Manmarziyan – Jannemaan Part 22 and Part 23


Part 22
Mala heard the complete conversation between Arjun and Radhika… Her eyes welled up and tears began flow out in pain….Her blood boiled with rage as she recalled that unfortunate night but cooled off in a second when she saw true regret in Arjun’s eyes….she looked at the real side of Arjun….she could feel each of his words coming out of his heart and each word filled with penetrating guilt and repent for his action…His unstoppable tears were shouting out to her that he loves Radhika more than his life…
While walking out, Radhika didn’t notice Mala who was standing in a corner….Radhika ran out with a pool of tears in her eyes….

Arjun was completely traumatized with Radhika’s reaction. He could sense that she has become like stone… there was not a single impact on her of his repentance and apology… Instead of love her eyes sparkled at him with fire… His entire body froze when he comprehend that he has lost her forever… his entire world crashed down, he grasped that he will never get his Radhika back, her hatred towards him has vanished all of her feelings for him… he had no strength left to stand, his knees felt jello… he collapsed on the ground in helpless, shaken and traumatized condition… His face turned bloodshot red and tears were flowing like a constrain river flooding out freely. After seeing her stony eyes, his courage and faith to reconcile with her and bring her back to Mumbai completely abolished….
After about fifteen minutes later, Arjun felt someone’s hand on his shoulder, it was his mother in law…
He swiftly got up and turned towards other side to hide his pitiful weak condition from her… But in a one glimpse he observed her dreadful teary condition… He immediately grasped that she had heard the entire conversation….
Mala sympathetically put her hand on Jalal’s shoulder “Arjun, I know you have made a grave unforgivable mistake,” she said in a stern voice….
Please forgive me Maa.” Arjun mumbled in a low tone while lowering his gaze down with a gesture of guilt.
Arjun.. I have already forgiven you, just because I have seen your true shame and guilt for your deed. I can see you have put your ego aside and bend down and accepted your mistake… But unfortunately I can’t say same for Radhika… I don’t know how she will forgive you… You have disgraced her and demeaned her and disappointed her terribly…. Now it is your responsibility to win her trust back… You have to gather your strength back to conquest Radhika’s heart once again. You have to give her some time. I can assure you that she still loves you, but she is absolutely smashed by your blames. To win her heart again will be the biggest challenge. Radhika is very stubborn, once she decides something, it’s not easy to change her mind, but you are the only person who can smile back on her life. The only reason I still have slight hope that she might…”she paused and in commending tone she voiced,” Come with me Arjun.”
Arjun walked behind her dependently, as if she was the last hope left in his life….She took him to Radhika’s room….there was dime light in which they could easily identify contents….Mala walked to the cupboard and opened it….she searched for a while and handed him a brown diary….,”She has written this from the time she left you and came back to Hrishikesh. “
Arjun looked at the diary affectionately as if it was his most priceless possession…. He opened it and gazed passionately…
My Craving To Feel Your Love….
Meri hadd bhi rang, sarhad bhi rang,
Behad rang de, anhad bhi rang de,
Mandir masjid maikad rang,

(Rangrez mere, Rangrez mere)
Rangrez mere do ghar kyun rahe,
Ek hi rang mein dono ghar rang de, dono rang de,

English Translation
Color me off limits, Color my boundaries,
Color me extreme, color my unceasing infinities,
My temple, My mosque, My entire world indeed

Oh dyer, why must we be separated by two different spaces,
Paint just one single shade to both worlds with your embraces,

Pal pal rangte rangte rangte rangte naihar peehar ka aangan rang
Pal pal rangte rangte rangte rangte mere atho pahar manbhawan rang
Neende rang de, karwat bhi rang,
Khwabon pe pade salwat bhi rang

English Translation
Paint every moment,
The courtyards of my maternal and marital heavens
Drape in one single shade all my 24 sevens
Color my sleep, color my peace,
Color even the creases of my dreams,

Ye tu hi hai, hairat rang de,
Aa dil mein sama hasrat rang de,
Fir aaja aur vaslat rang de,
Aa na sake to furqat rang de
Darde hijra liye dil mein darde, hijra liye dil mein darde main zinda rahu,
Zinda rahu, zurrat rang de.

English Translation
Color my amazement of you,
Come paint the desires of my heart too,
Color away our union,
And if you can’t, forget not to paint our separation,
Even with the pain of being apart, i must live on,
Color my dare to carry on,
Rangrez mere, Rangrez mere,
Tera kya hai asal rang, ab to ye dikhla de,
Mera piya bhi tu, meri sej bhi tu,
Mera rang bhi tu, rangrez bhi tu,
Meri naiyaa bhi tu, majdhar bhi,
tujhmein dooboo, tujhmein ubarun,
Teri har ek baat sar aankhon pe,

Mera malik tu, mera sahib tu,
Meri jaa meri jaan, tere haatho mein,
Mera qatil tu, mera munsif tu,
Tere bina kuch sujhe na, Tere bina kuch sujhe na,
English Translation

O dyer of mine,
What’s your own real color? reveal your shine,
Oh you’re my lover, my resting ground is you,
My color and my colorful dyer too,
My sail, my center of ocean,
I sink in you, I come afloat under your beacon
Your every word is my supreme given

You are my owner and my dearest freind,
My breathing soul is in your able hands,
Oh my murderer, my justive giver
I’m clueless without you forever,

Meri raah bhi tu, mera rehbar tu,
Mera sarvar tu, mera aqbar tu,
Mera mashrik tu, Mera magrib tu,
Zahid bhi mera, murshid bhi tu,

Ab tere bina main jaun kahan,
Ab tere bina main jaun kahan,
Ab tere bina main jaun kahan,
Tere bina tere bina tere bina……
English Translation
My journey, my travel mate in sight,
My riddance, My genesis, My guiding light,
My lord is you, my disciple too,
I found a sage and divine signs in you,

Where could I go without you,
Where could I go without you,
Where could I ever go without you,
Without you….

Aye rangrez mere, rangrez mere
ek baat bata rangrez mere
ye koun se paani mein tune
koun sa rang ghola hai,
ye koun se paani mein tune
koun sa rang ghola hai
ke dil ban gaya saudai,
aur mera basanti chola hai,
mera basanti chola hai,

English Translation
Oh dyer of mine, Dear dyer of mine,
Please reveal your secrets divine,
What concoction have you created dear,
Of your colors and godforsaken water!
My heart’s all blue in love so profound,
My cloak’s soaked in saffron unbound…
Her Confession….

Leaving Arjun Sir alone was the most heart wrenching deed I have done till now but I had to…..he has no idea how much I cried after closing the door of his house behind me….my eyes weren’t stopping shedding tears of pain….I felt Incomplete….Empty….I felt like running back to him and hiding my face in his chest and remain there forever but then the reality struck me hard….
He z not mine….He can never be mine….it pierced my heart and broke it leaving me shattered…. Each passing second was taking me away from him.. Our distance was increasing with time and I could sense it but could do nothing about it….

The most difficult moment was to sign the divorce papers as I knew after this I won’t have his name after my own but still couldn’t remove the last sign of our relationship…. My wedding locket…. I just couldn’t dare to separate it from myself though somewhere I knew it was never mine….I so wish we had met in different circumstances….
Though I left everything behind but his memories will always stay with me….The time we spend together, I will always cherish those moments whole my life….My love for him increases with every passing second and its enough for me to spend my whole life….
He may not be mine, but I am His….His alone….He will always be my husband though we are not together…. I don’t want to let go of my claim on his memories….I want to spend my whole life loving him…..

Subsequently Hope rejuvenated inside him and a smile of satisfaction crept on his marble cut face…..He was hell determined to win her back….He will show her how much he loves her….she z the only girl he ever loved and will love till his last breath….He realized that he needs to be around her all time….he will give her time….
Arjun’s POV, “ I have only hurt you till now but now you will see the Arjun no one knows.”

Part 23

Radhika was gazing at the green meadows standing in the balcony…. Fresh breeze were fanning her face….her long beautiful hair were dancing on the mild rhythm of the air….She could feel him standing behind her staring at her…
Arjun embraced her from behind….he chuckled as he felt her shivering in his arms…,”You are breath taking. “
Radhika’s cheeks heated up and a crimson shade covered her nervous face as his proximity affected her…..She turned and gave him a angry look,” I don’t want to talk to you neither do I wish to see your face. “

He cupped her face and gave her a lazy…mischievous smile…,” Really??….Then why aren’t your eyes supporting your words.”
She turned her face away and removed his hands hastily…..,”You are dreaming things.”
He pulled her closer….touched her forehead to his….,”I am sorry….I don’t know what happens to me when I see you with someone else….All I could feel z rage….it’s just that I think if a man like me z so deeply in love with you than anyone can fall for you….This feeling brings the worst out of me….I feel a fire inside my heart when some other man looks at you with love and lust…. I feel like killing that person who touches what’s mine…Radhika I wasn’t born and brought up among too many people to shower love and affection on me….Everything I loved was snatched from me….I was told and taught to never trust anyone…. “
Before He could complete she pulled back…..she had tears in her brown beautiful orbs….,”That means you don’t trust me even now.”

Arjun,” Its not that….please don’t get me wrong…. I am just scared to loose you….you my life….my everything….Radhika you showed me the right path when I was lost in darkness…I have loved you from the moment I can’t define….you are the only person I am left with and I am scared that you might…..” She placed her hand on his lips before he could complete…., “I am not leaving you but I am still hurt….I need time.”
He kneeled down and took her hands in his….kissed her knuckles…, “Take your time but don’t kill me with your silence….I can’t bear that.”
She nodded and smiled a bit…He got up and kissed her forehead and spoke brushing his lips on her skin,” I have a meeting after that let’s go out.”
Before he could pull back….she caught his wrist and nodded negatively,” Can’t you call it off.”
He pecked her lips lightly making her retreat and whispered,” I will make it upto you love….now let me go.”

He kissed her cheek and left..
She looked down and murmured, “I wish you had trust me as much as you love me….your words are still ringing in my ears but I am ready to get hurt in your love. “
Adi was pacing inside his studio….he felt he was responsible for the fight between Arjun and Radhika…he felt very guilty but had to no idea how to clear the mess….
Arpita tenderly placed her hand on his shoulder and made him turn towards her,” Its not your fault….Arjun should learn to trust her….if those two are incompatible with each other…Tell me how are you responsible?.”
Adi spoke in a pained voice, “I just want her happiness…. I know its with him but I get very angry when he hurts her.”
Arpita looked straight in his eyes,” You shouldn’t interfere in her life….she z Arjun’s wife not yours…answer this do you still have feeling for her??” She uttered in a stern voice….
Adi stared at her….His face had pain….deep unspoken and unhidden pain…he spoke in a broken voice which came out in whisper,” I have loved her every day till now….How can I forget her so easily???”

Arpita’s heart was shattered hearing that….she had developed feelings for him but he never loved her…this very thought was enough to bring tears in her eyes….she quickly wiped those tears describing her pain and gathered her courage to comfort him….,”Adi you have to understand… Though you are Radhika’s friend but the love you have in your heart differentiate you from other friends… The man she loves will always have problem with this because any man can’t tolerate someone else having such deep feelings for his wife….I am not telling you that Arjun z completely right but his anger was justified but the way he reacted that was tremendously wrong.”
Adi,”What am I supposed to do?.”

She cupped his face,” Talk to Arjun….tell him that you will never snatch her from him….you will feel better after this.”
He wiped his tears and asked….,” What you think what’s bothering me??”
She took a pause of minute and briefly replied, “GUILT…..”
Precap….Arjun and Adi meet….Arjun plans to earn Radhika’s forgiveness…
Hii people…. Did you miss me?…..Suppu missed you all a lot….kk so do tell me how was this one….next one SOON….

This one z dedicated to Roma Di….she z a one gem of a person….she always encourages and praises….Love you and always remain this sweet….
Bye all….

That quote z written by my dear friend…so not my credit….

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