his lips to hers and brushed and spoke against her lips Arjun And she repeated Arjun And before she could say sir he captured Her lips she closed her eyes and tears brimming in both their eyes out of Joy..
Outside dadhu was pacing here and there like he had admitted his wife for delivery and Sam was blocking him they were almost playin kabhadi and mala was laughing dadhu was trying to get in to see the love birds romancing…
Suddenly ther was a commotion out side and a guy Handsome as a prince but looked like a porter came in with a luggage on his head and two in hand n one behind all exhausted and Sam was smiling showin all her 32 and mala and dadu became happy yes it was our Neil and Sam jus asked mala to hold dadhu and ran and jumped on Neil dadhu suddenly shouted super now I found wat was that missing all with a questioned look asked wat was missing wer dadu?? Dadu winked at Neil and smiling told no I was thinking Neil missed something and its filled now they asked in unison wat dadhu and he said ah nothing beta Neil had a suit case on his Head and two hand luggage’s and a back pack too but he was empty on the front side and now its filled he he and Neil and mala roared in laughter and Sam blinked and looked at Neil n realized her position and got down and helped him with the bags in this commotion Aadrhika walked out slowly holding hands and saw Nesam and hugged them and all were chatting for sometime and had their dinner and went to bed all happy and satisfied…

That’s it for today guys i knw its short but sorry I’m really stuck with ma exams and thank you guys for ur encouraging comments and I’m writing a different plot were only positivity and goodness triumphs so have fun love you’ll next update ill write Asap ?❤

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  1. Kavina

    I loved it

  2. Dadaji naughty…aaahan …i like him…update soon

  3. Dadu gets too naughty.. hahahha loved tat kabadi line.. jus imagined.. lol.. super cute update Joan.. all d best 4 ur xams.. will be waiting 4 ur update

  4. wow…… osm joan lovely update soon next

  5. Hey I loved this ff….. can’t wait darling plz update soon love u tc

  6. Awesome episode, I’m okay with short story as long as you update it soon. 🙂

  7. Shree

    Dada ji is cute as always… Loved the update…

    Love you ??

  8. Suga

    Its totally fabulous 😀 specially Sam n dhadhu kabadi lol ….. 😀 loved it 😀

  9. Sweetie

    Very nice episode.. 🙂 I loved Dadhu’s dialogues and his pacing outside the room to see the romance of Ardhika.. 😉 Lovely plot.. 😀 All the best for your exams dear..Stay blessed and keep smiling.. 🙂

  10. Awesome Joan 🙂 loved it waiting for the next 🙂

  11. awesome episode…………

  12. Nice update loved naughty dadaji, waiting for the fun to unfold

  13. very nyc ………

  14. dadaji is very naughty………….

  15. Good luck for ur exams love.. the episode was extreamly fantastic.. keep up the good work.. ♥ ya.. 🙂

    1. Ohh n yes sam n dadaajis kabahddi.. lol.. n dadaji has grown really naughty nw

  16. Awesome, marvellous episode, loved it very very much. ….it was tooo cuteeee. …ardhika romantic moments…nesam funny scene. ..dadaji is awesome. ..
    …keep it up honeyyy. ..all the best for your exams. ….love you loads. . Muaaaaahhhhhh 🙂

  17. Rg2015

    Wow it’s tooo gud. I loved it to d core. It’s a beautiful continuation . Pls update soon.

  18. amazing dr..dada ji is just superb..he always steal the scene..loved it..waiting for soon…take care

  19. Wow just loved the episode.. Update the next one soon

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