Manmarziyan – Just the two of us (Episode 11)


Thakn you guys…so much tension build up right…Where is Prakash? And what about Sam? All this questions will be answered soon. Pls continue your support till the end

Manmarziyan – Just the two of us (Episode 11)

Vaibhav gets happy hearing Radhika’s memory loss. He thinks, “Wow…its a jackpot for me. She lost her memory which means she cannot recognize me and she will believe in me whatever i am telling. Now i am restless to meet her”

He looks at Arjun and asks, “Where is she? I want to see her now?”

Manish takes him inside the ward and shows him Radhika who is sitting beside Neil’s bed. Arjun also comes behind them and sees her.

Radhika looks at Arjun who is standing behind Vaibhav and smiles. Vaibhav mistakes thinking she is smiling at him and sees her coming towards him and gets so eager but to his disappointment she goes behind him and stands with Arjun holding his hands and leaning on his shoulder.

Vaibhav without turning only understand where she is, he holds his fist in anger and jealousiness but he cools him down and turns to them and says, “Hi, I am…” before he completes, Manish stopped him and nods no. Arjun understands and takes radhika out from the room with some reason. Then manish tells vaibhav that, “Let Arjun tells her everything first about her memory loss, then you can introduce you to her”. Vaibhav unknowingly nods his head and looks at Neil who is sleeping in sedative.
He then smirks at him and goes out to see her. But he did not find them and searches for them.

In the meantime, Ardhika comes to lawn and sits in the stone bench. She leans on his shoulder and holds his tightly and says, “Arjun…i don’t what exactly but i am getting some wierd feelings that you are going far from me. I am getting scared of thinking about thatt” she holds him more tightly. Arjun thinks about vaibhav’s statement about ACP & Radhika’s marriage proposal. He couldn’t answer anything for her but pats her head and says, “Don’t worry, everything will be happened as per your wish. I will be there with you always”

After sometime, he takes her home and makes her sleep for sometime. He then lies in the couch outside the room and lost in thinking about Radhika and gets restless thinking about her past.
Radhika is in deep sleep and she gets some flashes of her past, her good times with Nesam, meeting with ACP and she gets flashes of Vaibhav tying mangalsutra to her. Suddenly she gets up from the bed and holds her head and winces in pain. She shouts due to the heavy pain in her head, Arjun who is in couch hears her scream he runs to her and tries to calm her down. But she closes her eyes tightly and shouts, “Leave me…Leave me”. Arjun gets panics and tries to control her but she shoves his hands away without opening her eyes. Somehow Arjun holds her both hands tightly and shouts, “RADHIKA…LOOK AT ME”.

Then she slowly opens her eyes and looks at Arjun and stares him continuously. He cups her face and says, “Don’t worry. Nothing will happen. I am here with you right”
She holds her head slightly and says, “My head is paining” by saying this she fainted in arjun’s arms.

Arjun immediately calls manish and tells him about her. He gets doctor in his house and gets her treated. Arjun sits beside her and holds her hand for support. After sometime, he sees her blabbering something in sleep. He calms her down and she goes in deep sleep.

Arjun comes out from the room and informs manish about everything. Vaibhav hears Manish’s talk and tells him, he wants to meet Radhika. Manish couldn’t reject his request, so he gets her to Arjun’s home.

After an hour, radhika is waking up slowly and she holds her head for support and gets up. She looks at the room and looks herself too. Arjun enters with Juice glass and smiles at her saying, “Oh woke up. You know scared me radhika. I really got panicked seeing you shouting in pain. Thank yu are alright”
Radhika looking at him surprisingly and says, “Radhika?”

Arjun sees her and says, “Haan…ok talks have this juice”

Radhika feels something wierd but still have the juice from him and asks, “Where i am now?”

Arjun, “In our home. Hey what happened to you? You are asking everything newly”

Radhika gives him a confusing look and looks at the room as if it is new for her.

Arjun hears some sound from the hall and goes leaving her in the room itself.

Radhika goes behind him after few mins he went, and finds Arjun talking to two persons. She is able to see one person face clearly and comes down looking at another person she couldn’t see his face since Arjun is standing infront of him and talking. She goes and stands behind Arjun and Manish sees her and says, “How are you radhika?”

Rads just nodded her head, Arjun hears it and turns to look at her and another person face is revealed and it is vaibhav. Radhika looks at arjun first and then she sees vaibhav standing there and smiling at her. Arjun then introduces him to her.

Arjun, “Radhika…he is ACP Prakash”

Vaibhav smiles and extends his hands to her and says, “Hello Radhika”

Radhika stares him for a while and to everyone’s shock, she gives him a tight slap to him which makes him falls in the floor.

Arjun & Manish are shell shocked seeing this and gets confused why radhika behaves like that.

Arjun says, “RADHIKA”

Rads looks at him and says, “I am not Radhika…My name is Shravani”

Arjun & Manish is speechless and Vaibhav is in atmost shock and thinks now she will tell his real identity.

Radhika then looks at vaibhav and says, “He is Vaibhav, not ACP Prakash”

Arjun sees him getting tensed and looks at Radhika again and asks, “It regained your memory”

Radhika asks, “What are you saying?”

Manish holds vaibhav and ties his hands at back and says, “You bastard…you have cheated us in the name of ACP Prakash. Why you came now again? We will not leave you this time”

Vaibhav laughs and says, “What are you going to do with me? Don’t you want to know about Sam and Prakash the original ACP”

Radhika is shocked and holds his collar and asks, “What you did with sam? Where is she now? Tell me..where is she?”

Vaibhav stares her from top to bottom and says, “Our marriage is incomplete…will first complete that and then i will tell you her whereabouts”

Radhika is taken aback and immediately vaibhav is slapped hard by Arjun. he looks at him angrily and says, “Why you all guys are going behind her…she belongs to mine..that’s y fate is bringing me to her again and again. I thank you for saving her but i will not tolerate you if you try to come inbetween us”

Radhika is still in shock and asks, “What have you done to her? Pls tell me…and where is Neil?”

Manish replied, “Neil is fine and with us. don’t worry about him. We have to find about Sam and Prakash”

Vaibhav, “WIthout my help you cannot find both..if you need my help then i need her” he said by pointing his finger to radhika.

Arjun comes forward and says, “That will never happened even in your dreams” He starts searching his pockets and gets a mobile from his pant pocket. He slaps him hard and ask him to open it but vaibhav is refusing. in the meantime…Manish calls Suraj to come to Arjun’s house.

Suddenly there is an incoming call in his mobile from an unknown number. Arjun closes vaibhav’s mouth and attends the call without saying anything.

Arjun just maintains the silence and hears what the caller is saying. He disconnected the call and beats vaibhav badly. Suraj also reaches his house and holds Vaibhav. Manish informs him everything about vaibhav and they have arrested him. Arjun turns to radhika and says, “We got to know about Sam’s whereabouts”

Radhika holds his hands and says, “Pls take me to her. I want to see her”. Arjun is speechless and looks at the hands she is holding. Radhika also realises it and moves back from him. He then takes manish and radhika with him in the car. Suraj is following them in his Jeep.

Precap: Sam & Prakash whereabouts. Arjun is sad seeing radhika is maintaining distance from him. A month leap.

How is the episode guys. So i gave a month leap and what happened in that leap. Will Rads understand Arjun’s POV? Will she go with Arjun?
What happened to Sam & Prakash? Pls do wait for these updates.

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  1. Nooooooooo I m not loving this ……..poor Arjun ……..for something or I ll not talk to u …….love u Buddy …….sort it out plz …….muuuhhhaaa……come soon

    1. Sathya

      Don’t worry dear… She regained her memory and don’t know abt arjun by herself but she will have friendship with him and arjun slowly impress her… So don’t worry dear???

  2. Oh no Akka big twist..appadina avallukku arjune pathi yethuvum nyabagam irukkatha? Oh gad ippa arjunna vida ennakku than paithiyam piddikkapoguthu…ka shock mela shock…pesama novelist rajkumarkku assistanta senthukkonga…avare miranduduvar…wowwww….muahh..exexpactedly beautiful Epi…ippa neil than arjunnukku help pannanum….pls ka seekkiram update pannuvigalam ur little sissy eagerly waiting for it….and until then this will help..muahhhhhhh???

    1. Sathya

      Romba thanks sree kutty ???.. Hey tension aagatha… Yes rads forgot her arjun but she will not mistreat him instead she will have Friendship with him and slowly she herself will fall for him and of course our arjun will find ways to impress her. Yeah Prakash will be back n arjun gets jealous seeing him with rads… Hope u ll enjoy

  3. Athu actually unexpectedly beautiful.. naan than loose mathiri maththi type panniten….sorryyy

  4. S.v

    Arjun noo I said I dont want my memory back but why is this and the.precap is seriously hurting me badly. I wanna be with u soon but im happy atleast sam and prakash’s whereabouts are known but what so ever happenes I dont want to leave u or u leave me I trust u

    1. Sathya

      My darling radhu… There is nothing to worry till m there…. I told u na.. I will be with u… This is just an exam to test our destiny… So don’t panic… I ll not leave u so easily… Actually u ur self will come to me now… Just wait n watch

  5. Awesome episode, glad that Radhika got her memory but sad that she is distancing from Arjun. Eagerly waiting for the next update. 🙂

    1. Sathya

      Thank you dear ??? u will have a twist and fresh start with ardhika…

  6. Superb asusual. Poor Arjun

    1. Sathya

      Thank you dear ???

  7. Myra

    Why sathya why??? Please dont make radhika leave arjun…..please show some more ardhika moments. It was an amazing episode…glad radhika regained her memory.

    1. Sathya

      No worry my dear Myra… U will have ardhika moments but not like before but it will be a fresh start…. Just wait n watch dear ???

  8. Eagerly waiting for next episode. Nice episode!

    1. Sathya

      Thank you dear

  9. Jessie

    Neengaluma sathya… whole week Arjun is either getting slap or crying buckets.,frowning in one or other story.. paavam pa.. Happy tat Rads got her memory at d ri8 moment..hope Neil will help.. I loved Arjun’s dialogue..” y everyone is behind her..she belongs 2 me..tats y fate is bringing 2 me” hope Rads 2 realize its true Vaibhav married her.. moonram pirai kamal mathiri arjun a ala vaikatheenga.. I want acp 2 kill Vaibhav.. haha no competitor 4 my arjun.then.. y have u titled 2 of us…matha ellarukum enna aagum..see.. how much am blabbering..first thing in mrng without even brushing I read this..ok.. waiting 4 nxt chappy 2 be happy.

    1. Sathya

      Hey Jessie surprise dear??? née Tamil nu ipo than enaku theriym…. Kavalapadatha Jessie… Arjun will not be defeated so easily dear.. Inime than cute moments irukku… Ivlo naal rads is n memory loss but inime she will be in sense and with her sense she will fall for arjun… So don’t the worry

  10. Sathya superb….I am in love with Arjun he loves her so much…please don’t seperate them…I don’t want him hurt 🙂 amazing update dear stay blessed 🙂 love u

    1. Sathya

      Thank u so much gauri… No yar.. Actually na.. They need this separation and arjun will realize his love and rads with her full sense she will fall for arjun.. So no worries

  11. Awesome Sathya…rads regained her memory..yesss…but she forgot Arjun..noooo…m eager to know about Prakash and Sam but plz plz dont seperate Aradhika.. waiting for nxt…post soon…love

    1. Sathya

      Thank u ritu dear ??? next will be Sam and soon Prakash will come to picture… And don’t worry abt ardhika dear… They need a separation to know each other

  12. Oh god Satya , I don’t want rads leaving arjun. Will arjun call her shravani? Or rads. How will Prakash give her up

    1. Sathya

      Rg dear… Anyways Eads gained her memory back.. So for sure she will not be with arjun but she will have a good bond with him.. Soon they have a fresh start… So don’t worry

  13. Shree

    Aiyo Akka what did you do?? Good that vaibhav got slapped . Too bad Radhika is slipping away from him.. Sam and acp found… please Arjun a romba torture panadinga.. pavam payan..

    It was a beautiful update… post soon ka

    Love you ??

    1. Sathya

      It’s OK shree love naale problem than… They have to suffer a lot to get their love but once they get it will be strong enough to get seperated. U will be happy in upcoming episodes m. Sure…

  14. Ayeeeee… no…ok happy for rads memory back…but sad for Arjun…waiting for solutions

  15. Suppper Satz ?

    Naa expect panna pola radhu kkk niyabagam vadhuduthu …..happy ☺☺☺☺ but arjuna ninacha kojam kashtama irukku ???? May be Neil radhuvidam Arjuna pathi solluvapla ninagiren. Next gaga Wait panren satz.

  16. wow sathya radhu memory vandhthil santhosam aana pavam arjun…..machan (neil) help pannuvana? sam , acp nalla irruparkala? eagerly waiting next one.thanks for updating.pls pls update soon……tc

  17. Hemalattha

    nice akka but pls don’t separate them

  18. Aasthu

    Hi di………..I’m sry for the late comment…….but I had exams… is not over……I have one tmrw also……………came here to read some ff’s and then go…………..plzzz unite ardhika or rather arshra…………Rads regaining her memory was a shock… was least expected…………bye………….love u…………

  19. Satz m literally on my toe….u stopped at mean pt…ohhh rads got her memory back n she forget our wht will happen.. N m so happy that vile vaibhav getting thappad pe thappad…wow….but prakash will came n will take rads away, will he?? N month leap…omg m eger..pls nxt one r amazing…. Twist n turns…love

  20. Mica

    <—– speechless (drawing <3 smiley 1000x)

  21. OMG it happened, she gained her memory back and Vaibhav got what he deserved happy for that. Waiting for the next

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