Manmarziyan – Just the two of us (Episode 16)


Aahhhhh…i squeezed my brain a lot for today’s concept…fingers crossed..hope u all like it. Thanks a lot for all ur lovely comments.

I am dedicating this romantic episode to my dear bubbly girl FEBY. Again i m repeating it well and achieve your dreams. All the very best and keep in touch always with us. Love you.

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Manmarziyan – Just the two of us (Episode 16)

Precap: Arjun’s confession and Rads condition to recreate the love story.

Radhika’s dress link for sangeet ceremony

Arjun stares the way she is going and murmurs, “I am not a stranger for you”. He smiles and follows her the way. All are enjoying the function and Nesam shares a romantic eyelock inbetween those chaos. Arjun comes and stands with Neil with pout face. Neil hits him lightly and asks, “Why u look upset Arjun?”

Arjun drags neil to corner and tell him the whole story till rads condition. Neil laughs hard and enjoys Arjun’s tension. Arjun hits him and asks him to help him.

Arneil discuss something secretly and finally gives thumbs up to each other and joins with others. Radhika sits with Sam and she also puts mehendi in her hand and tell the lady something in her ears. After sometime, she done with her mehendi and shows her hands to Sam. Sam looks at her hand and gets surprise seeing it and asks her, “Really?”. Rads blush and nods happily. Both girls hugs each other and shares their happiness. Rads searches for Arjun but he is not finding anywhere in the hall. She thinks to search for him but Sam pulls her and tells her to stay with her.

Anjali calls Neil to find out his name in Sam’s hand and after a long struggle he somehow finds it and demands the gift as a kiss from her. Sam gets shy and kisses on his cheeks & hugs him. Neil too hugs her back and place a gentle kiss on her forehead.

Rads at her extreme happiness and gets happy tears by seeing them together. Arjun stands beside her and wipes her tears saying, “Don’t drop all your tears now itself. It is priceless and save something for us also in future” and winks at her. Rads gets blush and tries to move away from him but he holds her hands, “Waise, shall i check my name in your hands?”

Rads thinks to tease him and pulls her hand from him, “How can you so sure that i have written your name in my hand?”

Arjun, “Some instinct says”

Rads, “Then your instinct is wrong”

Arjun, “So you did not write my name in your hand?”

Rads, “Yes”

She smirks and goes from there leaving him there. Arjun, “I will see till how far you will run from me”

After sometime, all gets ready for Sangeet function and the DJ starts playing the songs. First Manish and his wife dances for the duet song and wishes Nesam through their song only. All gets happy and applauds them for their performances.

Next Suraj also joins the function and dance with his wife and wishes the couples whole heartedly. All are enjoying the function and claps for each performances. Now it is bride and groom’s turn and Ardhika pushes them to the dance floor.

The song for Nesam is Mein waari Jawan from Tere Naal Love Hogaya movie

Main Wari Jawan, Main Wari Jawan

( I sacrifice Myself – 2)

Sathhoya Ki Ho Ek Sur Re

(Now this offense has happened)

Main Wari Jawan, Main Wari Jawan

( I sacrifice Myself – 2)

Dil To Hoya Majoor

(My heart has become Compelled)

Main Wari Jawan, Main Wari Jawan

( I sacrifice Myself – 2)

All the lights turned off and they highlight it only on the center part where our Nesam stands.

Neil takes Sam’s hand in his and pulls her to him close by wrapping his hands in her waist. Both lost in each others look and moves their bodies according to the music. Sam gets shy and moves away from him but he holds her wrist and hugs her from back by resting his chin on her shoulder. They join their heads in that position and pats it slightly.

Chuliya Tune Lab Se Ankho ko

(You touched the eyes with lips)

Mannate Puri Tumse Hi

(All (my) wishes are fulfilled with you only)

Main Wari Jawan

(I Sacrifice Myself)

Tu Mile Jahan Mera Jahan, Hai Waha

(Where you meet me, my world is there only)

Rounke Sari Tumse Hi

(All the radiane is from you only)

Finally he twirls her twice and takes her in his arms and kisses on her forehead while Sam wraps her one hand around his neck and cups his cheeks with another & kisses on his cheeks. They stayed in the same position till the lights turns on. Both gets disturbed by a huge applause.

Neil puts her down and side hugs her and moves from there by dancing only. Manish gives hi-fi to him and announces, “Next is Arjun & …”

Before he finishes it, they all hear a lady voice from the crowd (The song is Bole Chudiyan from Kabhi Kushi Kabhi Gham)

Only Voice is hearing now


Bole chudiyan, Bole Kangna

(My bangles say, My Bracelet say)

Hai main ho gayi teri saajna

(That i have become yours beloved)

The crowd moves away, rads shows her back and turns slowly by shaking her hip. Arjun mesmerises to see her and stands dumb.

Tere bin jiyo naiyo lag de main te margaiya

(Without you, i could not lve, i would die)

She walks towards him slowly, stands at his back and hits his shoulder by hers and push him to the floor.

Le jaa Le jaa, dil le jaa le jaa

( Take away, take away, take away the heart)

Le jaa le jaa, soniye le jaa le jaa – 2

(Take away, my beloved, take it away)

Soon the girls there joins with her and starts performing together. Radhika dances with the girls there and teasing arjun with her dancing.

Bole Chudiyan repeats,

She extends her hands infront of his face and shows the bangles in her hands, then she pulls her hand to her when arjun is trying to hold it and makes faces.

Male Version

Bole chudiyan – Repeats

Arjun folds his shirt in his hands upto his elbow and starts dancing for the tune. Manish and Suraj gets surprised seeing him and encourages him from boys side.

Radhika :-

Haai Haai main marjaawa marjaawa tere bin
(Oh, i’d die, i’d die without you)

Ab to meri raatein kat ti taare gin gin
(Now all my nights i spend counting starts)

Bas tujhko pukaara kare, meri bindiya ishaara kare
(I only call you, my bindi will signal you)

Now the dance becomes like a competition between boys and girls. Rads, Sam, Manish’s wife and Suraj’s wife joins hands and dancing against boys Arjun, Neil, Manish, Suraj and Prakash.

Arjun :-

Hoye, lashkaara lashkaara teri bindiya lka lashkaara
(Oh that sparkle, sparkle, sparkle of your bindi)

Aise chamke jaise chamke chaand ke paas sitaara
(It shines as the stars shines next to the moon)

Arjun goes inbetween the girls and stands beside rads. He then makes her see him and rolls his finger on her forehead by pointing her bindi and pulls her nose to make her angry and steps forward from her.


Oh oh, oh oh oh, oh oh oh oh
Meri paayal bulaaye tujhe, jo roothe manaaye tujhe

(My anklets are calling you, they will soothe your sulk)

O Sajan ji, haan saaji ji
(Oh my beloved, yes my beloved)

Kuch socho, kuch samjho meri baat ko
(Think a little, understand what i am saying to you)

Before he goes from there, she pulls him down to the floor and moves her lehenga little above to show her anklets and hits the floor by her toe tips. She then sits on the floor, lifts his face up and pats his forehead by pointing his brain.

She gets up and walks away from him.


Bole Chudiyan, bole kangna
(Your bangles say, your bracelet say)

Haai main ho gaya tera saajna
(I have become yours, beloved)

Tere bin jiyo naiyo lad da main te marjaawa
(Without you, i could not live, i would die)

Le jaa le jaa, soniye le jaa le jaa
(Take away, my beloved, take it away)

Dil le jaa le jaa, ho
(Take away my heart)

Arjun gets up immediately, holds her wrist and rubs his fingers on her bangles, pulls her cheeks, kisses her cheeks and run away from her.


Apni maang suhaagan ho
(May my parting of the hair always have vermillion)

Sang hamesha saajan ho
(May my beloved be with me forever)

Aake meri duniya mein vaapas na jaana
(Now that you have come into my world, don’t ever leave it)

Sehra baandhke maahi tu mere ghar aana
(Come to my house by wearing the sehra)

Rads gets surprised and touches her cheeks where he kissed and looks at him emotionally while singing the above lines.


Oye Soni kitti soni aaj tu lagdi ve
(Oh how beautiful you look today)

Bas mere saath yeh jodi teri sajdi ve
(If only i am your partner, then our couples seems perfect)

Roop aisa suhaana tera, chaand bhi hai deewana tera
(Yours beauty shines so brightly, makes even the moon be crazy about you)

Arjun too gets emotional and to change her mood, he takes her in his arms and does a circle with her, by rubbing his forehead with his.


Jaa re jaa oh jhoothe teri falla hum na maane
(Go on with you liar, i m not buying your flattery)

Kyoon taarif karte hai tu humko sab kuch jaane
(Don’t flatter too much, you are giving yourself away)

Radhika gets down from him and pushes him away from her.


Ho, oh oh oh, oh oh oh oh, oh oh….
Mere dil ki duaa yeh kahe, teri jodi salaamat rahe
(My heart speaks the prayer that this match will prosper)

Neil comes and makes them stand beside him and gives a side hug to them.


O sajan ji, haan sajan ji
(Oh my beloved, yes my beloved)

Yunhi beete saara jeevan saath mein
(May our whole lives we spend together like this)

Sam also joins them and all the 4 have group hugs.


Aaja Heeriye
(Come, beautiful)


(Oh go go lover boy)


(Oh come beautiful)


(Go go lover boy)

The song is over and the dance performances also completes with the ardhika’s highlight dance romance. The whole Arjun villa echoes with a huge round of applauses afte this performance.

Meanwhile, Arjun takes radhika’s hand and tries to see his name in her mehendi but she jerks it off and says, “I challenge you, you cannot even see and if you see it, then you cannot find it”. Arjun smiles and says, “Challenge accepted. I will win for sure”

Rads makes faces and runs from him and sits with Anjali. After sometime, all are enjoying chatting with each other and pulling each other’s legs.

Soon rads gets bored and thinks to tease arjun but she did not find him anywhere and starts searching for him. She finds him and gets shocked seeing him talking to another girl that too standing very close to her. She tries to over hear their talk but unable to. She gets tensed seeing him laughing while talking to her. She tries to control her angry but it is only for few secs only, after she started walking towards them and stands behind that girl by keeping her hands across her chest.

Arjun gives the reaction as if he is shocked and signs the girl to go from here. When she is about to move, rads stops her, “Where are you going? And Arjun what were you talking with this girl with so much laugh”

Arjun, “Voh..actually nothing. Just like that i was talking to her.”

Girl, “What arjun, just like that you were talking to me. How can you say like this? You were flirting with me”

Rads opens her mouth widely coz of shock hearing that girl’s accusations on arjun, she stares him angrily. Arjun tries to speak but both ladies shout at same time, “STOP”

Arjun closes his mouth and keeps a pout face. Rads comes and stands infront of him by showing her back to that girl and scolds him, “How dare you do this Arjun? You confessed your love to me yesterday only and today you are flirting with her. How can you do like this?”

Girl shockingly, “WHat Arjun? What is she saying? You proposed her and flirting with me now? How could you do this?”

Arjun says, “Listen are taking me in a wrong way. Let me try to explain..radhika listen first”

Rads moves back and scolds, “Don’t dare to touch me. never seen such a person like you..and YOU…” she turns back to see the girl and stops her converse seeing her. She is speechless seeing the person standing infront of her. She forgot to blink her eyes seeing her. Arjun smiles at her reaction and says, “Chalo…finish this drama now”

Yes, that girl is none other than Neil who dresses like a girl, kept a wig and changes his voice like a girl. If anyone sees him from back they will think that it is really a girl but infront, he did not do anything just kept it as it is. Rads is shocked seeing her brother in this disguise and forgets to close her widely opened mouth in shock.

Suddenly she comes to senses hearing the claps sound from everywhere. All their friends gathered there including Manish, suraj, prakash, Sam and starts teasing her. Rads gets embarrased and looks at Arjun with fake anger.

Arjun smiles and keeps a puppy face by holding his ears by his fingers and says, “Sorry…i want to create the Day 2 where you will mistake me wrongly and scolds me. I can’t create the incident exactly and thinks something different and got a scolding from you. So how is my Day 2 in our love story?”

Rads gets shy and says, “Well, not bad. But i seriously did not expect my bhai in lady get up. Well my lovely lood so beautiful in this attire” she winks at neil and hugs him.

Arjun, “So…i succeeded in my second attempt”

Rads, “Not completely, i have a challenge also for you today right? Do you remember or forget it?”

Arjun, “I very well remember it madam. I still have time today and before the clock ticks 12 tonight…i will see your mehendi and my name in it”

Rads did not answer for him but simply gives him a cute and beautiful smile and she knows he will do it and she too wants that.

Precap: Arjun takes radhika to terrace under the moon light. Rads confession and Ardhika’s marriage. (LAST one)

So, that’s it for today and i hope you all enjoy it. Next will be the last one in this ff and i want the silent readers also to comment for it without fail. I enjoyed the dance and songs in the sangeet and hope you too enjoyed it. I am so happy after writing this episode but somewhere sad thinking lnext will be the last one. Anyways everything has an end fingers crossed for your lovely comments. Pls do the honour. Love you all ๐Ÿ™‚

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      Hey my dear rads…. I m so happy by ur comments ??? I m damn sure that u will love this episode. What to do dear I need to create say two… N I got help from ur brother only. And yes my dear sv… U can call me as arjun… It will surely remember our journey. Love u ??????

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