Manmarziyan – Just the two of us !!! (OS) 1

Hi my Fellow friends, I am trying to write One Shot for Manmarziyan. I thought of write is as OS but in single OS i cannot finish it, so it will 3 to 4 shots.. i will try my best. If you find any faults pls forgive me. so lets get into the shot now

It is a very big multispeciality hospital. One of the most reputed hospitals in the city which treats the patient with atmost love and care.

Now the scene shifts to Room No 305 – inside the room, a patient (girl) is in unconscious state who has bandage on her head and hands. Nurse is appointed to monitor her health. she sits at the corner and takes notes of her each and every improvement. She hears some murmurs from the patient. she goes to her and checks her pulse and BP, BP is getting higher and she gets panic. Immediately she rushes out to call the doctor.

The girl is started murmuring something continuously and nods her head left right and gets tensed. She shrinks her forehead due to some pain and closes her eyes tightly and says, “Help me…help me”. Soon she gets some flashes on negative that some one is running on the road…3 4 people chasing…A car hits a girl…she is getting these flashes continuously and suddenly she gets jerked off and gets up and screams, “NOOOOOOO”.

At the same time doctor also comes inside and tries to calm her down. The nurses helps her in becoming calm and the doctor checks her health and injects her a sedative so that she can rest for some more time. soon she gets dozed off and they all went out by leaving one nurse there itself.

The doctor name is Manish goes to his cabin and calls to some one, “Hey…she woke up but she is not in normal condition. She screams badly as if she gets scared of seeing something. you wanna see her…ok now i gave her come after 1 or 2 hrs she will be conscious by that that we can talk to her to know about her whereabouts.” By saying this manish disconnected the call and continues his work.

After few hours, his cabin door is knocked and replies, “Yes come in”. A 6 feet tall guy entered in his cabin with a small smile and asks, “Shall we meet her?”

Manish, “Arjun, u not even greeted me and you want to see that patient…you know her already or what?”. yes it is our hero Arjun.

Arjun, “No..but she is in this position because of me. I have that guilty with me…and whatever you told me sometime back it really makes me worry about her”.

Manish, “Acchaa… leave it. Come i ll take u there”.

Both goes to the room no 305. Arjun enters with heavy heart and looks at her worriedly. Manish, “Don’t worry, she is still in sedative mode only. It will take some more time for her to come out from that”.

But before he finishes off his sentence, they noticed a small movements in her body. She did not open her eyes but they can see her eye balls are rolling here and there and she finds difficult in opening her eyes. She tries to clutch the cloth in the bed. Arjun notices this and sits beside her and holds her hands for support. She becomes calm once she feels his touch and slowly opens her eyes.

Arjun eagerly looks at her face and starts admiring slowly unknowingly. That girl opened her eyes slowly and the first face she saw is Arjun’s. she tried to get up and sit straight. Arjun helped her in arranging the pillows and looks at her lovingly. She stares him continuously and tries to recollect her past but she winces in pain while doing so. When she bends down slightly by holding her head she looks at mangalsutra in her neck and gets shocked. She takes it in her hands and holds it in her both hands. She looks at Arjun and asks, “Did i get married?”

Arjun & Manish also shocked and looks each other. She continues, “Why are you not answering my question? did i get married? Who are you?”

Arjun thinks for a while and tries to answer but before him, again she asks, “Are you my husband?” this shocks both Arjun & Manish equally and did not expect this encounter from her and looks blank.

The screen freezes on trio’s shocked face.

Guys, i really thought to give a one shot only but when i thought abut this plot…i am getting so many ideas and i am sure i cannot finish it in single shot.. probably i can extend it upto 3 to 4. And if at all you like this plot and want to me stretch it pls let me know i can think more about the plots. Need your comments & Suggestions.

By the way find me who i am….i am very close to you all and fond of MMZ and MMZ gang….Let me see who will find me?

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  1. Who ever u r its beautiful and interesting. .Pls continue. Can’t guess.

  2. Its really nice..please continue it not as os ,stretch it to big story..are u aastha? sorry if im wrong?

  3. Pls frgve I couldn’t find u who ur sry dr …….pls don’t end ds series within few shots becz its something different u like it pls do continue d stry……one mre tme im really sry & pls stretch d stry line if u can……tc dr

  4. Oh god it’s really interesting plot❤❤❤ girl quest n arjun shocked face s fab✌? lovedddddd it pls dont stop in 4 i want more than 10 ?am. really a poor guesser ? but i love ur ff n u too✌?


  6. Amu u really said who m I ??? Where r u vanished again n again…story is so intriguing n excellent…if u r not Amu a big sorry…but ur story is awesome ??

    1. Omg if not Amu then who??? Sorry for mistake…i v so many doubt ??

    2. Yep you should be sorry because it’s not me.

  7. u ppl r only reading n not guessing ?

    1. No no don’t be angry..I guessed it correctly. I knew it’s you.

  8. Continue..its very interesting at start itself..eagerly waiting for further updates…

  9. its me sathya… i hate u all… nobody is guessing me… ??

    1. I guessed you..See my comment above.

  10. Ammu you wrote it na ?????? I know may be Shree did it…..wait is it Gauri di ?? or Sathya di ???? or Feby ???

  11. Come out come out Sathya. You can’t escape from me. I know it’s you.

  12. I ws wrong……….Maandey di you wrote this didn’t you ?????? a big sorry if this is not you……….anyway I loved it………..I too was shocked when Rads asked that question……..what’ll Arjun say ?????????? plzzzzzzzzzzzz update sooooooooon……….sorry but are you Sammy…………anyway ur surprise is great……..

  13. Come out come out satz. You can’t escape from me. I know it’s you.

    1. ?????i love u amuuuuuuu…. u r the only person who found me…..

  14. now you guess who am i

    Really now you have written an….awesome update…..

    1. ?kanika?

      1. No sathya actually its sammy:-) 🙂 lol

    2. Sammy…………..

      1. Yeah aastha ..your guess was right:-) 🙂

    3. My cutie little Sammy or asita or kiya…m I right ??

      1. He he lol we can’t escape from Rosie di u a lot di:-) 🙂

  15. Come out come out Satz. You can’t escape from me. I know it’s you.

  16. Its amazing 🙂

  17. Awesome 😀 pls dont end it and drag the story as much as possible

  18. The concept is very interesting, please continue with it. 🙂

    1. Is it you Tanya???? If not sorry……

  19. it is nice dr…plz continue it

  20. So its sathya.. Nice plot.stretch the story yaar..make so many mysteries and twists like impossible love..

  21. Heyyyy, sathya…it’s amazing plot…wowwww awesome, lovely. ….plzzzz continue dear. …mind blowing narration. …love you loads muaaaaahhhhhh. .. 🙂 😉 🙂

  22. Interesting plot waiting for the nxt

  23. hey itz really nice……
    waiting for da next one……..

  24. sathya ka !!!!! was it u 😛 😛 sorry ka .. i read it but could not figure out it was you nu 😛 😛 i am really sorry 😀 forgive me .. also i read it today morning only 😛 .. really like it .. nice one ka 🙂

  25. Very interesting dear…pls continue soon…love u lot…tc…

  26. interesting.please update

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