Manmarziyan – Just the two of us !!! (Episode 6)


Thank you guys for the suport and love. Now i am back after a loooooong gap. Now it will be regular. For your information, there is a

twist in Radhika’s marriage and the mystery person. Hope you will enjoy. Lets get into the episode.

Manmarziyan – Just the two of us (Episode 6)

Arjun tells Radhika about their second meeting which makes radhika laughing heartfully. He felt relaxed seeing her and he starts

admiring her unkowingly. He gets ready to go office and she also goes to kitchen to prepare breakfast for him. Arjun got ready and

comes down to the hall and gets a letter from the watchman. He opens it and reads, “Hello Mr., sorry i don’t know your name. But all i

can say is you are a very good person who takes care of the person whom you don’t even know. All i want to say now is, there is a

danger for the person whom you takes care..Pls be careful and don’t leave her alone. Pls take care of her”.

Arjun asks the watchman about the person who gave this letter to him. Watchman informs that this was kept near the gate and nobody was

around there. Arjun goes out to check but finds none. He comes back to hall and sees Radhika arranging the dining table for him and

signs him to come and have. He just nods and dials to Suraj ACP and tells him that he has something to show. They decided to meet in a

reserve place and plans to inform Manish also. Arjun messages Manish and tells him the meeting.

Soon he finishes his break fast is about to leave, but stops seeing radhika who is happily standing behind him and is ready to send

off him. She looks at his worried face and comes to him and asks, “What happened Arjun? You look so worried?”

Arjun, “Nothing. You don’t go out anywhere. If you need anything just tell the servants. Lock the door and don’t open unless its me”.

Radhika sees his worries and says, “Arjun, what happened? Y all these instructions suddenly? Any problem?”

Arjun thinks for a while and says, “Yes there is a problem. Since am a very big shot, i have lot of friends in my business circle but

at the same time i have enemies too. I have got an information from my detective source that there is a danger for us. I have arranged

security for myself and i have done it for you too and i want you to be safe here. So pls obey my instructions and don’t take it


Radhika pats his cheeks and says, “Sure.. i will take care of me and you take good care of you”. She waves bye to him and he leaves

office unwillingly. Radhika locks the main door and tells the maids that she is in her room and not to open the door unnecessarily.

Arjun is not able to concentrate on his work and his mind always thinking about the letter only. He takes the letter and read it again

and again. He immediately calls Manish and gets his time to meet him. He rushes out and informs his manager to take care of the work

and he left office. He reaches Manish cabin in the hospital and shows him the letter. Manish reads it and looks shocked and says, “So

what we thought is correct. Radhika’s life is in danger. But by whom? Who wants to harm her and what she did to them to harm her?

Arjun i felt we unknowingly involved in this matter and we cannot back off now. We have to help her for that first we should know

about her past..without knowing that we cannot move a single step forward”. Arjun agrees on his sayings and decides to find the

mystery person first, so that everything will be clear cut.

At the decided time, Arjun, Manish & Suraj meets and discuss about the matter. Suraj plans to trap the person who sent the letter. They discussed about the plan and it is muted. Manish looks at arjun’s worried face and consoles him. Arjun leaves home early and tells radhika that they are going out today. Radhika finds wierd but still she agrees and goes to get ready.They both leave to the nearby park by walking. Arjun feels someone is following him. He takes his mobile and messages to suraj. They reached the park and sits in one of the bench. Radhika looks at the kids playing there and lost herself in their cuteness. Yes it is cuteness overload. She smiles seeing them playing. Arjun zooms the park completely and finds out the policemen disguised as a public and tells suraj.

Arjun still feels the presence that somebody is watching them continously and he turns towards his right side and looks. He sees that somebody is trying to hide between the trees. He did not react and simply msgs what he observed. The mystery person watches everythng and finds it fishy and started leaving from there. Maximum 4 steps he forwarded but surrounded by 3 persons who is actually a police men, caught him red handed and locks him. Suraj comes there and removes the shawl which is covered him and finds shocked seeing him. He calls arjun and tells him to come soon. Arjun then takes radhika and leaves her in home and tells her that he got an important call and he vl be back soon. he rushes in his car to Suraj’s place.

Arjun reaches and peeps inside the room and finds suraj and 3 polices standing there and looking at the person sits in the chair by covering himself. Suraj signs him to go and he also moves to him and removes the cloth and finds shocked seeing him. The mystery person face is revealed and it is half burnt and he looks teary eyed.

Arjun makes him stand straight and asks,”What is your name? Did you send me the letter? How you know about Radhika?”

The mystery person looks into his eyes and says, “SHe is not Radhika, she is Shravani-her original name.” he gives gap and looks at arjun’s pale and shocked face.

He continues, “Yes i only sent the letter to warn you to take care of her and my name is Neil.”

The screen freezes on Arjun’s shock face, Neil’s teary face and Radhika’s smiley face.

Precap: Arjun enters his home with Neil and is shocked to find his mom with Radhika in the hall.

Guys, how is this episode and i hope you find it interesting. Pls let me know if you like it or not and provide your valuable comments.

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  1. Rg2015

    It’s a gud one Satya . But twist in rads marriage?

  2. Yeh kya hogaya meri sweet Neil ko….who is behind all this??? Pls sis whenever u get time update this

  3. Awesome episode, eagerly waiting for the next update. 🙂

  4. Suga

    Neil burnt face 🙁 satzzz darling pls do plastic surgery for him 🙁 i can’t c him like Dis darling pks pls pls 🙁 my humble request yaar pls 🙁 loved d arjuns care 🙂 love u missed u darling 🙂

  5. Shree

    Sathya ka!! Sooper ji sooper!! Dhool kelapiteenga… So it was Neil… Omg how did he get hurt?! She is shravan?! Arjun’s mom is here?! Ippo innonsooper a irukum… Why danger?! Post soon ka..

    Love you ??

  6. Jessie

    Oh god.. who burnt my dimple kanna’s face… killlll himm… Sathya.. twist after twist…super… now very much curious 2 read d next chapter..

  7. sathya akka superb epi u nailed it ah
    wen will u update nxt one

  8. sathu ……wow awesome episode………neil-radhu ku enna sambantham?……eagerly waiting next one.pls pls update

  9. Sathya you burned my darling Neil’s face 🙁 …. what a twist…now my brain is completely out thinking who could be the one after her 🙂 Awesome girl and how is your father now ?? tc and loads of love 🙂

  10. OMG , nice twists 🙂 🙂 .. interesting .. how is dad ka ??? waiting for ur next episode

  11. Meghna shanti

    Eagerly waiting the next
    Wanna know radhika’s past
    N about neil

  12. Oh wow what a twist, am blown away. Just loved it and a lot. Waiting eagerly for the nxt one. Stay blessed

  13. Oh sathya u r really talented I mean the story is awesome. Pls update

  14. Omg what had happen to Neil……. Plz tell me he will be alright…… plzzzzzzzz…….. waiting for next update soon

  15. what happened to Neil ??????? how does he know Rads ??????????

  16. Satz darling this not fair na Neil’s id no…pls…okay i knw there must b a certain mystery behind it..m itching to know it….hey i always wonder how come this brilliant ideas to your mind..need to contact aunty for secret ingredient… haha..superb epi..arjun is on full jasus mode today..loved

  17. amazing dr..but what happened to the murderer Saral..just guessing..eagerly waiting for nxt..plz post soon..and how is ur dad..take care of u

  18. Wowwww sathya. ..I’m in shock. .
    What…mystery man is neil…neil’s face half burnt….rads name is shravani….aahhhh…what exactly happened….I’m so curious to know. …sathya my dearrrrr…you’re awesome. ..this story is really outstanding n unique. …with suspense, thrill, action, romance, comedy,..everything…total package. ..keep it up honeyyy. .eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads. . . keep it up honeyyy. …eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads. . Muaaaaahhhhhh 🙂 😉 😀 ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡

  19. Naaga

    Super satz, today unexpected portion ws Neils part. Im also shocked. Sharavani i love this name it sounds good. Waiting 4 the next 1 satz pls post soon.

  20. Jerly

    Oh…no Neil’s burnt face…. I don’t even have a guts to imagine that….. Anyways nice episode…..plz update next part soon…. my BP is increasing….

  21. Sathya

    Thank u so much guys… My dad is fine now. Thank u all for the prayers. I will sure reveal the mystery in coming episodes. It will not be a long ff.. So I will finish it off soon.

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