Manmarziyan – Just the two of us !!! (Promo 1)

So how was the episode guys. I hope you all enjoy reading it and i know so many urevealed secrets are here in this story and i will telling in upcoming episodes. Now i came here to give you all the promo of the future episodes for this FF. And i have answers for the questions asked by most beloved readers.

Now we go for the promo sequences

Manmarziyan – Just the two of us (Promo 1)

Scene 1

Vaibhav meets Radhika in hospital who is with Arjun. Vaibhav gets jealous seeing them together. He feels helpless seeing them. Radhika takes care of Neil after his operation. Neil gets emotional and holds her hand, Radhika gets flashes of their bonding.

Scene 2

Vaibhav introduces him as ACP Prakash to Arjun, Manish and Suraj and tells them the remaining flashback.

Scene 3

In Flashback, Radhika (Shravani) becomes the main witness against vaibhav and ACP Prakash supports her. Prakash proposed to Radhika (Shravani) for marriage and she tells him she did not have any second thought on him and she gives that responsibility to Neil.

Scene 4

Vaibhav comes out from jail and he goes to Rads home with his father for marriage proposal. She beats him with Chappal and throws him out of her house. Neil & Sam gets tensed seeing Vaibhav’s lust on Radhika.

Scene 5

Vaibhav’s father threatens them to take the case back from his son and kidnaps Sam. Radhika accepts to save sam but in return vaibhav asks her to marry him.

To be continued….

SO guys how is this promos. Hope you all like it. And i want to tell you all whether you have noticed it or not i dont know.. in this FF you can see 3 different characters of Radhika.

1. Radhika Arjun – who forgots her memory, helpless and believes whatever arjun tells her and lives in a fake relationship considers it as a true.

2. Radhika – An imaginary character created by Arjun, who is soft, love interest of Arjun and decides everything without thinking.

3. Radhika Neil – A very bold and brave girl who sacrifices her life to help other and don’t care about the consequences she faces. She will go to any extent to punish the criminals.

Now tell me which character you all like it and don’t forget to give the comments for the promos.

Now comes to questions by almost everyone …the same question.

1. will rads forget Arjun once her memory gets back

– Ofcourse yar she will forget Arjun for sure. But she will get to know from Neil about who is arjun and what he does for her.

2. What Arjun will do once radhika goes from him after all the pbms solved?

– He will realise his love for her and will try to get her back in his life.

3. What ACP Prakash will do if he gets to Arjun’s love for Radhika?

– I don’t want to reveal the suspense for his character now.

4. As per Radhika she knows only Prakash and his marriage proposal…will she accept it still?

– Suspense suspense suspense

5. Will she realise Arjun’s love for her? If so, how she gonna handle it and what decision she will take?

– I have already decided about this and it will be very very interesting for sure..hope you all like it.

So that’s it for today in this FF and update i will give tomorrow for this. Pls pls pls let me know your comments for this. Silent readers pls wake up yar…how long you will up yourself..we are writing for you people only..if you are not commenting then how come we will know whether you like it or not…Just come out dears…


  1. krity

    Hey I’m a silent reader well dear your ff is amazing keep it up..
    Nd sry yr I’m nt able to cmnt because
    I don’t get time to write it job nd study u know so sry for that by the way I’m the regular reader of all manmarziyan ff u all are amazing sometimes I desperately wanted to cmnt bt u know again time problem…Huhh y time naa kisi din meri jaan leke rhega..well bye bye luv u take care…bear hugss..♥♥

  2. S.v


    |Registered Member

    Arjun this is not fair yaar . I said i (rads )dont want to get the memory back but one thing which is easing me is Neil will say everything. What so ever happens Arjun pls dont leave me(radhika) i cannot take that and who is that another character with suspense and i always want me(rads) with memory loss as i dont know anyone except you which is the best part of the life. Love you and update soon dear. i wanna read more about our journey.

    • Sathya



      Don’t worry rads(sv) finally u r mine(arjun)… He he he u will be having a twist in the climax… Just wait for that treat…

  3. Aasthu


    |Registered Member

    oh di its just amazing………………one doubt: who is Vaibhav ???? The man against whom Rads stood in the court due to his mis deeds ??????? and is this ACP Prakash and Vaibhav the same guy ??????? I’m confused………….y did he go with a mrg proposal to Rads home if she stood against him ???????

    • Sathya



      Yes the one who misbehaved with the girl is vaibhav and both vaibhav n acp is different. He will disguise as acp in front of arjun Manish n suraj.. Coz Neil is operated n cannot talk n his face will be with full of bandages. So vaibhav vl come to those 3 n vl say as he is acp. They will believe him and I have kept a scene for that too… Now understood?

  4. Lakshmi05


    |Registered Member

    Superb dear.. update next part soon…Neil’s radhika is really nice n arjun’s radhika is always best…luv u…tc…

  5. dipika

    satzzzzz whts this u just simply increase my eagerness to infinity yarrrr…rads beats vaibhav by chappal..m dying to read this epi…so many turns r coming yarrrr…m on my toe..n how she will forget arjun..hows this possible.. if ahe get her past memory back then how she will lost her present memory.. i got this difficulty in it..pls tell me na..n pls don’t let her forget arjun…n i like the most Arjun’s character cos the way he selflessly help rads was superb…which shows how pure heat he has…m literally in deep love with arjun in your ffs yarrr…u described it very adorably.. hey satz if u found any guy like arjun pls give him my contact..m single vaise…hahaha…love u darling..

    • Sathya



      Ha haha nice comment dipu… Vaise if I get guy like arjun m the first one to propose him ??? jokes apart… And hey I asked for Radhika characters which u like not arjun or Neil…

  6. Brin


    |Registered Member

    Awesome promo, I like the brave Radhika and want Ardhika to be together, waiting for the episode. 🙂

  7. Gauri

    Sathya do your really want me to die thinking of this suspense….Baap re itna saara suspense…. ab ye prakash khan se aagaya 🙂 You we have a idiom in Hindi… ‘ek anaar 100 bimaar’ Radhika is the anaar everyone is running after….and Sam…I thought she is not the part of the story and then you drop another bomb…Now please don’t make me wait…or else I will chew my fingers with my nails waiting for the update 🙂 love u

  8. Suga


    |Registered Member

    Oh god so many suspence 😮 😮 dear do u want our hair go grey so soon 😮 ipovae kanna kattudhae 😮 jokes apart superbbbbbbbb dear 😀 how dare he can introduce him as acp 😮 oh god punish him hard darling 😮

    Rads should get both memory (pearasa dhan irundhulam I want both 😉 if possible )

    Yea he should get her back :DD

    I want him to know dat someone s der to protect rads from all

    No no no rads should not accept him

    Yea she should 😀 😀

    Loved it 😀 eagerly waiting for ur ff darlingggggg 😀 😀
    Love uuuuu 😀

    • Sathya



      Thank u suga dear ??? don’t worry dear I won’t make it for so many years so that ur hairs will not go Grey… Kidding ???but thank u so so much…

  9. Rosie

    So much things are there to happen…m happy sis…i thought u said it’s short ff,so I may b end within few chapter but gud that it has more…yay..i want other ff to update with loooooooong chapter…

    • Sathya



      Yeah Rosie.. When I start I thought this plot for OS then gradually I developed it and now it will have quite number of episodes still… It will take some more episodes to finish…

  10. Jessie


    |Registered Member

    Aha..this is a treat.. the story is just gonna turn more n more interesting.. where is tat ACP now? Why he dint search RaNeil till now.. ? Why should someone forget d present when memory comes back..?! Hope u wont1 make Arjun a devdas? I like Radhika Neil… coz Arjun is alll sweeeeeeettt here… don’t give heartaches for arjun plss

  11. sush

    Ur stories are awesome yaar I jus luv it n this story s really very much interesting n I’m vry exited to read the nxt update

  12. Ritu

    promos are jst amazing..neil getting cured..waiting to find out were is sam..rads getting flashes..that crap vaibhav..will beat him to death..loved it dear..plz update the ff soon as I can barely

  13. VSK

    wow suspence suspence suspensr….. i loved it …
    eager to read next ff …
    thank u 4 writting this ff….

  14. Roma

    Awesome, wowwww satzzzz…mind blowing promo….loved it to the coreeeee. …I’m totally amazed of your capabilities of managing so many stories n plots n giving them perfectly balanced importance n time to make them interesting n exciting. ..kudos my sweeetheart….you have such a Devine powers to do all this…salute to you my sissyyyy….keep it up. eagerly waiting for the next episodes of your lovely stories….take care sweetie. you loads. Muaaaaahhhhhh 🙂 ♡♡♡

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.