Manmarziyan – My Impossible Love (Promo 1)

Manmarziyan – My Impossible Love (Promo 1)

Okay guys, now i have a promo for upcoming episodes. let me know your views and comments on this..based on this i can change my script.

Scene 1: Arjun gets jealous seeing Radhika & Saral dance together. Arjun excuses them and takes radhika’s hand and starts dancing for the romantic number. Saral feels odd seeing his fiance with third person.

Scene 2: Nesam got to know about Ardhika from Teji. They doubted Arjun’s intentions on Radhika and plan to help her, but soon they will get to know about Saral and they will make the scene upside down and start helping Arjun to move close to Radhika without knowing Arjun’s revenge plan.

Scene 3: Nandini gets pissed off seeing Arjun still behind Radhika, she calls some one and shouts at them to do the work as early as possible.

Scene 4: Saral request Dilip to do the arrangement for their marriage soon and it makes Dilip & family shocked, but still they accept it.

That’s all with the promos…so now i hope you all will have the below questions?

1. what will happen in Ardhika’s life? Will they unite? If so, how?

2. Why Nesam & Teji backed out in Saral’s case and start helping Arjun?

3. Will Nesam group knows Arjun’s revenge plan on Radhika family? If they know what they will do? How they gonna save their chasnii?

4. Nandini…what is her motive first of all? Dilip family ignores her is due to the fear on her or because of the shame she did for their family?

5. What Arjun will do if he comes to know about Saral & Radhika’s marriage? Will he keep quiet?

6. Arjun wants to take revenge on her but at the same time he wants her to be with him? How will that be possible? Will he succeed in his mission?

Just wait and Watch πŸ™‚ til; then enjoy these promos….

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  1. Hey…super..super… super…..Me likey… wanna see why Nesam help Arjun.. so this will make Arjun realise his heart more.. dance ..for romantic number.???.. wat song… am listening sun..saathiya…mahiya n its raining.. and Sathya… nice thought of bringing these fast turns.?. soon kick tat mahi out.. Eager to know Nandini past… include Kaka also in this plan☺

    1. Thank you Jessie πŸ™‚

  2. Both saral n Arjun i want to punch them…both are after same girl to torture her…idiots…about nandini ,m speechless ,how horrible she is…radhika go n marry teji or some other…both of them gone crazy…??

    1. ha ha ha… actually that is the best thing if Radhika marries Neil or Teji.. atleast they will not try to hurt her.. but these 2 na.. in the name of love they do all atrocities πŸ˜› :P:P

  3. U forgot 1more question. What Arjun will do when he will come to know about real Nsndhini?

    Promo is super excited?

    1. Yeah Dhara.. thanks for adding it… Thanks for liking it πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  4. Amazing Sathya….now I am double curious … please update soon πŸ™‚

  5. Awesome promo, waiting for the episode. πŸ™‚

  6. One thing for sure . Both arjun and saral does not deserve radhika . Why are they behind her when they wanna give pain to her argh. Sathya whatever it is u always rock. Love u dear.

  7. Very exciting promo now pls post soon eager to read ur updates. I love ur ff like so very much.

  8. Awesome, wowwww sathya…lovely promo….arjun always jealous n burning in ashes as soon he sees rads with other guy…lol…very possessive. …ardhika dance…wowwww. ….nesam n teji helping arjun….cool….I guess nandini is scolding saral for moving fast n so he pressuring dilip for his marriage with rads sooooonnn….nandini n saral r one team… opinion. ….

    Now the answers to the questions. ….
    1. Well, ardhika will unite, but very dramatically, as the title says – my impossible love…but it’s actually. ….my I m possible love….lol….how – you’re master mind sweetheart….you’ll make it happen. ..I’ve full faith in you… πŸ™‚
    2. Since saral is jerk n best friends will see that rads is not comfortable with him so they’ll help arjun…. πŸ™‚
    3. Tough question…nesam n teji will get to know arjun’s revange plan but later n definitely save her by clearing misunderstandings n showing true reality of nandu to arjun…
    4. Nandu’s motive is to take all property from arjun….n her past is mystery….suspense is killing me. …lol…
    5. Arjun won’t keep quite but stop her marriage in middle n abduct her…lol…. πŸ˜‰
    6. Arjun will tie his knot to her for revange but secretly hiding his love n keeping her for only himself only……lol…. πŸ˜‰

    It’s all my opinions….I don’t know my whether it’s right or wrong but I just felt like sharing. …so….

    I love this story very very muchhhhhh n sathya you’re imagination n narration is outstanding. …hat’s off to you my sweeeeeetheart. …keep it up honeyyy. you loads. ..muaaaaahhhhhh πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰ ….β™‘β™‘β™‘β™‘β™‘β™‘β™‘β™‘β™‘

  9. darling already all these quest r rounding on my head? ha ha ha my darling satzzzz only can solve all thess probs ?

    sssss aradhika should unit?

    coz they migjt tot rads ll get more love from arjun ?

    i want nesam to find truth n should help. aradhika to unit n expose nadhu? (konjam overah dhan expect pandran ???)

    coz of dey feared abt nadhu ?

    no second tot arjun sure ll marry rads ✌???coz rads s only made for arjun?

    but for. last quest darling u only have d ans ??

    love u????

  10. Sathya Promo ws Nice. All 4 scenesum hmmmmmmm.
    Next questions kettrekkey adhula romba comedyana quesn yennana radhu oda mrrge therichum quiet irupaana nu ketpathiya nijamaavey padikkum podhu sirichiten, ada po ma, andha ponna kadathitu poi emotional blackmail pani mrrge panippaanonu thonradhu yennaku, nee ennada na comedy panra.

  11. Satz dear promo was nice….appa indha ingeyum kedi bills kilaadi ranga dhana…indha promo va padikum pothe in enthirparpu koodudhu….episode a seekirama update pannu pa…

  12. super…eagerly waiting episode…please update

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