Manmarziyan….a journey of love and friendship Chapter 20

Hello friends …a million thanks to all of you for the support and appreciation will make you cry for this one chapter but everything will be fine in coming chapters please bear with me…happy reading…next update on aastha’s bday

Chapter 20

Arjun and Neil had to supervise the new ad shoot for leading deo brand near Khandala…after making all the necessary preparations. They packed their bags…they had to leave in the afternoon, Radhika came to Arjun’s cabin…he was on the phone…he gestured her to sit. After completing the call he found her a little worried…he asked her the reason.
Radhika; ‘’I don’t want you guys to go…I mean…I don’t feel good about it’’
Arjun; ‘’Radhika don’t think too much…and take care of Prerna aunty and we are away’’
Radhika; ‘’You care for her a lot right’’
Arjun; ‘’Yes…she is the mom I never had…I just don’t care… I love her too’’
Radhika; ‘’Ok don’t worry…I will take a good care of her’’

Radhika hugged him and left his cabin…Neil who heard this from outside was all emotional he decided to take a two minutes break. Arjun and Neil left with their team for Khandala.

Arjun had given Prerna an envelope to keep safely…and in case anything happens to him…this should be handed over to Radhika. Prerna knew everything…she was very worried about Arjun and Neil…she knew they will manage everything…yet she kept on praying for their well being. Sam decided to spend night at Neil’s place to give Prerna company.

Radhika was having dinner with her family…she was not able to eat something was bothering her. Vicky looked at her plate and saw her in deep thought he tapped on the table…and Radhika conveniently hid her fears. Radhika could barely eat..she came to her room…tried to sleep but could not she felt as if there was not enough air around…she started pacing the room…finally she called Sam…even Sam and Prerna were restless but they didn’t wanted Radhika to worry so they asked her to calm down..but truth was none of them could sleep that night and they just wanted night to get over and their loved ones in front of them soon.

After the shoot…Arjun and Neil took a break…Neil update Arjun that he has got 100 calls from Prerna asking about them…Arjun told him it was same for him. Their work was done they decided to leave early morning…Neil and Arjun decided to go for a drive before retiring for the night they were enjoying near a roadside tea shop when Arjun saw a red dot on Neil chest…he understood he pushed Neil to ground and ducked himself…they heard a gunshot seconds after that. They knew something was about to come but did not expect it this soon…Arjun gestured Neil to get in the car…Arjun took the wheel and they drove off. They had come very far from their hotel while driving…Arjun just wanted to reach hotel soon…to make Neil safe. Neil on the other hand wanted to keep Arjun safe.

Neil had noticed in a rare view mirror that a truck was continuously following them…he informed Arjun about the same…Arjun knew it was time for him to think something…he closed his eyes and recalled the most beloved face in his life…he recalled his Radhika smiling …declaring her love for him…he looked at Neil and Neil understood something…Neil with anger; ‘’No ARjun you promised we are in this together…’’
Arjun with tears in his eyes looked at Neil with all the emotions he had for him and said; ‘’We are …take care of Prerna aunty and Radhika.’’

Before Neil could protest…Arjun unlocked the car and pushed him out of it.
Neil rolled on the ground before hitting his head on a rock…as consciousness left him he watched Arjun’s car moving off the road…towards a deep valley…and Neil fainted.
Radhika had not slept all night…she tried Arjun’s phone atleat 100 times but it was not reachable…she quickly dressed up and left without having any food…Soniya tried talking to her but Radhika left in a huff…

Radhika reached Bird Song…but found only few people…her heart was pounding…she decided to call Sam but before that Teji called her…and asked her to come to city hospital. Radhika reached there and found Prerna crying she met a stoned Sam with worried Piyali and Samrat…Radhika peeped inside the room and found Neil on the bed with bandage on his head…no. of tubes attached to his hands…she could not see it …she could only remember Neil’s dimpled smile…his pure friendship…his unconditional support for her…she wiped her tears…and went to Prerna…she sat on the floor facing Prerna holding her hands and said; ‘’Neil will be fine aunty…nothing will happen…I know he will get up in a minute and smile at all of us’’

Prerna looked at Radhika and started crying profusely she hugged her and was continuously crying…Radhika brushing all bad thought aside was trying to pacify her…her eyes were continusly searching for Arjun…finally she gave up and asked; ‘’Where is ARjun’’…no one answered and finally Teji replied; ‘’missing…his car was found completely damaged and burned there are less chances of his survival…’’

Radhika suddenly screamed; ‘’Shut up…he is fine I know that…I can feel that …he promised me.’’
Radhika suddenly felt a sharp pain in her head and everything turned dark.
Radhika woke up after 2 days in her room…she just recalled everything and prayed it to be a dream…but as she tried to get up she saw a drip attached to her hand…she pulled it out and ran out of her room holding her head…Vicky caught hold of her before she could fall…Radhika saw her complete family around her but she was only looking for Arjun…she knew what she wanted to be a dream was a reality…it gave her a sudden pain…she felt life will leave her…but why was she still alive…without him…. that meant he was fine…she cannot give up.

Prerna was informed that Neil had slipped into a temporary coma…she decided to make the arrangements at home and take her son home. Between all this Sam did not even shed a tear…she was doing everything …but was not crying…everyone tried to get some response out of her but had failed…she would go to meet Neil twice in a day…sit with him holding his hand…looking at him to respond.

Dilip and Mala were talking to Vicky they wanted to take Radhika to Rishikesh for some days…Vicky felt it was right for Radhika as staying with family will help her cope up with her grief. Radhika knew everyone was doubting Arjun again…somewhere in the corner of their heart they felt he betrayed them and staged this mishap….Radhika walked into the hall and announced her decision; ‘’I am not going anywhere till I know where Arjun is?…I know you are doubting him but I don’t…he will come back for me …he promised me that’’
Mala; ‘’Choti enough!…there is nothing left now…you have to come with me’’
Radhika; ‘’Ma…I am married to ARjun…I belong here…not to Rishikesh…and as his wife I have full right to stay where I want…I am not leaving.’’ Vicky wanted to speak but Soniya squeezed his arm not to speak anything right now.

Radhika; ‘’I am fine now…it would be good if you guys go back to Rishikesh…dadaji must be worried’’
Radhika left the room leaving everyone bewildered…Radhika locked her room pulled her clothes out and went inside the washroom to freshen up…she stood under the shower to relax her mind and body…but more than that she was angry on everyone doubting her Arjun. Radhika left for Birdsong she came to her desk and resumed her work…everyone working there had tears in their eyes…they would cry silently looking at Radhika and Sam. Sam was diligently working on all the projects assigned to Bird Song. She was busy in her work…when heard a knock on the door…Sam lifted her gaze to meet Radhika standing on the opposite side of her table…both gave each other a weak smile Sam got up walked to Radhika…and hugged her tight…Radhika felt as if a soothing breeze had hit her burning body..she wrapped her around Sam to reply her hug…to define their bond…none of them shed a single tear…they stood there for some minutes…and then Sam spoke; ‘’I will not leave your side Chashni…I will stand by your side…and you by me’’ Radhika nodded affirmative.

Samrat had been cursing the day he met Nandini…he was blaming himself for everything happening right now…he was sad for his daughter but he felt miserable looking at Radhika…whom he had come to love as a daughter…she was bravely going about her work…but truth was…no one liked this Radhika who never smiled…they missed the old one.

10 days had passed after the incident…Sam and Radhika had buried themselves completely in work and were constantly looking for some clues on Arjun…Sam was getting ready for her office she picked up everything necessary…she would first go to Neil’s place and then office…Sam heard her parents talking.
Piyali; ‘’I can’t see Sam like this…her pain is eating her ‘’
Samrat; ‘’Give her time Piyali…everything will be fine…once Neil is conscious she will be fine’’
Piyali; ‘’What if he never gains his consciousness …doctors told he will be up in 2 days but now its almost 10…. will Sam keep on going like that…we have to help her move on if required’’ Piyali and Samrat were suddenly interrupted by Sam

Sam; ‘’Mom if this accident would have happened after our wedding…had you suggested the same then?…to move on leaving my husband behind ….No right..’’
Piyali; ‘’But you are not married right now’’
Sam; ‘’that’s just a word…I am a part of Neil and Neil is a part of me…nothing can take us apart…and I don’t want to hear any discussion further on this’’ Sam without a backward glance left her house to go to Neil’s place. Prerna greeted Sam…after talking to Prerna Sam went straight to Neil room he kissed his forehead…held his hand and said; ’’Please get up soon Neil…I don’t want to be strong anymore …its very difficult…I don’t know how to handle everything….and everyone is so worried…get up for your mom for me…for Chashni…she is also in pain…she is your best friend right…you promised her full support…we all need you please Neil.’’
Prerna was hearing everything…she was on the verge of crying but decided to hold back…after Sam came out of Neil’s room she joined Prema for tea.
Prema; ‘’How is Radhika?’’

Sam; ‘’How should she be…she is dead inside…just staying strong…atleat I have Neil infront of my eyes but Radhika…she doesn’t even know where Arjun is…and above all people have doubts that Arjun betrayed her’’
Prerna; ’’Do you believe the same’’
Sam; ‘’No…I believe what my Chashni believes in….Arjun is somewhere…Neil can tell us more…but even he is…’’
Prerna; ‘’Sam can you get Radhika along in the evening…I need to talk to her’’
Sam nodded and Left for office.

Vicky and Soniya were worried for Radhika…she was doing everything but physically was turning weak. Vicky had convinced Mala and Dilip that he will take care of her…but now he was transfixed as to how to get her out of this secluded zone of hers. Radhika came and sat at the dining table like a zombie…she had a glass of juice… she was about to leave when Vicky asked to sit for a small conversation.
Vicky; ‘’I can’t see you like this…its painful…please’’
Radhika without looking at Vicky ; ‘’I am absolutely fine…there is nothing to worry about…you are just worrying for no reason….’’
Vicky;’’ What if he never comes back’’
Radhika; ‘’he will …I know…now if you are done I need to leave’’
Vicky; ‘’I just want your happiness…why don’t you see you are turning weak…please go Rishikesh for sometime…it will be a good change’’

Radhika now raised her eyes to look at her brother she calmly replied; ‘’I think me staying here is bothering you…give a day I will make my arrangements and move out’’
She picked her bag and left…she knew she had hurt him bad…but answering everyone was difficult now…she just wanted to be quite.
Vicky covered his eyes with his hands and said; ‘’She thinks she is a burden on me…its killing me every minute listening to her silent sobs…she cried all night yesterday…I could hear it through the door…but couldn’t do anything…why the hell I am so helpless’’…Soniya gently touched his shoulder and said; I know you love her a lot and want her to be happy…but please I request you to believe in her faith…that would be the biggest support for her right now’’ Vicky just wiped his tears and left for work.

Radhika reached office and Piyali called her for a discussion. Radhika greeted Piyali and took a seat opposite to her she found Sam and Samrat also in the room, Piyali took an envelope and handed over to Radhika…with little confusion Radhika opened the envelope and the letter…she found she was chosen as the best copywriter of the year…and had collect the award in a ceremony after a month. Radhika closed her eyes and silently in her heart said; ‘I kept my promise Arjun…please keep yours too’ Sam walked to Radhika and said; ‘’Atleast I deserve a hug…’’ Radhika hugged Sam. Piyali and Samrat were happy that both girls stood by each other like a rock.

Radhika and Sam drove off to Neil’s place in the evening…after sitting with Neil for sometime Prerna called Radhika out…she Sam with Neil and walked out into the hall…Prerna handed an envelope to Radhika…Radhika was shocked Arjun had transferred everything in her Name his two houses FDs and his shares in Bird Song…what bothered her more that the papers had Neil’s signature as a witness…Neil was aware about something which she was not…Radhika could not stop the tears which came rolling down her eyes…the papers in her hand were proof for everyone that Arjun never betrayed her…Prerna got up from her place and hugged Radhika…Radhika was now crying vigorously… Sam stood at the door watching Prerna consoling Radhika…she quietly went from there to Neil’s room…kissed Neil on his forehead and said; ‘’Idiot we need you badly’’

On her way back home Radhika updated about the papers to Sam…Sam was shocked to know that Neil had signed as a part of witness. She felt they were missing something. After some quite moments Radhika spoke; ‘’Sam …I am shifting to the old house …which we shared’’
Sam; ‘’Why?…will Vicky let you do this?
Radhika; ‘’My pain is giving pain to everyone…plus I think I should be alone for sometime…’’
Sam thought for a moment and then told Radhika she would support her in anything.

Radhika reached home finished her dinner and went back to her room…she closed the door pulled her bag out…she packed everything and sat for a moment…Vicky will be furious at her decision but for now she has to convince him. She knocked on the door of his room …he was surprised to find her there but asked her to come in…Radhika after hesitating for a minute said; ‘’Please don’t be angry listening to my decision…I am moving to my old house tomorrow…Arjun has transferred everything in my name…’’ Radhika was cut short by the frown on Vicky’s face …he was angry; ‘’looks like you have made up your mind…you just came to inform me fine…who am I to stop…its late go to sleep’’
Radhika; ‘’You are everything…you stood by me when no one did but please for few days…Vicky don’t leave me…not now…please don’t be angry’’ Radhika kneeled on the floor crying vigorously…she was trying to be strong…but truth was she breaking internally…Radhika’s tears were too much for Vicky to handle…He sat beside her gave her a arm hug and said softly; ‘’Promise me you will call me daily…in case of any problem you will call me first…and will come back to this house once Arjun is back.’’ Radhika nodded and hugged him tightly. Soniya wiped her tears and left the brother sister alone.

Sam could not sleep thinking about Radhika’s decision to move out of her brother’s house…she shouldn’t be left alone. Sam closed her eyes and took a decision…’we will stand by each other…I will not leave you alone’

In a house Nandini walked into the room and said; ‘’How are you feeling now…doctor said you will be fine in 10 days’’ Arjun looked up from his place with a hating grin on his face; ‘’the day I am fine…you pray for yourself’’.
Nandini; ‘’I know you are angry now…but soon you will realize that this is your home…I bought you up…I have every right on you’. By the way my lawyers will be here tomorrow…you will sign and transfer Bird Song shares in my name…if you want Radhika safe’’
Arjun did not answer he just gave her and angry glare and she left. Rana bought Arjun food…Arjun with his plate passed on a message to Rana…Rana after all the work made a call….answered by Neil…he smiled kept the phone down and said; ‘’Time to wake up’’

Nandini was under the impression that Arjun was incapable of walking…but truth was on the day of accident after the gunshot…Rana had updated Neil and Arjun that Nandini was about to attack them to kidnap Arjun…Arjun forced Neil to leave the car …and himself jumped out of it after sometime…which Neil saw before fainting Rana made arrangements to get Neil saftely out without letting nandini know. The doctor treating Arjun worked on Rana’s instructions and gave Nandini the updates as per Arjun’s will. In mumbai Doctors had told Prema that Neil was not serious and will gain consiness in a day or two…but to withdraw Nandini’s attention from Sam-Neil and execute their plan…they had put up the Neil’s coma show. Prema and Neil convinced their family doctor to help them…they had involved Police as well…Arjun wanted all proofs against Nandini about all her crimes… to send her behind the bars…..Neil was smiling thinking about their plan when Prerna walked in and said; ‘’No one eats so much being in coma’’

Neil; ‘’Mom enough now…I was waiting for Sam to leave…my stomach was growling… By the way why didn’t you try in bollywood you would have been a top actress’’ Prerna lightly slapped Neil
Prerna; “Neil we have put them through lot of pain…it’s enough now’’
Neil took his mother’s hand in his and said; ‘’Mom if we wouldn’t have done this…Nandini would have killed Radhika or Sam…we did this for them…but I am surprise…how can people still doubt Arjun…’’
Prerna; ‘’It was bound to happen…now you clear all the misunderstanding…and by the way Radhika is moving out of her brother’s place’’
Neil; ‘’No…she is not safe anywhere else…call Dr Khurana…and tomorrow morning first thing you will inform everyone one that I am conscious now’’

Precap: Sam stands by Radhika…Arjun Neil turn the tables on Nandini…

Credit to: Gauri


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