Manmarziyan – Just the two of us !!! (Episode 9)


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Manmarziyan – Just the two of us (episode 9)

Recap: Neil gets emotional seeing radhika. Arjun tells Anjali everything about Radhika and she supports arjun. Radhika confesses Arjun and asks him not to leave her.

Next morning, Arjun and Neil goes to Manish hospital to check for the surgery. Manish takes Neil to the specialist and does all check ups and decided the date for the operation. Neil thanks Arjun for doing a big favor. Manish looks at them and interrupts them saying, “Arjun, say him na why u r doing this to Neil?”

Arjun blinks at him and asks, “What to say?”

Manish smirks and says, “The truth Arjun. It’s not a favor and it is your duty to serve for your brother in law”.

Arjun gets embarrased and stares Manish angrily but he looks at his expressions and laughs at him. Neil smiles at them and arjun says, “Neil you don’t listen to his words. Come with me”. He takes Neil with him. Manish laughs at his reactions and goes.

Arjun and Neil comes to home, Arjun tells Anjali and Radhika about Neil’s operation. Anjali prefer to do a special puja in temple on his name. The operation is scheduled two days later. Till then radhika takes care of him very well and she developed a special bond with Neil without knowing him as her brother. Arjun wonders seeing their bond and her affection on him even she did not know who he is.

Two days later, Neil is brought to hospital and he is taken to OT. Radhika gets some awkward feeling and looks at him emotionally and says, “Bhai, don’t worry. You will be alright after this operation”. Neil happily nods on her. Manish tells them to be strong and support him.

Radhika is walking tensedly here and there, and she feels restless. She goes to the temple inside the hospital and prays for him. Its been 3 hrs now and radhika, arjun, anjali are anxiously waiting for the operation to be over. Doctors comes out from the operation and Manish also coming out with them. They informed them that Operation is success and it will maximum a month to heal it.

Manish comes back to Arjun and says, “Neil face is fully covered with bandages and we have to take care of him well. I prefer he should be in hospital till he recovers completely.”

Radhika immediately replies, “I will take care of him, i will stay with him” all 3 notices some unknown care and affection in her face. But Arjun denies her staying her…he knows it that it is not safe for her without telling her the reason he refuses her staying in hospital. Anjali tells them that she will stay with neil.

All accepts her decision and waits for neil to shift to special ward. After sometime, they shifts neil to a special ward and he is still in unconscious state. Radhika sees him in the bed and gets worried. Arjun consoles her and says, “Hey Radhika, y r u being worried so much. Now it’s all right and he is getting cured. No need to get upset. But tell me onething, y u gets this much worries for Neil though u know him hardly a week”.

Arjun keenly notices her reaction and Radhika also thinks the same why she is getting this much worried of seeing Neil like this. She replies, “Don’t know arjun, but i feel some attachment with him. Might be i am calling him as Bhai na…probably coz of that brother sister feeling i think”.

Arjun gets happy seeing her concern and affection on Neil. She puts his hand over her shoulder and takes her outside the room and makes her sit in the chair and consoles her. She leans on his shoulder and he gives her a side hug. A pair of eyes are watching them with lot of hatred in that eyes and it fumes with more and more of jealous. His face is revealed and it is none other than Vaibhav who accidently comes to the same hospital to meet one of his friend but he ends up seeing Radhika there and murmurs “Shravani is here”. But he did not miss to notice Arjun who also with Radhika and sits very close to her. He did not like their close proximity and bangs his hand on the wall seeing them close. He starts moving to them but before he goes to them, Manish comes out from the room and sends Radhika inside and talks with Arjun.

Vaibhav moves little close to them and hides his face and overhears their talking. Manish, “Arjun, so what are we going to do now?”

Arjun, “About what?”

Manish, “Hey what man, did you forget it or wat? We should know the complete truth about Radhika. Neil told us only half and rest from whom we have to ask”

Arjun, “Oh sorry Manu… i forget it. yeah now Neil is here and apart from Neil we have to search a person who knows the complete story about radhika”

Vaibhav is getting confused hearing the name Radhika and thinks who is that.

Manish and Arjun thinks for a sec and Arjun replies, “Manu…i have an idea. Neil told us about the ACP right.. his name is….” he starts thinking and manish says, “ACP Prakash”.

Arjun, “Yeah..y can’t we contact him. He will be in department only na..we will get help from suraj to find him. what say?”

Manish, “Good idea. call Suraj now itself. Let him do our work first”

Arjun smiles and calls suraj and informs him about the same and he disconnected the call and informs Manish, “Suraj will get the details of ACP Prakash”.

Vaibhav understand their plan to find out ACP prakash and stares them, but got disturbed by a voice who comes to them and calls them inside the room. It is none other than Radhika. He stares her continuously and hears manish calling her radhika and confused now why shravani is naming as Radhika here. He turns and rushes outside and dials a number.

Radhika waits anxiously for Neil to open his eyes and when he does so, she moves close to him and holds his hands. Neil looks at her emotionally and holds her hands tightly and falls into sedative mode again. Radhika tightens her grip and gets some flashes of her with Neil. She feels pain in her head and holds it. Arjun gets panicked and holds her from not falling and makes her sit in the couch near by and consoles her.

Radhika, “Arjun, i think i have seen him before. I am getting some flashes of being with him” while saying this she holds her head and faints. Arjun gets worried seeing her and asks manish to do first aid. After that he takes her to home leaving Anjali in hospital to take care of Neil.

Ardhika reaches home and he takes her to their room and makes her laid in the bed. She feels tired and dozed off soon.

Next Morning, Arjun wakes up first and prepares coffee for radhika and comes to wake her. She gets surprise seeing him with coffee tray and gets freshen up. They both have a good coffee time and arjun tells her to be in home to take rest and he will send Anjali here. But Radhika refuses saying she need to see Neil. Arjun tries to convince her somehow but she is stubborn to come to hospital and finally he give up and takes her with him.

Ardhika reaches hospital and goes to neil’s room. Radhika looks at him sleeping still and sits beside him. She couldn’t understand what she feels for Neil but she couldn’t resist seeing him.

Manish also comes there and checks out Neil and calls Arjun outside. Manish and Arjun comes out and manish says, “Arjun, good news. got to know about ACP Prakash”.

Arjun, “That’s grt and where is he now?”

Manish, “I already spoke to him by the number given by Suraj and he is on the way to hospital now”.

Arjun and Manish waits in the hospital reception and they both gets disturbed by a voice from behind and turns to see who it is. They find a man with beard and in normal casuals and extends his hands saying, “Hi, i am Prakash.” It is none other than vaibhav who disguised himself like tht introduces him as ACP.

Arjun & Manish gets shocked seeing him and manish stammers saying, “ACP?”

Vaibhav, “I was an ACP but not now. And i heard about you people that you are looking out for me”

Arjun introduces himself to him and tells about what Neil told them and asks him about the rest.

Now Vaibhav tells him the flashback from ACP point of view.

FB starts

Vaibhav tells his father to get him married to Shravani. His father is shocked and asks, “Fine i will ask her, will see who will reject my son”.

Vaibhav, “Defenitely she will reject me dad. Because she is the only reason where i am now”. he tells everything to his father and tells him to get him out soon.

ACP and Radhika goes to hospital to meet Neil and Sam there. Prakash tells him that, “Neil…though we have the statement from this girl, we are expecting one more witness for this crime. I need shravani to become a main witness for this case”

Rads, “Y not. I will.”

ACP praises her bravery and tells them to be careful and leaves from the place. That day evening, Prakash dials radhika and tells her his interest on her and proposes for marriage. Radhika tells him to talk to Neil and he is the one who decides her life as she did not have any second thought about him. Prakash gets happy and tells her that he will talk to neil once this case is finalised.

Next day, Radhika gets to know from ACP that Vaibhav is out from jail and asks her to be safe. She thanks him and gets upset. Neil and Sam also there in home with radhika. They also get to know from her that the culprit is out from jail, and they get worried thinking about radhika.

To their shock, Vaibhav with his father comes to her house and looks at her lustily. His father tells neil about his son’s wish and asks for radhika’s hand to vaibhav. All 3 are shocked to an extreme and gets angry too. Neil rejects them and asks them go out but vaibhav stops him and pushes him down and this makes Radhika angry and slaps vaibhav hardly. She pulls her collar and drags him out and beats him with the chappal and says, “No respectful women will marry you and how dare you come to my house and touch my bhai. This is the punishment you have to remember in your lifetime” by saying this she starts beating him with her chappal and this makes everyone shocks and stuns seeing her action avatar. Neil and Sam pulls her and stops her somehow and looks at vaibhav still looking at radhika with lustful eyes. They get worried seeing his behaviour towards Radhika.

Vaibhav’s father is about to hold radhika but stops by vaibhav. He did not say single word against her and takes his father with him, but while going he looks at her and says, “You will come to me by yourself”.

Precap: Radhika accepts to marry vaibhav and gets ready in bridal attire.

How is this episode guys.. hope you all like it.. pls pour your comments for the same.

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  1. S.v

    Arjun what vibhav as acp ?? Neil and my (radhika’s) bond was soo adorable. Now this precap is making my head spin getting ready for the marriage ?? What happened to me(radhika) ?? Hope u (arjun) finds that the one who is speaking is not acp but vibhav. Love u lods arjun always.

    1. Sathya

      Radhu MA… Don’t worry… I already told u na.. Till I m there no one dare to touch u… All precap is on flashback next episode she will escape and there she met an accident in arjun car… So do the worry but due to vaibhav u will be in trouble again but no worry I will save u… ????

  2. Brin

    Awesome episode, waiting for the next update, and Sathya you nail it , well done. 🙂

    1. Sathya

      Thank u so much Brin dear ????

  3. Semma akka pinnitinge….ippa antha nonsense enna pannaporannu theriyala…tensed….am waiting for next….updare soon…love u…muahh…

    1. Sathya

      Thank u so much sree kutty… ??? a van ennanamo panna poran but arjun will save Radhika.. So don’t worry

  4. Aasthu

    what ??????I’m confused…….is the precap from past??????

    1. Sathya

      What confusion Aasthu… Yes precap is in flashback

      1. Aasthu

        one doubt: this man Vaibhav is acting to be ACP right ????? then how come he tell the FB abt Rads and ACP’s marriage ??????

      2. Sathya

        He collected all information about Radhika and related to her. This will be explained by him in upcoming chapters…

  5. Rg2015

    Wow toooo gud. I loved it

    1. Sathya

      Thank u rg ???

  6. What is happening??? Now Vaibhav drama…cut him down…when n how Arjun know his true identity…if rads in danger??? Oh no

    1. Sathya

      Rosie… Y worry… Soon arjun will cut this crap

  7. Vaibhav as Acp… story is all.interesting.. hope dey find. D truth b4 He harms Rads
    … one month for Neil 2 recover.. who will identify this fellow… curious on nxt update.. TC

    1. Sathya

      Thank u Jessie ??? actually vaibhav will trouble her but before that arjun will know the truth… Arjun itself will identify the truth about vaibhav

  8. Satz it was fantastic epi…Manish teasing arjun..i want to knw neil reaction on it…n y that crap vaibhav had to listen their convo..damn it he came as no..wht will happen now..m neil will tell them na that he is not acp but vaibhav…ohhhh m sooo eager to knw further.. N i knw u r bsy with ur imp stuff bt still demanding to come

    1. Sathya

      Oh my dear… Vaibhav will do all his possibilities to get Radhika back but arjun stopped him at the nick time and save Radhika… So don’t worry

  9. Nice update, but this Vaibhav guy I don’t like, now he started his drama, what will happen now. Loved raneil bond and what happened to Sam?

    1. Sathya

      Thank u Gia dear ??? about Sam I will reveal it soon

  10. Fantastic Sathya …. Vaibhav is a creep…Vaibhav as acp….I am worried yaar what will happened….Sathya please don’t make us wait long for this one …I am dying to read the next part at the earliest if you would have infornt of me….I would have made you write the next part right away 😛 love you 🙂

    1. Sathya

      ????aaahhh Cho chweet of u gauri dear… I am so happy to read ur comments…. I m very glad. Yeah I will post soon… I think I m giving so much of suspense…. Let me reduce it so that all ur tension we get reduced… ??

  11. Thnx heaven u posted was awesome..RaNeil bonding amazing…crap Vaibhav u jst handle him to me 😉 Hope Arjun realise the truth soon and is Rads married to Vaibhav bcoz in the start she was wearing mangalsutra?? And where is Sam? Plz post next one asap as I can barely wait….love and keep rocking

    1. Sathya

      Thank u so much ritu darling ??? sorry for late… Vaibhav vl get a proper punishment for sure… Arjun vl definitely find out his truth n will save her from him. Don’t t worry dear

  12. Satz pinra po nee ????

    1. Sathya

      Thank u naaga dear ???

  13. wow outstanging episode ……interesting ……..eagerly waiting next one. .thanks for updating …pls update

    1. Sathya

      Thank u subha n next is posted already

  14. Suga

    Superbbbbbbbb one stazzz 🙂 loved raneil bond 🙂 manish teasing part s cute 🙂 arjun s awesome 🙂 loved it 🙂 love u

    1. Sathya

      Thank u so much suga ????

  15. Awesome, marvellous episode. ..loved it to the coreeeee. …tu server was giving problem n I couldn’t read any lovely ff of yours from yesterday….now feeling better after reading this amazing episode. …keep it up honeyyy. …love you loads. ..muaaaaahhhhhh 🙂

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