Manmarziyan – Just the two of us !!! (Episode 2)

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Manmarziyan – Just the two of us(Episode 2)

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Arjun and Manish is hell shocked seeing her looking at Arjun and asking him “Are you my husband?”.

She is looking at his face to get some answer from him. Arjun is staring her face continuously and somehow he composes himself and says, “You are tired now. you don’t think anything which you don’t want to, it will give you pain only. Take some rest. You should not stress much and it is not good for your health”.

She did not get convinced and asking for the answer but Manish also said the same thing to her and tells her that will talk about this later. Arjun made her lie in the bed and they both went out. Arjun while going looks at her once on doorstep and she also looks at him. Their eyes met for a sec and he feels some spark in his. He silently closes the door and follows Manish in his room.

Once they came in, Arjun asks, “Manish, what happened to her?”.

Manish, “Just come with me” by saying this he takes some files with him and they both go to another room there he introduced Arjun to the senior doctor. He hands over the files to him to check. He takes the x-rays and checks everything clearly and then says to Manish, “This patient is suffering from Amnesia. He or She forgot her past”.

Arjun & Manish is shocked hearing this and looks each other blindly. They have a small discussion and after that manish & Arjun comes out. They both look upset and Manish asked, “Arjun, what to do now?”

Arjun looks him worriedly and says, “I don’t know. Vl c what happens next.” Soon a nurse comes to him and says, “Doctor, Room no 305 patient gets sense and starts shouting, we couldn’t control her. Pls come fast”.

Arjun & Manish runs to the room and goes inside. Once Arjun enters she becomes calm and gets down from the bed and gets hold of his hands and asks, “Who am i? Pls tell me…i can’t tolerate this pain…i am going mad by thinking about me. Pls tell me who am i and who are you?”

Arjun simply holds her shoulder for support and makes her sit in the bed and joins his hands with her and asks, “Calm down…Now ask me one by one i will answer you”.

she asks me, “What is my Name? Who are you? I have this mangalsutra which means i m married, who is my husband? Where am i now? Pls pls tell me…otherwise i will go mad”.

Arjun pacifies her and says, “Your Name is Radhika..i Mean…Radhika Arjun”. Manish is shocked and keeps his hand on his shoulder and presses it. Arjun slightly nods his head and continues, “And my name is Arjun. So your doubt is cleared now. Yes You are married and i am your husband”.

She looks him confusingly and says, “But i am not getting memories of you and me getting married”.

Arjun replies, “You have met the accident and got injured in your head should not stress much otherwise it will not be good for ur health. Soon you will get all your memories back and you can clearly understand whom you are…OK”

She nodded her head slowly but looks like she is not convinced still.

By manish suggestions, he gives her some medicines and she also silently takes it and after some time she sleeps.

@Manish cabin,

Manish, “Are you gone Mad Arjun? How can you say that you are her husband? What will happen if your mom knows about this?”

Arjun, “Manu..for now i care only about her health. I know i lied to her but everything is for few days na..once she remembers her past, she will go from here..till then we have to take care of her right”

Manish, “For that y u need to tell her that you are her husband? What is the need for that?”

Arjun remembers the accident. He was driving the car in high speed in a highway. It was a night time and he enjoys the riding by hearing music. Suddenly he puts a sudden break seeing someone running towards the car but before the car stops it hits that person and falls infront of the car. He runs out to check that and it turns out to be a girl in new silk saree. She is in pool of blood. Her head injured badly and blood is oozing continuously. He looks at her face and he felt something odd feeling. He immediately takes her and admitted in this hospital and informs Manish since he is his friend.

Manish shakes his shoulder and asks him the same question again. Arjun replies, “If i did not tell like that still she would be asking the same question and tries to remember her past which will give only pain to her. Let it be manu…once she recovers she will go automatically. If mom comes to know about this then i will handle it. Anyway Mom went to uncle’s home na she will be back after a month only so no worries for now”.

Still Manish couldn’t convince but still just for Arjun he kept quiet. Arjun stayed in the hospital itself for that day. In the evening when he went to that room he sees her standing near the window and staring outside.

He moves to her and slowly touches her shoulder but she gets jerked off getting scared. He calms her down and looks at the way she stares. He sees the garden, and people do walking practice and some elders sits there and having chatting with their families. Arjun sees her face also and her face shows clearly that she wants to go there.

Without asking her Arjun takes her down to the lawn area after getting the permission from Manish.

Radhika(now will call her in that name) starts admiring each and everything there and a small smile comes to her face which makes her more beautiful. Arjun stares her lovingly seeing her smiling and he too accompanies her and supports her wherever she goes. She holds his hand tightly for the support and enjoys that environment. She turns and looks at him and says, “Thank you Arjun”. she smiles at him. Arjun also smiles at him. Then they both spent some time there and goes back to the room which she doesn’t like it. But Arjun insist and promises her that he will take her out daily like this.

In the night Arjun returns to his home after making her sleep in the hospital. Arjun goes to his room and gets freshen up. He goes to the mirror and adjusting his hair while doing so, he gets the smiling face of Radhika. He gets shocked and says to himself, “Why am i remembering her now?” he composes himself and falls asleep after thinking about her a long time.

Next day, Arjun gets ready and goes to hospital to meet radhika. he goes to her room but does not find her. He searches her in the room and gets worried and rushes to Manish cabin to enquire about her..he smiles at him and takes him to some place where Radhika sits and plays with the small kids in that child care room.

Arjun gets mesmerized seeing her playing with the kids like a kid. He moves and calls, “Radhika”.

Radhika did not turn back and continues playing with the kids. Arjun moves to her and touches her shoulder saying, “Radhikaa” by giving force in that name. Radhika looks at him questingly and asks, “When you came?”

Arjun says, “I called you twice by your name and you did not notice me”.

Radhika, “Oh..sorry i did not notice…i forgot my name only..what is my name?”

Arjun is little shocked and says, “Radhika”.

Radhika, “Okay..sorry i will remember from now on”.

Arjun smiles at her and says,”Ok..what are you doing here?”

Radhika, “I woke up early and felt i came here to spend some time”.

Arjun, “ come will go and did you have food and medicines?”

Radhika nods no and goes with Arjun. Manish who is watching all this gets surprised by Arjun’s behaviour towards her.

Arjun comes to manish after some time and they both discussed with senior doctor and gets to know that she will recollect her past slowly but if she tries hardly then it will not good for her health.

Manish tells Arjun that, “Now her injury is almost cured she is getting better day by day, i think we can discharge her”.

Arjun, “Ok…but where she will go”

Manish, “Have you really gone mad?”

Arjun looks him puzzled and asks, “Why?”

Manish, “You said her that you are her husband then where she will go?”

Arjun is shocked now and is loss of words looks at him blank and says, “I totally forgot about this…what do we do now?”

Manish, “Take her to your home”.

Arjun, “What…how can i?”

Manish, “Why not? After all you are her husband?”

Arjun, “Stop teasing me. Now tell me what i need to do?”

Manish, “I am serious. Take her to ur home. Will treat her there only. Anyways aunty will come after 1 month na. Before that only will try to recollect her past slowly. Till then manage her.”

Arjun some how accepted and finish all the formality. He comes to her and takes her to his home.

Arjun & Radhika is in car and there is a pin drop silence. She feels tired and slept once she gets in.

Finally they reaches home and Arjun helps her in get down from the car and asks the servant to get the things in the car.

Radhika enters into the Mansion and she feels scared seeing the big home, she holds his hands tightly. Arjun notices her scared face and keeps his warm hand on her for support. Radhika feels good in his touch.

Once they enters radhika turns to him and asks, “Arjun, when we got married?”. Arjun is stunned hearing this question and stares her blankly.

Precap: Ardhika goes for shopping. Arjun feels someone is following them.

So how is this episode. I hope i gave a satisfied episode. Pls let me know your comments..waiting eagerly for that..

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  1. Sathya dear, sorry ..sorry..sorry hundred times sorry for not identifying you.And this update is really many questions about rads past and future..but iam sure you will make this mindblowing.please update impossible love also..

    1. its ok.. i forgive u… thank u for the lovely comment. ??

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  3. Oye sathya is this u oh god I was scratching my head to know who that was. Sry sry soo sry. Nail biting . wish radhika never gets her memory back. Who was the one following. I wish he is not any trouble maker. Love u soo much dear. Bear hugs and kisses.

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  4. Sathya really sry I couldn’t identify u pls frgve me plssss. ……plot is vry nice asual……early to knw radzzz past…..sry once again tc dr

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  5. I am so very very sorry, I am not good at guessing please don’t be mad.

    This story is very interesting, please don’t end soon. πŸ™‚

    1. np brin ??.. thank u so much

  6. Awesome, marvellous episode, sathya my darling. …it’s superbbbbb. ..arjun told her he is her husband…..n gave her name radhika…so sweet…..her memory lost…but she still in very unbalanced state….he took her his home….rads feeling comfortable with him…but will she forget arjun when her old memories will come back???…I’m tense….precap is interesting. …keep it up honeyyy…love you loads. Muaaaaahhhhh.. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

    1. thank u so so much Roma for ur lovely comments.. ????

  7. Amazing update waiting for the nxt

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  8. Oh..sorry sis…only Amu pulled such pranks guess who am I…n m so much into her I couldn’t identified u…btw m loving this story…what is radz past…rather than m worried if she’ll recollect her past n will leave Arjun then what will happen?????

    1. np rosie ??… anyways thank u so much

  9. Hey ammu ….you na iam new comer…:just joined 20 days before… so won’t be able to guess sorry for that….and about update…well excited to see ardhika’s romance …:-) πŸ™‚

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  10. Wow sathya I loved it. Pls update soon.

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  11. Sorry satzzzz darling πŸ™ but ur ff is really cute πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ loved it πŸ˜€ it’s really fab πŸ˜€

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  12. Sathya pls big sorryyyu dear..pls forgive us…Epi is as usual mindblowing…frm whre u get this brilliant ideas yarrr..Arjun love for her is so cute..precap is intteatine seems story me twist aanewala hai.pls nxt one soon

    1. np dipu… thank u so much darling.. ??

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  13. Awesome πŸ˜€

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  14. Hey Sathu….I had put up a guess…abt the writer being you……..its really superb… first I tot it was a continuation of mmz………I’m also shocked…..infact I thought and read the story through Radhika’s eyes……………….

    1. thank u aastha.. np dear ????

  15. Awesome Sathya πŸ™‚ this is a brilliant story… I am really anxious to know….why was she running on the road??? who is she married to…wat is her real name ? and will she and Arjun stay together πŸ™‚ loads of love dear…please update soon πŸ™‚

    1. thanks, a lot gauri… i vl reveal it slowly.. ??

  16. Hey Satz…plzz read my comment in need mmz Tamil version………

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    Satz, nee ques ketuinrrundha who am i? Actually naa fast epi padichrrundha I’m sure, nee thaan solliruppen cos nee maatum thaan cumma vaippa oruthanga pesumpodhu (Arjun, …….). Yethney episodes follow panniruken satz pathi theriyaadha. Who am i? Kku Ans panna mudiyaama pochee nu konjam varuthamma irukku ?

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