Manmarziyan – My Impossible Love (Episode 7)


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Here you go with episode 07

Manmarziyan – My Impossible Love (Episode 7)

Recap: Rads & Teji’s day 1 started with Arjun.

Arjun takes Radhika and Teji in his car and drives towards some place and tells them that this is his second activity in his Day. Radhika is curious to know what is about. Arjun stops the car infront of a building and tells them to get down. Radhika and Teji gets down and looks at the building. Teji gets ready with his camera and Radhika who is speechless seeing the Name of the building as “Mother Teresa Little Kids Home”. She looks at Arjun surprisingly and stares him continously. She has so many thoughts running in her mind thinking about the person who is standing infront of her. Her mind voice, “Is this the reality of this Arjun krishna or am i day dreaming?”. By thinking like this she pinches herself to make sure and winces in pain. Arjun smiles seeing her and says, “You are not dreaming. Lets go inside”.

Teji starts his shooting and follows Arjun wherever he goes. Radhika silently follows him and finally stops when they meet the Head Mother of the home. Mother Sylviya welcomes them happily and she continues her talk with Arjun. Teji is fully concentrate on his shoot on Arjun but Radhika is completely out of the world and stares arjun continuously and doesn’t pay heed to their conversation.

Suddenly Radhika turns back hearing some cute noises. She is surprised and excited to see so many cute little kids running towards them. She turns completely and looks at them smilingly and wonders where they are running. She heard they are calling as “Bhaiyaaaa” and extends their hands. She wonders whom they are calling but to her surprise she sees Arjun steps forward and he too extends his hands. The kids comes to him and hugs him tightly and starts kissing him lovingly. Arjun also reciprocate the same love to them and he happily starts chat with them. Radhika is completely bowled out seeing this scene and looks shocked. Teji is covering everything in his camera sincerely and doesn’t notice Radz reactions at all.

Arjun sits on the nearby bench and chats with the kids lovingly and answers for all their questions patiently. Radhika stands little far and looks them silently. A cute little girl moves towards Radhika and holds her hand and takes her to the bench and makes her sit near to him. Radhika hesitates at first then managed it afterwards. One more kid comes near to her and pulls her cheeks and says, “You look beautiful”. By saying this she kisses her. Radhika smiles seeing her and replies, “You too look so adorable and beautiful…everyone of you also looks soooooooo beautiful”. she hugs the girls and kisses them back. Arjun feels happy seeing her kindness to the children and adores her lovingly. Again another kid comes forward and asks Arjun, “Arjun bhaiyya….is she is our bhabhi?”. Ardhika gets shocked and when radhika tries to deny but arjun replied the kid , “Yes my boy…she is your bhabhi…Radhika”. All of them gets happy and starts clapping seeing them.

Radhika is stunned by his reply and stares him shockingly but did not deny him seeing the happiness of the kids. Teji is too shocked but confused too. He clicks a picture of both when they are seeing each other. Mother Sylviya informs the caretaker to take the kids back to the room and she calls Ardhika and Teji to her office room. While walking Radhika tells Arjun, “Why u lied to kids that i am….” she stops saying due to hesitation but looks at him for his answer. He understands her question and smiles saying , “Well…for now it can be a lie, but we don’t know what will happen in future.” He comes closer to her and murmurs, “But i am sure that its not gonna be a lie”. He gives a cool look to her and moves forward to the office room without seeing her. Radhika is bewildered by his reply and stands likes a statue at the same place. Teji who watches all this from behind shakes her and drags her to the room.

Post the normal discussion, Arjun hands over her a cheque for that month expenses. He greets mother and starts to leave. Radhika goes near the door and stops saying she remember something. She goes to Mother again and says, “I have a small obligation. You need to take a donation from my side also.” Mother agrees to it. Radhika starts digging her bag and gets a pouch with full of money and she just gives it to her as it is. Mother wonders and asks, “If you kindly tell me the amount then i can write it in the receipt and give it to you”.

Radhika says, “Actually Mother…i don’t know how much it has”.

Mother looks surprise and asks, “It’s your money right…then how u did not know”.

Radhika, “Mother..its not mine. I have got this from a big business man who asks me to buy ten dresses like the one i wore when he throws mud on my face while driving his car fastly. I don’t want this money and i thought of giving it back to him in a good way to make him guilty and i felt that today i can give it back to him but not to make him guilty…just to add few more good karma in his life.”

Mother smiles at her and asks, “So what is his name?”

Radhika, “Mr. Arjun krishna”.

Mother is surprised and looks at Arjun & Radhika silently and gets the money and gives her the receipt her back. Radhika greets her and moves towards Arjun. Arjun who is really stunned by her act and stares her without even blinking his eyes. Radhika goes to him and hands over him the receipt and says, “Now i have done my job. I am very relaxed now”. Arjun takes the receipt from her and they share cute eyelock before they leaves.

Arjun takes them to office and they also follows him but stopped by him before entering into a his conference room. Radhika and Teji looks questionly and Arjun replies, “I don’t want to shoot my Business meetings. So you both stay in that glass room..once i am done with the meeting then i will call you both”. He informs the PA to give them a room. They have been taken to a glass room which is accomodate for guests specially. Teji and Radhika seated there and starts looking at the video which they recorded and Radhika starts taking the points seeing that. Arjun’s PA comes to him and sits with them and tells about her Boss’s working day how it will be. Soon they see some group of people comes and sits in the waiting hall. Teji asks PA about them and she says, “They all are from NGO, and from different trusts…they came here to get donation and sponsers from our boss”.

Teji and Radhika is really impressed and asks her say it more about this. PA also starts telling them about his helping tendancy, interests in social services etc etc… Teji records her statement and mean while Radhika is lost in his thoughts by hearing Arjun’s habits.

Precap: Arjun gets a invite for a business party and he offers Radhika and Teji to come with him. Arjun is stunned seeing her in a party wear and Ardhika has been chosen to dance for a romantic number song.

So how was this episode. Please let me know your comments for this.

Credit to: Sathya

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  1. awesome episode

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    1. thank u manu?

  2. Hey satz darling is just beautiful yar….i was just lost in the flow and doesnt wanted to r mindblowing yarr…todays epi was really very cute..i like rads act if giving that money for donation…love you dear!!!

    1. thank u dipu ???

  3. didiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii its mind blowing……i loved every part of it…..esp the 1 were arjun talks with the kids n tell them that rads is their bhabhi………….he is soooooooooo kind hearted…..but the one i most loved is the part where rads hands over the money wich arjun gave her to the mother…………….ur precap looks interesting…………plzzz update soooooon……………….love u……

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  4. so so much nice story …i just love it…plz update regularly n long ones…i eagerly wait 4 ur update …..update next epi asap….

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  5. Awesome……..yaar…..i’m waitibg for the epi very eagerly…..,pls….pls….update sooon na……pls????

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  6. Wowww so cute yaar

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  7. Sathya! Loved it di!! Now I’m sure Radhika will fall for him!! The orphanage scene was so cute!! Bhabhi!! Soo cute!! It’s k di.. Post soon

    Love you ??

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  8. Superb fantastic
    I like arjun a lot in this.

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  9. It was a cute chapter…likely ardhika a lot….of coure teji for shooting all time…waiting for next…?

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  10. Sathya..this was too good yaar…loved the way he expressed his feelings and Radhika returning his money was just too good…amazing…please update soon πŸ™‚

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  12. Omg please update soon. It’s awesome di.

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  13. Hai sathya, its an emotional one. I loved it. Pls post long update. Im waiting πŸ™‚

  14. Awesome, fantastic episode. πŸ™‚

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  15. Hai sathya, its an emotional one. I loved it. Pls post long update. Im waiting.

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  19. Awesome, wowwww sathya mind blowing episode. …very beautiful n outstanding refreshing story n narration amazing. ….arjun’s is leaving no stone turned by his helping nature. ….rads bowled over….loved the scene when kids called rads as bhabhi…n she couldn’t deny…lol…very refreshing n unique story. …precap is very exciting. ..keep it up. eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads.

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