Manmarziyan – Just the two of us !!! (Episode 4)

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Manmarziyan – Just the two of us(Episode 4)

Episode 3

Arjun sees his dream girl as Radhika and got up from his sleep immediately and looks at the bed where radhika is sleeping peacefully. He immediately goes out of the room and falls in the sofa. He gets restless and thinks to talk to Manish.

Manish receives Arjun’s call and asks, “Hey Arjun..what is everything fine there? Y u called me at this time?”

Arjun, “Manu..i think i shouldn’t have told her that i am her husband. I did wrong and now i am getting restless seeing her”.

Manish undrestands his worry and asks him what happened. Arjun tells him everything about her questions and his answers to her.

Manish started laughing hardly and it makes arjun angry and he scolds on laughing at his helpless. Manish somehow controls it and tells him that, “Arjun, this story is started by you and you are the one who has to end it”.

Arjun, “Manu pls…i am serious. I did not aware that time that she will ask these many questions and all. Till how long i should tell her the lie yar. Within 1 day,

am fed up. And she is believing me whatever i am telling to her.”

Manu, “Arjun, i understand. You don’t worry. Do as i say. You first ask her what exactly she remembers. Based on that you talk to her by saying the places, incidents which she remembers. Try to connect your story with the information she gives you. She might remember her past one by one slowly. It is not good also for her to remember everything at one shot. You get it what am saying?”

Arjun, “Yeah..i will try for that. And you know what, now i have to become a director and write a screenplay for this story. I am becoming mad in the first day itself”.

Manish silently laughs and greets him good night and disconnects the call. Arjun thinks for a while and falls asleep after sometime.

Next Morning,

Arjun wakes up by hearing a sweet voice, he opens his eyes and sees Radhika talking to the servant. He informed his servants prior itself about Radhika and they also accepted his saying and ready to help him, after all he takes care of them very well and they are very loyal to him. So the servants also behaved well with Radhika and thay’s y she did not get any different feel when she is talking to them. He gets up and sits in the sofa but still in half sleep.

Radhika sleeps him and asks, “Arjun…when you came out of the room and y u slept here?”

Arjun now blinks at her like a kid and slowly tells her that he came out to talk to Manish regarding her health and after that he slept here itself. She tells him to get fresh up. He goes silently and comes back and gets a cup of coffee from her.

While having a coffee, he remembers what Manish told him to make her only remember her past one by one. He asks her, “Radhika, don’t think much or don’t stress to think ok..but just answer me that now at present what exactly you remember?”

Radhika looks at him and tries to think but she felt pain and holds her head saying, “You did not remember anything”.

Arjun gets concerned and consoles her to not to stress much. He gives a sigh relief and goes back to his place but thinks for any alternative plans.

Radhika, “Arjun”.

Arjun, “Mmm..what?”

Radhika, “Can you take me out today..somewhere?”

Arjun, “Okay..first we will go to Hospital for ur regular check up and then will go out”.

Radhika nods happily and goes to get ready. Arjun looks at the way she went and thinks, “How will i make her remember her past?”

Both Ardhika gets ready and goes to hospital. There Manish does a regular check up and prepares the report. He talks to Arjun seperately and tells him to do as he said.

After that ardhika goes out have their food outside only and he takes her to the lake view park. She likes that place and gets happy seeing the kids playing around there and smiles heartily seeing them. Arjun likes her smiling and stares her lovingly. He makes her sit in a bench and he also sit beside her. They both staring the kids there and keeps silent for sometime.

Then Radhika sees a couple and gets into deep thinking and looks at arjun. Arjun also looks at her and raises his eyebrows asking as , “WHAT?”

Radhika, “You did not tell me yet how we met first?”

Arjun is shocked and thinks what to tell her. She holds his hands and asks him again to tell her.

Arjun, “Ok i will tell you but i will not tell you our complete story. Today i will just tell about first meeting ok? And after that you should try to remember something atleast deal?”

Radhika nods and says, “Ok Deal”.

Arjun looks at her innocent face once and closes his eyes. He starts telling her about their first meet.

(Guys, i am narrating his story like a present one…pls don’t get confused)

Year – 2014, Month – January, Date – 10

It is a big central library which is located at the heart of the city. It is very famous library and best place for book lovers. Arjun who is a regular reader in that library who comes there in searching one of his favourite book. He signed it and goes to first floor to check that book in the respective category. He is searching it for a while but did not get it. He is little frustrated and looks at the books shelves and moving forward without taking his eyes from them. Unfortunately he dashed with the small ladder which is used to take book from top. He hears a small scream and he looks up and automatically he lifts his arms like carrying someone.

Within a sec, he catches her who falls from the ladder, he lifts her in his arms and saves her in falling. He looks at her in the same position ad mesmerised seeing her face. She closed her eyes due to the fear, and her hands automatically wraps his neck. She slowly opens her eyes and looks at him scaringly. her eyes shows the fear clearly and next moment she realised she did not fall but instead in his hands.

She composes and gets down from his arms and looks at him and started scolding him, “Are you blind? Can’t you see and walk properly? What will happen to me if i fallen down?”

Arjun did not listen anything but simply stares her lovingly. She stops seeing him and is about to go but stops by Arjun. He calls her.

Arjun, “Xcuse me”

She turns and replies, “Now What?”

Arjun, “I am Arjun”

She, “So what?”

Arjun likes her anger and says, “i like your angryness but i cannot call you as angry girl whenever i see you outside somewhere right. So if you tell me you name it will be easy for me to call you by ur name”

She makes face and goes without answering him. He smiles at her and follows her by keeping some distance.

She signs in the registar book and left from there. Arjun also goes there and sees where she signed and reads her name, “RADHIKA”.

He sees her the way she went and says to himself, “She is cute when she is angry.” he smiles recalling the moment happened recently.

@ Present

Arjun stops and looks at radhika and asks, “This is our first meet and Do you remember anything now after hearing our first meet?”

Radhika stares him lovingly so that she did not listen him what he said.

He shakes her and asks again the same question. She thinks for a while and says, “Arjun…i am not getting the feel that i like to read and whatever you said to me now looks very new to me”. She keeps a sad face and looks at him sadly.

Arjun widens his eyes and he too looks at her sadly and replies, “Is it?”

She nodded sadly and keeps a pout face. The screen freezes on their pout face.

Precap: Ardhika goes to Manish’s home for his kid’s bday party. Radhika hugs arjun but he gets tensed and moves away from her.

So how was this episode guys. Hope you al like it. Pls give me ur comments for the same. Thank you 🙂

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