Manmarziyan – My Impossible Love (Episode 9)


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Here you go with episode 9

Manmarziyan – My Impossible Love (Episode 9)

Recap: Ardhika romantic dance in the party.

Arjun is surrounded by the crowds and starts appreciating his dancing skills. Arjun’s eyes are only searching for Radhika who runs after the dance gets over. Arjun somehow comes out from the crowd and starts searching for her. He moves to the other side of the party hall and his eyes are zooming the crowd to filter his beloved one.

Radhika who rushes from the stage and runs away from there. She breathes heavily and feels nervous & tense due to the sudden closeness with Arjun. She looks here and there and finds it a bar. She remenisces the moments with Arjun and closes her eyes tightly. She feels thirsty and asks the bartender to give water. She sits on the table kept infront of the bar. Before the bartender gets water, he gets order for a hot drinks and he gets it and keeps on the table. Radhika who doesn’t look at it but by hearing the noise, she takes it without seeing it and drinks it in one shot. She feels like vomiting and keeps the glass straight to her face and looks at the glass up side down. She turns to see what it is and the bartender looks shocked seeing her drank the drinks and says, “Mam…that is not water”. Radhika smiles at him by sliding her head and says, “So what….give me one more”. He looks shocked and hesitates says, “Maammm…”. She turns her head again asks, “What? 1 more glass ppppppppllllllllssssssss”.

He gave one more glass hesitantly…she takes it from him and drinks it but inbetween someone snatches the glass from her and scolds her in a stern voice, “WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING RADHIKA?”

Radhika looks at him by narrowing her eyes and starts giving the reactions as if she is thinking by keeping her fore finger on her chin and keeps her mouth in a pout shape and slowly widens her eyes and shouts, “AAAARJUNNNNN”. Arjun looks at her and asks, “Yes its me Arjun only.. come lets go home now”. He tries to make her stand and while doing that only he asks her, “Where is Teji?”.

Radhika stumbles to stand and asks him the same question, “Where is TEJUUUU?”. Her voice is completely stumbled and looks like she is blabbering. (I think you guys can imagine). Arjun looks at her and suddenly he heard a voice from behind him and turns to see who is it. It is none other than TEJI who leans on the table and his specs are stick on his mouth and he is rolling his hands on the table from left to right and vice versa. Arjun who is shocked and asks the guard to help him.

He takes radhika with him and tells the guard to take Teji with him. Teji has been put into in the backseat of the car and Arjun puts radhika in the front seat beside him. He goes and sits in the driver seat and leans towards Radhika tries to take seat belt from her side. He sees her face so close and she also leans her head on the seat and just looks at him what he is doing. Radhika smiles broadly and touches his cheeks with her fore finger and says, “CHOOOO CHWEEETTT”. Arjun is surprised and smiles at her and locks the seat belt on her and drives the car. He sees the back seat where Teji is completely laid on the full seat and singing one song by doing some actions by his hands.

Here Radhika is completely on alcholic mode and is continuously blabbering and moves her head left and right and starts pinching Arjun. Arjun winces in pain and at the same time he is laughing seeing them in this condition. He reaches him home and calls one of the servant to take Teji and tells him to put him in his room. He takes radhika with him. She couldn’t stand straight so he puts her one hand on his shoulder and covers her through her waist and supports her to walk.

Radhika leans her head on his chest and continuoulsy asking him so many questions and he also answers her patiently. Before getting into steps she sits on the step and says, “Her legs are paining and gives a fake cry”. Arjun is gives a unbelievable look at her and where she is extending her hands to him to carry her. He pulls her nose and takes her in his arms and climbs the stairs.

He carries her softly and she ties her both hands around his necks and puts her head below his neck and swinging her legs up and down. He goes into her room and puts her on the bed and gives a heavy breathe. He says, “You are too much radhika”.

Radhika laughing and says, “noooo i am 3 much..noooo 4 much….noooooooooo am…am…10 10 muchhhhhhhhh”. She says this by moving her fingers according to the count. Arjun starts laughing continuously seeing her act. He stops laughing hearing his name from her. He looks at her and she extends her both hands and calls him, “ARJUN”.
He grabs her hand and she takes it as a grip and pulls him towards her. Due to this sudden act, Arjun loses his balance and falls over her and looks surprised seeing her smiling at him.

Arjun starts breathing heavily seeing her and whispers, “RADHIKA..what are you doing?”

Radhika smiles again and says, “Arjun…you know are sooooo good. i thought wrong about you…but you are doing so much good things.” She gives a gap and continues saying, “I don’t want to come near you…you know why…i am afraid of you Arjun…”

Arjun is so surprised seeing her confession and he prompts her and asks, “Why so?”

Radhika, “Because….because….because…i think…think…”

Arjun looks at her silently and again radhika continues, “Arjun…”

Arjun, “Hmmmm”.

Radhika, “Kiss me”. She closes her eyes by saying this.

Arjun is shocked to an extent and looks at her lovingly. He smiles seeing her and moving close to her. There is only an inch gap between and looks at her lips. Slowly he moves upwards and kisses on her forehead and says, “I LOVE YOU “. He looks at eyes to see her response but he did not get any response and finds that she slept already. Arjun smiles at her and gets up from her. He makes her sleep properly and goes to his room. He changes into his night suite and falls on the bed. He smiles remembers everything and laughs out loud and says, “CRAZY GIRL”.

Precap: Day 2 – Radhika avoids Arjun and Arjun gets irked seeing her ignoring him. Radhika enquires mala about Nandini and Mala gets shocked hearing the name.

I hope you all like it….pls let me know your comments for the same.

Credit to: Sathya

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