Manmarziyan – Just the two of us !!! (Episode 5)


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Manmarziyan – Just the two of us(Episode 5)

Arjun is disappointed hearing that Radhika did not remember anything of her past. Radhika interrupts and says, “But Arjun, often i get some flashes but that makes me scared” she said in a feared tone.

Arjun, “Flashes? what is that?”

Radhika, “I don’t is like i am running and somebody is chasing me…and i am in bridal dress”. She holds her pain due to the pain and arjun gets concerned seeing her and tells, “Ok..ok…cool…now don’t think about much..might be it is your dream..bad dream. Lets forget it ok. Come will go home”.

He takes her with him and she leans on his chest and walks with him. She feels secured with him and Arjun feels odd but still as a human he thinks to support her.

They both reach home and Arjun tells her to go inside in the mean while he went to park his car. Radhika nods and goes inside. After parking, arjun walks towards the entrance but stops feeling something. He turns back to the gate and sees a person who covered his face with Shawl…continuously staring his house. He gets doubtful and starts walking towards the gate to catch him. But that man sees him and starts running from there. While running he missed his shawl and arjun tries to see his face and once he is able to see his face when he turns to check whether arjun is coming or not. He runs fast so that arjun will not catch him.

He comes back to his home and calls out for Radhika. She comes to him with 2 cups of coffee. He smiles at her and gets it from her but he gets into serious thinking by
remembering radhika’s statement about the flashes and the man he saw outside.

Radhika finds him tensed and asks him the reason. He somehow manages it and changes the topic. They had a talk for sometime and he asks her to rest for sometime. After she goes he calls Manish and tells him everything. Both of them discuss and thinks to put security to his home since as per radhika’s statement it looks like her life is in danger. Arjun decides to increase the security.

In the night also, they had a light dinner and did not have much talk and goes to sleep. Radhika sees him adjusting himself in the couch and asks him, “Arjun, y r u sleeping in the couch?”

Arjun thinks what to tell her but she interrupts, “i am asking you only..why r u sleeping in couch? You can sleep in the bed na?”

Arjun, “Ha.. i can but not now..because you know what…you are still not get well completely so i thought of giving some space to you to get alright…”

Radhika goes to him and asks, “Really is this the reason?”

Arjun stumbles seeing her so close and says, “Haan Radhika…this is the real reason… first you get well na.. then we will see rest”.

Radhika feels something wrong but still she nods for him and goes to bed to sleep. She lies down in the bed facing arjun and he also in the same position seeing her.

They both look at each other without blinking their eyes and soon they fall asleep.

Next morning, Radhika wakes up but did not find arjun in couch, she comes out and sees him sleeping in the sofa in the hall, she feels bad and gets worried of not knowing the reason behind his act. She ignores it and goes to kitchen to get coffee. In the meantime Arjun wakes up and goes to room to find her but he finds it empty.

Immediately he comes out and finds her in the hall. He goes to her and greets her morning but she did not. He understands that she is angry, he tries to talk to her but she ignores him.

He gets a call from Manish, he attends and gets to know that today is his daughter’s bday. He informs to Radhika about this and tells her that he invited us in the evening party. Radhika did not see his face at all but still accepts to come with him. He smiles at her behaviour and he likes her angry too. He smiles and goes.

He takes bath and comes out from washroom and surprise to see his suite is kept in the bed, he wonders and thinks radhika has done this. He smiles and takes it to wear. He wore her choice of dress and comes out to have breakfast. He informs her that he has some work in office so he will not come in the noon for lunch and he asks her to get ready in the evening party. SHe simply nods and did not answer it. He smiles at her but still somewhere in the corner of his heart he feels bad of her ignorance. He waves her bye and goes to office.

He finishes his work in office and calls Manish to discuss about the security and the flashes radhika gets. He goes to hospital and meets him. They both discussed it and decides to start their investigation with the help of their friend who is in police department. Manish contacted Mr. Suraj who is an ACP and old friend of Arjun & Manish. They 3 met together and Arjun explains him everything from the day he met her and till date. He informed him about the mysterious man also. Suraj gets all the relevant details and tells them that he will arrange a secret mission to find her details and tells him to help for security forces.

After a while they all left and arjun comes to home and searches for radhika everywhere. he did not find her in the hall, kitchen and in the room also. he gets panicked and thinks about the man and gets scared. He shouts by calling her name and the servant came and inform him that radhika went to terrace. He runs to terrace and breathes normally after seeing her inbetween the rose flowers. He too finds her like a flower who stares them lovingly. He calls out her name, she turns and finds him breathing heavily. She goes to him and asks him, “What happened arjun? Y r u breathing heavily and u look tensed?”

Arjun smiles at her and says, “Because of you only”. Radhika wonders and asks, “becoz of me? why?”

Arjun, “I got scared of not seeing you in the hall and room and then got to know that u are here”.

Radhika, “I am sorry.. i was getting bored simply sitting there, that’s y i came here and i spent most of my time here itself and i am thinking to re arrange all these in coming days. Anyway i will not get bored na”

Arjun nods happily and informs to get ready for the party. Both comes down and gets ready for the party. They reach the party hall where manish and his wife welcomes them and arjun introduces radhika to his wife. They started the party and everyone joins with them. Radhika likes the kid and starts playing with it. Arjun mesmerizes seeing her playing cutely. Radhika and Mrs. Manish sits together and Manish & Arjun stands together somewhere and discuss about their projects.

Mrs Manish starts telling about their love story and marriage and she tells her about Arjun also. Radhika gets impressed after hearing so many good things about Arjun which she doesn’t know or remember. She looks at him and stares him lovingly.

Mrs Manish, “But Radhika, still i find it is so secret that he not even inform to me and manish about you and your marriage. When Manish told me about this i really got angry and scolded him like anything, and now after seeing you my angry went somewhere else. you know what.. you both are perfect for each other and you are so lucky to get a husband like Arjun”.

Radhika smiles shyly and says, “Yes..ofcourse”. The party gets over and they are going back to their home. Radhika’s heart is full of happiness now after hearing about arjun her affection gets increased a lot now. She believed him blindly as what he said and she lives in the hope that he is her husband. Unknowingly because of that hope she started loving him with her full rights but she is hesitated to show that to him. But arjun did not aware that he gives a strong impression to her about him and he himself is confused at times while seeing her, since he knows the real truth he tries his maximum to be away from her.

Radhika smiles and leans on his shoulder while driving. Arjun gets shocked at first but composes himself and gives her a fake smile and continous driving. After they reach home, he is about to go to his room but radhika holds his hand and stops him. He turns and looks at her smiling face with little shock. She moves slowly to him and hugs hims tightly saying, “I don’t remember how we met and fallen in love but i want to say that now at present, i like your presence when you are around and i feel more secured and comfortable with you. I think this is what the feeling every girl will get when they have their loved ones with them. Now i started to have that feel for you”. By saying this she tighten her grip but arjun is shell shocked and did not even think to reciprocate this hug. His hands are shivering like anything and he starts sweating badly. He raises his hands and touches her shoulder and slowly seperates her from him. Radhika is puzzled and looks at him confusingly. He moves back and looks at her nervously and says, “I..i..feel…tired. gonna sleep. Good Night”. By saying this he runs to his room and hides from her sight.

Radhika looks at the way he left, unknowingly she couldn’t bear his ignorance and tears flows down.

Next morning, Arjun wakes from couch and did not find radhika in the bed and comes out to see her. He finds her in the sofa in the hall and thinks about their last night scene and feels awkward to face her. He feels helpless seeing her and tries to cheer her. He goes to kitchen and prepares coffee for them and comes to her. He wakes her up and she finds surprised seeing him. She slightly smiles at him and goes to freshup. She comes back and takes the coffee he prepares and silently have it.

He comes and sit beside her and says, “Sorry radhika…actually i was really tired yesterday” but she interrupts saying, “I did not ask you anything”.

They both are silent for sometime and she again asks, “Arjun, after our first meeting, then how was our second meeting happened?” she asks this by looking at her coffee mug.

Arjun looks at her sad face and says, “Radhika, i know you are angry on me for yesterday’s night. See…you don’t remember anything now and just because i am saying, you are believing me. I want you to remember everything in your life and i need my old radhika…not the one who forget about herself. I am feeling guilty and bad seeing you in this state. When you are not in your senses.. how can i feel happy…i did not want to tell you this but since you are not talking to me.. i m saying this now”.

Radhika looks at him and felts pity seeing him sad and smiles at him saying, “okay.. am not angry and al.. just upset that’s it. Now you tell me how we met after that .. i will try to remember which i am getting”.

Arjun smiles and goes to his imagination.

Year – 2014, Month – January, Date – 17

After 1 week of their first meeting, Radhika and her friend goes to park and waits for someone. They both sit on the bench and waits for the person. Radhika sees her friend sobbing and she is consoling her by scolding some one. She says, “How dare he can say that by asking you to marry someone? He finished with his love is it? Or he found someone else? I have to scold you are such a fool to believe him. Let him i will teach a good lesson to him”. Her friend sees somewhere and shows the way pointing her finger says, “He came”.

Radhika finds 2 guys standing there showing their back and she asks, “Which one? 2 are there.”

Her friends turns her view to radhika and says, “Blue jeans with peach color shirt”. Before Radhika sees him those two guys went from there and another person comes with the same attire and it is none other than Arjun but he also stands there showing his back. Radhika gets up and goes to him and pats his shoulder to show his face.

When he turns she is shocked and even Arjun is also shocked seeing her again that too she itself came and is standing with him. Radhika composes herself and says, “We are waiting for you only for so long. And what have you decided?”

Arjun is blank and asks, “You waited for me? but why? and what is the decision?”

Radhika is already in anger and after seeing him she gets more angry and starts scolding him, “Are you a insane? How can you do this to the person whom loves you so much? Do you even think about her situation once? She fought with her parents just for you and you are saying to break the relation ship. How can be so selfish?”

Arjun is blinking and tries to interrupt her but she is non stop talking and says, “See.. past is past. Now give her the answer. She is always thinking about you only and she told she will not marry anyone else if not you..what answer you are going to give to her?”

Arjun is shocked now and shouts, “WHAT?”

Radhika, “Don’t be too smart ok. You have 2 choice. one is to marry her and keep the promise and second is going to jail in the name of cheating case. which one you want?” She folds hre hands across her chest and look at his eyes.

AArjun looks at her unbelievably and says, “I am ready to marry…if that girl is you” he says this by looking at her smilingly and lovingly.

Radhika is now speechless and blinks at him without even uttering a word. She moves 2 steps back and says, “I should not talk to you instead i should have hand over to you in police… i have to blame her only…she did not get any good boy and she chose you..its all her mistake. You are a rogue…lofer…and…what else..all the bad words are written for you only”. she scolds him as much as and she runs to her friend and sees her smiling.

Her friend sees her angry and hugs her saying, “I met him and after seeing me crying, he couldn’t hold his feelings and admit his mistakes and this time he strongly told that he will marry me only”. Radhika is shouting as, “WHAT? Whom are you talking about?”

Her friend shows her the way the guy is standing and radhika is utmost shock and turns to find arjun who is walking towards her. She is embarrased now and goes behind her friend. Arjun comes to them and gets introduced with them. Radhika is hiding behind her friend. Arjun tells everything to her friend and they both started lauging at her foolishness.

Her friend says, “BTW, radhika he is perfect for you to match for your madness”. Radhika stares her angrily and her friend moves from seeing her boyfriend coming.

Arjun smiles at her and says, “I am Arjun”.

Radhika, “I am sorry…and i am Radhika”. Arjun, “I know”.

Radhika, “How come?”

Arjun, “I already read your name in the library registar book”. She gives him a look and both smiles at each other. After they sit at the same bench and have some talks and after sometime, her friend also came and joins with them. And they left from there after sometime, but before going ardhika exchanged their mobile numbers.

Day 2 – Second Meeting over.

@ Present,

Radhika is laughing thinking about her madness and arjun stares her lovingly seeing her smiling heartfully.

Precap: Arjun gets a chit with the news paper saying, “Radhika’s life is in danger…pls dont leave her alone”. He gets shocked reading it and looks around his house and finds the same mysterious man.

So how was this episode guys. Hope you al like it. Pls give me ur comments for the same. Thank you 🙂

Credit to: Sathya

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