Manmarziyan….a journey of love and friendship Chapter 25

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Chapter 25

Radhika left Neil’s place with Arjun, he took her to his house for some time…once inside Arjun pulled Radhika to him locking her completely in his arms Arjun; ‘’Where did you get that short dress from’’

Radhika smiled; ‘’Sam bought it for me…you didn’t like it?’’

Arjun; ‘’Next time wear it only with me…no one else…it was too revealing’’

Radhika; ‘’Orthodox…!!!….you are jealous that I looked better than you’’

Arjun smiled; ‘’you look best when you are in my arms…and do you remember what were you upto yesterday’’ Arjun narrated the whole incident to Radhika she just blushed but suddenly she pushed and pinned him to the wall and said; ‘’You are not going to see me for almost a week…so let me give you something for these lonely days’’ she went on her toes and pressed her lips to Arjun’s…he immediately wrapped his arms around her and responded with a deep passion…they broke their kiss to breathe….but Arjun again leaned and kissed her deeply…he felt he will lose himself…he moved back…but she caught him again…’’I should be running…and here its you shying away’’

Arjun; I will drop you home…before I lose myself completely let’s go

Radhika held is shirt came close; ‘’Then so be it…I love you Arjun and you love me…so why this distance ” Radhika’s moved to Arjun’s shirt buttons Arjun caught hold for her hand; ‘’You signed those divorce papers…I took that seriously…we will marry again… this time for life….I don’t want to break the promise I made to your family.’’

Radhika hugged him lovingly and said…’’guess you are Radhika now and I am Arjun… let me stay like this for sometime 7 days is too much for me….I have had enough pain getting separated from you every time…you don’t know how difficult it was for me to sign those papers…to prepare myself to give you to Sam…I died every second Arjun…you were the reason I did not go back home…because if I would have gone back…they would have forced me to move on and I would rather die than be with someone else ….then this drama of yours…I wanted to kill you for hiding everything…but once I saw you…I just wanted to hug you.. be in your arms’’

Arjun gave her a warm hug…lifted her chin up and said; ‘’You were stupid to leave then…I had asked you once the reason for not signing the divorce couldn’t you say that time…just 3 words Radhika…I would have left everything and taken you far…but you the queen of sacrifice…but I don’t blame you….even I was at fault I never told you I loved you…but now that’s gone…we will only talk about the future’’ He held her tightly again and soaked in the warmth..tomorrow morning she will be leaving for Hrishikesh….and they will see each other only after their wedding…

Radhika left with her parents and Ankush Vidhi and Soniya joined them too…Soniya wanted to be a part of the preparations….Sam will join them in 2 days..she had already taken the permission from Prerna…Neil and Prerna will accompany Arjun as a family. Radhika got many oooh! And Aahaas! When her relatives and neighbors looked at Arjun’s picture…she just enjoyed their jealousy. Arjun missed her the minute she left…heaven knows how will he survive these 7 days without looking at her. Prerna again got herself busy she worked with the same enthusiasm as she had done for Neil…the bond which she had formed with Arjun was very strong…she always felt if ever she would have had a second son it would be like Arjun. Neil was on his toes…he was doing everything to make it perfect for Arjun…Soniya had asked Ananya to assist Prerna …Ananya was a dedicated girl…she came to Neil place and helped them in shopping and all the arrangements. Sam had told Neil she will be leaving in 2 days as its her time to be there for Chashni…Neil was ok with it. Neil had arrenaged for the best hotel in Hrishikesh for the stay of groom side of guests…Arjun was so emotional that he would every now and then wipe his eyes…Neil finally gave him a tissue box…he understood all life Arjun had been holding all emotions only living in darkness…he never got true affection…and when he was getting it all his dead emotions were pouring out in form of tiny droplets.

Mala had welcomed Soniya with all the rituals…as it was the first time she was visiting her in laws place Soniya was overwhelmed… Vidhi got a new friend in dadaji…he had hundreds of stories to tell her…Soniya was relived as Vidhi would only ask for her mom when she wanted to sleep…and there were so many people around…and Vidhi turned into a live entertainment for Dilip and Mala…her cute antics had light up their house. Soniya and Ankush did an amazing job Ridhima would help them at times….they had used lavender as a theme..the mandap was like that for a royal wedding…Radhika would speak to Arjun atleast 3-4 times in a day….both the souls were waiting to be one soon. Sam arrived after 2 days…since there was no staff for Soniya in Hrishikesh Ankush and Sam…helped her like anything in decoration and arrangements. Vicky had told SOniya that he wanted the marriage to be the best…and she left no stone unturned to make it the best. Arjun reached Hrishikesh with Prerna and Neil…Piyali and Samrat were joining them in the evening with Teji Zubin and Kritika. It was haldi next day and Prerna met Mala to discuss about the function.

As the sun lit the skies …the golden rays in the sky seemed to be celebrating Arjun Radhika’s haldi…Arjun reached Radhika’s place with Prerna and Neil along with Samrat, Piyal and Bird Song gang. Radhika was dressed in light yellow sari wearing flower jewellery , she looked like a celestial nymph…Arjun dressed in white kurta looked at her and quickly averted his gaze…he knew his friends were waiting for one chance to pull his leg. Arjun sat next to Radhika…ceremony started…Mala was emotional she applied haldi to Radhika and blessed her…she applied haldi to Arjun and thanked him for everything. Once everyone was done it was Sam’s turn…she kissed Radhika’s forehead; ‘’Chashni…bless you with all the happiness of this universe and thanks for blessing me with your friendship…Arjun…take care of her…she is the most precious girl I have ever known’’ Neil applied little Haldi to Radhika and said; ‘’Chashni I wanted to take revenge but you are looking like a marigold flower…so I forgive you…Bless you my friend’’ Neil applied Haldi to Arjun and gave him a tight hug.

Evening was Radhika’s Mehendi and Sangeet Sam was helping Radhika in getting ready… Radhika wore a light green light lehnga…with glass bangles and a light weight Kundan set…Sam took one round observing Radhika…and took her to the main hall…The main hall was beautifully decorated…with flowers and lavender and white curtains …Radhika sat on her place and her mehendi and Sangeet started, Sam and Neil danced on ‘’Gulabo’’ pinching Radhika’s cheeks every now and then Zubin and kritika danced on ‘’Radha teri chunri’’… Teji and Manya did a romatic number on ‘’Meri ashiquee tum hi ho’’ making Samrat and Piyali raise an eyebrow…Sam pulled Radhika and she danced with full energy on ‘’Bano tera swagger’’. Arjun smiled looking at Radhika ‘s enthusiasm….he watched his princess dancing happily. Tomorrow she will be his for eternity…this was the day he had been waiting for and now the wait was over. Prerna asked Arjun for a dance hand he danced with her…Vicky and Soniya did a couple dance on ‘’tumse mileke aisa laga tumse milke’’…Soniya made Ankush dance too…he was a reserved guy…but everybody was pushing him he danced a little and ran off… looking at all the couples dancing bought a smile on his lips and he suddenly remembered Ananya’s cute face…he then lightly slapped himself on head for his thoughts. As everybody moved towards the dinner…Radhika joined Arjun …he smiled and moved to give her place to sit.

Arjun; ‘’You look heavenly…’’

Radhika; ‘’To you I will always look heavenly…I missed you Arjun’’

Arjun;’’ Me too…so tell me what gift you want me ‘’

Radhika smiled; ‘’Buy a handcuff lock yourself to my hands and throw the keys in Ganga’’

Arjnu laughed and asked; ‘’Can I kiss you…now’’

Radhika thought looked around and said;’’Follow me’’ She got up and moved towards the garden area. Arjun pulled Radhika behind one of the trees and said; ‘’Don’t you think you are turning bold…old Radhika would have never done that’’

Radhika; ‘’You spoiled me…getting kissed by you daily is a habit …and I don’t want to change it…now don’t waste time talking’’ Arjun leaned and Kissed Radhika deeply…she whispered over his lips …’’I love you’’. He hugged her affectionately…these 3 words always were the best thing to hear..he wanted her to speak these words again and again.

Arjun and Radhika were talking when he heard some whisper…he looked and saw.. Neil and Sam cutely fighting and romancing each other…he pointed it out to Radhika…she asked Arjun to be quite…Sam was hanging around Neil’s neck acting all childish getting pampered…Radhika took off her sandals and tip toed towards them she slowly went close to Neil’s ear and screamed…Neil screamed jumped and fell…Sam was just Shocked…Radhika laughed holding her stomach…Sam tried to hide her smile she simply turned her back to Neil . Neil got up brushed off his clothes and said; ‘’Chashni….my revenge will be bad’’

Radhika moved to Neil and said; ‘’you are my friend and I sometimes I take liberty of your goodness…I am sorry’’ Radhika touched her ears. Neil removed her hands from her eras and gave her a one arm hug and said; ‘’Chashni…in this life you will have all freedom to take liberty of me….and no sorry thank you between us…you are my best friend and you always will be….but I will take my revenge’’ Arjun and Samaira was watching this Arujn asked; ‘’Don’t you feel jealous that she is Neil’s best friend and not you’’

Sam smiled ‘’ No Arjun…Radhika and Neil are two purest souls…and I am his love… and Radhika saved is love she will always be special for him… now they are best friends , I am really happy…because all his mischief are directed to her…and love to me’’
Arjun nodded and joined Neil and Radhika.

It was Arjun’s wedding…last time he promised Radhika pain misery and tears….this time he will promise her his love his heart and all the happiness of the world. Arjun dressed up Neil dawned him with pagdi…Prerna did the ritual of the mother and they started toward the venue…Teji and Zubin danced like mad in Arjun’s barat…once they reached the venue Mala welcomed her son in law in a Royal way…Arjun was taken to stage with his best man Neil beside him… Sam and Soniya bought Radhika…she was dressed in a red heavy lehenga….with Rajasthani pattern jewellery …wearing a delicate nose ring which made her look more delicate Arjun and Radhika stood in fornt of each other holding the garland…Radhika who was all exited till now was very shy…because Arjun was not moving his eyes from her…Neil pinched Arjun and said; ‘’Brother you have full night…don’t make it obvious’’ Arjun smiled and looked away…Arjun garland Radhika when it was her turn Neil made Arjun stand erect , Radhika was anyways to his shoulder and now if was more difficult…Zubin and Neil lifted Arjun up…Radhika made a grumpy face…Ankush and Vicky looked at each other climbed the stage and lifted Radhika up on their shoulders…Radhika smiled and put the garland Arjun’s neck…Vicky and Ankush blessed their sister …and came down…once they came down Arjun and Radhika were showered with rose petals by flower canon…it seemed the petals are raining from the sky to celebrate their union.

Radhika and Arjun were taken to the mandap…as the rituals started Mala and dilip did the Kanyadaan… they gave Radhika’s hand in Arjun’s he closed his fingers to hold on tight to his most valuable possession. Once the pheras started with each phera he promised her all the happiness, his heart, unconditional support, precious moments, trust, dreams and all his love. Once the rituals completed everyone clapped and wished them…Arjun Radhika took elders blessing…and joined their friends Neil hugged Arjun and wished him all the happiness…Sam gave Radhika a peck on forehead wishing her a beautiful life. All their friends circled them and danced around. Arjun realized his shoes were missing…his boy gang started searching for shoes but couldn’t succeed finally they gave up;

Neil;’’ Ok now speak up…how much’’

Riddhima; ‘’Let Arjun decided… Radhika is priceless for him ‘’

Neil to Arjun’’ Bro golden chance…don’t speak a large amount’’

Arjun pulled out a gift box and gave it Riddhima; ‘’Radhika is indeed priceless…and I am not rich enough to match her…but think this would match my shoes cost.’’ Riddhima quickly opened and found a pair of diamond earrings…she was in a shock and Radhika blushed.

Riddhima smiled and gestured to Sam…Sam lifted her lehnga a little she had been wearing Arjun’s shoes all the time…and this was the reason nobody could find it. Neil gave a light slap to Zubin and Teji labelling them useless

Vicky thanked Soniya for making the wedding memorable…Soniya was watching Ankush…who would sometimes smile standing alone in a corner being in his own thoughts. She turned to Vicky; ‘’Vicky we should talk about ANkush its important….I think…’’ Vicky cut her short ;’’ We will but now just enjoy…’’ Soniya closed her eyes in frustration…she went directly went to Ankush and asked; ‘’You have feelings for Ananya right?’’ Ankush after a minute said; ‘’I think yes…but its one sided I don’t know what
she feels’’

Soniya; ‘’She feels nothing…Ankush back off now its good for all of us..Its not gonna work…please Ankush…its going to be very complicated…plus I think Malal mami has already finalized someone for you’’

Ankush;’’ You yourself had a love marriage and you are telling me to quit…I thought you would understand’’

Soniya closed her eyes; ‘’You don’t understand….its going to be don’t know anything about her’’

Ankush; ‘’Then tell me…I know you know everything about her…you care for her…please bhabhi…atleast you don’t leave my side’’

Soniya was about to reply but Mala called her…she left Ankush bewildered…he wanted answers and he will get them…yes he liked her. He joined Arjun and RAdhika who were enjoying with their friends.

Function was about to get over, Radhika’s bidai started…she bid adieu to her family with teary eyes and joined Arjun…from now she will be Radhika Arjun Mehra in every sense….Neil decided o drive for Arjun Radhika today with Sam besides him once they reached hotel …Sam took Radhika to Arjun’s room…it was beautifully decorated…with red and white flowers and Vanilla candles…Sam looked at Radhika and whispered; ‘’Do let me know in the morning…how was your night’’ Radhika glared at her with mock anger.

Neil along with Teji and Zubin caught hold of Arjun and requested him to sit with them for a drink…Arjun knew this was all to irritate Radhika….but he went along…Sam looked at her watch and she understood…Neil must have held Arjun back she asked Radhika to rest and wished her for the night, Sam directly went to her room and stood at the door with her hands folded to her chest…staring madly at the guys enjoying…Teji Zubin saw Sam in anger and ran away…she looked at ARjun and said; ‘’Don’t know about you…but I need a romantic night with my husband…so if you will please excuse us’’ Arjun smiled and gave her a thankful gesture and left for his room…Sam looked at Neil; ‘’I know idiot you are doing all this for taking revenge on chashni…but its flop…you should have thought something better’’

Neil gave her a cute smile walked to door locked it and pulled Sam to him giving her a passionate kiss and said; ’’My revenge will starting 15 min honey….but for now how about some romance’’ Sam blushed. Arjun swiped the key to unlock the door…he found Radhika standing near the window in the wedding attire…sans the jewellery her long hair now lose…he slowly walked to her…and hugged her from behind…;’’Radhika Arjun mehra…sounds so good’’ Radhika smiled leaned her head on his shoulder Arjun nuzzled his face on Radhika neck and hair…planting his love everywhere his lips touched her skin…he turned her to face him…and kissed her…Radhika responded with same passion they were enjoying the moment when an alarm started…Radhika and Arjun were jolted out of their embrace they quickly started searching it and found it in the drawer of the bed …Arjun switched it off…the moment he was about to take Radhika in his arms another started…Arjun pulled his hair he understood…this was Neil….both of them were frantically searching for the 2nd one when 3rd started…Radhika was angry now…and Arjun couldn’t control his laughter…she pushed him to search for it…they found 15 of them set at the the gap of 5 min…Radhika and Arjun were exhausted…. their search lasted for more than an hour…

Radhika; ‘’I will kill Neil tomorrow’’

Arjun smiling; ‘You reap what you sow…this was the answer to all your mischief’’

Radhika looked at Arjun walked to him…and kissed his lips lightly…Arjun removed her dupatta and lifted her in his arms he took her to bed and Radhika pulled him towards her…

Arjun; ‘’Do you love me Radhika?’’

Radhika nodded and they loved each other with mind body and soul.

.Next morning when Arjun woke up he found Radhika sleeping with her head on his shoulder and hand on his chest…he watched her with love…her mehndi coloured hands her bangles and her hair parting with kumkum…now she was his and he felt complete. He kissed her forehead and she opened her eyes…

Arjun; ‘’Wake up sleepy head…we have to go to you place for pagphera and lunch….then you will take us around for sightseeing as we have only today and tomorrow…now get up otherwise…our shameless friends will break open the door’’

Radhika; ‘’hmm I know but first I need to kill Neil’’ Arjun smiled

He went to freshen up and when he came he saw her arranging the room she was wearing his shirt. Arjun;’’ I never knew this shirt could look cute instead of smart’’

Radhika looked at herself and said; ‘’so you won’t burn this one’’

Arjun’s smile vanished he held his hand out Radhika took it he drew her close and asked;’’I hurt you bad in the past…wish I could change it’’

Radhika realized she agin spoke without thinking she cupped his face and said; ‘’Sorry didn’t mean to hurt you…’’ Arjun leaned and gave her a peck on her nose…she hugged him tight…he held her close to his heart and then asked her to get ready soon. Radhika came out and found the room empty she found a note by Arjun asking her to come to the restaurant area…Radhika dawned herself in a red silk saree with golden border …did some touch up and went to join her husband…when she went down…she found Soniya Ankush Vicky Neil Samaira, Teji Zubin and Krikita waiting for her…all of them gave her a roaring welcome…other guest were little surprised at that.

Neil; ‘’Seems you had a good night…Chashni looks happy’’Arjun closed his eyes and covered it with is hand

Ankush; ‘’I think you should stop discussing about the night…its about our sister and me an Vicky will get an ear bleed hearing the crap’’ Neil suddenly realized and sat quietly

Soniya hugged Radhika and Sam winked at her… Sam;’’Chashni we all are going out…why saree’’

Radhika; ‘’Mom called me in the moring and asked me to be a good Indian bride for pagphera and don’t worry…I will change after lunch’’

Arjun ;’’Let it be you look pretty’’ Others coughed.

Once the lunch was done Radhika changed into a comfortable kurti and jeans. Mala Soniya to go as well and she will take care of Vidhi. Vidhi was in Dilip’s lap telling him stories and then she suddenly said; ’’dadu I want to marry too’’

Soniya; ‘’when you grow up …find yourself a guy and get married’’

NO! Came collective male voices it was from Vicky,Ankush Arjun Neil and Dilip….all the other were shocked . Soniya; ‘’Whoa!…what wrong did I say’’

Ankush ;’’Bhabhi we will find a boy friend/husband for her…we know whats good for her’’

Dilip; ‘’And will make sure…he listens to her every time’’

Anjun; ‘’You can’t trust guys these days….they are scoundrels’’

Neil;’’And what’s the need of boy friend it’s a stupid thing to have’’ Sam’s jaw dropped

Soniya turned to Vicky; ‘’You want to add something’’ He nodded negative She looked at Sam and Radhika; ‘’Pray to god you get son… and my dear Vidhi you loved being a VIP you don’t know what plans your dadu and uncles have for you… enjoy…’’

Radhika; ‘’Guys are double standard they can have a girlfriend but their sisters and daughters can’t think of having a boyfriend’’

Sam; ‘’Seriously chasni hope we have a son…I don’t know what our poor daughters will face…if they happen to have a boyfriend’’

Mala; ‘’Sam beta don’t pity your daughters…pity the guys who would set the eyes on them’’ and then she turned to Dilip; ‘’did you ever listen to me …that now you want to find a groom who listens to your granddaughter’’ Vicky knew it was men vs women he quickly distracted Mala and Dilip. The group left for sightseeing Radhika took them to all good and scenic places. At night the gang had dinner at Radhika’s place…Radhika went to her room to collect all the memories…she looked around touched her things the walls…today she knew she was leaving everything behind…what it meant to be married. Piyali samrat and Prerna had already left for Mumbai…to arrange for a dual grand reception. Radhika joined everyone back little gloomy…Mala comforted her; ‘’you have so many to take care of you…Arjun…Sam Neil and plus you have one more house in Mumbai that’s of Vicky…don’t cry’’ Radhika without a word hugged her mother tight.

Arjun Radhika came back to the hotel…she started packing as they had to leave for Mumbai tomorrow… she was gloomy…today she understood why girls cry while leaving their home. Arjun watched her for sometime…he moved closed to her…she without a word wrapped her arms around his waist. Arjun held her lovingly; ‘I may not able to understand your state of mind right now…but I promise nothing will change’’ Radhika lifted her head to look at his face and then smiled Arjun leaned and kissed her forehead and then asked; ‘’Are you planning to waste my night in packing’’ Radhika giggled and pushed him away. Radhika bid adieu to her family…they were coming for the reception after 10 days but still she now Mrs Arjun Mehra first and then her parents choti

Ankush was more excited to visit Mumbai soon…he wanted to see Ananya…when everyone was ready to leave he took Soniya aside; ‘’Promise me bhabhi…you will tell me everything and help me’’

Soniya was restless; ‘’Ankush!!!…I will tell you everything…but right now cannot promise you my help…I need to speak to Vicky first’’

Ankush;’’No…! not now we will talk to him together…or else he will blurt out everything infront of Ma and papa’’

Soniya; ‘’Ok…but promise me you will not do anything stupid..’’

Ankush; ‘’Only if you will help me …but if you turn your back on me…I will do what I feel is right’’

Soniya helplessly nodded…she knew she just had been handed a compulsory ticket for a roller coster ride…and she had no option but to go for a ride. Soniya watched

Ankush talking to Neil and Arjun…she knew they were very good friends…but if Ankush told them everything they will do anything to unite him with Ananya.

Soniya was not aware that Ankush had made up his mind and even he was very stubborn like his siblings…he in fact told Neil Arjun everything…and they promised him all the support. When Arjun sat inside the car Radhika asked; ‘’What were you guys talking about’’

Arjun; ‘’Nothing simple guy talks’’ Neil was sitting in the front he exchanged a glance with Arjun…but it was good girls should not know about it. Sam and Radhika again got busy in their chit chat. Arjun decided to use his resources to know more about this girl.

Ananya was a lonely girl…she never interacted with people…she was always quite…would only speak what’s required…she had no friends she wanted to have friends…but no one wanted to be friends with her she was in the category of untouchables…she knew Ankush liked her… his eyes spoke his feelings even her heart pined for someone who would hold her and stand by her…but once he gets to know her reality will he be able to stand by her….no…he will turn his back on her…its better to be like this then suffer. Soniya knew everything about her…Ananya felt obliged to her as she did not judge her…she hired her knowing her truth and even protected her when required…she was happy atleast she had a job to take care of herself.

Ankush had taken promise from Soniya…that she will not say a word to Vicky…Soniya was worried what will happen when Vicky gets to know the truth. He was daily assuring Mala that he will convince Ankush for marriage with the girl Mala had chosen.

All them reached Mumbai and left for their respective houses …once Arjun and Radhika reached home they were surprised as the door was fully decorated and They found Mala standing with the Aarti thali to welcome them…Neil and Sam were behind them…Radhika blinked in surprised. Arjun now understood why Prerna had taken house keys from him before leaving from Rishikesh…in pretext of getting the house clean.

Prerna; ‘’You thought I won’t welcome my 2nd daughter in law…now close your mouth and come in’’

Once Radhika and Arjun were inside…Arjun hugged Prerna and stood for sometime. Prerna patted his back and said; ‘’Get use to it…because…I just don’t call you my son just like that…I consider you my son…so stop being a baby…and Radhika….now go and prepare something sweet …you need to impress your MIL.’’ Radhika nodded and went inside the kitchen…she prepared Kheer for everyone and all them praised her. Prerna gave Radhika a necklace as a gift

Radhika; ’’Aunty…this is not required…I mean…just give your blessing’’ Arjun kept quite

Prena; ‘’You should always maintain a healthy relationship with MIL…so don’t upset me now’’ Radhika looked at Arjun and he gestured her to take it…she touched her feet and took the gift. They had dinner together Arjun went to see them off…he spoke to Neil about something and decided to discuss later…

Precap: Arjun Radhik back to office….Ananya its complicated

Credit to: Gauri


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    Di CN u update ur other ff possibly tmrw?????I wanna see ardhikas meeting……

    • Gauri

      Aastha darling…I am writing the other one will update soon dear…happy holi to you too….loads of love and hugs for you 🙂

  11. feby

    awesome awesome awesome…… words to say….. i liked tat neil and radhikas scene…and neils naughtiness…..and the men folks response to vidhis demand was the most funny thing…..hahahaaaaaa…loved it….
    and ya….abt my maths papr…now letter from keralas chief minister and some other ministers letter to smrithi irani was sent telling / requesting thm to conduct maths exam again…. i want u all guyz to pray for it…. tats the only hope we hav and especially i dont want to lose my % in maths….plz…u guyz must really support me….

    • Gauri

      Thanks feby 🙂 and all the best regarding your maths exam issue…hope everything turns out in the favour of the students…love you loads…All the best 🙂

  12. happy

    hi dr………..hw r u………………i am from tamilnadu…….bt in my place no holi…….bt i wish u a special holi………

    thanks for giving this episode…….its superrrrrrrrr………………..ardhika romance……………reil-radhika frdship all r nice………….while reading ur episode i saw all scenes in my mind……….its amazing…………

    ardhika wedding nice……….each and every relation so gud…….thank you so so much……………in manmarziyan they didnt show neil-rad frdship … pls give importance to them……….its my request…………

    and last thing is very important for me……..thats ur reply…..i am waiting for that……..

  13. Bhabya

    Gauri di waiting for nxt epi excitedly. but when u r gng to upload the nxt part of manmarziyaan- density….passion….and….obsession?

  14. manju

    hi gauri di
    lovely update dear

    this time i m not late but TU made me late…..this is the fourth time i m commenting

    bcz with those comments i tagged a link of a story so i think thats why TU didnt post my comment

    i think u love to read stories

    if u have time n want to read any story just google ‘chapter1 the runaway writer by chaotic soul’ really good one
    15 Chapters completed waiting for 16

    update both stories soon
    take care
    lots of ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥|♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ for u

    • Gauri

      Hi Manju, yes your 110% right dear…I have loved stories since I was a kid…my grandfather was an amazing story teller…he would daily invent a new story for me…as I grew up I started writing….and now I love reading good stories by Leo Tolstoy …Nicholas sparks and some more..will read this one too…loads of love and hugs for you 🙂

  15. Roma

    Awesome, marvellously written. I’m just speechless and very overwhelmed. ….no words to describe my’s really superbbbb n magical, Devine piece of art, ….hat’s off to you. . . You nailed it again my sweeeeeetheart. …loved it to the bottom of my heart. …eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads muaaaaahhhhhh

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.