Manmarziyan….a journey of love and friendship Chapter 19

Chapter 19

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Vicky was discussing with Soniya for Radhika and Arjun’s wedding…Radhika heard them and knocked the door. Vicky asked her to come inside Radhika was shocked when she heard the planning scale of her wedding she looked at Vicky all furious
Radhika; ‘’Don’t tell me you are spending so much for a re-marriage….no not at all’’
Vicky; ‘’I didn’t ask…moreover Arjun is ok with it’’
Radhika; ‘’He is mad and so are you…Bhabhi please put some sense in your husband’s head…we will re-marry in Rishikesh…let’s keep it simple.’’
Soniya; ‘’Both of you solve this together…I am out of it’’ Soniya ran out of the room escaping from the upcoming brother sister fight.
Radhika; ‘’Vicky you have already done too much…no more…I mean it’s your hard earned money and shouldn’t be wasting it like that.’’
Vicky was angry now…he slammed his fist on the table and growled…’’So you will decide when I should consider you mine…and when I should just stand aside right…because I am your cousin not your real brother…would you refuse Ankush too’’
Radhika; ‘’Now where did that come from…who said you are not mine…and yes I will refuse Ankush bhai too’’
Vicky looked at Radhika…he was hurt today because she always refused when he wanted to do something extra. Radhika went to him and hugged him…Vicky did not hug her back…she pinched him…he did not respond. Radhika could feel him shaking…she hugged him tightly again..Vicky could not hold anymore he kept his hand on her head…he wanted to leave but Radhika didn’t leave him…she said; ‘’Sorry bhai…please don’t be angry …I can take anybody’s anger but not yours…please’’
Vicky hugged her back; ’’You sometimes take undue advantage of my love…but I understood one thing…I will never be your own.’’
Vicky gave her peck on forehead and wished her for the night. Radhika cursed herself for hurting him she ran behind him and held his hand he turned to look at her but found her sitting on her knees holding her ears; ‘’I am sorry Vicky…I agree I take advantage of your love …but that’s because I know I can do that only with you…and you think you are not important & I don’t consider you mine…’’
Vicky looked at her and asked her to get up …Radhika hugged him again and said; ‘’spend all your money…I won’t stop you’’ Vicky smiled; ’’see I can also do a little drama… …in 10 days it’s your engagement…no more question…go to sleep.’’ Soniya took a sigh of relief.

Sam was preparing for Radhika-Arjun’s engagement she knew Radhika just wanted a simple marriage but everyone else wanted to make it special…for both of them. Samrat and Piyali were themselves getting involved in all the preparation for all Mumbai based functions…they wanted to show their gratitude towards Radhika’s unconditional support to Sam…Perena was taking all the final decision from Arjun’s side…Arjun didn’t had any say in this Neil and Prerna had taken the full charge…but he was liking it…first time in his life he had got so much of love specially from Prerna.

Ankush had already landed in Mumbai…and was completely busy along with Vicky. Ankush had won Sam’s family heart by his down to earth and helping nature…his understanding and calm nature reminded Piyali of Jai…Ankush had started his own business of handicrafts exports and was doing well, without following any unfair practices. He was not willing to give up his principles…the way he would put his point about being right impressed everyone around him…Piyali had long list of eligible girls and thought of speaking to Mala. Soniya already had to run around for two weddings …so Vidhi would drag Radhika to play with her. Thursday Radhika’s family was coming to Mumbai…they didn’t had to worry on arrangements because Vicky and Ankush had taken the full charge. Sam made sure that Radhika took 1 week bridal package before her engagement. Arjun was tired trying sherwanis Neil had rejected all of them…Neil dragged Arjun to another shop…Arjun crashed on the sofa and Neil had created a ruckus in the shop…finally he pulled out a cream sherwani… Arjun tried it on..he was praying it should be last one when he came out…Neil scrutinized him for good 15 min and then approved it…Arjun wiped the sweat from his forehead and took a deep breath.

Soniya gave Radhika her engagement dress…Radhika suddenly asked her; ‘’Bhabhi it’s not pink…right’’
Soniya smiled; ‘’check for yourself’’
Radhika opened the cover and found a beautiful lavender colour lenhnga Sari for her…she was happy…Soniya peeped into Radhika’s room and said; ‘’Say thanks to Prerna aunty’’
Radhika tried her dress…she clicked a picture of herself and messaged it to Arjun. Arjun replied; ‘’can’t wait anymore’’ Radhika giggled at his response.

Nandini had reached Mumbai…and she got the news of Arjun Radhika’s engagement…she felt hurt that ARjun didn’t even try to contact her before his engagement…he was not even bothered to invite her. She decided to strike after the engagement…when they will be anxiously waiting for the wedding to be together for life…but truth was she was about to get surprised herself.

Arjun wanted a break from everything…he asked Radhika out…Mala had already asked Radhika to pay more attention to the preparations and less on meeting Arjun as she had to spend whole life with him only. Radhika nodded like a good girl…but behind Mala Ankush winked at her and asked her to go and enjoy…she ran out to meet Arjun. Arjun took Radhika on a long drive and then to his house….as Arjun bolted the door…he saw Radhika jumping on sofa…he watched her amusingly…he held her from her waist and bought her to the floor and locked her into his arms.
Radhika; ‘’finally we are getting married’’
Arjun; ‘’Yes…I think I have never wanted anything more than you’’
Radhika; ‘’ Arjun…everything will be fine right …you know what am I talking about’’
Arjun; ‘’Nothing will stop us from getting married now…don’t think about anything…do you trust me’’
Radhika; ‘’Yes I do…more than anyone’’
Arjun; ‘’Then nothing can stop me…’’
Arjun gently caressed Radhika’s face and thought about what he and Neil were about to do…it would hurt everybody for sometime but it was necessary, He hugged her tightly .

Neil was busy devising evil plan to get revenge for his nose…but nothing came to head…Sam looked at him and said; ‘’forget it Idiot…I won’t let you pull Chashni anymore.”
Neil ;’’Why didn’t you stop her on the day of our engagement’’
Sam; ‘’You deserved it’’
Neil; ‘’Then save her if you can’’
Sam; ‘’Idiot…nothing doing…don’t mess with us this time’’
Neil; ‘’Sammy my love…I will make this memorable for Chashni and Arjun…wait and watch’’
Neil got up from his place and stood near the window…he watched Sam busy with the preparations …he smiled and thought; ‘Sam we are going to do something which will put you and Chashni through the biggest pain of your life…I know you and Radhika together can handle any problem…just stay strong …don’t lose hope…we have to do this for our future…I know when you will know this you will be angry…but I have no choice.’ Sam suddenly looked at Neil and found him looking at her…she asked; ‘’What?’’ Neil just shook his head and gestured Sam to come to him…Sam got up and hugged him.

Finally the day of engagement arrived…Arjun was getting ready in Neil’s supervision…Prerna was laughing at Arjun’s helplessness. Radhika and Sam’s family were already at the venue preparing for the Welcome…rest of the the Bird Song had decided to be on the groom side…Arjun already had drank at least 10 glasses of water. He couldn’t understand why was he feeling nervous…he was already married to her…yet doing everything with everyone’s approval was making him nervous…and why he couldn’t understand. Prerna performed all the rituals done by a mother and Arjun was just watching her…she blessed Arjun and a lone tear escaped his eyes… he tried to hide it…but Prerna had already seen that…she kissed his forehead and said; ‘’Bless you son’’ Arjun got up and hugged her without uttering a word. Neil smiled and finally took Arjun with him.

Radhika was full excited…she was not at all nervous…infact Mala had asked Radhika to behave like a bride rather than showing her over enthusiasm…Sam was all surprised as Radhika herself took the initiative to be her best today…Sam smiled she helped Radhika in doing the final touches…
Sam; ‘’Chashni…all ready’’
Radhika; ‘’Yes Sam…but don’t let Neil win today’’
Sam; ‘’Don’t worry he is not as smart as you…he can’t even think of something like you did.’’
Radhika; ‘’Don’t underestimate him…he is Smart’’
Sam; ‘’Radhika tell me frankly…you want us to win or Neil’’
Radhika; ‘’definitely us …but don’t call Neil stupid he is sweet’’
Sam; ‘’Fine you are his Chashni and he is your rasgula…I won’t say a word’’
Radhika was completely ready…she was looking like some princess…Sam looked at Radhika lovingly hugged her and said; ‘’Radhika…I am very happy today not just for you…but because we are part of each other’s happiness’’
Radhika nodded and they moved towards the main hall.

Soniya had left no stone unturned to make it best after all it was for Radhika…Vicky’s most loving relationship. She had picked dresses for everyone…and emotionally blackmailed Mala and Dilip to wear it who were little apprehensive in taking something expensive from Vicky. Vicky had asked Soniya to push Ankush wear something he never tried…Soniya had a piked a dark steel grey Sherwani for Ankush….he tried refusing…but Soniya gave no choice…she bluntly told him that he was hurting their emotions….Ankush gave up .Sam made Radhika sit in the main hall and she joined Mala to welcome the groom…Arjun’s nervousness was evident on his face which made Sam and others smile. Vidhi suddenly found her way to Arjun…and lifted her arms to him…he smiled and lifted Vidhi up…Neil said; ‘’Looks like Vidhi chose to be on groom side’’
Sam just to prove Neil wrong asked Vidhi to come to her…but Vidhi nodded negative wrapped her arms around Arjun’s neck and turned her face away from everyone. Sam was shocked and Neil clapped at that, Soniya said; ‘’Arjun’s charm is working on kids too’’ Arjun was welcomed with Vidhi in his arms…she was continuously telling him stories about her toys and play school he was patiently listening to it …Vidhi danced in front of Arjun showing him her new dress and bangles Arjun praised them as if he had never seen something so pretty…Radhika smiled looking at this he was always this patient with kids he loved them. Sam took Arjun to his place and asked him to sit …Neil stopped Arjun and started checking the place…Sam crossed her hands and said…’’Neil I have better plans’’…
Neil in full attitude ‘’we will see.’’ Arjun and Radhika were brought for the ring ceremony…Arjun’s forgot to breathe as Radhika looked breath taking….Neil suddenly kept his hand over his chest complimenting Radhika…Radhika blushed. Arjun and Radhika exchanged rings silently promising each other their hearts for life…Neil blessed his Chasni by pulling her cheeks…Sam congratulated Arjun by giving him a hug and taking a promise to keep Radhika happy…Arjun promised Sam.

Sam started the games…but there was a change Neil included his games too. Neil challenged one of the girls to compete with his side of boys…the game was ‘’Pani puri challenge’’ Manya decided to participate from Radhika’s side …Teji was against her. Teji as usual went nervous…Neil was biting his nails thinking Teji will lose in his nervousness…they started…Manya gave a tough competition …but suddenly she started coughing due to quick eating…Teji had already taken the lead…but he got up and offered Manya water….she took and was too impressed with him…Manya looked at him smiling …that made Arjun and Neil giggle…Neil whispered; ‘’Poor Teji’. Groom side had won and as a part of punishment Neil walked towards Radhika like a king…Radhika closed her eyes and waited for him to pull her nose…but he came down to Radhika’s eye level watched her sometime he pulled her cheeks …cupped her face and said; ‘’Bless you chashni.’’ Radhika smiled thankfully….Neil moved towards Sam and pulled her nose hard…Sam was shocked and the room broke into a roaring laughter…Sam understood every time her team loses Neil will not pull Radhika’s nose but her. Next was musical chairs and Sam decided not to lose at any cost…one by one everyone was out it was only Neil and Sam…as the music started so did the fight for the chair…Neil and Sam were all attentive never breaking the eye lock…Music stopped and Neil won the chair Sam stomped her foot and Neil pulled Sam to his lap…announcing they both won. Sam was so embarrassed that she went red…everybody clapped at that. The last game was ‘’know your mate’’….girls and boys were blindfolded and they had to recognize their respective partners from a group one at a time. Arjun and Radhika identified each other very easily…getting a good applause from the guests, Zubin could not recognize Kritika and she lost her cool completely and gave him left right centre…Sam easily recognized Neil and Neil happily whirled her around. Vicky pretended not to identify Soniya and she refused him the dance.

Ankush had captured many eyes today his tall and strong physic had made girls go weak at knees…he was trying his level best to escape the matchmaking eyes…Piyali had suggested some good matches to Mala …and even Mala was all interested to get Ankush settled now. Ankush had already drank lot of cold drinks answering the questions of curious mom’s Ankush was continuously wiping his forehead he was looking in every direction to find a saviour…Radhika smiled at his helplessness and Sam instead of helping him praised him infornt of all the matchmaking mom’s landing him in more trouble…he was finally saved by Vicky who on a pretext of some arrangement dragged him along. Ankush saw one the girls from Soniya’s team getting scolded badly by a senior of hers…he was using vile words…Ankush went and stood behind the girl… he gave that guy one stern look and the guy without a word left the place…Ankush picked up the stuff which had fallen out of the girls hands due to nervousness and gave her back asking ; ‘’Are you ok’’ the girl without lifting her head and nodded positive. Ankush turned and left…the girl lifted her midnight black eyes to a glance of her saviour…it bought a sweet smile to her doll like face.

Neil saw dadaji wiping his eyes looking at Arjun and Radhika…Neil went to him and said; ‘’Dadaji…don’t worry Arjun will keep Radhika happy…I will take care of that.’’ Dadaji lovingly tapped Neil’s cheeks and said; ‘’I know…my choti has great friends who gave her a family away from home…bless you.’’ Neil squeezed his hand gently. Samrat personally thanked Dilip for allowing Radhika to come to Mumbai as she was a blessing in disguise…and now she had become a family for them. Dilip and Samrat watched Sam and Radhika happily talking and enjoying with each other.

As everyone started dancing…Neil pulled Sam for a dance…she wrapped her arms around his neck and in a minute they were lost in each other. Arjun extended his hand for the dance…today he was claiming Radhika’s hand with full right…as she placed her hand in his palm he held it protectively like a treasure…as they started…slowly everyone moved and emptied the dance floor for them to enjoy the moment completely. Soniya instructed lights to be dimmed and there was only one light focusing on Arjun-Radhika.. dancing beautifully and as it was about to end Arjun lifted Radhika in his arms and whirled her around. Everyone clapped and Radhika felt on the top of the world.

After the dance…suddenly it went all dark….everyone was shocked and then there was a video for Radhika and Arjun…Neil had prepared it with help of Ankush had all the photographs starting from Radhika’s childhood…her journey to Mumbai her days at Bird Song…and in the end it had some pictures of Radhika and Arjun enjoying their dates and outings…Radhika blinked and understood Neil would have taken it and Arjun had helped him…the AV had message from all the loved ones in Aradhika’s life blessing them happiness. Radhika thanked Neil for his amazing friendship…but he asked for a dance which she agreed to.

Once the dinner started Radhika asked Arjun to search his initial in her heena…Arjun smiled and replied; ‘’I don’t have to’’
Radhika; ‘’You accepted defeat so easily’’
Arjun smiled and whispered; ‘’my name is all over you…I can see myself in your eyes…on your lips …every cell of your body and your soul has my name written on it…and yours on mine…do you still want me to search?’’
Radhika smiled looped are arm around Arjun’s arm and leaned on his shoulder closing her eyes to soak in all the happiness.

On the way back home in the car Prerna saw Arjun silently smiling looking out of the window…she gently squeezed his hand and said; ‘’I am very happy to see you happy today’’ Arjun took her hand in his and kissed it and said; ‘’Thank you so much for being there for me.’’ Prerna wiped the tear from the corner of her eyes and said; ‘’now don’t go all emotional on me’’ Neil was watching everything from the front seat…he passed the tissue box to his mom and Arjun telling if didn’t stop even he will start.

Radhika was watching moon from her room reliving every moment with Arjun…Sam had decided to stay with Radhika for the night…she came to the window looked at smiling Radhika and said; ‘’You look beautiful…just like this moonlight pure and soft’’
Radhika; ‘’Thank you Sam…for being the part of my biggest happiness’’
Sam; ‘’Çhashni…you forgot our pact…no sorry no thank you between us…and about being the part of your happiness…then this is my place…beside you…and we will always be there next to each other’s…right’’
Radhika nodded and they hugged each other happily…ready to travel their dream world.

Ridhima had messaged Radhika’s engagement pics to her husband’s mobile…he was happy looking at that he showed the pictures to his family as well…Saral was burning with jealousy as when he was engaged to Radhika she never ever allowed his finger on her…but with Arjun she was happily dancing in his arms…his defeat burned him…he only got insult and Radhika escaped so easily.

Nandini knew after 20 days it was NeSam’s wedding and 15 days after that it was for Aradhika her time to strike had come close…she could not bear their happiness the contentment they had…she will break their heart so bad…that nothing will heal it. Rana was worried about Arjun…he wanted to do something to stop Nandini…not just to save Arjun from trouble but also to save innocent lives.

Radhika’s family left for Rishikesh…as they had to make marriage preparations before coming back for NeSam marriage in Mumbai…Sam took a promise from Ankush that he would stand by her side as a brother and not on Neil’s side as his friend. Ankush promised Sam the same. Sam could say a word at Ankush’s gesture…tears came rolling down her eyes …Ankush understood she missed her brother he patted her head and wiped her tears…Sam turned to Radhika and said; ‘’Pa is right…you are a blessing in every sense Chashni…thank you.’’

Precap- Nandini Strikes, The master Plan 

Credit to: Gauri


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