Manmarziyan….a journey of love and friendship Chapter 22

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Chapter 22

Radhika woke up and checked the time it was 10:30 AM. She quickly freshens up …but she felt different…happy…fresh…she couldn’t understand why. Radhika came to the main hall and found Sam chatting with Neil and Prerna…Sam hugged her and gave her one look; ‘’you look better…much better’’

Neil and Prema just silently smiled. Neil was angry that Radhika broke her promise of sharing her worries with him…he left two girls in the room and went out. Radhika after some time made coffee for everyone and decided to give it to Neil herself; ‘’Neil coffee’’ Neil with turning asked her to leave it and he will have it later.
Radhika; “I need your help’’ Neil smiled with his back still at Radhika he was happy she shared her heart…he slowly turned to her and took her with him to the room where Prerna and Sam were waiting. Radhika looked at everyone and then spoke; ‘’Saral is troubling me for past 2 days…he is taunting me and sending lewd messages…asking me to meet him once.’’ Sam eyes widened she quickly took Radhika’s cell and checked..’’I will kill this moron’’

Neil; ‘’Sam…leave it to me…and Chashni you will not go anywhere alone…make it a point to update me and Sam about your whereabouts in case we are not around.’’ Radhika nodded. On Monday after reaching office Neil secretly asked Teji and Zubin to be with Radhika and not to leave her alone.

Radhika knew Sam and Neil were not spending enough time together in order to take care of her…she decided to give them some alone time she invited Neil over dinner…She left office early and made arrangements for a romantic dinner, prepared their favourite food… did small decorations…when Sam and Neil reached it bought smile to their lips…Radhika asked them to enjoy and moved to the other room. Radhika was sitting on the bed thinking about Arjun…when she heard some sound near the balcony…she got up to check…but someone gagged her…her attacker caught hold of her brutally covering her mouth with one hand and holding her tightly by waist with the other…Radhika could not see him and he was holding her from behind…his hands went all over her body disgusting her and his mouth played havoc on Radhika’s neck and shoulder and he brutally tore of her dress from the shoulder… Radhika managed to free herself and screamed out for Sam…the attacker was not aware that Radhika was not alone he quickly left her jumped over the wall…and ran…by the time Neil and Sam came running to Radhika… who was shit scared …Sam was shocked she quickly covered and hugged her …Neil saw a hooded figure running away… he turned to Radhika and softly asked ’’Chashni are you hurt…can you recognize him…’’ Radhika nodded negative but then softly said; ‘’I scratched his arm bad’’ Neil saw Radhika’s nails had some blood on it…he knew if this person come in full light they will know his identity…but in his heart he knew who it can be.

Next morning Bird Song

Radhika was still scared…Sam and Neil comforted her Sam was leaving for some work and asked Piyali to take care of Radhika .Radhika got a call for courier from the bank and she went out to get it…but instead found Saral standing waiting for her she understood who attacked her …her throat went dry…but she hid her fears…she turned to leave but he blocked her way. Teji who found Radhika missing at her desk, checked with the reception and got to know she went down he followed her and saw Saral…and he quickly informed Neil…Neil was in the discussion with Piyali and he excused himself quickly…Piyali knew about Saral she decided to check on Radhika as Sam was not in office.
Radhika; ‘’Why can’t you just live in peace Saral…you like getting insulted again and again’’
Saral; ‘’Leave me …seems like Arjun had his share of fun with you and left…now whom are you entertaining…Teji ,Zubin Samrat or your best friend’s boyfriend Neil…seems like many are needed to satisfy you…then even I am available to offer my services….trust me I won’t disappoint you’’ Radhika closed her eyes a lone tear came rolling down her cheek…she felt miserable but before Saral could say another word he got a smacking punch on his jaw…he was on the floor… his lip was bleeding and when he got up he saw Neil standing between him and Radhika protectively… Neil saw a big scratch mark on Saral’s arm peeping from his sleeve…Neil closed his eyes he was shaking in anger…he didn’t even wanted to think what would have happened to Radhika if they were not present that day… Piyali wrapped a protective arm around Radhika’s shoulder…Neil turned to Radhika and kind of ordered her; ‘’Go inside…now’’

Radhika wanted to say something…but Piyali stopped her and said; ‘’Neil…teach him a good lesson and make sure he never dare to step in this city…’’ Radhika today saw a different Neil…Piyali took Radhika with her…and asked her to relax now. Neil handed over Saral to police after thrashing him nicely he angrily told Saral; ‘’remember I told you last time that if you trouble her …you will vanish and your family will never get to see you… today I am handing you over to police…pray to god that you never come out …because next time you will be dead’’…Neil had spoken to Ankush earlier…Ankush was shocked to know Saral’s presence in Mumbai…as even Saral’s family was unaware….he asked Neil to take well suited action…and he will handle things in HRishikesh. Neil came back ….he went to Radhika she was nervous scared her hands were trembling…Neil caught hold of her hands cupped her face and softly said; ‘’No need to be scared…we will never leave you alone…and he is never coming back…Thanks for trusting me…now smile’’ Radhika gave him a thankful smile…Neil patted her head…and went back to work. Vicky got to know the whole incident after Saral’s arrest he used his contacts to slap more charge on him…so he may be destroyed permanently.

Sam after coming back to office got to know the whole story she went to Neil and said; ‘’you turned all HE-MAN….good I like it…but looking at you no one will believe you were in coma’’
Neil sheepishly smiled…he knew the day Sam knew he was never in coma she will beat him black and blue.

Arjun had got all the proofs he wanted…he had even signed so called share transfer papers as it was anyways of no use…since shares now belonged to Radhika. He told Rana he is leaving…let Nandini believe he escaped…Rana asked if he going to Radhika…Arjun replied no…as he had a plan for Nandini.

Bird Song’s annual day was in a week…every year they had a good party for all Bird Song members…Samrat and Piyali were discussing about postponing the party looking at current scenario when Neil walked in he looked at both them and said; ‘’don’t cancel the party…let us have it…’’
Samrat; ‘’Arjun is missing…look at Radhika…how can we have party in such a situation’’
Neil; ‘’Arjun will attend the party…please keep this between 3 of us…don’t cancel it…we need this party for now’’

Neil left the cabin leaving Piyali and Samrat in a shocked expression…nevertheless they decided to have the party in masquerade theme.

Since Vicky got to know about Saral’s incident he was after Radhika’s life …he scolded her and asked her to come back immediately…Radhika knew he won’t let her stay alone she promised to be back in a week’s time. Saral’s family was ashamed of his doings…they apologized a no. of times…but Ankush refused to take the complain back and Riddhima too supported him…she declared that she would walk out if they force her family to get Saral released.

Sam tried to convince her parents to cancel the party but they refused…Radhika calmed her down and told her its not just about them but others working for Bird Song too. Arjun opened the door of his house…he pulled out his best tuxedo…he will attend this party…close Nandini’s chapter and get his life back. Arjun looked at Radhika’s picture on the side table of his bed…he touched it and then hugged it tightly; ‘’I am sorry Radhika for all the pain I gave you for past 1 month…I will make up for all the time we lost…I will…’’ Arjun locked the door and walked out again. He was now staying at Neil’s place. Nandini was happy to earn the shares in Bird Song…she got to know that Arjun escape…but she in her over confidence thought she will find him again, she decided to attend the annual day party…now no one can stop her. Sam to selected dresses for herself and Radhika…she wanted to be on Radhika’s side. Sam had selected one shoulder sky blue gown for herself and a beautiful boat neck Ivory gown for Radhika with matching pearl earrings. Masquerade theme was Neil’s idea to get Arjun easily in.

Finally the day of party arrived…everyone was ready to attend the grand affair. Bird Song was leading the market…Radhika was about to be awarded as the Best Copywriter…they were working with biggest brands in the market…they had every reason to celebrate accept Arunj’s absence…. all wished for his speedy return. Sam dressed Radhika up …she curled her long hairs into soft curls…once Radhika was ready she looked like a delicate Princess. Sam got ready in Neil’s favourite colour…did her makeup and hair..and asked Neil to pick them…Neil refused as he had to come with Arjun…Sam was all furious..Finally Samrat’s driver picked the both girls up. Sam decided to teach Neil and lesson. Sam and Radhika reached the venue and took their masks…wore them and entered the party…Arjun got a glimpse of Radhika with Neil’s help and fell in love with her all over again. Neil –Arjun entered the party and then moved in different direction…Arjun kept himself secluded and more in the darkness…he knew Nandini will come in open now….little did she knew some casually dressed police officers were also about to attend the party…but Arjun didn’t knew that Nandini had made arrangements to kill Radhika by causing an accident in the party…Arjun watched Radhika calmly interacting with everyone…but her smile never reached her eyes. Neil got a message…and he updated Arjun about Nandini’s arrival. Arjun and Neil watched her walking in the hall wearing a mask….Neil gestured Arjun to be out of sight…and he himself moved closer to Sam and Radhika. Samrat announced that it was time to cut the cake to celebrate Bird Song’s birthday…

Samrat and Piyali together cut the cake and fed each other…Nandini burned looking at that…Neil watched Nandhi’s grip on the glass…and realized she will soon disclose herself…Samrat made an announcement; ‘’Thanks to everyone for joining us today…A big congratulations to Radhika for winning the best copywriter award…and congratulations to all of you for making Bird Song one of the best advertising firm in the industry. I have one big announcement to make…well the paper work was already done months back…and now this is just a formality hereon Neil will hold 25% of BirdSong Sam 25% , Manya 25% and Arjun who is sadly not with us…hold the other 25% of the share…’’ Samrat was suddenly interrupted….’’Not Arjun …I hold 25% of Bird song’’ Nandini spoke. Neil smiled and nodded to Arjun. Arjun moved to another corner. Radhika was little shocked to find Nandini in the party….Samrat without getting affected or shocked asked ; ‘’Can you please enlighten us…as too how you are 25% share holder in Bird Song’’

Nandini; ‘’Arjun transferred it to me…after all I am his everything’’
Sam smirked…’’Really that’s interesting…but you don’t have proof regarding the same’’
Nandini threw papers on Sam’s face…Sam remained unaffected…she was still smiling she turned and looked at Radhika… Radhika took the papers and tore them into pieces and handed back to Nandini…she looked Nandini into the eyes and said; ‘’You always taught Arjun to betray…he betrayed you….I am the real owner of 25% bird song shares…Arjun had transferred it on my name 2 months back so technically he transferred you nothing’’ Nandini could not believe that Arjun betrayed her…She was on the verge of exploding…Radhika continued; ‘’you were threatening us with those parcels and pictures…Arjun knew you would do something like this so he transferred everything in my name…and today by coming to this party you proved that you were behind every mishap happening for past 1 month.’’ Nandini was bewildered she had never send any pictures. It was not nandini it was Rana…who send them burned pictures and broken mirrors to alert them…Neil and Arjun knew this as Rana had told him. Nandini was burning with rage…she brutally caught hold of Radhika’s arm and said; ‘’I should have killed you then when you married Arjun to save Sam…you always came in way of my revenge …If not for you Sam would have been dead…and I would have ruined Samrat….but that stupid Arjun… you distracted him from his way… you got saved again when I planned an attack with Bonnie… …I should have killed you the first time you came in my way’’ Sam was now furious she was about to interrupt Nandini…but Neil stopped her and instructed her to stand quietly…they wanted confession from Nandini…and Nandini’s anger was her greatest flaw.

Radhika smirked; ‘’Arjun wouldn’t have let you do that then…because he loved me then …and he loves me now. You never loved him…you used him and he understood that…see he turned the table on you so easily’’ Nandini’s fingers had dug deep into Radhika’s flesh and blood was visible on the arm…it was becoming difficult for Arjun to hold back…Sam wanted to free Radhika from Nandini but Neil held her back .Radhika was unaffected by pain…she was happy that Arjun chose the right path. Nandini in her anger had completely forgotten about the people around her she barked; ‘’Yes he always loved you…he would have saved you then…and what’s wrong if I used him…I invested so much in him…if not me he would have been still the part of some dirty street…but that unthankful Arjun, he betrayed me…now he will suffer for this…I will give him a wound which will never heal’’ Nandini slowly moved back…that alerted Neil and Arjun…Arjun got a message from Rana…he looked up the huge chandelier which was about to fall on Radhika…Arjun with lightening speed looped his arm around her waist and pulled her to safety…the fall of Chandelier left everyone shocked…Radhika knew this touch she without turning or looking at him said; ‘’Arjun’’. Radhika quickly turned around to face him… Arjun kissed Radhika’s forehead and gestured Sam to take Radhika with her Sam asked Radhika to come …but she was not ready to let go. Arjun caressed her cheek and said; ‘’I am not going anywhere now’’. Radhika nodded and went to Sam. Arjun gave one look to Neil and he quietly moved and got the entrance and exits sealed. Arjun with his hands in pockets moved towards Nandini and asked; ‘’What did you get doing all this…in fact you lost whatever you had left…if you hadn’t done this we could have been a family someday’’

Nandini; ‘’Family….are you kidding me….watching someone drowned in love…and realizing day by day that I will never have one I loved…do you even know that pain?…I wanted peace….destroying Samrat would have given me that but you again destroyed everything…I bought you up…provided you with everything and rather being obliged…you betrayed me
Arjun …you betrayed me then by not marrying Sam…and again now by fooling me’’;
Arjun; ‘’I did everything to give you happiness…even was ready to sacrifice my life…was ready to do wrong for you …I had almost killed my conscious for you…Why did you come back..when we let you go unhurt last time…But this Time we will get you punished because we were prepared’’

Neil; ‘’You never kidnapped Arjun…he got himself kidnapped…and by the way I was never in coma…the coma episode was only to buy the time and divert your attention so that we can get all the proofs and witnesses against you…and we succeeded…Oh ! those photographs and warnings were send to us by Rana Kaka…to alert us…so technically speaking you got betrayed from all sides….u deserved it’’

Nandini was on the verge of exploding…she looked at Radhika and then at Arjun…’’because of this girl you left me …I was like a mother to you…’’
Arjun cut her off in between ;’’Mother? …you don’t even know the meaning of that word…I was a pawn in your hands…whom you bought up just for your revenge…and I have the proofs of all your crimes…you really thought I will leave my love and my friends for a selfish woman like you…no’’
Nandini; ‘’Pray to god…that I never see you all again’’
Arjun; ‘’don’t worry…you will never see us again…I will make sure you never come out of that prison’’

Police dragged Nandini away…Bird Song rejoiced to get their boss back…everyone welcomed him with open arms and applauded Neil and Arjun…between all this Neil’s eyes suddenly met Sam’s he understood he was about to get murdered…as Sam got to know about his coma drama…he hid behind Arjun…Radhika was somehow holding Sam back…Sam tied her handkerchief on Radhika’s hurt arm and gulped down 2 large pegs..she turned to Radhika and said; ‘’Sorry Chashni…I know you are meeting Arjun after a long time…but to teach Neil a lesson…I have to kidnap you…and your Arjun will get me Neil as ransom’’ Radhika laughed and willingly got herself kidnapped …Sam took Radhika with her to their house…Sam was continuously drinking and cursing Neil.

Teji gave the tissue paper with Sam’s message to Arjun…Arjun banged his head…he had thought of spending some nice time with Radhika…but now he had to make a peace agreement between Neil & Sam. Arjun literally had to drag Neil…he assured him that he won’t let Sam beat him…Neil agreed only to give Arjun Radhika some time together….
In the mean time Radhika informed Vicky and her family about Arjun’s return…Vicky asked her to come back and Radhika promised to be back by morning. Radhika was jumping with happiness…she was dancing around and Sam was watching her…she felt happy that her Chashni got her smile back. Sam was drunk…and her emotions were at peak she got up and hugged Radhika; ‘’Chashni…I love you…I am so happy to see your smile…you know I wanted to kill that witch for hurting you…if Neil wouldn’t have stopped me I would have murderd her there and then’’ Radhika looked at Sam who was all emotional…she hugged Sam tight…after all Sam stood by her like a rock… she left her parents house to be with her …she proved herself to be a wonderful friend…she didn’t even give time to Neil when Radhika was alone…their friendship was tested to the extreme…and they passed the test with flying colours. They heard the door bell…and Sam decided to open the door…At the door she found Arjun smiling and Neil hiding behind him…to Neil’s surprise…Sam went and hugged Neil lovingly she then looked at ARjun and said; ‘’what are you waiting for…your princess is waiting for you go to other room…I need some alone time with my idiot.’’ Arjun blinked and then looked at Radhika standing in the middle of the room looking at him with a broad smile and tears in his eyes…without wasting a minute he wrapped his arms around her waist and lifted her up…Radhika looped herself around Arjun’s neck and buried her face in his neck…Sam with Neil watched them smiling and them said; ‘’take care for her she is very special…’’
Sam pushed both of them in the bedroom and closed the door.

As door closed behind them Arjun again pulled Radhika in a desperate hug…he gently touched her arm where Nandini had hurt Radhika…and then looked straight into her eyes…she smiled back at him and replied; ’’I am not hurt Arjun…it doesn’t pain’’ Arjun cupped her face and said; ‘’I missed you…and I am sorry for putting you through this pain’’
Radhika went on her toes and gave Arjun a soothing kiss , she took Arjun to the bed and made him sit …she sat next to him with her head on his chest and Arjun wrapped his arm around her;
Radhika; ‘’whatever you did…you did for us…and you suffered too…I am happy that chose the right path’’
Arjun;’’ How can you be so good…so selfless…you did not even complain that I did all this without informing you…’’
Radhika; ‘’I trust you…are more words required now’’
Arjun was overwhelmed with Radhika’s trust on him he leaned and kissed her tight…he had missed holding her so much …that he didn’t want to leave her now.

Sam offered Neil some champagne. ..Neil took it willingly and then Sam asked him to tell her the whole story from the beginning about his and Arjun’s plan to trap Nandini…Neil under the impression that Sam is completely bowled by his intelligence…started the story parsing himself in between when wherever required. Neil failed to notice the anger building up on Sam’s face.

Arjun Radhika were enjoying each other company silently when they heard a sudden thud…followed by Neil’s scream. They looked at each other and smiled…knowing it was time to save Neil from getting murdered. When Arjun opened the door he saw things flying from one direction to the other… Sam was throwing whatever came to her hand in Neil’s direction…and he was jumping and dancing to save himself. Radhika was surprised to look at the room…which was all good half an hour back…and now seemed to have suffered an earth quake. Neil suddenly pulled Arjun in front him…Sam stopped and grinned; ‘’Idiot do you think I care…he is also the partner in crime…he deserves a punishment too… I was dying each day thinking he is in coma..and the jerk was enjoying lying still on his bed…” Neil and Arjun quickly ducked to save themselves from a flying bottle coming their way. Radhika was enjoying all this…Arjun folded his hands and requested her to stop Sam. Radhika went and stood infornt of Sam …Sam stopped immediately…she blinked slowly curled her lower lip…like a kid …asking for apology …she slowly walked to Radhika …moving like a pendulum and hugged her; ‘’You are best Chashni….I love you…I hate Neil’’ . Radhika knew that this was the alcohol talking…

Neil took a deep breath and said; ‘’Thank god she was drunk…and she missed the target otherwise you guys would have sitting in hospital getting me repaired’’ All the 3 laughed…Radhika slowly made Sam lie on the sofa…Neil lifted Sam’s head and kept it on his lap…Radhika and Arjun sat there with Neil talking and laughing…it was a new beginning for these four wonderful friends.

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