Manmarziyan – Just the two of us (Episode 10)

Thanks a lot guys. I can understand all your tensions and worries about ardhika. So guys, dont get tension…vaibhav will create problems again in radhika’s life but before he harm radhika, arjun will find his real identity and will save radhika.

Guys, character name is Shravani in the flashback, i m mentioning it as radhika only for my comfort.

Manmarziyan – Just the two of us (episode 10)

Recap: Vaibhav disguise himself as ACP Prakash and tells the flashback to Arjun and Manish.

Flashback continues

Vaibhav stops his father and looks at Radhika & says, “You will come to me by yourself”. He goes from there leaving Radhika, Nesam in shock. Nesam gets worried seeing Vaibhav’s lust on radhika and drags her inside the house.

Sam worries and says, “Shravu..r u mad? What have u done now? Do you know the seriousness? He will harm you radhika. Why can’t you control your anger. See what happened now..because of your helping tendency we fallen into a problem. Neil..y r u quiet..say something”.

Neil is still in shock and looks at Radhika who is also in shock and stands like a statue. He goes to her and hugs her tightly and says, “I wont let anyone harm you till i am alive”. Radhika also hugs him tightly and realises the serious of this issue.

After sometime, Sam sits with Radhika and tries to consoles her. In the meantime, Neil dials to ACP Prakash and informs him about the incidents. He comes to Sam and tells that Prakash is coming here in sometime.

Meanwhile Radhika tells Neil about prakash’s proposal. Neil & Sam looks each other and signs as yes.

Soon Prakash comes to their home and Neil tells him everything what happened. Prakash gets angry on vaibhav and tends to go but stopped by Neil. Neil tells him, “ACP Sir, i got to know from Radhika that you have asked her hand for ur life time. Now i am saying i agree for this relation. Now the decision is yours”.

Prakash looks at Radhika whose eyes are filled with tears and keeps silent looking at them. He goes to her and extends her hands asking, “I will be with you forever in your ups and downs. I want to be the reason for your happiness. will you accept this relation?”

Radhika looks at neil and he nods as yes. She then gives her hands to him and says, “I accept”.

All 4 gets happy and hugs each other. They did not notice that someone watches all this from outside and overhears their talking.

Next day, Radhika tells Neil that she has to go to hospital to check that victim girl but sam and Neil refused her to go out. After a long discussion, Radhika agrees for sam to go and check her. Neil is not happy for her too but sam convinces him and goes out.

It’s been 2 hrs from the time Sam went, Raneil did not get any call from sam about her and about the victim. They both get panicked and called Prakash to inform about Sam but unfortunately his number also went not reachable. They keep on trying for his number but all goes in vain.

Suddenly some 4, 5 members peeped into their home and surrounds them. Raneil gets panicked seeing them and refused initially but the goons forced them and takes them in their car and drives off.

They reached a big building and it looks like a Mahal with full decoration. They both get clueless where they have been taken. The goons pushes them inside the hall and once they get inside they are freeze to see Sam and Prakash with them. Prakash is injured and is bleeding badly.

Sam is fully in a frighten mode and cries continuously. She sees Raneil and tries to go to them but pulled over by Vaibhav. He pulls her by holding her arms tightly and looks at Raneil who is still standing at the same place of not understanding what’s happening.

Neil tries to go to Sam but stopped by the goons. Vaibhav smiles looking at their helplessness and says, “Welcome…welcome..welcome…my dear would be wife and brother in law….”

Radhika is horrified hearing his statement holds her fist in anger and stares him without any reaction. Neil starts shouting at him to leave them. Vaibhav starts laughing seeing them and says, “I will leave everyone of you only when your sister marry me”

All are speechless and there is a pin drop silence in the hall. Vaibhav moves towards radhika and says, “I have one more shock for you. You wanna see it”.

He tells something to his person and he gets one stretcher and radhika gets shell shocked seeing that. She starts shouting, “Don’t don’t do anything to that girl…she is already injured”.

Vaibhav, “Ufffooo.. you are so sweet dear…you know what..your this kindness only makes me fall for you.”

Rads, “Pls..pls..don’t harm anyone here”

Vaibhav, “Your order my dear..but for that you have to accept my condition. You have to marry me”

Rads immediately says No and it makes him more furious and he points his gun at the girl and radhika starts shouting as, “No…no…pls…pls..don’t shoot”

vaibhav also shouts saying, “Then marry me”

Rads cries and shouts, “OKAY….OKAY…i will marry you”.

Neil shouts, “No…don’t go for his words..don’t worry about us”

Sam and Prakash also shouts saying the same thing but Radhika replies, “I can’t see you all dying infront of my eyes”.

Vaibhav smiles and says, “That’s good girl. Okay have this bag. change and come soon”. he handed her a bag and shows her the room and sent two goons to guard her.

Radhika cries and goes to the room to change the dress. After few mins, she comes in a bridal attire. She wears a bridal saree with matching jewels. Vaibhave looks at her and says, “Gorgeous…Oh My god..this beauty is gonna be mine today”.

Radhika felts disgusting seeing his eyes on her body. She slowly moves to him with her head bow down. She cries silently and looks at Nesam & Prakash with teary eyes.

Neil nods no and begs her not to do this marriage. Prakash also cries saying her not to do this.

Vaibhav holds radhika’s hand and drags her to the mandap which is already ready. All the 3 are shouting to the core to stop this but all in vain. Before they reach the mandap, prakash gets loosen his grip and he uses that chance and starts beating the goons who holds him. Neil also somehow frees from the grip and starts fighting.

By seeing all this radhika gets some guts and pushes vaibhav and tries to run away but he manages and holds her hand again and tells his goons to hold her hands and he takes the mangalsutra in his hand. Radhika shouts not to do this, but vaibhav looks at Prakash and Neil fighting with the goons and moves towards radhika smilingly.
He makes her wear the mangalsutra though radhika is shouting and tries to restrict him but all went in vain. He smiles evily and takes the sindoor in his hand and is about to put it in her forehead but stops it and feels a pain in his back head and hold it. He turns and finds Sam with a big rod in her hand and tries to hold her but she moves back and starts hitting him again and again. The goons holding Radhika, they left her and run towards sam to stop her but she started beating them also.

Radhika is shocked seeing her and sam shouts at her to run from there. Neil and Prakash is already in fighting with the goons and sam is shouting at her to run from here. Radhika without thinking anything runs from there.

FB ends…

vaibhav looks at Arjun & Manish who were speechless hearing the flashback from him. Manish looks at him and asks, “After that what happened to you, Neil & Sam?”

Vaibhav, “since i was badly beaten up and injured, after a while i lost my control and fainted. when i woke up i was in hospital and don’t know what happen to neil, sam and radhika. I tried my max level to find them but i couldn’t find them and till now i am trying”. he shed fake tears infront of them and makes sure that they believe him. he smirks at them.

Arjun, “Actually…that day radhika met an accident in my car and i admitted her in the hospital. Now she is alright..but one problem”

Vaibhav gets curious and asks, “what happened to her? where is she now?”

Arjun, “She is fine but she lost her memory”.

Vaibhav gets shocked at first and immediately it turns out to be his inner happy and he controls his emotions.

Precap: Arjun tells radhika everything and introduces Vaibhav to her as ACP Prakash. Radhika gets teary eyes hearing everything from arjun and looks at vaibhav smiling. Radhika give a tight slap to Vaibhav which makes Arjun gets shocked.

How is this episode guys.. hope you all like it.. pls pour your comments for the same.

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  1. S.v

    Something would have stricked me(radhika) as why should vibhav be slapped. Arjun dont trust that vibhav and i know you will always be my side always and you will protect me . Loved it Arjun that was superb

    1. Sathya

      Thank u for trusting me dear???

  2. Wow akka…semmaiya irrukku no words to reply at all..superb story and twiSTS…omg naan next update varaikkum yeppadi wait panna porrennu theriyala…..update soonka …plsss…and until then its ur little sis shining offf???…love u…take care….muahhhh

    1. Sathya

      Thank u sree??? will post soon… Love u

  3. wow ..sathya mindblowing episode ..story is thirlling ..precap interesting ..eagerly waiting next one .. thanks for updating ….pls pls update

    1. Sathya

      Thank u so much subha ???will post soon

  4. Mind blowing episode, I’m glad that Radhika escaped, Sathya you nail it , well done, eagerly waiting for the next update. 🙂

    1. Sathya

      Thank u Brin ???will post soon

  5. Jerly

    Awesome….waiting for the next update…….really exited about the precap……..I guess Radhu got back her memory or atleast some flashes abt her past which made her to slap Vaibhav…………….

    1. Sathya

      Thanks a lot jerly???I will update it next episode

  6. Wondering…her memory has back or not….per precap

    1. Sathya

      U will get to know in next update

  7. Nice episode

    1. Sathya

      Thank u gayu???

  8. Yay..Radz gonna get her memory back… Rads slap1 makes me curious… ufff.. feeling relieved…he cant harm.her… bt where is prakash.. sam..n did really Vaibhav married her or its jus a story… was 1 very interesting Sathya.. Thanks fr posting it soon realizing our curiosity…bear hugs… eager o eager1 4 nxt update

    1. Sathya

      Thank u Jessie ???about her memory will update in next episode and yeah arjun will be there with her always…

  9. Awesome Sathya 🙂 I am happy reading the precap… but anxious to know what happened to Sam and Prakash …if I get this vaibhav I will rip him apart 🙂 too good waiting for the next 🙂 stay blessed 🙂

    1. Sathya

      Thank u gauri ???I will update in next episode about Sam. N Prakash. Hope u like it

  10. Waiting for the slap…yay…yipeee…give such tight slap that his teeth will be out …..Arjun is understanding here…very nice

    1. Sathya

      Thank u rosie???

  11. Nice one dear 🙂

    1. Sathya

      Thank u neetz????

  12. Aasthu

    its nyc………..I just hope nothung bad happens to Rads……….di but will after Arjun saving Rads from Vaibhav will ACP Prakash come ???????????? When’ll Rads regain her memory ????? Will ardhika unite ???????? They will right ??????? anyway eagerly waiting for the next update of both ur ff’s………………..TC……….love u……….

    1. Sathya

      Thank u Aasthu ???nothing will happen to rads till arjun is with her

  13. Nice update but that slap Rads is going to give Vaibhav is confusing, does it mean she is going to get back her memory?

    1. Sathya

      Thank u Gia dear ??? u will get an answer in next episode

  14. Satz darling this epi is super duper..with each event n fight my heart was pondering heavily inside..yoy don’t knw how i read this epi..hiding from my boss..haha…but i enjoyed alot….most i like Sam’s hitting rod at that bull head’s..y didn’t his memory got lost…if it would.. All will be happy..n wht rads slap vaibhav..but how…means how come she do this…ummm..i hav too wait for it…love you dear…thanks for posting it

    1. Sathya

      Thank u so much dipu darling ???even I used to read ff hiding from my lead… ???yeah for others u have to wait for next one ???

  15. Thnx for posting it sathya this was too good…the marriage is not complete…yipee..nd I guess rads gained her memory coz she slapped that crap vaibhav..plz post soon dear…love

    1. Sathya

      Thank u so much ritu darling ???? yeah marriage is not complete…so wait for next one dear ???

  16. Satz sorry 4 the late cmmt.

    Satz i have 1 doubt, idhaiyellam neiley arujunidam solliruklaaamey, yenn sollala.

    Precap, radhukku yellam niyabagam vandhudutho, illa niyabaga maradhi madhri nadigraalo, sorry yepidi yellam keykranley.

    1. Sathya

      Thank u naaga…. Yeah…. When Neil was telling the ff he got unwell n they forgot about asking him the rest since they were concerning for his plastic surgery. And anyway whatever vaibhav told them is true and is about sam n Prakash no one knows what happened to her except vaibhav and Neil also don’t know about them.

  17. Wow its too interesting eagerly waiting for next one

  18. Finally back to these lovelyyyyyy stories. …sorry I’m too late to comment. ..loved the epi n precap is awesome. you loads. muaaaaahhhhhh

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