MANMARZIYAN from were you left (Part 2)


Thank you guys for the encouragement love you’ll
I would like to take a moment to thank all the Manmarziyan fan fic writers who had been entertaining us and made us feel at home and never let us miss manmarziyan so long pls continue the good work and now for the story
And the next morning after Radhu left Arju He got up and searched for Radhu frantically but she was no were to be found and then the door bell rang it was Sam she walked in and saw the crying Arju with a letter in his hand she took the letter from him read and felt guilty and She touched Arju on his shoulder and tried to pacify him with water streamin down her eyes too and later she told Arju her decision about her life and Arju though was sad about his lose was happy that at least his friend is getting a secured life…
After two months Arjun and Sam travelled to Hrishikesh and mala was asking Radhu to get ready to meet someone but Radhu was not in the mood to listen to her
Arjun had arrived at Radhus place he steps in and their bgm plays Radhu is reluctant at first and then she runs out to see Arjun and Sam sitting with dada ji she is happy on the inside but she becomes sad when she sees Sam with her mangalsutra n her sindhoor filed mang and she jus turns to go but Arjun saw his Radhu feeling upset and he jus plans to play with her and winks at dadaji and Sam and asks them to play along he tells dadaji “dadu I’m really happy to see all of u and I really happy about ma marriage life and I’m in love with ma wife…and she’s ma life and I want her for all 7 births..” Radhu starts to cry and she jus tries to leave but somebody pulls her hand and she jus tries to pull away but she couldn’t as it was Arjuns hand he says were are you going Radhika you wanted to see me and Sam happy right so listen and leave dadaji also asks her sit next to him and Radhu as no other go but sat next to dadu and was upset as something was pricking and her heart pained to see Arjun and Sam together though she wanted it to happen this way then she felt nandhu was right and jus closed her eyes then Sam spoke Dadu I would love to thank Chasini for all eternity for she gave me back my life and love thank you chasini and I’m gonna name ma baby after you u will be the God mother that’s it Radhu couldn’t take it anymore she jus got up to leave but her head started spining and she swooned down and was about to fall but was caught by Arjun and he lifted her and made her lie on the bed and ringed up the doctor and Radhu was checked the doctor aqid something in his ears and Arjun fainted next to Radhu and all were glad with the news yes Radhu was pregnant with Arjuns baby slowly Radhu gained consciousness and looked at someone lying next to her and shouted all ran in and started laughing and Radhu with a confused look turns to her left and sees its none other than Arjun she climbs down the bed and goes pours water on Arjun and he wakes up with a jerk and in excitement he hugs Radhu n kisses her mala looks away in shy and dadu opens his mouth and looks at them and Sam tries to close his eyes….

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