MANMARZIYAN from were you left (Part 1)

Hello friends in new here I mean I’m new to writing stories!! Well about my story its from my point of view and I love Manmarziyan so much that even during the floods I travelled to areas that had tower jus to read it I miss Farah’s fan fiction ? I’d really love to see her again

My story begins with Radhika coming into the house and Nandhini challenges Radhika

Later after nadhu left Radhika was ready to leave Arjun for eternity but something stopped her it was Arjun he cried like a baby n Radhu jus stopped and took him in her embrace and led him to the room though Radhika wanted to leave she gave her self up she forgot Sam some might call it a one night stand but it was love…
Radhika lead Arjun to the room Arjun was fully drunk in his pain and he was so much in love with radhika nobody would deny that and when Arjun was made to lie he suddenly caught hold of Radhika’s waist she tries to pull her self away but he tightens his grip and Radhika starts to plead him and he was not in the mood to listen but suddenly he lets go of her n later with guilt ridden face and red eyes with tears he hugs Radhika and cries she also holds him n convinces him to sleep and he asks Radhu to stay back she nods and kisses his fore head later they get lost in each others eyes and later Arjun slowly moves his view to Radhus lips and bends forward and captures her lower Radhu is shocked she pushes him and slaps him hard later he moves away and stands in shock then Radhu jus walks to him and says sorry and tries to hold his hand but he jerks it away later Radhu totally forgot y she stopped and pulled Arjun to her and pinned him to the wall and gave him a hard kiss he is shocked and later he starts to go with the flow and both starts responding to each other and they pause for breath and Arjun pushes Radhu to the bed and gets in next to her and starts undressing each other later they start there new life and its morning Radhu wakes up and kisses Arjuns forehead and stares him lovingly suddenly she gets a call and its Sam she gets up with a her and realizes her mistake and she dresses up keeps the divorce and the letter for Arjun n leaves
A love that would change everything…


  1. Raaga

    Joan u said u r missin Farah’s ff…
    can u plz let me know the ff name …even I wanna read it…plz

  2. Eyn

    Awwwn this ff is soooo cutee.. superb n great effort.. plx continiue this and update as soon as possible okay? πŸ™‚

  3. Aastha

    hey Joan its good…………I liked it……………..but y are u i a hurry ?????????? go slow and let us enjoy each minute…………….

  4. Roma

    Awesome, wowwww joan dearrrrr, it’s superb plot….very interesting. ..plzzzz continue honeyyy. …I’ll love to read it. …all the best. …love you loads… πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ˜‰

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