Manmarziyan….a journey of love and friendship Chapter 17

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Chapter 17


Ankush wanted to do million things for Radhika’s wedding …he had always been a supportive brother…he wanted her to achieve her dreams. He had convinced his dad to let Radhika go…but he regretted one mistake of his life that was not standing by her when she required him the most. He wanted to make up for that. He knew his choti holds no grudge in her heart…but he felt miserable thinking about the time she just left everything and vanished. Mala and Dilip had been asking him to settle down… but for him right now Radhika’s wedding was important…moreover he was planning to attend Neil’s wedding too..he had become good friends with him and considered Sam like sister .He knew Sam missed her brother at times, Ankush also wanted Riddhima to warm up to Radhika…she … Riddhima had landed into a tight spot after Radhika broke her relationship with Saral…her in-laws were good but sometimes would taunt her on Radhika…as whatever it was they believed Saral more. Ridhima was always the yes master…she would say yes to everything…to be good in every book. Radhika had her own mind and ideology…she asked for reasons…which Riddhima never did. This was the major difference between both the sisters. Ridhima sometimes felt everyone was doing wrong by blindly supporting Radhika. Riddhima was travelling to Mumbai with her husband and Ankush had warned her…he had asked her not be rude with Choti and told her clearly that no one should talk about Saral to choti…as Saral was not permitted in their house.

Arjun had planned a dream date for Radhika…he knew she was furious because he pretended not to remember Valentine’s day. Radhika could not believe that Arjun could forget their first Valentine ’s Day…she had purposely given him so many hints about it…still he doesn’t remember. She was getting bored Vicky Soniya and Vidhi had already left for the trip arranged by Radhika. Radhika was cursing Arjun and the day as well…Why the hell Valentine’s day had to be on the weekend…Radhika was in her thoughts when the caretaker gave her a parcel…she opened the gift wrap and found a note from Arjun ‘dress up and be ready at 4:00 PM sharp’. Radhika opened the box and found a beautiful pink saree with matching pendent and earrings… She jumped squealed and danced she looked at the watch it was just 12:00 she wanted to be the best…she decided to pamper herself.
Sam decided to surprise Neil…he had given her so many moments it was her turn to show him how much he meant to her. Sam messaged Neil the address and asked him to reach there by 6:00 PM at any cost. Neil was happy to see Sam taking the charge…he had bought something for her but wanted to see what she does …he didn’t wanted to leave a single chance to tease her. Neil took his camera out her wanted to capture every moment today…he had loved Sam for years but technically this was his first Valentine’s day and he wanted this one to be the best.

Radhika got ready and gave herself a glance in the mirror…she smiled at her work and then she received a message from Arjun to come out as he is waiting. Radhika came out of her house and saw Arjun leaning against his car wearing a blue jeans white shirt with a Rayban …she sometimes felt what did she do to deserve him…many girls would have jumped over the fire to have this Greek god in their life…but whatever it was he belonged to her and best part he loved her. Arjun saw Radhika coming out of her house dressed in Pink saree minimal make up and her long dark hair free flowing in the air. She looked breathtaking …She always reminded him of free spirited butterfly fluttering her wings to fly high…and spreading colours with her beautiful wings. He thought…’God I love her so much.’ When she came near him Arjun gave her a loving hug and they drove off.
Neil reached the venue and found it in a dim light…a waiter came and gave him a note …Neil opened and the words bought smile to his face…the note was
‘When you are not around there are only 3 things I do
1-miss you
2-miss you again
3-miss you some more’
The waiter directed him to the pool side and as soon as Neil entered the lights were switched on…Neil was mesmerised to see the decoration lights… flowers with beautiful music…and then he got the second note ; ‘Will be late today…taking you out on a date’. Neil was completely bowled he wanted to hug Sam tight for making the day most memorable one…he turned to find two waiters wheeling a huge gift wrapped box…Neil wondered if Sam had thought of gifting him a refrigerator or a cupboard…it had a note ‘open with a smile’ he pulled the ribbon and when the box opened …what he saw made him fall in love with Sam all over again…inside the box was the love of his life dressed in a beautiful blue sky gown looking like a fairy…holding a bouquet of red roses…Neil lifted Sam in his arms and said. ‘’Sammy I Love You so much…thank you’’

Arjun had blindfolded Radhika once they reached their destination he helped her out of the car…keeping her blindfolded he bought her to a place and then lifted her and took her to the exact place…Radhika felt they were moving…but cloud not guess. Finally Arjun removed her blindfold and Radhika’s jaw dropped…he had rented a yacht to celebrate his first Valentine’s day it was completely decorated with Orchids her favourite flowers …they were in the middle of water and it was turning dark…stars seemed to started sparkling in water…suddenly whole boat was lit by colourful lights…Radhika moved closer to the table… she found a note it said ‘I got life years back…but I started breathing the day I met you’ Radhika felt on the moon…she turned to face Arjun who was watching her without blinking…Radhika lifted her hands to say something but she had lost all the words her voice had turned heavy…Arjun walked to her took her hands and said; ’’Radhika …I love you…want to marry you…want to have a family with you…want to grow old with you…and when at a stage where I no longer remember myself…I still want to wake up looking at your face first thing in the morning.’’ Radhika could not hold herself any more she went on her toes so she could wrap her arms around his neck…Arjun Smiled and helped her reaching his neck by wrapping his hands around her waist and lifted her up. He slowly whispered in her ear; ‘’I don’t need a day to celebrate our love…every day had been a celebration since the day you walked in.’’

Soniya was watching Vicky teaching Vidhi swimming…she was happy to watching her most beloved people enjoying. She knew there still were differences between her and Vicky…but at least she had him in her life and Vidhi was getting his love…that was enough for her. She gestured Vicky that she was going back to the room…he nodded in acknowledgement. Soniya unlocked the door and as she switched on the lights it was all decorated with roses and balloons …she blinked she went outside to recheck the room no. when she felt a hand around her waist she turned her head and saw Vicky holding Vidhi in one arm and watching her with love..he gestured her to go inside the room. They moved inside Vicky …took Vidhi to other adjoining room he switched on the TV so Vidhi can happily watch her cartoon…he gently locked the door and moved towards Soniya who still standing all surprised in their bedroom…he wrapped his arms around her waist and tightly hugged her from behind.
Vicky; ‘’Seems you didn’t like the arrangements I did for you.’’
Soniya; ‘’No…I mean yes I like it…but why?’’
Vicky turned her around and asked; ‘’Because …I have been dying to tell you that I Love you…and I am tiered pretending to be angry.’’
Soniya looked at him unblinking …she smiled, then started crying…and then hugged him. Vicky understood…he stood calm…gently rubbing her back to calm her down…after sometime when she could control herself…she spoke; ‘’since the day I got separated from you…I just wanted to see you once before I die…I only lived to bring Vidhi in this world because she was a part of you…she even resembles you in every aspect…and then when I saw you in Neil’s engagement I wanted to hug you…but was scared that you will be angry on me for ditching you on the day of our wedding…for hiding about Vidhi…Vicky I never wanted… but was scared…I am sorry…I have always loved you and will only love you.’’
Vicky cupped her face; ‘’No need to say sorry…I know I was angry and I am sorry too…we will not talk about the past anymore …now we will live each and every moment we lost in past yrs and it starts today.’’ Vicky leaned to kiss Soniya…but before he could kiss her…Vidhi started banging the door from the other room Soniya opened the room and Vidhi ran to her dad jumping in excitement…as she saw her favourite character having an ice-cream and now even she wanted to have it too. Vicky gave one look to Soniya and said;’’ we will continue’’…Soniya blushed…Vicky lifted Vidhi up and went out to get her whatever she wanted. Soniya danced around happily her family was complete.

Neil was on cloud nine…Sam gave him a dream date this was the best day of his life…they were having dinner and Neil was watching Sam she saw him staring at her and asked; ‘’What are you looking at?’’
Neil; ‘’My gift’’
Sam smiled; ‘’So you liked it…now tell me who has the better sense of planning gifts’’
Neil; ‘’me off course …I gifted myself to you long back and see how happy you are today’’
Sam laughed and said; ‘’Yes Neil…I am happy very happy… you are best gift I ever had… and I don’t want to lose you ever.’’ Sam had tears in her eyes as sudden fear gripped her heart she got up from her chair…went to Neil and hugged him tightly…Neil made Sam sit in his lap wiped her tears and said; ‘’Stop fearing unknown Sam…we will face everything that comes our way…and we live in each other’s heart…so no one can take us apart…your love will keep me safe.’’ Neil kissed away Sam’s tears and hugged her …this was the best day of his life and he wanted to enjoy it to the fullest.

Arjun and Radhika were enjoying their dinner when Radhika suddenly asked; ‘’tell me something, you said you would have brought me back even if I would have married Saral…were you really serious.’’
Arjun gave one look to her innocent face and said; ‘’Yes…I would have and don’t take that name again.’’
Radhika; ‘’Ok I won’t …but sometimes you scare me.’’
Arjun took a deep breath; ‘’Radhika do you regret loving someone like me…who is possessive about you.’’
Radhika replied immediately; ‘’No… never…I love you …I just asked stupid question out of curiosity…please don’t ever think that I regretted loving you… you are my life.’’
Arjun got up his place and asked for her hand…she readily gave her hand and Arjun pulled Radhika for a dance. He Turned her around so that his front was attached to her back… moved her hair to one side softly said; ‘’I know you don’t regret…but I don’t want you to be scared…I want to keep you happy…I want to make you smile…I want to live all your dreams…but yes I admit I am possessive about you.’’
Radhika turned to face Arjun she kept her palms on his chest looked straight into his eyes and said; ‘’Arjun I don’t doubt you…or your love…but sometimes I feel you are too good to be with me…I mean look at you…you are a head turner and look at me a plain Jane…’’ Arjun listening to this tighten his grip on her waist pulled her up and kissed her with all the possessiveness …she was shocked but she didn’t stop him and gave him what he wanted…Arjun slowly calmed down he held her hand and took her inside the room on the yacht he made her stand in front of the mirror held her tightly…from behind and said;’’ The women you are looking at in the mirror is my life and the most beautiful being in this universe…I am mad about her…and I can’t stand anything negative about her.’’
Radhika laughed she turned around…kissed Arjun on his cheek and said;’’ Sorry for badmouthing about your lady love.’’ Arjun pulled her in an embrace smiled and said; ’’forgiven …but don’t repeat the same mistake next time… punishment will be severe.’’
Radhika;’’ I just want everything to stay like this forever’’
Arjun knew something big was coming for them he hugged her tightly and said; ‘’Can I sleep in your arms tonight.’’ Radhika without a word gave her answer …she tightly looped her arms around his waist and kissed his chest.

Nandini’s pov: ‘’Let the love birds enjoy as much as they can…the more they love each other more will be the pain of separation…and their pain will sooth my heart.’’

It was morning…Radhika was getting ready when she heard Vidhi’s laughter she ran to the main hall and found Vicky and Soniya all happy…Vicky gestured Radhika to come to him…she hugged Vicky and Soniya and lovingly cuddled Vidhi.
Vicky; ‘’I bought you some stuff…hope you like it.’’
Radhika; ‘’I got what I wanted…with your smile’’
Vicky pulled Radhika into a bear hug…he kissed the top of her head…he kept on holding her for sometime…Radhika knew he was little emotional…she suddenly in a childish voice said.
‘’Show me what did you bring me’’ Vicky gestured Soniya to show Radhika her gifts, he left from the room hiding his tears of happiness…Radhika squealed and went to check her gifts when Soniya hugged Radhika and said; ‘’Thank you Radhika ..And please thank Arjun too…without him I would have never got what I have today.’’
Radhika; ‘’Why don’t you thank him yourself’’
Soniya; ’’Hmmm…that I will do but looks like someone had a very romantic Valentine ’s Day’’
Radhika little confused looked in the direction Soniya was pointing…on the couch was Arjun’s shirt he had changed to into the shirt which Radhika gifted him and forgot to take this one. Radhika was all red…she stammered and replied; ’’Bhabhi nothing like that…He just wore the shirt I gifted him…nothing happened…Oh my god what am I talking’’
Soniya laughed and hugged Radhika and then teasingly said; ’’I never said something happened’’
Radhika now completely embarrassed just ran back to her room.

Riddima called Vicky and told him that she and her husband will be in Mumbai for 3 days for her husband’s official trip. Vicky invited them over…hearing this Radhika became nervous she started playing with her ring…Soniya saw Radhika’s expression and gestured Vicky, he pulled her cheeks and said; ‘’I know… you are worried about her reaction…but don’t worry you will not face anyone’s anger anymore.’’
Radhika; ‘’She is not angry…but she thinks I have put her into a tight spot in front of her in laws by not marrying Saral…she will never forgive me for that.’’
Vicky; ‘’you don’t need anybody’s forgiveness…now stop worrying …I will drop you come.’’ Radhika went to get her bag and Vicky told Soniya to be with Radhika when he is not around, Soniya nodded affirmative.

Sam was still smiling thinking about her date with Neil…he was right there is no point being scared of unknown …whatever it is they will face it together…she was not alone…she had Neil Radhika and Arjun with her. Off lately all four had become very close friends they could read each other’s thoughts emotions…pain, happiness. Sam was right in her thoughts friendship is the purest bond on the planet and she knew all four of them will stand for each other come what may.

Neil knew Arjun Radhika and Sam knew something that he doesn’t…he could sense their growing concern towards him…he knew neither Sam nor Radhika will answer his question out of their sisterhood…but he had to speak to Arjun now…whatever it was he will get it out of him…he decided today Arjun has to speak…he will make him do that by hook or my crook

Ridhima reached Vicky’s house in Mumbai with her husband and young son…she got a warm welcome from Vicky and Soniya…Radhika was excited to meet her sister and her nephew …but her sister was little cold towards her. Vicky noticed this he gently squeezed her hand to show he was with her. Soniya took Radhika with her to the kitchen in pretext of helping her. Radhika was standing quietly when Soniya tapped her shoulder and said; ‘’Radhika you are not responsible for everyone’s happiness …if you are confident about your decisions then sooner or later everybody will accept.’’
Radhika nodded and said; ‘’I think I should have shifted with Sam for 3 days.’’
Soniya; ‘’And your brother would have allowed that….come on this is your house…don’t say that in front of Vicky…he will go mad hearing that…till you and Arjun are married…you are staying with us.’’

Precap: Some romance..some planning

Credit to: Gauri


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