Manmarziyan….a journey of love and friendship Chapter 21

Happy Bday Aastha…may all your dreams come true….. Hello there everyone…below is the next chapter…hope you will like it. Thanks to all the readers you guys made me really happy soul…your encouragement lead to the revival of my hobby of writing.
Chapter 21

Sam was packing her things when Piyali walked in she was little surprised; ‘’Sam where are you going’’
Sam; ‘’Moving out and moving in with Chashni’’
Piyali; ‘’Sam I know you are angry about that discussion we had…but you don’t have to leave the house for that’’
Sam made her mom sit on the bed and said; ‘’Mom I am not leaving you all…I am just moving in with Radhika…she has shifted to the old house and I will not leave her alone right now’’
Piyali was not convinced; ‘’I understand her pain…she can shift with us’’
Sam; ‘’No mom she won’t…you and I both know that…she did her part…now its my turn…we shared happiness…its time to share the pain’’

Piyali wanted to counter her again but Samrat stopped her…he blessed Sam and asked her to take care of her and Radhika

Radhika reached her old house she unlocked the door…and all memories came back to her…she recalled the days she shared with Sam…her arguments with Arjun…she got inside ,closed the door… she was about to start the cleaning when she heard the door bell. Radhika answered the door and what she saw bought smile to her face Sam was standing at the door with her luggage… Sam; ‘’Can I share your house…everything 50-50’’ Radhika could not speak a word she just nodded between tears and a faint smile… Sam understood and hugged her tight…’’remember our pact…we will stand by each other…I am not leaving you for anything…’’ Radhika hugged Sam tight…this was the best thing that happened to her after that fateful day…today she felt some happiness. Sam broke the hug and wiped Radhika’s tears…radhika was about to resume cleaning when Sam stopped her;’’Chashni leave it…I have already called people to do all this work and some shopping..’’

Radhika made a confused face after sometime she saw Teji Zubin and Kritika walking through the door…to help them. Radhika gave broad Smile…only Sam could do this…Sam quickly assigned everyone their duties…and asked Radhika to rest.
Zubin; ‘’Chashni please prepare…aloo puri and halwa’’ Radhika nodded and started her work…Teji started helping Radhika in kitchen and Sam with Kritika’s help started arranging her and Radhika’s stuff in the bedroom…she pinned all the pictures of them together on the hard board…she watched Radhika talking and cooking with Teji…she slowly dialled Vicky’s no. and told him not to worry as she would be staying with Radhika as long as required. Vicky took a sigh of relief.


Someone else was also happy in Radhika’s pain…Saral…he secretly wished that Arjun should never return and Radhika should suffer this pain and agony for her life. But still it did not satisfy him…he wanted to see her burn infront of his own eyes…he decided to go to Mumbai without letting his family know about it. Saral told his family he going for a group tour with his friends and will be back in a week and he left for Mumbai…to rub some salt on Radhika’s wounds.

Sam and Radhika reached office together…they were working when Prerna gave them the news of Neil’s recovery…Sam lost her voice…the tears which had held for so long started flowing now. Radhika tried to console Sam but she kept on crying…Radhika locked Sam’s cabin…and asked her to cry as much as she wants…once Sam was calm they left for Neil’s place…Sam watched Neil lying on the bed talking to the Dr…he seemed weak and sleepy…Neil gave a smile to Sam …but was shocked to see Radhika’s physical stature…she was very weak …it worried him now. On the other hand Prema watching all this in her mind called Neil dramebaaz.

Neil spoke to Sam and Radhika for sometime…he felt miserable for putting Sam through this…she was continuously talking and crying…her eyes seems to have refused to listen. Radhika affectionately watched Sam and Neil she was about to leave when Neil called her; ‘’Chashni…you will not give your best friend a hug’’ Radhika looked at Neil Smiled faintly and gave him a warm hug…she left Neil and Sam alone and joined Prerna in the kitchen….Prema looked at Radhika who had actually turned feeble she asked Radhika to join her for dinner…Radhika had no choice but to agree…Prerna herself supervised Radhika’s dinner because she was hardly eating…Sam smiled at that. Sam wanted Arjun to return soon…as slowly Radhika was losing her zeal…and her love for life. Radhika and Sam left after the dinner .Prerna joined Neil in his room…Neil looked worried
Prerna; ‘’what happened to you now’’
Neil; ‘’Radhika…she is not well Mom…I have to contact Arjun…she is breaking everyday’’
Prerna; ‘’Yes and also because …some doubted Arjun… that hurt her more…’’
Neil; ‘’ tomorrow I will let everyone know that he risked his life to save mine…Ma you go and sleep I have to send Arjun a message’’ Prerna nodded and left

Sam was looking at the moon smiling…Radhika tapped her shoulder and gave her a bowl…
Sam; ‘’halwa…why?’’
Radhika; ‘’Because it’s a happy occasion … I got my best friend back’’
Sam looked at Radhika and sadly said; ‘’and I am still searching for my best friend chashni…’’
Radhika did not respond… just closed her eyes in pain. Sam kept everything aside and hugged Radhika and asked her mischievously; ‘’Radhika tell me something how did you feel when Arjun kissed you the first time’’
Radhika little embarrassed; ‘’Sam is this something to discuss’’
Sam; ‘’Yes…you don’t hide anything from best friend’’
Radhika pulled Sam cheeks…’’Ok too much now…. let’s go to sleep’’

Rana gave Neil’s letter to Arjun…Arjun had mixed emotions…

Neil’s letter

Congrats…! Your Radhika and my Chashni has won Best copywriter of the year award and ceremony is after a month, we will attend this together. Bro we need to end this soon…Chashni has moved out of Vicky’s house to her old house Sam is staying with her…but its not safe for both of them.

Radhika has turned very weak Arjun…she is not taking care of herself…pain of your absence is eating her. Also, let me know if there is a possibility for us to meet secretly.


Inside the letter was the picture of Radhika….Arjun stared at the picture…and caressed it gently .Arjun’s jaw hardened the pain Radhika had to go through was driving Arjun to maddening rage… he thought; ‘Radhika’s unconditional love made me human and your deeds are making me a monster Nandu…you will pay for my Radhika’s tears.’ He instructed Rana to create a situation so that Nandini shifts him to some other place of his choice…also to make arrangements for his and Neil’s meeting.

Neil joined Bird Song…but to pretend week he decided to ask Sam or Zubin to pick him up daily. Vicky after knowing that Neil had recovered called him and Neil assured him that he will try his level best to send back Radhika home. Radhika was discussing a presentation with Piyali and Samrat…she was about to leave the room when she felt dizzy and collapsed …Samrat caught her before she could get hurt…he made her sit on the chair. Piyali was rubbing Radhika’s palm…she offered her water. Piyali; ‘’Radhika why are you punishing yourself….look at yourself you have turned so weak…it’s not right kid’’
Samart; ‘’I have already called a Dr…nothing doing…you are sitting here till he does your check up’’
Radhika; ‘’Uncle I am fine…could not sleep last night may be because of that…please cancel the doctor’s visit’’
Piyali ;’’No Radhika…if you don’t get yourself checked…I will make you take 15 days compulsory leave…now the choice is yours’’

Sam and Neil also got to know about Radhika…they rushed to Piyali’s cabin…Sam was too worried but Neil was angry…Radhika knew he will not leave her so easily…after the Dr. did her check up Neil went to speak to him…Dr. updated that Radhika is not eating or sleeping properly…if this continues she might get admitted and they will have force feed her or inject her with nutritional fluids. Piyali asked Radhika to take half day off…she refused and went back to her desk to resume her work
Radhika was working, completely lost in her work when Neil banged her desk…Radhika looked up all surprised…Neil was holding a box in hand he gestured Radhika to get up
Radhika; Neil…I have too much of work today…you carry on’’
Neil; ‘’I know you are very good at your work…full dedicated types…but nothing doing…get up’’
Neil dragged Radhika to the cafeteria where Sam, Zubin Teji and Kritika were waiting for them…Neil made her sit between everyone so she could not escape…they opened their boxes…and each one of them held out food to Radhika….she looked at each one of them and understood…this can only be Neil’s brain…Radhika took a bite from Sam’s hand…but others did not withdraw so finally she had to take a bite from everyone…and biggest one was from Neil….who kept on giving her a warning glare to finish the food…he got up and brought a glass of juice for her Radhika gave him a pleading look…But Neil left her no option…she finished it and all her friends clapped…after others left Neil announced a new rule for Radhika…’’you me and Sam will have lunch and dinner together from here on…and don’t protest…because that’s not going to work on me’’ Sam smiled…she knew it was difficult for Radhika to surpass Neil…Radhika made a kid like face and walked off…and Sam complemented Neil; ‘’Well done Idiot …I tried so hard for last few days…but could not make her do anything…and you did just like this’’
Neil; “Chashni is very smart…we need to get smarter with her…Arjun risked his life to save mine and she is Arjun’s life… my friend too…I will do anything to keep her safe’’ Sam nodded and went back to her work…Neil got a call from Rana…he gave him an address to meet Arjun.

Arjun planned a fake police raid…and Nandini had no option but to shift him…Rana suggested a place to Nandini meeting Arjun’s demand…Nandini in her dreams could never doubt Rana…the place they shifted too had cctv surveillance like the previous one…but this time everything was in Arjun’s hand he could go out and come back without Nandini’s knowledge…he wanted to see Radhika once as he was damm worried about her…and he knew nobody could stop him.

Vicky had met Radhika over the weekend and looking at her condition had started giving him sleepless night…he had updated Dilip that Arjun transferred everything to Radhika…Dilip felt guily for doubting Arjun…he asked Vicky to apologize on his half…Vicky assured him. Vidhi came to Vicky asking about her Bua…Vicky had told her that her Bua had gone for picnic…but now she wanted to meet Radhika and her uncle…Vicky didn’t knew what to do…Soniya told him that she will take Vidhi to meet Radhika…Soniya and Vidhi reached Radhika’s place late evening Sam welcomed them Vidhi jumped hopped and went running to Radhika…she cradled her loving niece for some time and then joined Soniya in the hall. Sam took Vidhi with her for playing…she knew Soniya wanted to talk;
Soniya; ‘’Radhika I have faith in your belief…but looks like you have given up’’
Radhika; ‘’No bhabhi…I know Arjun is fine and will come back’’
Saniya; ‘’And he will be happy to see you like this?’’
Radhika kept mum for a sec and said; ‘’I don’t know…I feel hollow without him…’’
Soniya;’’I think I can relate to that feeling…but there are others too who are pained to see you like this’’
Radhika looked at Soniya she understood, she smiled and asked; ‘’How is Vicky’’
Soniya; ‘’Mad and worried…he feels that you are angry with him…but not showing”
Radhika; ‘’that’s not true’’
Soniya; ‘’I know…can you promise me something’’

Radhika huffed… smiled and said; ’’Anything’’
Soniya; ‘’Once Arjun is back…you will come back to your house immediately and stay with us till you are again married to him…please’’
Radhika; ‘’Bhabhi …I promise.’’ Soniya cupped Radhika’s face kissed her forehead and hugged her…she silently prayed to God to unite Arjun-Radhika soon. Sam finally bought Vidhi to the room all tiered and exhausted…Vidhi had asked Sam so many questions that made Sam go mad…she crashed on the sofa and said; ‘’Kids are so difficult…can I have something to drink’’ Radhika got up to give her juice Vidhi again came to Sam and asked; ‘’Anuty…what will you become when you are big?’’
Sam lovingly ruffled her hair and said; ‘’I am already grown up…I mean big…I go to office…you will have to grow big and strong’’
Vidhi; ‘’I will grow big…. Then you will grow more big …then what will you become?’’
Sam went speechless…she folded her hands in front of Vidhi and that made…Soniya and Radhika laugh.

Neil reached the address given to him by Rana…it was an old house completely disserted. Neil went in and called Arjun…Arjun came to room and they hugged each other like long lost brothers. Neil could see that Arjun still had bandages on his arm. Neil; ‘’how are you now’’
Arjun; ‘’Better…how is Radhika and Prerna aunty”

Neil; ‘’Mom good…Radhika bad’’
Arjun; ‘’Neil I want to see Radhika once…but she should not know this’’
Neil; ‘’Give me 2 days…I will let you how and when. By the way how much has we progressed.’’
Arjun; ‘’I have the details of the man who burned Shops in Hrishikesh …also the one who tried to kill Ma in temple….I am very close in getting the details of the men she had to hired to kill Sam…after My and Sam’s marriage…and attack on Radhika in Rishab’s party….she has to do something with that..Bonnie doesn’t have brain to plan so much…Neil go and meet Bonnie and see if you can buy her to witness against Nandini’’

Neil nodded thanked Rana and hugged Arjun again…he left from that place and Arjun went back being a Nandini’s prisoner. She was not even aware that Arjun had slowly turned the tables on her Rana’s help, she taught him this game and now he will use it against her. Nandini was only worried about getting back into Bird Song..She just wanted Bird Song shares in her name so that she can permanently torture Samrat.

Sam and Radhika went off to sleep after dinner…sometime later…Radhika saw Sam sleeping and she quietly got out and sat in the balcony…but little did she knew that Sam wasn’t asleep…Sam followed Radhika and stood at a distance watched her sobbing covering her mouth…it was too much for her to handle…she decided to speak to Neil about it…he might have some solution to it. Next morning Sam updated Neil about Radhika’s condition and it gave Neil an idea…’’Sam why don’t you visit your parent’s house for day over this weekend’’
Sam now angry; ‘’And should leave Chashni alone are you mad’’
Neil; ‘’I will take Chashni to my home…she needs a good sleep…I will ask doctor to do that…but for this you need to be away from her…she always hides behind you’’
Sam ; ‘’ok… but dare you trouble her’’ Neil smiled and messaged Arjun to be at his place post midnight to meet Radhika.

Sam left for her parents housed for a day and Neil blackmailed Radhika to come to his place or he will ask Vicky to take her home…Radhika knew if Vicky takes her back…he will not allow her to leave again…she agreed. Saral had go to know that Radhika had moved back to her old house…but was not aware about Sam staying with her…he decided to get his revenge today but when he sneaked in he found it empty…he decided to come back again.

As they reached Neil’s place and had dinner…his family doctor was already waiting for them…he injected Radhika so that she could relax and sleep properly…Radhika protested…but it went waste infront of Neil. Prerna took Radhika to the room, within an hour Radhika was in a deep slumber…Neil tested that she was asleep…and then he opened the main door to welcome Arjun…Arjun hugged him and then Prerna…who got emotional looking at him. Neil took Arjun to Radhika’s room and said; ‘’She won’t be up before 9AM tomorrow….so All yours…but no hanky panky’’ Arjun smiled and thanked him…he locked the door and turned to look at the thin figure cuddled under the blanket sleeping hugging a pillow….his life..his love …his Radhika. She had turned weak…her face was full of sadness….Arjun’s heart pained to see her like this. He lied next to her…gently lifted her head to place his shoulder under it…Radhika immediately relaxed…she knew his touch…even in an unconscious state she could identify him…she unconsciously moved her hand and wrapped it around his chest…Arjun smiled at that…he wrapped his other arm around her and looked at her angelic face…he gently kissed her forehead…cheeks…eyes and then her lips…Radhika hummed a bit but Arjun rubbed her back to calm her down…she buried her face in his chest…and Arjun closed his eyes in contentment. Radhika’s vibrating mobile caught Arjun’s attention…the call was from Saral…he checked the call history and the messages…his blood boiled. He knew Radhika will never share her problems with anyone…he decided to let Neil know about it. Neil came in early morning and asked Arjun to leave as it was 4:00 AM…Arjun before leaving leaned and kissed Radhika passionately. He left without wasting a minute and before leaving he gave Radhika’s cell to Neil to check…Neil’s decided to teach Saral a lesson once for all.

Precap: Arjun Radhika unite

Credit to: Gauri


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